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Multiple Choice

Choose the (one) variant that best fits each of the following sentences:
1. ... is a long time since we last went on a trip together,
a) It
b) There
2. I don't know what's wrong with her. She ... depressed,
a) sounds
b) is sounding
3. We can't accept your offer; I'm afraid we'll have to turn you ... .
a) off
b) up
c) down
d) away
4. ... I had read the explanation, I was able to help my son with the math problem,
a) Afterwards
b) By the time
c) Once
d) Before
5. We ... until everyone is ready.
a) have not started
b) will not be starting
c) will not be started
d) will not start
6. He ... often ... in detail all his fights with his neighbours,
a) would describe
b) must describe
c) should describe
d) can be described
7. A great wave broke the surf and it ... from wave to wave toward the shore,
a) to be carried
b) was carried
c) will be carried
d) had been carried
8. Radio and television have made it possible for advertisers ... the attention of millions
of people.
a) to be capturing
b) to have captured
c) to capture
d) capturing
9. It was obvious the lamb had been ....
a) to steal
b) stealed
c) stolen
d) stole
10. Joan suggested that we all ... work before 16 o'clock.
a) leave
b) would leave
c) has left
d) had left
11. I talked to her ....
a) just now
b) already
12. I think the book would have been different ... I had written it some time ago.
a) if
b) since
13. Not only ... the door, but ... the strangers in.
a) Paul did answer, did also let
b) did Paul answer, did also let
c) Paul did answer, also let
d) did Paul answer, also let
14. His wife and his best friend ... not happy with his decision,
a) was
b) were
The investigators were able to establish that the victim had been hit... a
baseball bat.
a) by
b) with
Yd Vike you ... to have a gift from me..
a) every
b) each
17. Children ... sweets.
a) like
b) are liking
18. The prices are too high. The PM has to bring them . . . .
a) down
b) up
c) forward
d) through
19. She had to finish her dissertation, so she ... hard on it all last week,
a) was working
b) had worked
c) was thinking of working
d) used to work

20.By December 1st, all preparations for the national holiday ....
a) will be completed
b) are being completed
c) will have been completed
d) are about to be completed
21.No matter how hard I tried, I ... the suspicion that she was not telling the truth.
a) may not suppress
b) mustn't suppress
c) shouldn't have suppressed
d) couldn't suppress
22. Religious services ... for the crew members supposed to be dead,
a) be held
b) had been held
c) are held
d) were held
23. The captain instructed his men ... as much as possible from the wreck,
a) salvaging
b) to be salvaged
c) to salvage
d) having salvaged
24. ... it's designer's dream, the Verrazano Bridge joins Brooklyn to Staten Island,
a) Fulfils
b) Fulfiling
c) Fulfiled
d) Having fulfiled
25. Only after ... the present to his fiance ... that the wrapping was torn.
a) he had given, he noticed
b) he had given, did he notice
c) had he given, he noticed
d) had he given, did he notice
26. One or the other ... to deliver their speech.
a) is
b) are
27. Alice was really concerned ... the fate of her youngest son.
a) with
b) about
28. I'm not sure I should share ... information with him.
a) some
b) any
I ... from Harry since he went back to war.
a) haven't heard
b) didn't hear
30. This widower cannot get ... his beloved wife's death,
a) up
b) through
c) along
d) over
31. Jane hadn't returned from her holiday ... the end of last week,
a) by
b) until
c) whenever
d) as
32. If I trust you with this, you ... anybody about it.
a) are not telling
b) will not tell
c) are not going to tell
d) are not to tell
33. It ... in mind that leaving school at this age is usually irreversible,
a) could have keep
b) should keep
c) must be kept
d) will be kept
34. ... it gently, you are overreacting.
a) Having put
b) To put
c) To be put
d) Put
35. ... from the ceiling, the oddly shaped structures are moving in the gusts of wind.
a) Suspending
b) To suspend
c) Suspended
d) Having suspended
36. It is likely that the party ... without him.
a) may start
b) start
c) started
d) is starting
37. He has ... enough money to buy bread.
a) only
b) barely
38... were the customs of the country ... no surprise was felt at his deed,
a) So ... that
b) Such ... that
c) Thus ... that
39. Here . . . .
a) comes another warning
b) another warning comes
40. Gin and tonic ... my hairdresser's favourite drink,
a) is
b) are

41. The children were throwing snowballs ... one another,

a) at
b) to
42. This is the man to ... you should turn for help.
a) who
b) whom
43. How much money ... through the year ?
a) does your family save
b) is your family saving
44. The burglars who broke ... our flat last night were caught by the police,
a) into
b) over
c) down
d) up
45. It was for the very first time that my mother ... Chinese food.
a) ate
b) was eating
c) was going to eat
d) had eaten
46. This time tomorrow I ... at the seaside.
a) will sunbathe
b) will be sunbathing
c) am going to sunbathe
d) am sunbathing
47. We ... full advantage of organising this international festival here,
a) may have taken
b) will take
c) could have taken
d) needn't have taken