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The first thing that strikes me about education is knowledge gain. Education
gives us the knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a
perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of
view on everything in life. People debate over the subject of whether
education is the only thing that gives knowledge. Some say, education is the
process of gaining information about the surrounding world while knowledge
is something very different. They are partly right. But the conversion of
information to knowledge is possible because of education. Education makes
us capable of interpreting rightly the things perceived. Education is not about
lessons and poems in textbooks. It is about the lessons of life.
The words 'cultivate' and 'civilize' are almost synonymous to the word
'educate'. That says it! Education is important as it teaches us the right
behavior, the good manners thus making us civilized. It teaches us how to
lead our lives. Education is the basis of culture and civilization. It is
instrumental in the development of our values and virtues. Education
cultivates us into mature individuals, individuals capable of planning for our
futures and taking the right decisions. Education arms us with an insight to
look at our lives and learn from every experience. The future of a nation is
safe in the hands of educated individuals. Education is important for the
economic growth of a nation. It fosters principles of equality and socialism.
Education forms a support system for talents to excel in life. It is the
backbone of society.
Education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make
our dreams come true. Education opens doors of brilliant career
opportunities. It fetches better prospects in career and growth. Every
employer of today requires his prospective employees to be well educated.
He requires expertise. So, education becomes an eligibility criterion for
employment into any sector of the industry. We are rewarded for exercising
the expertise required for the field we venture. We are weighed in the market
on the basis of our educational skills and how well we can apply them.
Education is essential as it paves the path leading to disillusionment. It wipes
out all the wrong beliefs in our minds. It helps create a clear picture of
everything around us and we no more remain in confusion about the things
we learn. Education brings up questions and also devises ways to find
satisfactory answers to them. Education is about knowing that everything has
a science to it, it is about learning to reason everything till every question
meets its answer. Education can lead us to enlightenment. It is education that

builds in every individual, a confidence to take decisions, to face life and to

accept successes and failures. It instills a sense of pride about the knowledge
one has and prepares him/her for life!
Schools and colleges define the basic framework of education. Schooling
gives us the fundamentals whereas we specialize in fields of our interest,
during the degree courses. But education does not end here. It is a lifelong
process. Self-learning begins at the point that marks the end of institutional
education. The process of self-learning continues...