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Executive Summary
Siawish Garments started providing low prices products to its customers in the year 2003. It all started at the Panorama Center Rawalpindi by the name of Siawish Garments. The basic stimulant in the popularity of the Siawish Garments has been the most effective system of quality control on pants and shirts.

Siawish Garments have a policy that they do not compromise on the quality and prices of its products. That’s why prices and quality has neither diminished nor changed over time.

They don’t Compromise on their principles that is why prices and quality of Siawish Garments will always remain the same as it was on the very first day.

History and Background
Mr. Ghulam Fareed is the owner of Siawish Garments who just want to enter into this business for experience where he has managed to introduce the concept of low prices. He had not enough experience regarding this business. After completion of his MBA (Marketing), he joined a pharmaceutical company as a salesperson in 2000. He spent a lot of time with this company. In early 2003, he went to Lahore for some company work. In Lahore he saw a shopkeeper who was selling shirts with Rs. 150. So he was very pleased to see that the price of that shirt is near about 240 in twin cities. So an idea came in his mind to purchase some shirts and sell these shirts with lower price as well. So he purchased 45 shirts from the manufacturer with Rs. 4800. He carried this inventory in Rawalpindi and told his friend to keep this inventory in his shop. His friend was run the video shop. He set the price 140 rupees for each shirt. So when the owner of siawish garments came back in evening. He found all the shirts have been sold. He gave Rs. 10 commission to his friend for selling a shirt.

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 0333-6203417


When he saw a tremendous sale, interest was created in him and he purchased more inventory. And as soon as he got success in this business. Then he felt that he should leave his job and should start his own business of garments due to tremendous sale. So in 2003, he got a shop on rent in Panorama Center Rawalpindi. And his inventory reached from Rs.4000 to Rs. 125000 just in a year. He captured the market, customers with low prices. And now he has inventory near about Rs. 4,000,000.

The location, which he has selected for this business, has become successful because of its importance that is condensed population as the people start utilizing their services and they prefer to get quality products with low prices. The initial investment required for starting this business is not much as according to the owner only time is required for starting up this kind of business e.g. If you want to start your own business like this and you have stars in our eyes then you have to make sure that they don’t blind you so that you shouldn’t know that where you are going. Mostly new business fails just because their owners don’t have balanced business experience. As balanced experience requires three basic strengths which make the foundation upon this can help you in building success:

Technical Competence Technical Competence in the Business you have chosen which means that you should have the knowledge regarding how to get out the product or render the service in good style.

Marketing Competence Marketing Competence means that we should know that how to find your special niche in the market, how to identify your customers, and how to sell enough of what you offer at a price that will return an adequate profit for your efforts.

Financial Competence Financial Competence means that you should know how to plan for and get the money you will need to start and keep our business running without getting into cash troubles.

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 0333-6203417


Daily Sale: Products: Form of ownership: Number of employees

Rs. 20000 to 25000 Gents and Childs wear Sole-proprietor 10

Employees are awarded with monthly salary and as well as with daily wages plus commission.

Profile of the Owner
However situation was not encouraging for Mr. Ghulam Fareed. He was born in a modest family in 1974. His Father was not a very rich man but things were working along fine. As he was their first child they gave him their fullest of attention. They wanted that there child should get some education. So they put him in a school, which they could afford.

The child as it seemed was very fond of getting educated. From the very beginning during early life he dreamed of becoming wealthy someday. So he reluctantly went to school day in and day out but his patience and so he finally done MBA (Marketing) from PRESTON UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD.

A very kind man at heart he gives alms and donations on a monthly basis. And he carries a very simple personality. You will not find him wearing some really flashy clothes, rather he keeps a very simple appearance and it’s very difficult to spot him as some “really high class entrepreneur” if he is walking in front of you and you don’t know him.

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 0333-6203417


To Provide state of the art services and reasonable rates of Products

Ghulam Fareed (owner)

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 0333-6203417


“To Serve the People”

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 0333-6203417


Marketing in today world isn’t as simple as it sounds. Increased competition, the Internet and changing consumer habits require restaurant operators to try new tactics to entire past and new customer alike. Advertising helps us to communicate with potential customers. It will let them know what kinds of product or services we are offering to them and why they should buy it from us. Large companies generally use advertising agencies that help them in creating their advertisements especially if it is related to electronic media.

Siawish Garments right now have no real competitors in Panorama Center. Although we can see that there are many garments shops in Panorama Center that are providing shirts and pants but they are not up to level where Siawish Garments is right now that’s why they can’t be compete directly with Siawish Garments. The owner of the Siawish Garments thinks that there are some competitors in the Rawalpindi such as:    Al-Jannat Malls Karegar Pehchan (Commercial Market) (Sadar) (Sadar)

Future Planning
Future plans include setting up new branches in Sadar Rawalpindi. A few changes can be made with what has happened so far but he would not have longed for more, saying thereby that he is contented “To improve more which includes both services and prices of the products.”

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 0333-6203417


We think that Siawish Garments are performing wonderfully well as there are market leaders in Garments industry. As starting a new business was not easy at all especially in this case but somehow the owner has managed to make his business successful. The main strategy, which he adopted, was that he targeted the middle and lower class because he believes that the people from the upper class had numerous markets. So he decided to keep the price in check and at low level so that he can generate profit through the sales volume and not maintaining a high profit percentage but low sales volume.

By analyzing all this we can easily say that Siawish Garments overall considered to best in making their business more successful in the market but still we think they are still some areas of improvement. If Siawish Garments have managed to sort out all those weak areas then we can say they are considered to be as best business that has adopted the concept and techniques of business strategies successfully.

Mr. Ghulam Fareed Owner of Siawish Garments Panorama Center Stadium Road Rawalpindi Tel: 0092-51-4855322 Mob: 0300-8568217

By M. Naveed Gujjar MBA Finance, NUML Islamabad 0333-6203417


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