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Christian Bale suffers serious knee injury,

postpones filming for The Deep Blue Good-By.

Paramount has announced that they will send a

free DVD copy of the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic
Selma to every high school in America.
Renowned Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings
cinematographer Andrew Lesnie dies age 59.
Breaking Bads Vince Gilligan will be developing
the next Jack and the Beanstalk.

For the mature minded film lover

Celebrate our 25th Anniversary here at Silver Screen

as an unmissable summer of film approaches.
Welcome and thank you for buying
The Classic Picture Goer. A special
thanks if you have recently joined
our film club. Your participation helps
finance our printing costs of our
publication. The whole of Europe has
switched to digital which we were
fortunate to be a part of. Many of you
know we introduced our 4k digital
projectors on the 6th September last
year. A big thank you to Dover District
Council and Dover Town Council who
realise that a local cinema is an asset
to the community. We would also like
to thank Folkestone Town Council for
renewing our lease at our first cinema in
Folkestone which opened 25 years ago
on the 22nd April 1990. It only feels like

yesterday we opened! So much has

happened since then. We can now
plan ahead with a secure footing, at
present we have four towns operating
a mid week morning film club in the
South East. Looking at future plans
we have five more cinemas in the
pipe line eager to join our project.
Film production companies are
acknowledging the maturer audience
with upcoming films including A Royal
Night, The Falling, Force Majeure and
While Were Young to name a few. With
many anticipated films coming up we
will keep you updated on quality made
film and news in cinema industry. Keep
your film suggestions coming in and
thank you once again for making the
past 25 years possible.

Sandy Wallace

Daniel Craig apparently turned down a lot of

James Bond product placement money.
Matthew McConaughey in his
upcoming film The Free State
projected 70mm film?


Kent has a lot to offer. Whilst you debate what to do for a great night out why
not explore your local cinemas and theatres which provide unique experience!

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Sandy Wallace
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Goodfellas celebrates its 25th Anniversary with

the stars on the Tribeca Film Festival red carpet.

Granville Theatre

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what makes




Star Wars 1977

A great film has to make a contribution to the development of the medium. And it has to
have lasting importance. You can measure that in many ways, but the key one is influence.
Does the film influence or even teach other directors to make films in new ways? Finally, the
great film must strike a chord with viewers no matter how much time has passed since it was
made. Let us look at some unique films which bring light to this topic. Yes get excited!



Whether you look at The

Matrix as an incomprehensible
mess of mumbo jumbo or a
message filled marvel, there is
no denying the effect it had on
cinema with its introduction of
bullet-time camerawork that
was not only cool, but an
effective, and almost vital, way
to tell their story; without it this
film may have quite possibly
failed right out of the gate. It's
very rare to find
technical advances in film that
actually service the story rather
than hinder the filmmakers.

The Matrix 1999


Citizen Kane 1942

Welless achievements in this

film marked a new direction
in cinema. Many critics
argue that Citizen Kane, with
its inventive use of lighting
and shadow, is the first film
noir, or at least the direct
predecessor of noir, a genre
that employs dark, moody
atmosphere to augment the
often violent or mysterious

events taking place. Citizen

Kane introduced Hollywood
to the creative potential of
cinematic technique. Even
apart from the controversy
the film stirred, a multitude
of innovations made Citizen
Kane the most exciting movie
in the history of cinema at
that time.

I could think up in my dreams I attempted to photograph.

Orson Welles

spring / Summer

The casting was the first

triumph for Star Wars.
The famous trio Luke, Han
and Leia create a believable
story which we indulge into.
Harrison Ford is a charismatic
and magnetic personality
and portrayed Han with a
professionalism that youd
expect from more seasoned
actors. He seems almost
childish here, not really
straining to create a

a great story


Saving Private Ryan


character, and its this flip

charm that makes it work,
against all odds. Carrie Fisher
portrayed Leia in a way that,
up until then, had never been
experienced. Most princess
types before her were
whining and whimpering,
incapable of anything
beyond tripping and twisting
their ankle in times of peril,
while Fisher portrayed
her character as a bold,

brazen, yet sophisticated and

educated woman who was
capable of defending
herself and her realm with
the utmost authority. Mark
Hamills portayel as Luke
provides a fitting archetypal
character which grows up
quite well on film. He is
sustains an endearing
personality for the audience
and matures on his journey.
Lucas sure casts characters
we will never forget!

What Saving Private Ryan

does extremely well, is show
the world the harsh reality
of war without pulling any
punches. The story about
a squad of soldiers sent to
retrieve the surviving brother
of three dead soldiers is told
with competency and due
reverence from all
perspectives of the
characters involved. It is an
uncommon and intriguing
drama, but it serves as an

excuse to describe a setting,

rather than the other way
around. The story manages
to move us through all sorts of
different landscapes and
scenarios, giving us an
unforgettable glimpse of a
world unknown to most of us,
and terrifying to those who
are familiar with it from
personal experience.

all starts with the script: it's not worth taking myself away from my family if I
have something I'm really passionate about.

Steven Spielberg


Dont panic! Dont panic!



The Godfather 1972

ow can we miss this

classic? Coppola gives
us an excellent script
based on author Mario Puzo
best selling novel which most
film buffs adore! If The
Godfather was made by
someone less capable than
Coppola, the movie would
have become just an
impressive gangster movie
-- full of large scale violence.
Certainly it is that, but the
beauty of The Godfather is in
the intimacy and realism of
the script. Dont forget the
cannoli! screams Clemenza.
Next to Humphrey Bogarts
Rick from Casablanca, Oscar
winner Marlon Brandos
Don Vito may be the most
imitated character in screen
The line Im gonna make
him an offer he cant refuse
has attained legendary
status, as has the entire
performance. With his raspy
voice, deliberate
movements, and penetrating
stare, Brando has created a
personae that will be recalled
for as long as motion pictures
exist. Coppolas script exams
the meaning of family,
violence, love, betrayal, and
loyalty just to name a few, its


quality set a standard that

few films have matched. An
unforgettable motion picture,
but one worth seeing again
and again. Rarely does a film
tell as many diverse-yet-inter
connected stories. Strong
contribute to The Godfathers
This motion picture was
not slapped together to
satiate the appetite of the
masses; it was carefully and
painstakingly crafted. The
Godfather is like a disease
once you see it you fall in
love with it. I dont know if it is
the greatest movie ever but
it is definitely the most iconic
film ever made.



> > >Oliver
> > blows
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> >cobwebs
> > > >off


What do you make when you dont know what to make?

What do you make when youve run out of ideas?
What do you make when your previous films didnt
sell enough tickets to justify a sequel?

Theres only one answer to all these questions: you

make a remake.

remake gives you instant brand

recognition. A remake guarantees you
at least some publicity. A remake may even
entice an audience over 25 to go to their
local cinema (an increasingly rare thing these
days). But theres a problem. If you dont want
to be mocked from pillar to post, your remake
will have to be better than the
original. Not so hard, perhaps, when you
remaking Mission Impossible, or The Dukes of
Hazard, or The A-Team; or even the first St.
Trinians.But Dads Army? How on earth do you
improve on this most classic of all British
comedies? Or even equal it?
Nonetheless, a new film version of Dads
Army will soon be coming to a cinema near
you. Firmly aimed at the older audience, the
film has an all-star cast of British thespians, who
will do their best to fill the boots of the original
cast. Toby Jones will play Arthur Lowe playing
Captain Mainwaring; Bill Nighy will play John
Le Mesurier playing Sergeant Wilson; and
For more info visit

Sir Tom Courtenay will attempt to equal the

immortal Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones.
Catherine Zeta-Jones will provide the eye
Im sure that the cast will do their best. But
the truth is that they cant win. If they copy
the original actors interpretations theyll be
accused of mimicking. If they bring something
new to their parts, the audience will be outraged by their innovations. All they can hope
for is to get paid. Thats really the only reason
for this remake to make money. Not only was
the original perfect, but the world has moved
on since then, both from the 1940s, and from
the 1970s when the TV series was made. So the
new film will inevitably seem strangely unreal
and forced.
Personally, Ill be going to the cinema
when something new and original is on show.
As for Dads Army, Ill just buy a box set of
the original series on DVD; and enjoy the real
thing, and not a pale imitation.

> Robert Crombie



long &


orn and raised in Boston, Leonard Nimoy started acting as a

boy, but moved to Los Angeles at age 18 to give it a go on a
professional level. Leonard worked his way up from small roles in the
likes of Queen for a Day, Zombies of the Stratosphere and Them! to
major guest star turns in such shows as Broken Arrow,
Dragnet, Sea Hunt, Twilight Zone, Wagon Train and The Outer
Limits. At one point, Leonard acted in an episode of The
Lieutenant, a show written and created by a rising behind-the-scenes
talent named Gene Roddenberry, and he acted in an episode of
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with a young Canadian by the name of
William Shatner.
It wouldnt be long before their lives intersected again.
Roddenberry created Star Trek: The Original Series, tapping Nimoy to
play Spock and Jeffrey Hunter to play Captain Pike. NBC
rejected the pilot, but asked Roddenberry to try again. The second
pilot once again featured Nimoy as Spock, but after Hunter opted
out of his contract, Roddenberry hired Shatner to play Captain Kirk.
DeForest Kelley, whod turned down the role of Spock, came on
board to portray Dr. McCoy, and that unforgettable trio -complemented by Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan, George Takei
and, starting with season two, Walter Koenig -- formed the cast
that would see Star Trek through three seasons of the original show,
20-plus episodes of an animated series and six feature films, not to
mention numerous television commercials and countless
convention appearances.
Nimoy at times waged an internal battle when it came to Spock.
He titled his first autobiography I Am Not Spock. Twenty years later,
though, he wrote I Am Spock. He turned down the proposed Star
Trek: Phase II series, but returned for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
Spock died in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, only to be resurrected
for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, which Nimoy directed. He also
directed Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and produced and
developed the story for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and,
as a tie-in, he guest starred as Ambassador Spock on two
episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And in 2009, after 18 long
years, Nimoy helped J.J. Abrams reboot the Star Trek franchise by
playing Spock Prime in Star Trek (2009), passing the torch to Zachary
Quinto, who became a close friend. He also voiced Spock for Star
Trek Online andmade a cameo in Star Trek Into Darkness.


Beyond Star Trek, Nimoys many film, TV and stage credits included
Mission: Impossible, A Woman Called Golda, In Search Of..., Equus,
Never Forget, Vincent, Standby: Lights! Camera! Action!, The
Simpsons, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Fringe. With his
friend and TNGs Q, John de Lancie, he created Alien Voices,
which staged and recorded radio play-style productions of classic
and original sci-fi/fantasy stories. Nimoy passed away on Friday,
February 27, 2015 succumbing to the end stages of COPD (Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), an illness that resulted from years of
smoking and which afflicted him despite having quit smoking three
decades earlier.


I loved him like a brother. We will all miss his

humor, his talent, and his capacity to love William Shatner

Leonard NiMOy
1931 - 2015

spring / summer 9




We all have fond memories of Paddington but has

director Paul King done it justice with his recent film?

The loveable bear made his first appearence on paper in 1958.

Top marks for those who got knew!
In the spirit of the best Disney classics, Paddington
is one for the ages and all ages. Fun and charm
rain down like the London rain often on view, and
views themselves (enchanting location shooting
in Britain and in Costa Rica, a fine stand-in for the
bears native Peruvian jungle) are treats for the
eyes. No doubt this warm and fuzzy (or is it furry?)
transition to the big screen of a childrens classic
had a perfect steward in producer David Heyman
(the Harry Potter movies, Gravity, etc.), returning to
his reel-house.
The familiar tropes of the fairytale here are
alive, percolating and brightly rendered. Kids will
have a ball and the impressive cast alone should
pique adult interest especially from art-house
and PBS fans. What also shines is the well-told
story at its heart. Loyal to author Michael Bond,
the Peruvian bear Paddington, returned with his
rumpled hat and amiability, begins his big-screen
lifeas seen in a grainy old newsreeldiscovered
decades earlier in the jungle by a British explorer
assigned to capture game for Londons naturalhistory museum. Charmed by the bear creatures,
especially the youngest, eventually to be named
Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw), he leaves
them be, assuring theyd be warmly welcomed in
Some time following this encounter, a terrible
storm ravages the jungle, taking the lives of many,
including Paddingtons beloved Uncle Pastuzo
(the voice of Michael Gambon). The disaster
leaves Paddington and his dear Aunt Lucy (the
voice of Imelda Staunton) the only survivors.
Wanting a better life for him, Aunt Lucy packs her
nephew off as a stowaway on a freighter bound
for England with those familiar jars of marmalade
he loves. Arrived in London at Paddington Station
in a pile of mail, this immigrant, like new arrivals
of other species, is left alone and ignored until he
catches the attention of returning traveler Mary
Brown (Sally Hawkins), a sympathetic wife and
mother who wants to take him home. Her 11year old son Jonathan (Samuel Joslin) and young
teen daughter Judy (Madeleine Harris) are also
on board, but adamantly defiant is paterfamilias
Henry Brown (Hugh Bonneville of Downton
Abbey), a stuffy and uptight risk analyst who



allows the bear a single night. The family brings

him into their cozy bourgeois London home where
eccentric, no-nonsense distant relative Mrs. Bird
(Julie Walters) keeps house and troubleshoots.
New to middle-class, homey ways, poor
Paddington causes havoc (including a bathroom
flood) and Henry wants to kick him out. When
Mary learns of Paddingtons long-ago encounter
in Peru with the explorer, she and the bear embark
on a mission to locate him and maybe find the
bear a mentor. First clues emerge from a visit to a
Portobello antique shop from kindly migr owner
Mr. Gruber (Jim Broadbent), who suggests the
venerable Explorers Club. The search is on, but so
are brick walls and mysteries.
The club strangely has no record of the
explorer; creepy Brown family neighbor Mr. Curry
(Peter Capaldi, who almost stole the political
comedy In the Loop) also runs interference but
not as nefariously as wickedly obsessive Natural
Museum taxidermist Millicent (Nicole Kidman
channeling 101 Dalmatians Cruella De Vil and
sporting a severe blonde hairdo). Learning of
Paddington, Millicent gives chase, determined
to turn him into the institutions latest stuffed
specimen. The adventure intensifies as Millicent,
in spite of spiky heels, advances closer to her
prey (chases through London streets, close calls,
reversals, a Topkapi-like home invasion to kidnap
the bear). Paddington could have slipped into
sentimentality and predictability but doesnt.
Look for some juicy revelations, including a dark
horse to really save the day.
Also noteworthy is the seamless integration
of the entirely CGI-created Paddington into the
live action and overall special effects (the work
of about 500 animators, compositors and VFX
crew). The films often Calypso-inflected score and
its designa bouquet of originality, atmosphere
and popping colors further keeps things fresh.
Fun aside, Paddington is also a light allegory
of immigration and a call for assimilation and
acceptance. Its also a celebration of wildlife, the
environment, family, free-spiritedness and being
different. The film opened at the top of the U.K.
chart, but as quality family entertainment its an
endangered species of a different kind.

For more info on The Rio Cinema visit

wearing the make up. He even drove

keen to flag up the improvements in
round on the free way to scare people
mo-cap technology since 2011, which
whilst still wearing the make up. That takes
mean that the ape actors performances
guts! Eventually when the make up was
have been translated even more
ready to come off, Mcdowall just ripped
accurately on to the screen.
it off with his hands. With a rebooted

It is now a direct correlation, he
franchise film Dawn of the Planet of
said. Its not to take away anything from
the Apes was the first film to use motion
the CGI artist, but everything that creates
capture technology on location. Before
those performances is authored by the
that, all motion capturing had to be done
actor on set. We are trying to ask how
in a studio. The technology has become so
stories are going to be told in 20 years
certification that ninety percent of Dawn
time, and trying to invent the technology
was actually filmed on location and not in
and find the performers to do that. Serkis
a studio. In a recent interview
with aon
Paddington is now mentions
blu ray
For more info visit


buildings and locations. If

a movie is set deep into
the future, researchers may
consult technology experts
and futurists who can work
with concept artists to sketch
out 25th century skyscrapers
and supersonic highways.
The production designer
also works with the director
and cinematographer to
establish color palettes,
textures, lighting and
composition that help tell
the story visually. If you paint
a set with bright colors, for
example, it implies a light,
happy mood. Flat, gray
colors create a lifeless, sterile
atmosphere. The production
designer uses research
and colour decisions to
finalize concept drawings,
sketches and even miniature
models for each set that
needs to be built. At this
stage, its important that the
production designer work
closely with the movies
producers to keep everything
within budget. Time is also
a crucial consideration. The
production designer must
make sure that everything
can be completed on time
with the projected amount of
employees. When sketches,
drawings and models have
been approved, theyre
handed to the art director.
The art director oversees a
team of draftsmen who act
as the architects of the film
sets. They use computeraided drafting (CAD)
software to create detailed,
three-dimensional blueprints
of the final structures.
In the planning stage,
the art director needs to start
ordering hard-to-find props
like replica airplanes, hire
sculptors and other specialty
artists to create original
works of art and contract
with special effects houses
to create digital matte
paintings and other CG
techniques to supplement
the constructed set.With
the blueprints in hand, now
its time for the construction
manager to start hiring all
of the carpenters,painters,
plasterers, riggers, model

film set construction

how it works
A closer look...

ilmmaking is art as illusion.

The filmmakers goal is to
make the audience believe
in the fictional world he has
created. The world could
be very much like our own
or an imaginative fantasy
land. But all of the elements
of that world -- from the
buildings to the cars to
the contents of the main
characters refrigerator -need to work together to
tell a story. Since filmmaking
is predominantly a visual
medium, everything that
appears on the screen plays
an important role in telling
us who the characters are
and what their world is like.
The human brain processes
visual cues faster than verbal
information, so if a filmmaker
wants to tell the audience
that the main character is a
struggling artist, he doesnt
need to open the movie
with a voiceover saying, My
name is Vincent, and Im a
struggling artist.
Instead, the movie
opens with a wide
establishing shot of late
19th-century Paris. Then
we see the exterior of a
shabby apartment building
in the bustling district of
Montmartre. The next shot is
of a dark, dingy apartment
furnished with only a bare
mattress and lit by candles
stuck into empty absinthe
bottles. There are open
art books, discarded wine
glasses and chicken bones
scattered on the paintsplattered wooden floor.
There are dozens of small,
half-finished canvasses
stacked three-deep against
the walls. Before we even
meet Vincent, we know who
lives in this apartment. The
filmmaker has established a
clear sense of place and a
palpable mood through

1212 winter
spring/ /spring

careful research, painstaking

film set construction and
creative set decoration. Film
set construction planning
begins months or even
years before a film goes into
production. It all starts with
the script. The script includes
descriptions of all sets and
locations that will be used in
the film. These descriptions
can be very generalized or
highly detailed, depending
on the screenwriter.
Often the first person
to see the script is the
production designer, who
uses the screenwriters scene
descriptions to give an
accurate estimate on how
much the completed film
sets will cost. The production
designer will also look for
places in the script where
(CG) effects would be
more affordable than
building entire sets. Based
on this information, movie
producers can create a
budget and look for funding.
Once a director is
chosen for the film, he will
meet with the production
designer to talk about
the best way to visually
represent the locations in
the script. The production
designer will hire a location
manager who will scout
out interior and exterior
locations for certain sets.
The rest will need to be built
from scratch on a studio
soundstage or backlot.
Research is an important
part of the early stages of
set construction planning,
particularly for films that
takes place in the past or
the future. Large film studios
employ full-time researchers
to dig up architectural
drawings, archival
photographs and artist
renderings of historical
For more info visit

spring 13

makers, scenic artists and

stagehands who will physically
build the film set. This is where
artistic vision meets wood,
nails and concrete. The goal
is to bring the whole project in
on time, under budget and in
accordance with the specific
vision of the director.

Fritz Langs

Aspects of Film Set

Set construction is the
responsibility of the art
department, which is typically
the largest department working
on a film. The art department
oversees everything that
appears onscreen other
than the actors themselves.
The responsibilities of the art
department go far beyond
simply building the sets, but
involve the creation of a living,
breathing, fully detailed world.
Prop masters are responsible
for all the objects handled by
the actors themselves or that
interact with the actors. This
can be everything from a whisk
to a pistol to a peacock. On
larger productions, the prop
master might work with weapons
masters or animal trainers who
specialize in these areas. Some
props are so essential to the
character or story -- like the
falcon in The Maltese Falcon or
Indiana Jones whip, that several
versions of the prop are made or
purchased as back ups
Filmmaking is a business.
Every film has a budget and
the size of that budget dictates
many of the most important
decisions related to set
construction. The production
designer and the director have
to figure out the best way to
achieve their artistic goals with
the money thats available. A
lower-budget film might
re-create a turn-of-the-century
Japanese village by shooting
inside a re-purposed log cabin.
A big budget movie, on the
other hand, might build an
entire village from the ground
up complete with historically
accurate architectural details,
live oxen and a man-made
river running through the

14 spring / summer

center of town.
The budget also influences
the amount of special effects
that are used in a movie. In
the newest Star Wars trilogy,
for example, the production
designer decided it would be
cheaper -- and more visually
powerful -- to build scale
models of some alien worlds
instead of creating them
entirely with computers. In
the movie The Last Samurai,
on the other hand, the script
includes a scene where the
main character walks out of
a bar and onto the streets of
19th-century San Francisco.
The production designer knew
it would be too expensive to
build a large-scale replica
of the historic San Francisco
skyline, so he shot the scene
with a green screen and filled

in the background with a

digital matte painting.

Jobs in Film Set

The production designer is the
head of the art department,
which employs the most
people and takes up most
of the budget on a feature
film. The production designer
needs to be a master of many
skills: a filmmaker, an artist,
an interior designer. He also
needs experience in physical
construction like carpentry,
plastering, welding and
painting. And, he has to be
able to work with everybody
from directors to producers to
art department interns.

Production designers have

years of experience in the
business, working up from art
directors, set dressers and
construction managers.
The production designer
defines the films artistic vision,
but its the art directors
job to carry it out. The art
director manages a huge
team of workers with wildly
different responsibilities. The
art director leads a team of
draftsmen who design the
sets, then coordinates with
the construction manager to
actually build them. The art
director works closely with the
set dressers and props masters
to realize the production
designers vision. The art
director is also the contact for
all third-party special effects
Meanwhile, the art
director has to consult with
accountants and producers
to make sure the production
stays on budget. Construction
managers are in charge of
everything related to the
physical construction of the
film sets. Hes part of the early

planning process, helping the

production designer decide
how many sets need to be
built and what they will cost.
The construction manager
hires all of the construction
department heads and skilled
workers and is responsible
for ordering all supplies and
negotiating the best prices. He
is also in charge of transporting
supplies to location shots and
striking (taking down) the
set after shooting is finished.
Construction managers
have years of film production
experience as carpenters,
painters, riggers, welders and
plasterers. And most have
construction experience
outside of film as well. The
construction manager has
the tough job of being the
liaison between the artists
and the construction workers,
a responsibility that requires
excellent communication and
interpersonal skills. Set dressers
or set decorators are in charge
of assembling all of the design
elements of a set that arent
mailed down. They need to
work closely with negotiating

the best prices. He is also in

charge of transporting supplies
to location shots and
striking (taking down) the set
after shooting is finished.
Construction managers
have years of film production
experience as carpenters,
painters, riggers, welders and
plasterers. And most have
construction experience
outside of film as well. The
construction manager has
the tough job of being the
liaison between the artists
and the construction workers,
a responsibility that requires
excellent communication
and interpersonal skills. Set
dressers or set decorators are
in charge of assembling all
of the design elements of a
set that arent mailed down.
They need to work closely
with the production designer
and art director to track down
all of the props, furniture,
decorations and small physical
details that populate the
fictional world of the film. One
of the set dressers main
worries is continuity. If there
are several scenes in the same
location, then all of the set
elements need to be in the
same place.
The set dresser works
closely with the prop master
to make sure that an actors
glass is filled to the same level
for each take, or that a throw
pillow doesnt mysteriously
disappear from one shot to
the next. But these are only
a fraction of the hundreds
of jobs required to build a
film set. For example, in the
painting department alone,
theres the department head,
a supervising painter, regular
painters and standby painters.
In the art department, there
are supervisors, assistants,
standbys and runners of every
kind. The typical career path is
to receive some kind of art or
design education, then work
your way up through the art
department or construction
department. The hours on film
sets are highly irregular and
long, but the work can be
tremendously creative and

spring / summer 15


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Tel:01304 201711

Silver Screen Cinema

Market Square Dover

Monday 7th Wednesday 9th Friday 11th

March 2016
11.30am - 2.30pm - 7.30pm
Tuesday 8th Thursday 10th
March 2016
2.30pm - 7.30pm
Adults 5.00
Senior Citizens 4.00
Children 2.00

Tickets can be purchased in advance from

v Dover Visitor Information Centre, Market Square, Dover
v Only 70 seats in the cinema so book your seat early

Special Offer
DVD of 2015 Dover Film only 7.00
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to the Dover Film Festival


spring / summer

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An extraordinary story of one of the worlds greatest living minds, the

renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with
fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. Hawking received an earth-shattering
diagnosis at 21 years of age. With Jane fighting tirelessly by his side, Stephen
embarks on his most ambitious scientific work, studying the very thing he now
has precious little of - time.


Starring Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Charlie Cox, Emily Watson and Simon
McBurney. Contains brief sexualised images, mild bad language

Director - James Marsh

Duration - 123 mins


Director - James Kent

Duration - 127 mins

Starring Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Taron

Egerton, Colin Morgan, Dominic West and Emily
Watson. Contains scenes of bloody injury.


A searing story of love and war. Based on the classic

First World War memoir, this is the incredible true
story of one young womans struggle to survive the
horrors of war, which robbed her of everyone and
everything she held dear, but was ultimately unable
to break her extraordinary spirit.

Disclaimer: Films screenings may be subject to change.

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Gaby Hoffmann and Laura Dern.
Contains strong language, sex and drug use.
Director - Jean-Marc Valle
Duration - 113 mins


Director - Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu

Duration - 119 mins

BIRDMAN (2014)

Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance is a

black comedy that tells the story of an actor (Michael
Keaton) - famous for portraying an iconic superhero as he struggles to mount a Broadway play. In the days
leading up to opening night, he battles his ego and
attempts to recover his family, his career, and himself.
Starring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, Edward
Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan, Emma
Stone, Naomi Watts, Lindsay Duncan and Merritt
Wever. Contains strong language, sex

Director - Rob Marshall

Duration - 122 mins




With the dissolution of her marriage and the death of her mother,
Cheryl Strayed has lost hope. After years of reckless, destructive
behavior, she makes a rash decision. With absolutely no experience,
driven only by sheer determination, Cheryl hikes more than a
thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, alone. WILD powerfully
captures the terrors and pleasures of one young woman forging
ahead against all odds on a journey that maddens, strengthens,
and ultimately heals her.

20 spring / summer

Into the Woods is a modern twist on several of the

beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining
the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the
consequences of the characters wishes and quests.

Starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna

Kendrick, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp. Contains mild violence
and threat.

For more info visit

spring / summer 21

Director - David Fincher

Duration - 143 mins



Selma is the story of a movement. The film

chronicles the tumultuous three-month period
in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a
dangerous campaign to secure equal voting
rights in the face of violent opposition.

Warning: Film contains

strong violence and
very strong language.

Starring David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo,

Tom Wilkinson, Alessandro Nivola,
Giovanni Ribisi and Tim Roth. Contains
moderate violence, racist language and
infrequent strong language.

Director - Ava DuVernay

Duration - 128 mins

GONE GIRL (2014)


With his wifes disappearance having become

the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees
the spotlight turned on him when its suspected
that he may not be innocent.
Starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick
Harris, Tyler Perry, Scoot McNairy and Carrie Coon.
Contains strong bloody violence and very strong
Disclaimer: Films screenings may be subject to change.

Director - Damien Chazelle

Duration - 106 mins
United Kingdom





A promising young drummer enrolls at a cut-throat

music conservatory where his dreams of greatness
are mentored by an instructor who will stop at
nothing to realize a students potential.

Starring T Miles Teller, Melissa Benoist and J.K. Simmons.

Contains very strong language and strong sex

22 spring / summer

Based on the best-selling book by Irene Nemirovsky and

set during the German occupation of France in the
1940s, Suite Franaise tells the story of Lucille Angellier
as she awaits news from her husband, a prisoner of war.

Director - Saul Dibb

Duration - 107 mins

Starring Margot Robbie, Ruth Wilson, Michelle Williams, Sam

Riley, Kristin Scott Thomas and Alexandra Maria Lara. Contains
strong language and strong violence.


For more info visit

Director - Richard Linklater

Duration - 162 mins

Director - John Madden

Duration - 122 mins






Filmed over twelve years with the same cast,

Richard Linklaters Boyhood is a groundbreaking
story of growing up as seen through the eyes
of a child named Mason (a breakthrough
performance by Ellar Coltrane), who literally
grows up on screen before our eyes.
Starring Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette and Ethan
Hawke. Contains strong language, sex references
and drug use.



Disclaimer: Films screenings may be subject to change.

As the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has only a single remaining

vacancy - posing a rooming predicament for two fresh arrivals Sonny pursues his expansionist dream of opening a second hotel.
Starring Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Richard Gere, Judi
Dench, and Dev Patel. Contains mild bad language and
sex references.

Director - Josh Boone

Duration - 123 mins

Director - Paul King

Duration - 95 mins
Starring Ben Whishaw (voice),
Julie Walters, Sally Hawkins, Hugh
Bonneville, Peter Capaldi, Jim
Broadbent and Nicole Kidman.
Contains angerous behaviour,
mild threat, innuendo, infrequent
mild bad language.



The story of the comic misadventures of a young Peruvian bear who travels to the city in search of a
home. Finding himself lost and alone, he begins to realize that city life is not all he had imagined - until
he meets the kindly Brown family who read the label around his neck that says Please look after this
bear. Thank you, and offer him a temporary haven. It looks as though his luck has changed until this
rarest of bears catches the eye of a museum taxidermist.




Hazel and Gus are two extraordinary teenagers who share
an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love
that sweeps them - and us - on an unforgettable journey.
Their relationship is all the more miraculous, given that they
met and fell in love at a cancer support group.
Starring Shailene Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall,
Vera Farmiga and Billy Bob Thornton, Contains strong
language, moderate sex references.

spring / summer 25



Set in 1953 Soviet Russia a disgraced member of the military police investigates
a series of nasty child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union.
Starring Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace,
and Charles Dance. Contains strong violence, strong language, sex,
and hild murder theme.

Disclaimer: Films screenings may be subject to change.

Director - Daniel Espinosa

Duration - 137 mins

Director - Alan Rickman

Duration - 156 mins
United Kingdom

CROWD (2015)
In Victorian England, the independent
and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene
attracts three very different suitors:
Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer; Frank
Troy, a reckless Sergeant; and William
Boldwood, a prosperous and mature
bachelor. A young woman must choose
between three suitors.


a little chaos

A female landscape-gardener is awarded the esteemed

assignment to construct the grand gardens at Versailles, a
gilt-edged position which thrusts her to the very centre of
the court of King Louis XIV.


Starring Carey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts,

Michael Sheen, Tom Sturridge and Juno Temple.
Contains moderate violence and sex references.

Starring Kate Winslet, Jennifer Ehle, Stanley Tucci, Helen McCrory

and Alan Rickman. Contains brief nudity.
For more info visit

Director - Thomas Vinterberg

Duration - 119 mins


Hugh Michael Jackman was

born on October 12, 1968, in
Sydney, Australia. The youngest
of five children, Jackman was 8
when his mother left the family,
and he and his siblings were
largely raised by their father. He
attended the exclusive Knox
Grammar School and graduated
from the University of Technology,
Sydney. He got his first taste of
professional acting on the stage, appearing in
several Melbourne musicals. He soon entered
the international scene, earning critical praise
for his portrayals of Curly in Oklahoma! in
London and Billy Bigelo in Carousel in New York
To mainstream audiences, Jackman is
perhaps best known for the role of Wolverine
in the American film X-Men (2000). Other
early films include Swordfish (2001), Kate and
Leopold (2001) and Van Helsing (2004). Despite
his growing big-screen career, Jackman
remains true to his stage roots. In 2004, he won
a Tony Award for his lead role in Broadways
The Boy from Oz (2003-04). The following year,
he won an Emmy Award for his turn as host of
the 2005 Tony Awards.


C a r eer H i ghs
a n d L o ws
Back on the big screen, Jackman returned as
one of his most famous characters, Wolverine,
for X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). The action
film proved to be a big success, earning more
than $234 million at the box office. Working with
director Woody Allen, Jackman starred in the
mystery Scoop (2006) with Scarlett Johansson.
He next appeared with co-star Christian Bale
in the historical drama The Prestige (2006), a
film about two rival magicians in Victorian-era
England. Also in 2006, Jackman leant his voice
to two animated feature films: Flushed Away
and Happy Feet. He did some work on the
small screen as well, appearing in the
short-lived musical dramatic series Viva
Laughlin in 2007.
His 2008 thriller, Deception, failed to
make much of an impression on the moviegoing public, earning only $4.6 million at the
box office. Later that year, Jackmans highly
anticipated work with fellow Australians Nicole
Kidman and Baz Luhrmann was released. Epic
in its scope, Australia (2008) tells the story of
woman (Kidman) who travels to
the outback
to find
her husband, and ends
up fighting for the land she inherited after his
death. She is helped by a local man, played
by Jackman, and the two become an unlikely
romantic couple. The film received mixed
reviews and was a box office disappointment.

h u g h J A C K M A N
C o mme r c ia l S u c c e s s a n d
R e c o g nit io n
Despite these setbacks, Jackman remains one of
the most popular actors working today. He was
named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine
in December of 2008, joining the ranks of such
past recipients as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and
Matt Damon. Jackman also had the distinction
of serving as the host of the Academy Awards in
February of 2009. His next big film project, X-Men
Origins: Wolverine, was released the following
summer. He soon followed up his summer
blockbuster with several smaller pictures. In Real
Steel (2011), Jackman played a father builds a
better relationship with his son through training a
fighting robot. He also appeared in the comedy
Butter that same year.

...James Bond at its best

/ summer

Acting is something I love. Its a great

craft that I have a lot of respect for.

In 2012, Jackman helped bring one of the most

famous musicals of all time to the big screen: He
starred in Les Miserables with Anne Hathaway,
Amanda Seyfried and Russell Crowe. In the film,
Jackman plays Jean Valjean, a former prisoner
who tries to hold on to the new life he has built for
himself. Russell Crowe portrays the police officer
on his trail. In January 2013, Jackman received
a Golden Globe Award (best actor in a musical
or comedy) for his Les Miserables performance.
For his acclaimed role in Les Mis, Jackman was
nominated for an Academy Award in 2013 in the
category of Best Actor, but lost to Daniel
Day-Lewis for his role in Lincoln. On 13th December
2012, Jackman was honored with a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to the
Los Angeles Times, Jackman stated during the
momentous event, I believe this is the 2,487th star
on the Walk of Fame. However, apart from Lassie,
Im the only one whos gotten it for playing the

Hugh Jackman

Jackman on the set of Pan

same character in 15 movies. After the immense

succes of Les Mis, Jackman took on a lighter film
role in the comedy Movie 43 (2013). The film had
several A-list names attached, including Dennis
Quaid, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Richard Gere,
Gerard Butler and Emma Stone, among several
others. However, even with a star-studded cast,
the film was highly criticized and did far worse
than expected at the box office.
He reprised his role as as Wolverine in his
next two roles, starring in The Wolverine (2013) and
X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). Jackman took
on lead roles as the popular mutant hero in both
films, and stars alongside other actors who have
also reprised their roles from previous X-Men films,
including Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart and
James McAvoy. Jackman has also continued to
stay connected to his stage roots, hosting the 2014
Tony Awards. Keep up the great work Hugh!

/ summer

Do you have 2 - 3 hours spare each week?

Home-Start Dover District offers support; friendship and practical help for parents with
young children.
Home-Start Dover District offers a unique service, recruiting and preparing volunteers
- who have parenting experience - to visit families at home who have at least one child
under five, to offer informal, friendly and confidential support.
To help give children the best possible start in life. Home-Start Dover District supports
parents as they grow in confidence, strengthen their relationships with children and widen
their links with the local community.
Scheme Manager Tracy Perrow said: We are looking for non-judgemental, friendly and
caring people to volunteer to help families. Confidentiality is essential and a Disclosure
and Baring check and references would be required. In return volunteers will receive the
support they need, will have fun and this role can lead to employment and much more.
We are currently looking for more volunteers, who would need to be able to attend a
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Home-Start Dover District
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Registered in England



matchless beauty. The scale and

haste of the project require the hiring of
additional hands. Stirred by her forthright
opinions, Andre engages Sabine to
design the Rockwork Garden, an outdoor
ballroom with fountain elements. But
the sneers of her professional rivals, who
are naturally all male, prove nothing
compared to the vipers at court, where
everyone is competing for favor.
Among the most ambitious of them
is Madame Le Notre (Helen McCrory),
the socially savvy promoter behind
her husbands creative genius. While
she dictated the terms of their open
marriage arrangement to allow for her
own strategic bed-hopping, she spots
the signs of a connection between her
husband and Sabine almost before they
do, and sets about sabotaging both the
relationship and the Rockwork project.

The romance between Andre and

Sabine is clearly meant to be a slowburn affair, but it blossoms in uncertain
fits and starts. Partly, it suffers from a
shortage of chemistry between Winslet
and Schoenaerts, but more likely its
because both of them are so gloomy
and introspective Andre is a brooding
type in a loveless marriage and Sabine is
plagued by remorse over the death of her
husband and daughter. Theres more life in
a lovely central interlude during which the
king (Rickman), in mourning for his Spanish
Queen, doffs his wig and coat for a quiet
moment in the shrubbery. When Sabine
blunders in to talk perennials, she initially is
unaware of his identity. But even after she
wises up, he encourages her to dispense
with deference and just chat, relishing
the unaccustomed ease of an informal
exchange. As enjoyable as the extended
scene is, with Winslet showing emotional

A Little Chaos
Keep smiling alan!

Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts star with director
Alan Rickman in this frock piece about the creation of the gardens at Versailles.

tory trumps storytelling in A Little

Chaos, which reunites Kate Winslet
and Alan Rickman, two stars of Ang
Lees Sense and Sensibility, only this
time without the gossamer touch and
infinite understanding of character
that are hallmarks of Jane Austen. A
period drama about the private and
professional struggles of a nonconformist
female landscape architect hired to
work on King Louis XIVs gardens at
Versailles, this decently acted film is
agreeable entertainment, even if it
works better on a scene by scene basis
than in terms of overall flow. Its been
17 years since Rickmans first stab at
directing with 1997s The Winter Guest,
an adaptation of a play set in a bleak
Scottish seaside town in which a series of
vignettes were woven around the slow
thaw of a grieving woman toward the



mother who intrudes on her sorrow. The

fussy theatricality of that modest feature
was perhaps embedded in its source
material. But theres a stiff staginess to
parts of this more ambitiously scaled
venture as well, despite it being
dramatized directly for the screen
by writers Allison Deegan, Rickman
and Jeremy Brock. Winslet plays the
widowed Madame Sabine De Barra,
whose rejection of stifling symmetry
and her taste for incorporating the
untamed elements of nature in her
designs make her an unlikely match
for master landscaper Andre Le Notre
(Matthias Schoenaerts), known for his
love of perfectly manicured classical
order. In preparation for the move of the
Sun Kings court from Paris to Versailles in
1682, Le Notre has been commissioned
to create gardens of exquisite and

For more info on The Kavanagh visit





candor and Rickman allowing glimpses

of the solitude beneath the Kings
world-weariness, its typical of the
modern gloss that the script puts on its
characters and their relationships. The
worst example of this is a later scene at
Fontainebleau, during which Sabine is
ushered by the kings mistress (Jennifer
Ehle) into her ladies salon, and the group
draws her out about her personal history,
bonding over the sorrows of women.
(Rickmans Winter Guest star Phyllida Law
plays a wilted rose among them.) If the
director and his co-writers had gone all
the way in viewing this semi-fictionalized
historical chapter through a prism of
contemporary attitudes like, say, Sofia
Coppola in her crazy but invigorating
and underrated Versailles pop movie,
Marie Antoinette it might have
seemed less artificial. Even the textured
physicality of cinematographer Ellen
Kuras shooting style could have been
pushed further. Instead, it just sounds
clumsy when 17th century characters
spout lines like Ill call in some favors. Or
worse, when Sabine says of Andre, He is
the most complete person I know.
Sabine is a modern woman in that she

rolls up her sleeves and gets

hands-on with the hard labor, even
risking her life when Madame Le Notres
co-conspirators deliberately flood the
construction site. Other influential figures
welcome her uncalculating honesty as a
breath of fresh air. But less time spent on
court intrigue and more on the central
relationship might have added heat to
the romance.
While the dictates of filming a
French story for an English-language
international market are hard to get
around, theres sadly little sense of place
here. That said, the story is engaging,
the pretty locations and costumes are
easy on the eyes, and the cast capable
if rarely required to do much including
Stanley Tucci, queening it up as the kings
foppish brother. Schoenaerts (Rust and
Bone) delivers the requisite melancholy
hunk with minimal nuance, and Rickman
trots out his familiar laconic
arched-eyebrow routine. Winslets mix of
grace, gumption and private sadness is
the chief reason to keep watching, but
she deserves a more dynamic film.


Kate Winslet

really did just love the

and the simplicity of it


Born on October 5, 1975, in

Reading, England, Kate
Winslet started acting at age
7. She starred on the British
stage until 1995, when she
appeared in her first film,
Heavenly Creatures. In 1997
she landed the lead in Titanic,
which propelled her to
international stardom. She has
since starred in several
off-beat films and has won
the Best Actress Oscar for The

A Little Chaos is in cinemas now.

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The White Cliffs Hotel



The Bay Restaurant

2 for 1 Autumn & Winter

breaks visit



The White Cliffs Hotel is set in the heart of the picturesque

village of St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe under a mile from the
beautiful beach at St. Margaret's Bay in celebrated White Cliffs
Country. This is the closest hotel in England to the coast of France
at Calais 21 miles away and is just seven minutes drive from the
port and Cruise Terminal at Dover. The hotel is centred around
an archetypal Kentish weather-boarded inn that dates back to


the 16th Century the style captures the essence of life in coastal


England with a contemporary atmosphere and a refreshingly

independent feel. Owned by The Oakley family who take a very
much hands-on approach, they are passionate about all things
local and independent.

Everywhere you look

lately theres a menu


extolling the virtues of

local this or free-range that
or sustainable the other,
we, like many others love
this approach and really
do make it a cornerstone
of our restaurant. We go
just that little bit further
to ensure were using
the freshest and finest of
ingredients from right on
our own doorstep.

CALL TO BOOK 01304 852229



Why not stay in touch?


Alternatively Email us at



Here at Silver Screen we are always looking for new and exciting ideas. We want to
provide a service that meets the requirements of our audiences and of course goes
a little further. Our future aspiration is to see more and more independent cinemas
popping up around Great Britain, where audiences can relax, have fun and enjoy
a fantastic day out. Unfortunately due to the economy we are witnessing more
independent cinemas sadly close. We want to put an end to that by maintaining
a community through film. If you are interested in our classic film show or have any
questions then please dont hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.
Missing a film at the cinema is never great which is why we have our classic film show.
If you have any suggestions for Silver Screen then let us know. So why not get on board
with what we have to offer and show your support for local cinemas in the region.

The White Cliffs Hotel and The Bay Restaurant, High Street, St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe, Dover, Kent CT15 6AT
T: +44 01304 852 229 Freephone 0800 756 9964
F: 0800 756 5574


Wallett's Court Hotels Dover Kent. A hotel in Dover, Kent. Guest Accommodation in Dover at it's best.


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