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help rand
<strong>rand</strong> Uniformly distributed pseudorandom numbers.
R = <strong>rand</strong>(N) returns an N-by-N matrix containing pseudorando
m values drawn
from the standard uniform distribution on the open interval(0,1). <strong>r
or <strong>rand</strong>([M,N]) returns an M-by-N matrix. <strong>rand</str
ong>(M,N,P,...) or
<strong>rand</strong>([M,N,P,...]) returns an M-by-N-by-P-by-... array. <st
rong>rand</strong> returns a
scalar. <strong>rand</strong>(SIZE(A)) returns an array the same size as A.
Note: The size inputs M, N, P, ... should be nonnegative integers.
Negative integers are treated as 0.
R = <strong>rand</strong>(..., 'double') or R = <strong>rand</strong>(..., '
single') returns an array of
uniform values of the specified class.
The sequence of numbers produced by <strong>rand</strong> is determined by t
he settings of
the uniform random number generator that underlies <strong>rand</strong>, RA
Control that shared random number generator using RNG.
Example 1: Generate values from the uniform distribution on the
interval [a, b].
r = a + (b-a).*rand(100,1);
Example 2: Use the RANDI function, instead of <strong>rand</strong>, to g
integer values from the uniform distribution on the set 1:100.
r = randi(100,1,5);
Example 3: Reset the random number generator used by <strong>rand</strong
>, RANDI, and
RANDN to its default startup settings, so that <strong>rand</strong> prod
uces the same
random numbers as if you restarted MATLAB.
Example 4: Save the settings for the random number generator used by
<strong>rand</strong>, RANDI, and RANDN, generate 5 values from <strong>r
and</strong>, restore the
settings, and repeat those values.
s = rng
u1 = rand(1,5)
u2 = rand(1,5) % contains exactly the same values as u1
Example 5: Reinitialize the random number generator used by <strong>rand<
RANDI, and RANDN with a seed based on the current time. <strong>rand</st
rong> will
return different values each time you do this. NOTE: It is usually

not necessary to do this more than once per MATLAB session.

See <a href="matlab:helpview([docroot '\techdoc\math\'],'update_rand
om_number_generator')">Updating Your Random Number Generator Syntax</a> to use R
NG to replace
<strong>rand</strong> with the 'seed', 'state', or 'twister' inputs.
See also <a href="matlab:help randi">randi</a>, <a href="matlab:help randn">
randn</a>, <a href="matlab:help rng">rng</a>, <a href="matlab:help RandStream">R
andStream</a>, <a href="matlab:help RandStream/rand">RandStream/rand</a>,
<a href="matlab:help sprand">sprand</a>, <a href="matlab:help spran
dn">sprandn</a>, <a href="matlab:help randperm">randperm</a>.
Overloaded methods:
<a href="matlab:help
<a href="matlab:help
<a href="matlab:help
<a href="matlab:help
<a href="matlab:help
<a href="matlab:help


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<a href="matlab:doc rand">doc rand</a>
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tFormatContourLines: Helper function to create the contour maps for the
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compressor information.
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n about a multimedia file.
<a href="matlab:help baminfo">baminfo</a>
- Information a
bout BAM format file.
lookfor rand
<a href="matlab:help RandStream">RandStream</a>
- Random num
ber stream.
<a href="matlab:help BioIndexedFile">BioIndexedFile</a>
- class
allows random read access to text files using an index file.
<a href="matlab:help qrandset">qrandset</a>
- Quasi-random
point set class.
<a href="matlab:help qrandstate">qrandstate</a>
- This undoc
umented class may be removed in a future release.
<a href="matlab:help qrandstream">qrandstream</a>
- Create a
quasi-random stream.
<a href="matlab:help rngdemo">rngdemo</a>
- Controlling R
andom Number Generation
<a href="matlab:help rand">rand</a>
- Uniformly distri
buted pseudorandom numbers.
<a href="matlab:help randi">randi</a>
- Pseudorandom in
tegers from a uniform discrete distribution.
<a href="matlab:help randn">randn</a>
- Normally distri
buted pseudorandom numbers.

<a href="matlab:help randperm">randperm</a>

- Random permu
<a href="matlab:help rng">rng</a>
- Control the rando
m number generator used by RAND, RANDI, and RANDN.
<a href="matlab:help rjr">rjr</a>
- Random Jacobi rot
<a href="matlab:help sprand">sprand</a>
- Sparse uniform
ly distributed random matrix.
<a href="matlab:help sprandn">sprandn</a>
- Sparse normal
ly distributed random matrix.
<a href="matlab:help sprandsym">sprandsym</a>
- Sparse rand
om symmetric matrix.
<a href="matlab:help flowprandtlmeyer">flowprandtlmeyer</a>
- Calc
ulate Prandtl-Meyer functions for expansion waves
<a href="matlab:help hmmprofgenerate">hmmprofgenerate</a>
- gener
ates a random sequence using a profile HMM.
<a href="matlab:help randseq">randseq</a>
- generates a r
andom sequence.
<a href="matlab:help seqcomplement">seqcomplement</a>
- returns
the complementary strand of a DNA sequence.
<a href="matlab:help seqrcomplement">seqrcomplement</a>
- return
s the reverse complementary strand of a DNA sequence.
<a href="matlab:help seqreverse">seqreverse</a>
- returns th
e reverse strand of a DNA or RNA sequence.
<a href="matlab:help randfeatures">randfeatures</a>
- generate
s a randomized subset of features
<a href="matlab:help acghhmmsample">acghhmmsample</a>
- The ran
dom sampling function for ACGHHMMDEMO
<a href="matlab:help legacychannelsim">legacychannelsim</a>
- Togg
les random number generation mode for channel objects
<a href="matlab:help randdeintrlv">randdeintrlv</a>
- Restore
ordering of symbols using a random permutation.
<a href="matlab:help randerr">randerr</a>
- Generate bit
error patterns.
<a href="matlab:help randintrlv">randintrlv</a>
- Reorder sy
mbols using a random permutation.
<a href="matlab:help randseed">randseed</a>
- Generate pri
me numbers for use as random number seeds.
<a href="matlab:help randsrc">randsrc</a>
- Generate rand
om matrix using prescribed alphabet.
<a href="matlab:help commblkrandintsrc2">commblkrandintsrc2</a>
- Ma
sk dynamic dialog function for Random Integer Generator block
<a href="matlab:help toccommsources">toccommsources</a>
- Random
data, PN, orthogonal codes, random noise
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