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IEEE R10 SYWC-2015

It was my dream to attend IEEE R10 SYWC-2015 at Sri Lanka, since the day I heard
the story of Hyderabad Congress. The dream became true on 9 th day of July at Hotel
Galadari, Colombo.
I was so much excited in every moment, after I registered my name for the
congress. The excitement increased thousand times, when I received the
confirmation mail and an inspirational travel grant from IEEE Bangladesh Section.
Before that, Subodha Charles sent me an email confirming that, I have been
selected as a Bangladeshi Delegate and my name is sent to Bangladesh section for
review and approval.
I am a last moment guy, always doing things at the very last moment. I had to miss
all the official and unofficial deadline of the 2nd phase registration for that. Ofcourse, my laziness is not responsible alone behind that.
3rd IEEE Bangladesh Section Congress held on 13 th June, 2015 in my university. As I
was the secretary of the congress, I had to busy with managing almost all the things
related to congress. I forgot that, I have to register myself for the bigger one. On
14th June, I took an attempt to register and found the portal is closed. I became
Immediately, I sent an email to Subodha and explained my problem. Problem
Solved!!! I found this guy very cooperative from the very first day. He assured me
that, I should not be tensed. I have option to register on spot. I poked Subodha so
many times regarding Visa and etc., always he was responsive. I should thank
Subodha, Kavinga and their team for their spontaneous response in every single
I arrived Colombo on 8 th July. We were 7 (Seven) people from Bangladesh Section in
the same flight. At the airport we met some delegates from Pakistan. We hired 2
Micro Bus and came to Hotel Galadari. We had no hotel reservation for 8 th July. We
kept our luggage at VIP lounge and went out to roam around the hotel. We watched
the night beauty of sea and came back to hotel at midnight. We all were sleepy and
hungry. We ate Kottu- local food of Sri Lanka.
I planned to sleep in the VIP Lounge, there were no bed though. But, I couldnt sleep
much because - Hanxiao Zhang, a student delegate from Australia came and
everybody started to gossip with her.
In the morning, I went to my room after completing the registration and slept up to
11.00 AM. At 11.00 AM, we went to play Cricket and returned to hotel at 4.30 PM. I
found Matthew Felicetti from Australia in my room. He was my roommate during the
congress days. In the evening, the congress activities started with Ice Breaking
It was a great opportunity for me to present my student branch in the congress. I
presented a poster focusing the activities and specialty of my student branch and

have been certified by the R10 SAC. I was also awarded 25 USD by IEEE R10
Director for one of the best feedbacks of the congress.
I participated some interesting and useful sessions in the congress. In every lecture,
I learned new things. The multicultural night, the award night are some of the
significant time of my life I had ever passed. I would miss something really
important as an engineering student, if I didnt participate this congress. As an
Engineering student, as an active volunteer of IEEE this congress was something
motivational and inspirational for me.
The congress ended on 12th July. I couldnt believe the congress just ended. I miss
the golden days in Colombo and will miss always