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Weight: 20% of final grade
Due: Friday Oct 24, 2014 11:59 pm
General Instructions

Assignments are due by the date and time outlined above. Late assignments will be assessed a
penalty equal to 10% off the maximum grade attainable per day for each day the assignment is
late. (=2 marks out of 20/day)
When submitting assignments, please include: 1. A title page listing your course code,
assignment number, and full name; 2. Your course code, assignment number and full name on
each page of the assignment.

Send your assignments to the course instructor via email ( with the
file named in this manner: last name_first name_course code_section#.

Sections: Fanshaw=821, Centennial = 826, Lambton = 823

Assignment Instructions

Purchase the following case: Ojha, A. ITC Ltd: Toward a Triple Bottom Line
Performance. (Indian Institute of Management, 2012). This case is available from
Harvard Business School Publishing.

Read the case. Employ your own critical thinking and reasoning skills to answer the
assignment questions at the end of the case these are numbered (i.) to (iv.) on p.7.

You will be assessed according to the following schedule:

Mark out of 21: content - your response to each of the four questions on p. 7 of the case.
You will be graded on the quality of your argument, how robust and convincing it is, how
creative and well-supported it is, etc. TOTAL CONTENT: 84

Mark out of 16: mechanics your grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure,
the quality of your referencing, etc. TOTAL MECHANICS: 16

TOTAL: 100

Guidelines on Length

Your responses to each question can be as short or as long as necessary. You will not be
penalized for short or long answers only for the content and mechanics related to each

That said, I believe you should be able to provide a strong answer to each question in a
page to a full page, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. I strongly
encourage you to write concisely and make every word count. Do not put in unnecessary
filler to pad your answers. That may impact your grade as it may well take away from
the strength of your overall paper.

How to Submit Assignments

All assignments are expected to be submitted in electronic form. Students should make sure
that their name, student number and the applicable course code is placed on each page of
their assignment and that the file size of their assignment is reasonable (a few hundred KB
is reasonable, while a couple of MBs is LARGE). The larger the file is, the longer it will take to
upload and it is possible that a file transfer will "time out" before uploading is complete.
Filename Structure
To ensure that your assignment is accepted by Blackboard please make sure that:

The name does not use the pound/number (#) sign.

There are no spaces anywhere in the file name.
The name does not contain any other "special" characters such as: ~ ! @ $
% ^ & () [] {} ;'
File Type
To make sure your assignment can be opened and read please make sure to save it as one
of the following:

Rich Text File (.rtf)

MS Word Format (.doc, .docx)
MS Excel Format (.xls, .xlsx)
Portable Document Format (.pdf)