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WRCA Social Studies 11

Mr. Weichel
Contact and Availability
School hours until 4PM
Phone extension #142

Required Supplies
Appropriate writing supplies
Journal / Learning Log
Social Studies Student Workbook
*Advance notice will be given when
using the Counterpoints textbook

Course Introduction
Welcome to Social Studies 11! It is an incredible course with much variety to offer
you. Its topics range from who we are as Canadians, how we govern ourselves,
citizenship, social justice, our recent past within the 20 th century and our role and
influence within the global community. The objective of this course is to develop
historically literate learners that will equipped to make informed, competent and
faith-based judgments about historical events of the past and social issues of the
present day.
- The political spectrum, ideologies and philosophies
- How Canadians can effect change at the federal and provincial levels
- How federal and provincial governments are formed in Canada
- Major provisions of the Canadian constitution and the Charter of Rights and
- Canadas evolution as a politically autonomous nation
- Canadas role in the Great War
- The Great Depression and the labour movement in Canada
- Canadian unity, with regards to Quebec nationalism and Aboriginal identity
- The role of women in terms of social, political, and economic change in Canada
- Canadas role in the Second World War and its impact on Canada
- Human rights, the United Nations, the Cold War and other modern conflicts
- Canadian social policies and programs related to immigration, the welfare state,
and minority rights
Human Geography

Changes in world population, with regards to population pyramids, distribution,

density and demographic transition models
Comparing Canadas standard of living with those of developing countries;
studying poverty and key indicators of human development
Environmental challenges facing Canadians, including global warming, ozone
layer depletion and fresh water quality and supply

Student Workload:
Social Studies 11 is a comprehensive and provincially examinable course. A
significant amount of reading, writing and research will be required on an ongoing basis.
You can expect daily reading assignments. It is essential that you do not get
behind in your reading or it will be extremely difficult to get caught up.



The Provincial Exam is worth 20% of overall course grade. A significant portion of
May and all of June will be dedicated to a full course review.