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All Officers of the Govt. of West Bengal who are recruited directly through PSC (Public Service
Commission), West Bengal shall have to pass the departmental examination during the probation period.
The main subjects of departmental examination are:

Accounts I
Accounts II
Hindi / Bengali

Syllabus of Accounts I
A theoretical paper which mainly deals with the following chapters of An introduction to Indian
Government Accounts and Audit, issued under the authority of the Auditor General of India:

Chapter VI the General structure of the Financial Administration in India.

Chapter VII Currency and Resources Arrangements.
Chapter VIII the Working of a Treasury.
Chapter X the Original Records, the Basis of Accounts and Audit.
Chapter XI Classification of Receipts and Expenditure in Government Accounts.
Chapter XIII Audit of Receipts.
Chapter XIV Audit of Expenditure.
Chapter XXI Relations between the Audit Department and the Finance Department of the Central
and State Governments.
Chapter XXVII Contingent Expenditure.
Chapter XXXVII Compilation of Accounts.

Syllabus of Accounts II (with Books)

West Bengal Financial Rules: Chapters 1 to 6, 10 to 12 and Appendix 3.

West Bengal Treasury Rules:- Part I Sections IV, V, VII and IX, Part II Chapter II, section I,
sub-sections II to V, and VII to IX, Chapter IV, section I, sub-section I, sections II to V and VII to
IX, Chapter VI, section III, Chapter VII- sections I to III, Chapter X section III, Chapter XI.
West Bengal Service Rules, Part I Chapters I to III, V to VII, IX to XI and XV.
West Bengal Service Rules, Part II Chapters I to IX, XIII.
Civil Account Code, Vol. I, Chapter 9.
Civil Service Regulations, Part IV, Chapter XXV, Part V and Chapter XXXVIII, Part VI.
West Bengal Audit Manual.
Account Code, Vol. I.
Account Code, Vol. I I.
Audit Code (except section IV).
Public Works Account Code.

Syllabus of Hindi I (Written)

Dictation from prescribed Text books

Translation from English to Hindi
Translation from Hindi to English
Letter writing Personal type & Official type

Syllabus of Hindi II (Oral)

Conversation in Hindi on matters of topical interest and matters connected with official duties of

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Syllabus of Bengali (Lower Standards)

If the mother tongue of the candidate is other than Bengali then the candidates have to pass in Bengali

Dictation from prescribed Text books

Translation into English from Text books
Translation into Bengali from simple passages in English
Viva Voce: Simple conversation on topics of general interest and reading ordinary manuscript

Syllabus of Bengali (Higher Standards)

Dictation from selected pieces from outside Text books

Translation into English from Text books
Translation into Bengali from passages out of English newspaper and periodicals
Viva Voce: Conversation on topics of relating to candidates official duties and reading of
newspaper cuttings, petitions, letters, etc.

Other Pertinent Points

The departmental examinations shall be held every six months at a single centre in Kolkata,
ordinarily in the months of May and November, unless otherwise specified. The dates of the
examinations and the time fixed for each paper is announced at the official website of PSC i.e.
The Heads of Directorates shall report to the Public Service Commission not later than the third
week of February and August, respectively, or two clear months before the examination if held at
any other time, the names of officers serving under them who are liable and intends to sit for the
examination. The report shall be given in the form prescribed in Appendix 2B.
The Public Service Commission shall thereafter prepare a complete list of all officers liable to
appear at the examination and forward copies thereof to the Heads of Directorates concerned.
The Public Service Commission shall appoint separate committees consisting of three members each
for conducting the viva voce examinations in Bengali and Hindi in terms of the rules set forth for
such examinations.
Officers whose mother tongue is Bengali shall not have to appear in the examination in Bengali and
officers whose mother tongue is Hindi or Urdu shall not have to appear in the examination in Hindi.
The Heads of Directorates shall be competent to certify with regard to such exemptions.
The Public Service Commission shall notify in the the official website of PSC i.e. , the names of officers who have passed in the different subjects and also indicate
there the subjects in which they have still to pass. The names of those, who obtain distinction i.e. 80
per cent or above of the full marks in a subject will also, be indicated.
The date of passing the departmental examination shall be the date following the last date on which
the examination was held.
Government Officers undertaking journeys to attend the departmental examinations will be entitled
to traveling allowances in terms of rules in Chapter X of the West Bengal Service Rules, Part II.
No application for leave from an officer liable to the departmental examinations will ordinarily be
entertained if the following half-yearly departmental examination takes place before the expiry of
the leave applied for, unless the officer gives an undertaking that he will attend the examination.
If such leave is applied for, the application for leave should be forwarded to the Government in the
Public Works Department with the aforesaid particulars so that Government may decide whether for
reasons stated the leave should be granted and, if so, on what conditions.
An officer may sit for the examination in any of the prescribed subjects by lower or higher standard
or such other standard as the case may be and if he succeeds in passing in any of the subjects or
papers, he shall not again be required to appear at the examination by the same standard in the

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subject or paper in which he was successful. He shall not, however, be deemed to have passed
completely unless he passed in all the prescribed standards, higher or lower or such other standard,
as the case may be.
No probationer will be confirmed until he has passed completely the departmental examination
prescribed for him. Failure to pass the examination within the probationary period will make him
liable to discharge.

How to Appear
At first the employee have to fill up the proforma in following format and seek necessary permission from
the head of the department. There are two nos. of proforma. One is for Departmental Examination and
another one is for Professional Examination.
Download: Proforma for Departmental Examination, Proforma for Professional Examination
At the Examination Hall, Letter of Identification is to be produced of which the format is shown below:
Download: Letter of Identification
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Department: Public Service Commission

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1. Pranab Chakraborty says
April 30, 2014 at 10:31 pm
I am working as accounts assistant in KMDA under west Bengal govt. Am I eligible for psc
departmental exam. My present age is 33 yrs and I have completed 2 years of service in the above
organisation. I am waiting for your reply.
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2. Prasenjit Banerjee says
January 20, 2014 at 11:53 pm
I am a Commercial Tax Officer under the Directorate of Commercial Taxes,I am still in the dark
about the complete syllabus..Ill be appearing in May,2014
Prasenjit Banerjee
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3. D. Basu says

Page 4 of 5

June 14, 2013 at 6:44 pm

Please make me aware whether Officers under West Bengal Junior Fisheries Service Grade I
Service have to appear departmental examination?
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September 25, 2012 at 10:19 pm
i am an asstt. teacher of west bengal govt aided school.want to be DI/ADI of schools.pls details
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5. Debashis saha says
September 2, 2012 at 8:53 pm
I am preparing for dep. Exam. pls give me detail suggestion and books of accounts paper- 1 so that i
can prepare myself please.
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6. Debashis saha says
September 1, 2012 at 9:51 pm
I am a veterinary officer under Govt. of W.B. is preparing for Dept. Examination. But I am confused
regarding papers for that service. help me please
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WBXPress Team says

September 2, 2012 at 1:37 pm
Please join and ask at:
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7. xzopen says
January 14, 2012 at 8:25 pm
I am preparing for Dapartmental exam of WB Audit and Account Service. I am very much worried
about the Service related paper. Please help me.
Subrata chattopadhyay
Panchayat Dev Officer
Haldibari Cooch Behar

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Dr.Debashis Saha says

June 10, 2012 at 9:11 pm
I am a Veterinary officer under Govt.of West Bengal. I am perparing Departmental
Examinations. Iam worried about service related papers, please help me
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sampa sarkar says

November 13, 2012 at 8:59 am
u dont worry about itvererinary officer of any other state donot give departmental
examas u r like to medical officer
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Dr.Debashis Saha says

November 19, 2012 at 8:25 pm
But as par notification probably on 28 th september 2012 the west bengal
govt. officer under ARD Department, departmental examination is must with
in 2 years from D.O.J or date of notification. so kindly attached notification
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November 21, 2012 at 10:26 pm
Dear Deba,
send ur email ID to me.

Binayak Mandal says

April 9, 2014 at 3:43 pm
I am a U.D.A. staff of Directorate of Technical Education. I Want to know about the criteria
for sitting the Departmental Examination i.e. Audit and Accounts(Departmental). Is there any
rules that I have to do service as UDA for five years or ten years.
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