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Alter boys With Attitude behind the music

MC/N.A.P.P.I/New/Age/Preacher/Profit/Ireland/(ABWA founding member)Were not

ashamed of where were from
Alter boy rap song clip over narrative
I say fuck the church and fuck the police to
Who turned a blind eye and let the peedos slip through
The cracks of are system but now its time for folks to listen
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member)I know its blasphemy but this is who we are,
its where were from and its what were gonna talk about
Alter boy rap song clip over narrative
Cause I got this gat pointed at your ass and all the untaxed cash
Ain't gonna stop the blast
Narrator: They were alter boys who came right of a priest boarding school in county
Kerry Ireland and they called themselves Alter boy with Attitude
Alter boy rap song clip over narrative
Cause even though my but may hurt,
I still dont give a fuck homeboy
I say fuck the church
Henry Gilligan/(Former ABWA manager): They wanted to shock rural Ireland into
seeing what these boarding schools were really like
A/C/After/Christ/(ABWA founding member): The church wanted to portray this image
of priests being this spiritual hierarchy over everyone else. And when alter boys reported
crimes of buggery they were ignored. It was completely unjust
St Marys student: ABWA were the voice for the voiceless
John Mulligan/(Writer/Director of Boys In The Church Documentary)They were like
this is a catholic boarding school, this is where were from, this is what were about
Alter boy rap song clip over narrative
Heres a little something from the boy A/C
The baddest motherfucker in his elementary
Dr Rory Vesey/(St Marys Psychiatrist): And with that voice they said I dont give a
fuck. It was just aggressive nihilistic repressed rage and suppressed emotion brought to
the surface
Narrator: With a message inspired by Catholicism and buggery ABWA pushed a new

type of alter boy power into the underground rural Kerry music scene
Alter boy rap song clip over narrative
Im not a catholic whos gonna stay silent
Im a gangster whos about to get violent
Bishop: They were just angry youths making up fables and stirring up shite. Ill tell you
right now that I have never heard of priests getting up to such shenanigans
Narrator: They were condemned as obscene liars by the church and grounded by there
Bishop 2: This is nothing but filth and down right lies
Narrator: They were also targeted by the Kerry Garda
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member):We caught the attention of the Garda
Stephen O'Riordan/(St Marys Alter Boy Hip Hop Writer):They wanted to shut em
Narrator:But nothing could stop the on-slot of ABWA alter boy gangster rap
St Marys Student:They were the ones who exposed the priest buggery to the rest of the
Narrater: And the warnings could no longer be denied. This is the story of ABWA the
churchs most dangerous group
A/C/(ABWA founding member);The school can be shut down
Alter boy rap song clip over narrative
Why do I call myself a sinner ya ask me?
Cause its what priests say when they harass me
Dr Rory Vesey/(St Marys School Psychiatrist)The guys now on the lowest scale of the
church were now on the mike
Alter boy rap song over narrative
I guess Ill be a sinner for life
Dr Rory Vesey/(St Marys School Psychiatrist)Everybody better pay attention to what
they have to say
Alter boy rap song clip over narrative
Its plain to see they wont change me

Cause Im gonna be a sinner for life

Narrater: St Marys Catholic Boarding School County Kerry the mid eighties, priests are
buggering boys left right and center and there superiors are ignoring the victims
compliants and relocating the priests to different parishes all over the world
St Marys Priest 1: Alter boy gangbangers have stolen a significant amount of collection
money from this Parish aswell as attacking numerous priests with stationary objects
St Marys Priest 2: Were outnumbered, we just dont have enough clergy to manage the
DJ Cecil/(ABWA founding member):I mean you had these priests doing this sort of shite
in plane daylight and getting away with it. The police didnt even do anything to stop it,
you ended up seeing the likes of these priests ruining communities and families
Mother of victim If my son doesnt stop doing this hes gonna end up getting expelled
Dr Rory Vesey/(St Marys School Psychiatrist): You often had situations where the
parents of the victims didnt believe them
N.M.C/No/More/Communion/(Alter boy gangster rapper): The priests were nearly
untouchable and they just swept through the education system. And as time went by the
alter boys got more and more angry
St Marys school reporter: A priest was giving confession to an alter boy last night when
another alter boy came from behind and stabbed him repeatedly in the neck with a
sharpened pencil. The assailant who was wearing a balaclava has yet to be identified, the
priest is in critical condition
Dr Rory Vesey/(St Marys School Psychiatrist):Alter boys all over St Marys school
started setting up gangs, they started stealing wine and money from the church collection
basket. They stole ordainments that they found lying around and hawked them in pawn
shops. They broke into nearby farmers houses and stole jewelry, money and
shotguns.They used the money they made to buy influence and protection within certain
factions. And with all those factors involved it brought about allot of violence and
everybody had to protect there territory
Narrator: Little Peaty was one of those gangbangers
Little Peaty/(ABWA founding member):You know before I was in the group I was into
everything, the gangs, the stealing, you name it
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member): He was out there man he was someone
everyone knew. Well at least I thought so

Narrator: Little Peaty was brought into the alter boy gang scene by his cousin who was
an alter boy gangbanger from St Joesphs a different Catholic Boarding School in Kerry.
But when that cousin was expelled and sent to a foster home Little Peaty decided it was
time for a change
Little Peaty/(ABWA founding member):Ya know I thought if I dont do something
different I could end up seriously hurt and I had a little money so I started a record label
Narrator: Little Peaty reached out to his childhood friend N.A.P.P.I. N.A.P.P.I had
become a well known singer around the church circuit fronting a four piece barber shop
singing group called (Jesus says no)
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member): We wanted to stir up controversy so
sometimes when we were singing out passages from the bible wed put are own words in
DJ Cecil/(ABWA founding member):N.A.P.P.I was in another group I wont say the
Little Peaty/(ABWA founding member):Jesus says your shite
DJ Cecil/(ABWA founding member):We were all in some weak groups at some point
and it was a different type of music. Even the things we wore and the things we said were
different but you know we were appealing to are parents back then. We certainly werent
hardcore by any stretch of the imagination
Narrator: MC/N.A.P.P.I wanted to move away from the quire and barber shop singing
and start doing something a little more raw like the (Vatican Enemy) and N/M/C
Vatican Enemy song over narrative
No more like before close the door
who were rapping about the reality of what was going on in these boarding schools
Vatican Enemy song over narrative
Got a gun hidden in the sock drawer
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member):I wasnt happy with where I was and I wanted
to do something different and their were a couple of people I knew that had the money I
needed to do what I wanted to do and Little Peaty was one of those people
Narrator: With Little Peatys money and N.A.P.P.Is producing skills they decided to
make their own label. So they started looking for local talent and there first recruit was a
teenage rapper named Arron Collins who called him self A/C but he was currently in a
group called (Vatican Lies)

A/C/(ABWA founding member):Next thing you know Im skipping confession and

going to meet N.A.P.P.I to try and come up with ideas and songs. He liked me as a writer
and as a rapper
A/C song over narrative
Ill break curfew but thats alright
Ill go home late if I like
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member):We became real close friends, we started
hanging out allot. So what he would do is come to where I was singing and start rapping
over the hymns
A/C/(ABWA founding member):Wed take a familiar hymn and flip to make it violent
and aggressive
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member):For instance I remember taking that hymn (Be
not afraid). You know it would go (Be not afraid I come before you always, come follow
me and I will give you strength) A/C would get on the mike and flip that right around
and be like (Be now afraid for death will surround you always, come follow me and I
will shoot you dead)
A/C/(ABWA founding member):You could see how popular these hymns were
becoming around the boarding schools and Little Peaty was like I want to turn those
violent hymns into violent raps and have those raps in my group
Narrater:One of A/Cs first assignments was to write a song for (Vatican Enemy). He
came up with the sodomy manifesto called (Boys in the church)
A/C/(ABWA founding member):I gave it to them and they didnt know what to do with
it, they were all like we cant rap this
MC/N.A.P.P.A/(ABWA founding member) Everybody started leaving and I looked at
Little Peaty and said hey why dont you say it. And he was like man I dont know how to
rap I havent done it before, this isnt what Im here for
A/C/(ABWA founding member):I was like your crazy and N.A.P.P.I was like no Im not
turn down the lights. So Im like dam your all some mad scientists in here
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member):I turned the lights down, he parted his hair out
of his eyes and he was super embarrassed to do it even though it was only the two of us
their. It was funny though, I remember punching in each line. (Walking into church with
my combed hair. God dam priests given a stair) It took around eight to nine hours to
finish the entire song.
A/C/(ABWA founding member):I had my doubts but when I saw the finished product I

was like dam your gonna turn this guy into a rapper
Boys in the church song over narrative
Cause the boys in the church are always scarred,
now coming around there fight-en hard.
A mistake in life to become a priest
but too late now your all dead meat
DJ Cecil/(ABWA founding member):His voice was just so original and different, it just
started a bond
Narrator: A clean version of (Boys in the church) made it onto the first ever Kerry Alter
Boy hip hop radio station (Revelations Radio)
Craig Murphy (former music director/Revelations Radio): I put it on the radio and within
twenty four hours it was are most requested song
Boys in the church song over narrative
A priest gives a mass sermon only to see,
That the wine hes been drinkin ain't cyanide free.
He freezes in terror just to catch his breath,
Its all about paying that pedophile debt
St Marys school journalist: It was a huge record and everything that they said on the
record is what was happening in the boarding schools. The stealing, the bootlegging, the
buggery, the priest assaults and no else around was speaking the truth like that
Narrator: With (Boys in the church) they created a formula that would help establish a
new genre of music called (Alter boy gangster rap) and put St Marys hip hop on the
John Mulligan/(Writer/Director//Boy in the church movie) It was a whole different
thing. They were saying this is St Marys Boarding school this is what were about and we
dont give a fuck. And they gave alter boys an outlet for there anger
Narrater: The success of the single inspired them to form a group so they recruited
another up and coming alter boy gangster rapper named MC Marcus and formed a group
with a name to match there hardcore image
A/C/(ABWA founding member):So I was like what are we gonna call this group and
Little Peatys like ABWA. And I said what does that mean and he says (Alter Boys With
Attitude) and I was like hell ya. Alter boys now taking there situation and using it to
empower themselves instead of being abused by it
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member):We thought we were the business at that point
because we were all the best at we did in are school. So we were gonna put this all star

group together and show everybody what the story is on the schoolyard
Narrater: ABWA were born out of St Marys sodomy epidemic and in 1986 priests had
overrun the schools with buggery.
Rap song over narrative
Diddler, Fiddler, stop given me shit,
Diddler, Fiddler, find a woman to hit,
Diddler, Fiddler, dam ya just dont quit,
Diddler, Fiddler, suck on this bitch
Narrator: And the church was taking an increasingly aggressive approach to corporal
A/C/(ABWA founding member):With all the alter boy gangbanging going on we felt an
increasing pressure from the priests
John Mulligan/(Writer/Director/Boy in the Church Documentary): The priests had an
answer to the alter boy gang problem called (Sin Intolerant). If you missed confession,
skipped mass or didnt learn your Bible passages they would find you by yourself beat ya
down and gang bugger ya. They would just creep up on any alter boy in the school for
any reason at any given time
A/C (ABWA founding member): The church wanted to portray this image of priests
being this spiritual hierarchy over everyone else. And when alter boy reported crimes of
buggery they were ignored. It was completely unjust
DJ Cecil/(ABWA founding member): It was terrible man, theyd just get you on your
own take ya round the back of the church and bugger ya.
Goup of alter boys being interviewed/ Alter boy 1: Theyd bugger you on the assumption
that you were a sinner without ever having any evidence
Alter boy 2: Theyd just assume you were gangbanging but looks can be deceiving
John Mulligan (Writer/Director(Boys in the hood movie): It was a very harsh and crazy
environment to grow up in and it was extremely difficult for a young boy to deal with
Alter boy caught on camera: All my rights have been violated, theyv threated me with
buggery and told me no one will ever believe a word I say
John Murphy/(St Marys School Journalist): So it was only a matter of time before the
boarding schools would start talking about these subject matters and (ABWA )were the
outlet to do it
Narrater: Then in mid 86 (ABWA )started turning there school yard experiences into

songs with a line up of the best rappers and DJs

MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member): We were designed to be an all star group that
no one could match in are school yard
MC/Marcus/(ABWA founding member/talking on old VHS video recording): Its MC
Marcus the fearless clergy nemesis
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member): MC/Marcus was a great rapper and he was
gonna be one of are frontmen
A/C/(ABWA founding member/talking on old VHS video recording): A/C the gangster
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member): A/C of course was gonna be another
frontman for the group
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member/Talking on old VHS video recording):
MC/N.A.P.P.I the one and only producer
A/C/(ABWA founding member:)of course N.A.P.P.I was the one with the production
skills and the good music
DJ Cecil/(ABWA founding member/Talking on old VHS recording): DJ Cecil in the
A/C/(ABWA founding member):DJ Cecil would help N.A.P.P.I mastermind the music
Little Peaty/(ABWA founding member/Talking on old VHS recording): Im Little Peaty
and everything I say is true
MC/N.A.P.P.I/(ABWA founding member):Little peaty was the character of the group, he
would come out wearing a Devils outfit or dress up as the Pope and wear an upsidedown
Narrater: In 1986 Little Peaty paid a friend for an introduction with Kerry music veteran
Henry Gilligan who managed some of the most popular underground Kerry acts like
(Mary Cack), (Seamie MacDonal), and Kerry boy-band sensation (No Direction)
Henry Gilligan Former ABWA Manager: He walked in with his hair nicely parted, a
bran new woolly jumper and I was taken back by just how innocent he looked but noticed
straight away that the kid had church smarts. I asked him have you got something for me
to hear? He said yea and played me (Boys in the Church). It just blew me away and I
thought it was the most important song that I had heard in the last 20 years. I just thought
the power of it and the rebellion of it was like nothing I had ever heard before and that
day on the 28th of November 1986 we started (Blasphemy Records)

Narrater: Little Peaty would own (Blasphemy Records) and Henry would manage it.
They went to the station that day and started recording ABWAs debut album (Straight out
of Church) and it was finished in 8 weeks for just 8 thousand pounds
A/C/(ABWA founding member): We wanted to do what ever we wanted to do and be able
to say whatever we wanted to say. We were doing it purely for the underground alter boy
hip hop scene