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SET – 1


Name Mohammed Roohul Ameen

Roll Number
Learning Center SMU Riyadh (02543)
Subject Business Communication
Date of Submission 15th August 2009
Assignment Number MB0023
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Mohammed Roohul Ameen 2 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
1. Describe any situation in which you were involved where the communication went wrong.
Analyze the communication process in that situation, using the terms sender, receiver and
other elements. Which element (s) of the communication process disrupted the situation?
What lessons did you learn? (10 marks).

As a Senior Technical Consultant for one of the leading Oracle partners in Saudi Arabia, I was
responsible for system design and hardware selections and sizing for all new customers of the
company. I have done this task repeatedly for many of the projects. This customer was first one of its
type (the Government health sector).

Customer had an IT manager who knows little about IT, however he had many advisors, one of this
advisors recommended buying servers with Itanium processors, Soon after that they wanted
confirmation from our side so they initiated the communication with our project manager to confirm
on server hardware selection.

Our project manager forwarded the email to me for an answer, reading detailed about the servers I
clearly knew there was problem with servers processors Itanium though a very strong processor but
was still not certified with application to be used, the latest update from Oracle (the application
vendor) was they are working on its certification, however till that time it was not certified.

I responded back to the project manager that these machines will not suit the application that we are
going to use, the project manager however did not forward the information instead he expected me to
contact them directly, thought this is not the practice. Also I did not receive the request directly from
the customer. After couple of days past when I met the project manager he was checking with me if I
had replied back to the customer. (This is the first conflict)

I did not respond to the customer as I was not suppose due to company practice nor the project
managers ask me to respond on this particular case. Then we both decided we will talk about this in the
upcoming meeting a week later.

Now at the meeting the guy who initiated the communication with Project manager turned aggressive
to know that this machine is not supported as he has already placed the purchased order and the
machines will be delivered soon.

He stared the communication with argument that you did not respond means the specification I sent is

Following elements have disrupted communication

 The Senders did not ensure the receipt of the communication by “Receivers”

 The communication lacked the “Chronological context” as to who will respond eventually to
customer request.

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 3 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
 Communication is done on predetermined expectations from the receivers, rather than actual

 Senders did all assumptions rather than confirmation.

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 4 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
Q 2. Distinguish between the meanings of the following through sentences –
a) “Between” and “among”
b) “Anxious” and “eager”
c) “Soul” and “sole”
d) “Silent” and “salient”
e) “Cite” and “sight’

a) “Between” and “among”

- There were no disagreements between market regulators (SEBI) and promoters
- The dividends were paid equally among all share holders

b) “Anxious” and “eager”

- Company management was anxious about the FDA audit on new product.
- Company was eager to release their new products in markets after the FDA approvals.

c) “Soul” and “sole”

- Many considered Michal Jackson to the soul of modern pop culture.
- Michal Jackson was the sole owner of Never Land.
- Voters have the sole right decide who to cast their votes

d) “Silent” and “salient”

- Drug addiction is silent killer
- Right to Information ACT is one of the salient features of Indian constitution introduced
by the Congress.

e) “Cite” and “sight’

- He cited the Constitution in his defense
- He cited many instances of abuse of power.
- I know him by sight, but I know nothing about him.

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 5 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
Q 3. Write an agenda for a meeting with the purpose of formulating next year’s marketing plan for a
brand of designer clothing for men/women. Also write a brief minutes of the meeting, imagining and
summing up the proceedings. (10 marks).

August 15, 2009

1. Mr. Abdullah, General Manager (Marketing)
2. Mr. Omar, General Manager (Finance)
3. Mr. Ali, General Manager (Production)
4. Ms. Huda, Manager (Advertising)
5. Mr. Jalal Mokhtar, Manager (Raw Material)

From: Mr. Zia-ul Ameen Vice President (Marketing)

Subject: Marketing Plan for “Banana Republic” brand designer clothing for men/women

Date & Time of the Meeting: Saturday 15th August from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Venue: Conference Room.

Background: The “Banana Republic” brand designer clothing for men/women will be launched in the
last quarter of the FY 2009-10. This meeting aims to discuss and chalk out a comprehensive Marketing
plan to achieve the targeted Sales for the year 2010-11

Following points will be discussed in the meeting:

1. Tentative Market plan with setting of Targets for different model clothing for men and women
separately by Mr. Abdullah, General Manager (Marketing) who will initiate the meeting with a
presentation on his plan.

2. Mr. Ali, General Manager (Production) shall be giving his production plan inclusive of raw
material, consumables and workers required.

3. Ms. Huda, Manager (Advertising) shall give her advertising budget by eliciting new avenues of
advertising and suggestions for appointing of a brand ambassador

4. Mr. Jalal Mokhtar, Manager (Raw Material) shall prepare the potential vendors with possibility
of new credit terms for raw materials and identify the transporters with least cost.

5. Mr. Omar, General Manager (Finance) will sum up the Market plan by giving his in puts on the
contribution ratio and profitability.

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 6 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023

Purpose: To Discuss the Marketing Plan for “Banana Republic” brand designer clothing for men/women
for the year 2010-11

Mr. Zia-ul Ameen Vice President (Marketing) has chaired the meeting.

1. Mr. Abdullah, General Manager (Marketing)
2. Mr. Omar, General Manager (Finance)
3. Mr. Ali, General Manager (Production)
4. Ms. Huda, Manager (Advertising)
5. Mr. Jalal Mokhtar, Manager (Raw Materials)

1. Mr. Zia-ul Ameen welcomed the members of the meeting and explained about the launching
plan of “Banana Republic”, the new Brand of designer clothing for men/women and the
Management’s plan to increase the turnover of UAD. 300 Million During the FY 2010-11. He
expected that all the members have well prepared for the meeting as indicated in the Agenda
dated May 28, 2009.

2. Initiating the meeting, Mr. Abdullah, General Manager (Marketing), explained through his
presentation, the tentative market plan with the possibility of Sales of UAD.350 Million of new
brand Banana Republic clothing. GM Finance had few queries about the percentages of
wholesaler’s margin and distributor’s margin and also credit period to be given to them. GM
marketing has to discuss with the concerned persons and submit the details by Jun 25, 2009.

3. Mr. Ali, General Manager (Production) has presented his production plan and his requirement
with tentative costing. He was in the view that by installing new machinery only he can achieve
the required production. VP (marketing) asked GM finance to discuss the same in forth coming
Capital Assets committee meeting on Jun 15, 2009 and finalize the same.

4. Ms. Huda, Manager (Advertising) has given her presentation on new advertisements for Banana
Republic and proposed that Mr. Sharuk Khan and Ms. Deepeka Padukon are being
contemplated to be brand ambassadors for the new brand of designer clothing. Final quotes
from them would be received by Jun 18, 2009 and the same can be finalized in forth coming

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 7 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
5. Mr. Jalal Mokhtar, Manager (Materials) presented the list of potential suppliers and their credit
terms. He explained that the transport cost has gone up due to raise in fuel and the same will
mar the profitability. The chair suggested that the goods can be transported by rail wherever it
is possible and also negotiate with the transports on annual rates so that we may reach the
required cost of transportation. Manager (Materials) has to submit his report on this by Jun 20,

6. Mr. Omar, General Manager (Finance) has explained the possibility of meeting the required
Sales target and suitability of the Marketing plan with some suggestions to fine tune it.

7. Appreciating the members for their fruitful participation and efforts to prepare the inputs for
the Market plan in a short notice, the chair thanked them and suggested to have the next
meeting on Jun 29, at the same venue and time

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 8 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
Q 4. Identify a recent development in any organization of your choice. Write a press release to present
the development, by responding to 4 points – 1) USP or uniqueness 2) Answers to key questions
“where”, “when”, “why” and “how” 3) Benefits if any to the community and 4) Company credentials.
(10 marks).

For Immediate Release:

Bharti Axa General Insurance rolls out hassle free home and shop insurance up to Rs. 5 lakhs without
any evaluation of properties and other procedures

August 1, 2009
Community Watch (New Delhi) 06 August 2009: One of the insurance giants, Bharti Axa General
Insurance Company Limited has recently unveiled its new home and shop insurance products.

As stated by Bharti AXA General Insurance

CEO Dr. Amarnath Ananthanarayanan, this new range of home and shop insurance products comes at
an affordable price and provides plenty of new value-added services.

Both the products, namely - 'Smart Plan Householder's Package Policy' and 'Smart Plan Shop Package
Policy' are all set to roll out and hit the counters. The main attractions of these products are that they
require no evaluation of property and other procedures that are usually involved in buying home or
shop insurance. The products are tagged at Rs. 880, for insurance of upto Rs. 2 lakhs and at Rs. 910, for
an insurance of upto Rs. 5 lakhs, respectively.

The Smart Plan Householder's Package Policy comes with bundle of benefits like all-inclusive coverage
all appliances, valuables, contents along with accident cover for the family members, cover for
additional rent for alternate accommodation, pedigree pets, liability towards domestic servants, cover
for loss of documents

The SmartPlan Shop Package policy comes with all-inclusive coverage for shops with 12 sections of
coverage. The cover on offer comes with all risks, fire and allied perils, burglary, money and personal
accident along with Mechanical and Electrical breakdown.

Community Watch

Al Dagatheir Center
Thalia Street
Riyadh – 20130

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 9 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
Q5. Write a solicited job application letter in response to an advertised position for a Marketing
Executive for a consumer products company, along with a one page profile about yourself. (10 marks).

The HR Manager
Plazma Home Products Limited

Dear Sir,

Ref: You’re Advertisement in New York Times

Reference to your job posting, I am pleased to submit my 'Curriculum Vitae' for the position of
marketing Executive

Let me introduce myself you as a post graduate in Management with specialization in Marketing from
Sikkim Manipal University. I am having 4 years experience in marketing department of two reputed
FMCG companies.

I am committed and always reached my targets with my sincere and positive attitude. I am a quick
learner and have aptitude to learn new things and adjust to new environment in a shortest possible

I hope my qualifications and experience will merit your approval and will definitely grant me an
opportunity to prove.

Should you have any questions or queries, please contact me directly on

Looking forward; towards your favourable response.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammed Roohul Ameen

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 10 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
Mohammed Roohul Ameen
#10 Downing Street,
UK 45562

Objective: A middle or senior level position in the field of Marketing in a reputed consumer products

Education: Two year MBA with Sales & Marketing specialization from
Sikkim and Manipal University with 74%, April 2004.
BSc from Osmania University, Hyderabad with 85%, April 2001.

Experience: 1. Marketing Executive in GE consumer healthcare ltd from 2007 Apr – Present.
Independently handling all the operations of marketing of consumer healthcare products of the
company in all cities, Responsible for dealing with all distributors, whole sellers and stockiest for
marketing of company’s products and reach the target
set by the Head Marketing.

Received “Star Marketing Executive” for 2007 & 2008 consecutively for out reaching the target by 42 %.

2. Executive (Sales) in Wall Mart from May 2005 to Mar 2007. Worked under Country Manager
and responsible for developing new distributors, conducting institutions sales, up country sales
promotion campaigns etc. I was successful in all my tasks and received special increments for
my achievements.

3. Trainee Executive (Sales) in Wall Mart from May 2004 to Apr 2005. Received comprehensive
training in Sales operations of consumer items and attended various campaigns along with my
senior Sales Reps. Learnt systematic approach of the sales of consumer products and due to my
excellent performance, promoted to Executive Sales after completion of my training.

4. Activities:

a. 1. Member of marketing committee of Federation of chambers of commerce & Industry

of UK, London
b. Member of London Management Association.

Reference: Will be available on request.

Date: August 1, 2009


Place: London

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 11 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
Q 6. Case Study (10 marks)

Amway’s Relationship with Stakeholders

Amway is one of the largest direct sales companies in the world. It continues to be a family owned
business which was founded in 1959. Today, it employs 14,000 people worldwide and markets over
450 product lines. Its vision is to help people lead better lives. Its success is largely due to its three
million ABOs (Amway Business Owners) spread across 80 countries. Thanks to Amway, these people
have a business of their own.

The only shareholders of Amway are the families that own Amway. The communication channels used
by Amway to communicate regularly with its internal and external stakeholders are websites, email,
events, publications and membership of trade bodies.
Amway sells directly to consumers, without the presence of retail outlets. It has its own supply chain
through the ABOs. Amway seeks regular feedback from the ABOs and customers to find out how well it
is doing and to improve service. The ABOs are independent small businesses, but depend on Amway
suppliers to produce quality products.

Amway’s involvement with communities is a part of its vision to ‘help people lead better lives’. It
promotes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) all over the world. Corporate social responsibility at
Amway involves supporting social causes, acting in an ethical manner by making good products and
supporting its stakeholders in a number of ways. For example, Amway has partnered with the
children’s charity UNICEF. It helps provide vaccinations to fight the world’s six most deadly diseases. It
has chosen this charity because of its ABOs’ concern about families.

Ethical businesses get actively involved in improving the communities where they work. Amway’s
business ethics not only provides a clear framework within which to work, but also gives it a positive
business advantage. Its ‘One by One’ program is good for both the environment and for business. This
program supports organic farming, seeks to reduce waste and packaging and to switch to renewable
energy sources. There is a cost involved in these practices, but this can be balanced against the benefits
derived by both the business and the community.

Amway has to balance the needs of its many different stakeholders. It sets high standards of ethics and
codes of conduct, in order to make sure that these are upheld. Its CSR program helps the environment,
its own employees and underprivileged children all around the world.

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 12 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023
Who are the external stakeholders that Amway communicates with? What communication channels
would you recommend to Amway, apart from what is mentioned in the case and why?

Answer: There are 3 million external stakeholders who are called ABOs (Amway Business Owners)
spread across 80 countries. ABOs are the families that own Amway business.
Presently Amway communicates regularly with its internal and external stakeholders using websites,
email, events, publications and membership of trade bodies.

Amway could introduce portal with directory service to enhance the communication and deliver more
precise and personalized information to its stakeholders, where by the ABO’s could login with their
user and password, check their account information, status & performances.

Amway should also provide smarter business intelligence systems were all stakeholders could
effectively gain information about largest selling products, forecast of supply & demand, which would
also eliminate grass root problems of product marketing.

Also a facility that would in-cooperate the essential feedback, success stories of stakeholders, forums
where they could share their knowledge & experiences that would greatly enhance their business and
would in turn increase Amway’s business

Mohammed Roohul Ameen 13 Roll Number:

Assignment MBA 1st Semester Subject: MB0023