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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

237 / Monday, December 11, 2006 / Notices 71585

and research files. Proposed for Environmental Policy Act preparation PLACE: Board Room, 7th Floor, Room
permanent retention are recordkeeping files, Clean Air Act review and 7047, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA
copies of the Administrator’s speeches comment files, published regulations 22314–3428.
and presentations, press releases, and guidelines, reports to Congress and STATUS: Open.
audiovisual materials with their finding the President, authorization and MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED:
aids, and newsletters. approval files for programs run by states
23. Department of the Treasury, Office and other non-Federal entities, 1. National Credit Union Share
of the Comptroller of the Currency (N1– landmark or precedent-setting Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) Operating
101–06–2, 4 items, 4 temporary items). enforcement action files, administrative Level for 2007.
Retiree case files and inputs, master records pursuant to the Administrative 2. Final Rule: Part 708a of NCUA’s
files, and system documentation for a Procedure Act, final drafts of mission- Rules and Regulations, Conversion of
database tracking employee retirement related manuscripts by agency Insured Credit Unions to Mutual
benefits. personnel, and records of significant Savings Banks.
24. Environmental Protection Agency international activities and agreements. 3. Final Rule: Part 703 of NCUA’s
(N1–412–06–24, 4 items, 4 temporary 27. Federal Energy Regulatory Rules and Regulations, Permissible
items). Software, electronic data on Commission, Office of Energy Projects Investments for Federal Credit Unions.
participating agencies, e-mail (N1–138–06–1, 1 item, 1 temporary RECESS: 11:15 a.m.
identification and verification data, and item). Records relating to preliminary TIME AND DATE: 11:30 a.m., Thursday,
supporting documentation associated filings by companies applying for December 14, 2006.
with a Web-based portal providing certificates to operate natural gas PLACE: Board Room, 7th Floor, Room
public access to Federal regulatory pipelines. Included are environmental
dockets for which the agency is the 7047, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA
assessments, public notices, and related 22314–3428.
overall managing partner. correspondence.
25. Environmental Protection Agency STATUS: Closed.
28. Securities and Exchange
(N1–412–07–1, 25 items, 25 temporary MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED:
Commission, Office of Inspector General
items). This schedule authorizes the 1. One (1) Insurance Claim. Closed
(N1–266–05–2, 11 items, 9 temporary
agency to apply the existing disposition pursuant to Exemption (8).
items). Case files and tracking systems
instructions to a number of records
pertaining to internal and external FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
series regardless of recordkeeping
audits and investigations. Included are Mary Rupp, Secretary of the Board,
medium. Included are special study
non-substantive case files and master Telephone: 703–518–6304.
files, audit, evaluation, and
investigation response files, files and outputs of tracking systems.
Mary Rupp,
congressional correspondence, Federal Proposed for permanent retention are
Secretary of the Board.
facilities monitoring files, requests for recordkeeping copies of final audit
reports and investigative case files [FR Doc. 06–9647 Filed 12–7–06; 3:22 pm]
correction or reconsideration in regard BILLING CODE 7535–01–M
to information quality, legislation files, involving senior agency officials that
quality assurance project plans, intra- result in serious disciplinary action,
agency and internal committee records, substantive changes in policy, or draw
Congressional interest or national media NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS
state and other entity relations and
attention. BOARD
oversight files, compliance files,
ombudsman and citizen complaint files, 29. Small Business Administration,
Administrative Information Branch Appointments of Individuals To Serve
Federal Register notice files, as Members of Performance Review
environmental awards files, confidential (N1–309–05–19, 4 items, 4 temporary
items). Inputs, outputs, master files, and Boards
business information access records,
and bid protest appeals files. Paper documentation associated with an 5 U.S.C. 4314 (c) (4) requires that the
recordkeeping copies of these files were electronic information system used as a appointments of individuals to serve as
previously approved for disposal. repository of success stories based on members of performance review boards
26. Environmental Protection Agency assistance from the agency. be published in the Federal Register.
(N1–412–07–2, 24 items, 9 temporary 30. United States Institute of Peace, Therefore, in compliance with this
items). This schedule authorizes the Education Program (N1–573–07–1, 1 requirement, notice is hereby given that
agency to apply the existing disposition item, 1 temporary item). Entry and the individuals whose names and
instructions to a number of records evaluation forms for the National Peace position titles appear below have been
series regardless of recordkeeping Essay Contest. appointed to serve as members of
medium. Included are the following Dated: December 1, 2006. performance review boards in the
series for which the paper Michael J. Kurtz, National Labor Relations Board for the
recordkeeping copies have previously Assistant Archivist for Records Services— rating year beginning October 1, 2005
been approved for disposal: Summaries Washington, DC. and ending September 30, 2006.
of Clean Air Act review and comment [FR Doc. E6–20995 Filed 12–8–06; 8:45 am]
files, unpublished regulations and Name and Title
guidelines, routine enforcement action Harold J. Datz—Chief Counsel to the
files, staff members’ manuscripts that Chairman
are not mission-related, and records of David B. Parker—Deputy Executive
routine international activities and NATIONAL CREDIT UNION Secretary
mstockstill on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

agreements. Included are the following ADMINISTRATION Gary W. Shinners—Deputy Chief

series for which the paper Counsel to Board Member
recordkeeping copies have previously Sunshine Act Meeting Notice John H. Ferguson—Associate General
been approved as permanent: FOIA Counsel, Enforcement Litigation
annual reports, management studies, TIME AND DATE:10 a.m., Thursday, Gloria Joseph—Director of
organizational plans, National December 14, 2006. Administration

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