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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

By: Charis Keats Amores

Love is the most indefinite feeling in the world. No one, not even Aristotle or
Einstein has ever clearly given a precise explanation about this. Literature has
explained to us the entire overview of love through Shakepeares story of Romeo
and Juliet; that love is sacrificing and not prioritizing your own happiness. Science
on the other hand explained that love is a form of pleasure which is caused by the
release of endorphins. The things we believe make a person attractive are based on
pheromones. People respond to someone whose pheromones are compatible with
your own, making you think youre falling in love. But it is all in your head, literally.
Mathematics has a different view of qualitative explanations on the
occurrence of love in a mathematical point of view. how The relative possibility of
falling in love when seeing a person at first sight is vague nowadays.
Have you experience of love at first sight?
(Description of how the story starts)
It was a bright and sunny day when he was driving in an eclectic road of a
small city in the south. It was also a typical day of fulfilling a job assignment given
to him. People call him Mr. handsome and he loves mathematics. He was fantasizing
ways on how mathematics can be applied in real life. He thinks of the unbound sets
as the people walking on the street. And what is the probability that these unbound
sets could meet at the center when they cross the other side. He also thinks that
what if he belongs to that set? Will he meet a girl whose purpose is same as his? Or
what could possibly be the probability of falling in love with a girl you just met?
(How they met)
He was focusing his attention to the busy side of the street while trailing to
his destination He suddenly thumped with something. He stopped and jumped out
of the car to inspect on what is happening. He was struck to a beautiful woman
lying down the street. He caught his attention in her bright face like a model in Olay.
She dressed like Jennifer Lawrence. He was stunned until he realized that her left
knee is slightly wounded. He immediately offered a hand to mitigate the bleeding.
But, instead of accepting the help, she stood up high and gave him a killer look. She
wanted to prosecute him by calling a police officer and put him to jail. It was a
disgraceful feeling seeing the response of the woman. Then, he computed in his
mind that the probability of meeting and falling in love with a girl in an awful
situation is zero.
The woman insisted to settle the dispute in the police station. But he offered
to cure her wound first before doing so.

There are many kinds of love but never the same love twice.

Love is an instinct being that cannot be explain by Science and Literature. I will ask
you again, have you ever experienced love at first sight? Because I did.