Yahweh, I will give You praise because You kept me safe when I went to Hades.

You stopped my enemies boasting, yes, You stopped them gloating I was down in the grave but even there You can save! Yes. I was raised when I cried to You for aid —You proved it wasn’t too late. May Yahweh be praised. I was down in Sheol But that’s no big deal. So let’s be grateful all you, His faithful. Remember what He’s done —He is surely the Holy One. When God gets angry It’s only momentarily but then He grants favour and that lasts forever. When death takes you down and you’re in the dark of night God can take you out and raise you up to life. When Yahweh was near I had nothing to fear. He was my fortress And I felt fortunate and said “I will not be dismayed”. But then, Yahweh, You hid your face and I felt afraid. I called to You Yahweh —to my Maker and I begged for His aid

and this is how I prayed: “If I get stuck in the pit, will that profit You a bit? And will Your praises resound from the dust of the ground?” And so I pleaded with Yahweh, and He heeded. I begged Him for mercy and He listened and heard me. He gave me another chance! I’m so happy, I’ll dance! He took away my sadness and gave me great gladness And so I will sing You this song Oh Yahweh my God. I will give you the Glory And be grateful—eternally.

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