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68534 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

227 / Monday, November 27, 2006 / Notices

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Signed in Salt Lake City, Utah on Services, in consultation with the
November 9, 2006. Director of the Office of Export
Natural Resources Conservation Sylvia A. Gillen, Enforcement, may deny export
Service State Conservationist. privileges of any person who has been
[FR Doc. E6–19959 Filed 11–24–06; 8:45 am] convicted of a violation of * * *
Notice of Availability for the Coal BILLING CODE 3410–16–P IEEPA,’’ for a period not to exceed 10
Creek Flood Control and Parkway Final years from the date of conviction. 15
Environmental Impact Statement CFR 766.25(a) and (d). In addition,
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Section 750.8 of the Regulations states
AGENCY: Natural Resources that BIS’s Office of Exporter Services
Conservation Service, USDA. Bureau of Industry and Security may revoke any BIS licenses previously
issued in which the person had an
ACTION: Notice of Availability.
Action Affecting Export Privileges; Naji interest in at the time of his conviction.
Antoine Abi Khalil and Related Person I have received notice of Khalil’s
SUMMARY: The Record of Decision (ROD) Tomer Grinberg; In the Matter of: Naji conviction for violating IEEPA, and
for the Coal Creek Flood Control and Antoine Abi Khalil, Inmate Number have provided notice and an
Parkway Final Environmental Impact 52230–054 FCI Allenwood Low, Federal opportunity for Khalil to make a written
Statement is now available to the Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 1000, submission to the Bureau of Industry
public. On September 1, 2006, the White Deer, PA 17887, Respondent: and Security as provided in Section
Natural Resources Conservation Service and Tomer Grinberg, also known as 766.25 of the Regulations. Having
(NRCS) published a Final Tommy, Inmate Number 56347–054, received no submission from Khalil, I,
Environmental Impact Statement FCI Allenwood Low, Federal following consultations with the Office
consistent with the National Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 1000, of Export Enforcement, including its
Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as White Deer, PA 17887, Related Person; Director, have decided to deny Khalil’s
amended, to disclose potential effects to Order Denying Export Privileges export privileges under the Regulations
the human environment resulting from for a period of 10 years from the date of
A. Denial of Export Privileges of Naji
proposed flood control improvements to Khalil’s conviction.
Antoine Abi Khalil
Coal Creek in Cedar City, Utah. A notice
On February 2, 2006, in the U.S. B. Denial of Export Privileges of Related
of availability for the ROD was
District Court in the Eastern District of Persons
previously published in the Federal
Register on October 3, 2006. Arkansas, Naji Antoine Abi Khalil In addition, pursuant to Sections
Availability was delayed due to (‘‘Khalil’’ or ‘‘Respondent’’) pleaded 766.25(h) and 766.23 of the Regulations,
additional information about the guilty to three charges, including one the director, Office of Exporter Services,
proximity of Utah prairie dogs, a violation of the International Emergency in consultation with the Director, Office
threatened species under the Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701– of Export Enforcement, may take action
1706 (2000)) (‘‘IEEPA’’). As to the IEEPA to name persons related to the
Endangered Species Act. The NRCS is
count, Khalil pleaded guilty of Respondent by ownership, control,
now completing formal consultation
unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly position of responsibility, affiliation, or
with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service attempting to and making and receiving
(FWS). No construction will begin until other connection in the conduct of trade
a contribution of funds, goods, and or business in order to prevent evasion
the NRCS has received a biological services to, and for the benefit of,
opinion from the FWS. The ROD of the Order. I gave notice to Tomer
Hizballah, a specially designated Grinberg (‘‘Grinberg’’), notifying him
authorizes implementation of terrorist, by receiving and attempting to that his export privileges under the
Alternative C (Replace Main Street transport night vision goggles, infrared Regulations could be denied for up to 10
diversion/drop structure) in conjunction aiming lights and other military night- years as BIS believes that he is related
with the North Field Canal Option and vision equipment to Hizballah. Khalil to Khalil and including him in the
Parkway Option C1. was sentenced to 57 months, 60 months, Khalil Order is necessary to prevent
DATES: Effective Date: November 13, and 60 months for each charge evasion. The basis for naming Grinberg
2006. respectively; and the sentences will be to the Khalil Order include the fact that
served concurrently. In addition, Khalil Grinberg, is a co-conspirator of Khalil.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: was fined $100,000.00. Specifically, Grinberg pled guilty to
Marnie Wilson, Coal Creek EIS, USDA— Section 11(h) of the Export conspiracy to violate IEEPA, in violation
NRCS, Wallace F. Bennett Federal Administration Act of 1979, as amended of 18 U.S.C. 371, for conspiring to
Building, 125 South State Street, Room (currently codified at 50 U.S.C. app. export from the United States certain
4402, Salt Lake City, UT 84138–1100. 2401–2420 (2000)) (the ‘‘Act’’) 1 and defense items (night vision goggles,
Project information is also available on Section 766.25 of the Export infrared aiming devices, and other
the Internet at: http:// Administration Regulations military night vision equipment) and under Public (‘‘Regulations’’) 2 provide, in pertinent Commerce Control List items (Astrocope
Notices. part, that ‘‘[t]he Director of Exporter night vision module classified under
6A003) without the required U.S.
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Copies of 1 50 U.S.C. app. 2401–2420. Since August 21,
Government authorization. Based upon
the Final EIS and ROD are available by 2001, the Act has been in lapse and the President,
through Executive Order 13222 of August 17, 2001 these facts, Grinberg is related to Kahlil
request from Marnie Wilson at the by ownership, control, position of
sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES

(3 CFR, 2001 Comp. 783 (2002)), as extended by the

address listed above. Basic data Notice of August 3, 2006 (71 FR 44551, Aug. 7, responsibility, affiliation, or other
developed during the environmental 2006), has continued the Regulations in effect under connection in the conduct of trade or
the International Emergency Economic Powers Act
evaluation are on file and may be (50 U.S.C. 1701–1706 (2000)) (‘‘IEEPA’’). business and he needs to be named to
reviewed by contacting Sylvia Gillen, 2 The Regulations are currently codified at 15 CFR any Khalil Denial Order to prevent
Utah State Conservationist. parts 730–774 (2006). evasion of it.

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