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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 3
OM0011Enterprise Resource Planning-4 Credits
(Book ID: B1964)
Assignment (60 Marks)
Note: Answer all questions must be written within 300 to 400 words each.
Each Question carries 10 marks 6 X 10=60
Q1. a. Explain the different types of business processes.
b. What are the different components of an information system?
Answer. a. There are three types of business processes:
1. Management processes, the processes that govern the operation of a system.
Typical management processes include "corporate governance" and "strategic
2. Operational processes, processes that constitute the core business and create
the primary value stream. For example, taking orders from customers, and opening an
account in a bank branch.
3. Supporting processes, which support the core processes. Examples include
Health & Safety, accounting, recruitment, call center, technical support.
Q2. Write short notes on:
a. Customer relationship management
b. Data warehousing
c. Data Mining
Q3. Elaborate the different modules under manufacturing and production

Q4. Discuss the various terminologies of ERP purchase system.

Answer: ERP is short for enterprise resource planning.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that
allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the
business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services
and human resources. ERP software integrates all facets of an
Q5. CRM is a powerful tool used by an organization to acquire new
customers and retain the existing ones. Explain various types of CRM.
Answer: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management, better known as CRM, is a broad term that
covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers,
which may include attracting the customer, analyzing the customer, and satisfying
the customer. CRM is not simply advanced technology; it is a
a. Explain main application suite provided by JD Edwards World
Solutions Company.
b. Explain the different modules under MFG/PRO application.
Answer. a. JD Edwards Enterprise One is an integrated applications suite of ERP
software that combines business value, standards-based technology, and deep
industry experience into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).
JD Edwards is unique from the perspective that it offers you:- Choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware so you can build and expand
your IT solution to meet your business requirements

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