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The Judgment of God

People see evil just having its day in this world, going unchecked, and they
wonder and some say, just wait till God shows up and He will judge them.
What they fail to see is this. God judges in many ways. When sodomites
want to get married to defile themselves with one another and would never
come to Christ, God knows this and He has "Bound" them sodomites with
those evil spirits in them, they can never be free from the demon in them
now. Eternally damned. When people of power do things such as kill and lie
and cheat and have all the money and influence and never get caught and
seem to always get their way, But you have to realize God suffered them to
go on ahead and sear their conscience, so that they will never have faith
unto salvation, damning their own selves.
When the sodomites and transgenders are literally eaten up in their souls by
the fires of lust and perversion, Do you not see God's wrath by leaving those
people in that fire that has consumed their soul? When God stops dealing
with the people and they begin to go their own way and become the
sodomites and transgenders and church leaders and boy scout troop
leaders and school teachers etc and these are perverted wicked people in
these places, and God is not convicting them anymore, folks you best
believe God is already judged them.

Just the fact that the Sodomites came out of the closet is proof God was
done with them. It was His mercy and Grace dealing with them to forsake
that lifestyle and repent before it was too late, they never listened so He
released them. When the blacks rise up over a thug being gunned down
after attacking a policeman and they burn the town down, even black
owned businesses, you should know God's Spirit has lifted and left those
people and that town. When school shootings happen and church massacres
happen, folks you should know God has left the situation. He is protection
and He is Grace and He is what has kept evil at bay and America safe. Now
when you see evil jihadist fly planes into the towers, symbolic of the world,
you should know God is finished with the world, he has left it, to rot and
burn and be consumed by itself. When God leaves you, your home, your
church, your city, state country etc, you are DONE!

He is Life and Peace and sanity and when He goes and leaves all you have
left is demons and devils and perversion and hate and anger and riots and
murder and lies and wicked perversion. We are in the Day the Bible spoke of
as the End of the Days of the Gentiles, where God has dealt with the
Gentiles for 2000 years since Calvary and is now finished with them. He has
already sealed in His Elect and the rest of the entire world no matter how
religious and christian they sound and are "good people", it means
absolutely nothing. They are cut off eternally and the door to salvation to
them is shut! This is why you are seeing wickedness and perversion
exploding at an all time high all over the world. Because God has left the
Gentiles and is dealing with only His Elect to finish their faith so he can
translate them out of this world into glory, then you will certainly see that
He surely left a long time ago. When God leaves your situation and you and
your life, all that is left for you is judgment, wrath, perversion, and false
hope. The devils and demons are going to eat you up, as you will have no
protection from them, just like the swine, they will enter you till you go slap
crazy in your mind in an earthquake of fear and insanity. The Judgment of
God is as simple as He leaves your situation, and then when devastation
strikes, it shows not that God is judging you, it is showing He already judged
you unworthy and He left you to the destruction He alone was holding back
from you. I tell you the truth before God folks, you better stop playing
around with whatever amount of God you think you have, and get down to
some very serious business with Him, for if he sees no matter what he does
to you that you are not going to receive Him, He will fly away and that is the
single worse thing to ever happen to you. Repent and Believe and you shall
receive His Great Salvation!!!
PHN 9/8/15 HHI, SC. USA