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, Annie Robertson, Ric Stubbings APOLOGIES: Julie Bateman 1. IPO WEBSITE is now officially launched @ www.builditback.org a. All desks are in. b. 2 laptop computers are in. Another on the way plus a high speed printer. c. Still waiting for wireless network to kick in. We feel it is only days off being operational. John read Pete Williams email re: the Flowerdale IPO, and described the various contributors to the project, and invite VBRRA to open the IPO and invite the media. John’s week: Monday: John had a meeting with Jane Arwas & Peter re: economic recovery for Flowerdale. How can VBRRA assist: a. agricultural study of what we can grow here in Flowerdale. b. provide training for retail/accounting for when market moves to Epping. c. provide training & possible apprenticeships for new Donnybrook Transport Hub d. possibility that community buys the Hazeldene Store and make it a little more functional for the community – eg provision of gas etc. Tuesday: submission of Flowerdale Recovery Plan & met informally with Christine Nixon. John Burgess and Pete Auty spoke with Betsy Harrington about all our Recovery Plan issues. Betsy said we were the only community to submit a FRP. Thursday: ABC at 10am. This will become a part of a 10 minute documentary. Friday: met @ Darley with Ross Davis for 3 reasons. A thank you for our trip to Wicked. Possible Partnership between Darley and the FPS over a long term – Darley are very interested. Darley hopes Flowerdale will pilot their UK curriculum programme re horses, in Australia. Tommorrow: John to meet with Lisa Neville @ hub and take her to Village. Where are we up to now: We believe we are totally on track. We believe that all of the 14 preferences put on us by the community are now all achievable. Unconfirmed we now have 1.67mil for Community House (announced on UGFM this morning but not yet on the website.) Next: time for higher consultation and lobbying for our projects. Timeline: 2-3 weeks. Mia Mia report via Pete Auty: a community which did not lose lives and did not have a huge amount of assets lost to fires, but nevertheless fire affected. They





reported that they feel they are not getting any level of support while their community falls apart from the aftermath of the fires. John reported that the north west cluster of about 15 communities including Heathcote do not yet have a local elected Recovery Committee nor a recovery plan. No extensions to their Recovery Plans have been given by VBRRA. Meeting Closed
MENU Smoked Salmon and Antipasto Ric’s new-found oak Red (very tasty)

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