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66556 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

220 / Wednesday, November 15, 2006 / Notices

expand their organizations to qualify for security arrangements to a Federal not a toll-free number) or 1–877–889–
additional Federal, State, local or agency which the Department of Labor 5627 (TTY), or by e-mail at
private funding. (Department) has determined, by notice
published in the Federal Register, to Dated: October 31, 2006.
Darrin A. King,
have in place safeguards adequate to Emily Stover DeRocco,
Acting Departmental Clearance Officer.
satisfy the requirements of § 603.9.
[FR Doc. E6–19208 Filed 11–14–06; 8:45 am] Assistant Secretary, Employment and
The Department has determined that Training Administration, Labor.
BILLING CODE 4510–23–P the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has
[FR Doc. E6–19271 Filed 11–14–06; 8:45 am]
in place such safeguards for purposes of
tax administration, including
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR administration of the Federal
Employment and Training unemployment tax and the Health DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
Administration Coverage Tax Credit. Specifically,
Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Employment and Training
Federal-State Unemployment Code and IRS regulations on the Administration
Compensation Program: Notice of confidentiality of tax return information
Federal Agencies With Adequate (26 CFR 301.6103(a)–1 et seq.) are Federal-State Unemployment
Alternative Safeguards To Satisfy the sufficient to protect the confidentiality Compensation Program: Certifications
Confidentiality Requirement of 20 CFR of information consistent with the for 2006 Under the Federal
603.9(d) Department’s regulation. Unemployment Tax Act
The Department has also determined
AGENCY: Employment and Training that wage and claim information AGENCY:Employment and Training
Administration, Labor. disclosed to the Department of Health Administration, Labor.
ACTION: Notice of Federal agencies with and Human Services for purposes of the ACTION: Notice.
adequate alternative safeguards. National Directory of New Hires is
protected by a ‘‘security plan’’ which SUMMARY: The Secretary of Labor signed
SUMMARY: The Employment and
provides safeguards adequate to meet the annual certifications under the
Training Administration interprets
the requirements of the Department’s Federal Unemployment Tax Act, 26
Federal law requirements pertaining to
regulation. Further, laws governing U.S.C. 3301 et seq., thereby enabling
the Federal-State unemployment
information in the National Directory of employers who make contributions to
compensation (UC) program. Section
New Hires impose strict controls on State unemployment funds to obtain
303(a)(1), Social Security Act, as
redisclosure and disposal of certain credits against their liability for
implemented at 20 CFR part 603 (71 FR
information. See, e.g., 42 U.S.C. 653(i), the Federal unemployment tax. By
56830), generally requires States to
(j), (l), and (m). letter, the certifications were
maintain the confidentiality of UC
This notice is published to inform the transmitted to the Secretary of the
Section 603.9 of 20 CFR requires public of the Department’s Treasury. The letter and certifications
States and State UC agencies to assure determination with respect to these are printed below.
that recipients of confidential UC agencies. Signed in Washington, DC, November 3,
information have certain safeguards in FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: 2006.
place before any confidential Gerard Hildebrand, Chief, Division of Emily Stover DeRocco,
information may be disclosed. Section Legislation, Office of Workforce Assistant Secretary of Labor, Employment
603.9(d) provides that States are not Security, Employment and Training and Training Administration.
required to apply these safeguard and Administration, (202) 693–3038 (this is BILLING CODE 4510–30–P
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