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Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

Ultimate Success
Proven Step-By-
Step Success

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

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© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

Table of Content
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Do You Want To Be More Successful…?
1.2 Who Am I?
1.3 Why Do I Create This Report?
1.4 How This Report Can Help You In Creating A Better Quality Life

PART 1: The Success Blueprint

2.0 Everyone Has A Dream
2.1 Do You Have A Dream?
2.2 Adopt The ‘Blue Sky’ Thinking
2.3 What Do You Really Want?
3.0 Developing Your Burning Desire
3.1 Why Do You Want It?
3.2 Do It Because You Love It
4.0 Designing Your Destiny
4.1 Goal Setting Is Not The Same As Strategic Planning
4.2 Setting Your Empowering Goals
4.3 The Secret Of Goal Setting
4.4 It Is All About Strategies
4.5 Creating Your Strategy Plan
4.6 What If The Strategy I Used Is Wrong?
5.0 The Only Way To Get Results… Action
5.1 The Key Is Consistency
5.2 The #1 Killer Of Action

PART 2: The Success Support Factors

6.0 Believe… Really Believe In It
6.1 Your Beliefs Are Fake!
6.2 It Is Time To Change Your Belief System
6.3 Believe In It, And You’ll Eventually Get It
7.0 Fake It Till You Make It
7.1 Hold Your Vision And Move Towards It
7.2 The Magic Power Of Positive Thinking
8.0 Dare To Fail
8.1 The More You Fail, The More Successful You Are!
8.2 It Doesn’t Mean That You’re Going To Fail Forever
9.0 Bonus Section: 8 Quick Motivation Tips For Your Road To Success
10.0 Conclusion And Closing

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

1.0 Introduction
This report is made up of 2 parts. The first part is the Success Blueprint, where you’ll
find the strategies that you need to achieve the things that you want in your life and
become more successful. The second part of this report is made up of the Support
Factors that will help you in getting your Success Blueprint a mission possible.

The Success Blueprint is just like a vehicle that will bring you to the destination you
desire and the Support Factor will be the fuel to drive that powerful vehicle. With
the combination of these two keys to success, I believe that nothing can ever stop you
and you’ll be able to achieve anything that you want in your life. You’ll be able to live
the kind of lifestyle you desire, get out of dept forever and become ultimately rich.

So are you ready to proceed to the meat of this report…?

Do you want to live a healthy life? Do you want to become a millionaire? Do you
want to have great relationship with your love one? Do you want to live in big
bungalow, drive luxury car and visit the world’s most exotic place in the world? Do
you want to get quit your job and still earn a good living? Do you want to be
promoted to a manager or a CEO of your company? All of these can be summarized
into one sentence…

1.1 Do You Want To Be Successful…?

If your answer to the above question is a sound ‘YES’, then this is the right report for
you and you should continue to read on.

However, if your answer is a ‘NO’, you can still choose to read on. This is simply
because I believe that you have the interest of becoming more successful in your life.
I believe that you want to change your life, and you want to live a better quality life.
That’s the reason you downloaded this report, don’t you?

1.2 Who Am I?

So who am I and what qualifies me to talk about achieving success? I’m no one, I’m
not famous, I’m not Brian Tracy, I’m not Anthony Robbins and I’m definitely not
Napoleon Hill.

So what qualifies me to talk about all the success strategies that you are about to
discover to you? You know exactly who I am, you’ve been to my blog and you know
that I can inspire you, get you to accomplish more in your life, right?

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

Again, that’s the reason you are reading this. You’ve been to my blog and I’ve
successfully convince you to download this report. And you did. With all the success
strategies I share with you in my blog, I believe that I’ve inspired and motivated a lot
of people.

I’ll receive emails saying thanks and how much I’ve helped them once in a while. And
I think that this will be enough to answer the question, “Am I qualify to talk about
success with you”.

My name is Shawn, and it is my privilege to talk to you here. Don’t treat this report
as a dead PDF file; instead, treat it like a conversation between you and me. I’ll
treat you like a friend and I truly hope that this report is going to help you to achieve
much more in your life. Even if it doesn’t, I still hope that you’ll at least learn
something here and get inspired.

1.3 Why Do I Create This Report?

Alright, I’m going to be frank with you here. The number one reason for me to create
this report is because I want to create more value for you. I want to build the trust,
relationship and credibility for my blog. I want to be heard. This is why this report is

You know, sometimes I’ll receive emails like people asking me how I can help them
to become a millionaire overnight, how can they become who they want in an instant
and so on. They seem like don’t understand that success will not come overnight.

“Success Is About Getting Things Done”

Everything you do everyday is not going to give you significant result. You need to
take small, little step everyday to get you where you want. It is the same in our life,
how do you read a book? One chapter in a time, one page in a time, one paragraph in
a time and one word in a time.

However, many people want to finish the whole book one at a time. Rome was not
built in a day, if you want to create amazing results in your life, you must first learn
how to get little things done. Let me ask you this question, “How do you eat an

It may seem impossible, but if you eat it one bite in a time, you can actually eat the
whole elephant if given enough time.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

So don’t email me and ask me how I can make you a millionaire overnight or how I
can help you to be more successful without any of your own effort. I hope that you
are the one who is responsible for you own success.

Now you know why this report is created, let us continue.

1.4 How This Report Can Help You In Creating A Better Quality Life

The number one reason you download and read this report is of course, you want to
live a better life and you want to be more successful, right?

So here is how I can help. In order for you to achieve what you want, here is the
thing that you need to do. Finish this report and put all the success strategies into
work. Keep on improving all the time by reading more and create more results by
taking more action.

These are the 2 simple advices that if you follow through, you will be able to achieve
anything you want in your life.

In fact, achieving great success is not difficult. Think about it, you just need to:

1. Learn, and
2. Take action.

These are the only 2 keys that you need to open the door to success. If you want to
lose weight, but you don’t know how, just learn, buy a weight loss book and read it.
Learning alone is not going to get you what you want, so the next thing you need to
do is to take action from what you’ve learned.

It is as simple as that. Success is not as complicated as you think.

So make sure you finish this report and put all the strategies into work. Plainly
reading this report alone is not going to get you what you want. You cannot become a
millionaire by just sitting in front of your computer and read this report. You need

Out of 100 people who downloaded this report, as much as 70 of them are not going
to finish it. They’re just going to download it, maybe read a few pages, and then just
forget about it.

I don’t want this to happen to you, I want you to finish this report. Even better, I
want you to put all the strategies in this report in your life. I want you to actually
make all your dreams and goals come true, I want you to be successful!

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

PART 1: The Success Blueprint

2.0 Everyone Has A Dream

Do you sometimes feel that you’re living below your potential?

Are you ever troubled by the thought that greater energies, more creative ideas, and
problem-solving capacities are locked away inside you?

If so, you’re not alone. We all have such feelings from time to time. I think such
feelings come from an awareness that the life force in each of us in a fraction of the
great universal life force that we call God. Since we’re made in his image, then we
should have access to all the power we need to live successfully and triumphantly.

Why don’t we have it every minute, every hour? Because we let certain things block
it. Ignorance can block it. Fear can block it. Hatred, envy, anger, anxiety, negative
thoughts, selfishness… All these things can keep the energy from functioning. Some
of it may get through, enough perhaps to keep us going, barely. But it will be only a
trickle instead of the powerful force it is supposed to be.

Fortunately, just as there are attitudes and actions that narrow the flow of the power,
there are some that widen the channel and let more of the power through. The first
step to be taken in order to start this power is to learn to be a creative dreamer…

Everyone has a dream, and it is this dream that keep most people going on in their
life. Sometimes, you may feel that all odds are against you, but still you keep on
continue with life, why is this so?

This is simply because you know that deep inside you, you know that one day you’ll
get over it, you’ll achieve the things that you want, you’ll cope with it and you’ll
achieve the great success that you always wanted.

And that… is the power of dreams…

2.1 Do You Have A Dream?

Do you have a dream? You surely do. The dreams that I mentioned here are not the
dreams that you make every night after you slept. The dreams here are what we
called ‘vision’, a vision of your future, a vision of the things that you want in your life.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

Dreams know no boundaries of age or race or nationality. In Japan, there’s a lovely

hotel on a hillside just outside the center of Tokyo. And because the service from the
hotel is number one, so one day a guy wanted to thank the owner of this hotel for
bringing up such a great service.

The owner is 80 years old but still full of vitality and animation. So this guy asked
him how he came to be in the hotel business, expressing admiration for his enterprise
and energy in building and running a big, new hotel at an age when most men would
long since have retired.

“Oh,” he said, “As you know, this is not my only hotel. I have 4 others. All my life
I’ve dreamed of being a good inn-keeper. As a child, I set that goal for myself. I
dreamed it would happen. I believe it would happen. And it did happen. To be
successful you must first have a dream. Then you must work very hard. Finally, if you
dream hard and work hard, the dream comes true. Isn’t that so in your country also?”

Everything starts from a dream. The computer you are using right now was once a
dream in somebody else’s mind. Even this report that you are reading right now is
once my dream, but I finally decided to work on it. And so this dream of mine came
true, and you’re reading it right now is the best proof of it.

Life is just like a movie, you are the main character in the movie. How you acted in
the movie depends on how you dream about your life.

We cannot live without a dream. A dream is what drives us every single day. It is the
reason you wake up each morning, it is the reason you breathe and it is the reason for
you to keep going on!

2.2 Adopt The ‘Blue Sky’ Thinking

If you are going to dream, you’ve to dream big and dream far. Many people
overestimate what they can achieve within 1 year but underestimate what they can
achieve within 10 years.

When you are dreaming about your future life, you have to adopt the ‘blue sky’
thinking. This is the thinking where the sky is the limit. Meaning, when you dream
about your future, you’ve to dream it all out. Dream as if you’ve all the resources,
dream as if you have all the money, all the time and all the freedom.

So what are you going to do if you have all the money and time in the world? Are you
going to…?

Buy a castle?

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

Buy a private yacht?

Drive a Lamborghini?
Own a helicopter?
Carry the Olympic torch?
Trek with Sherpas in the Himalayas?
Scuba dive in Fiji?
Book a ride on the next space shuttle flight?

Like I said, if you’re going to dream, dream it big and dream it far. Take out a piece
of paper now and write down what comes across your mind.

Don’t think about it and don’t doubt your ability, just write down whatever comes into
your mind. You need to learn how to dream and how to dream it big.

Don’t proceed to the next section until you’ve written down your dreams. Have you
ever heard of the slogan, “The Power of Dreams”?

Below is the story of how Soichiro Honda, persist on his dreams and created one of
the most successful automobile empire in the world…

Like most other countries, Japan was hit badly by the Great Depression of the
1930s. In 1938, Soichiro Honda was still in school, when he started a little
workshop, developing the concept of the piston ring.

His plan was to sell the idea to Toyota. He labored night and day, even slept in
the workshop, always believing he could perfect his design and produce a worthy
product. He was married by now, and pawned his wife's jewelry for working

Finally, came the day he completed his piston ring and was able to take a working
sample to Toyota, only to be told that the rings did not meet their standards!
Soichiro went back to school and suffered ridicule when the engineers laughed at
his design.

He refused to give up. Rather than focus on his failure, he continued working
towards his goal. Then, after two more years of struggle and redesign, he won a
contract with Toyota.

By now, the Japanese government was gearing up for war! With the contract in
hand, Soichiro Honda needed to build a factory to supply Toyota, but building
materials were in short supply. Still he would not quit! He invented a new
concrete-making process that enabled him to build the factory.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

With the factory now built, he was ready for production, but the factory was
bombed twice and steel became unavailable, too. Was this the end of the road for
Honda? No!

He started collecting surplus gasoline cans discarded by US fighters – "Gifts from

President Truman," he called them, which became the new raw materials for his
rebuilt manufacturing process. Finally, an earthquake destroyed the factory.

After the war, an extreme gasoline shortage forced people to walk or use bicycles.
Honda built a tiny engine and attached it to his bicycle. His neighbors wanted one,
and although he tried, materials could not be found and he was unable to supply
the demand.

Was he ready to give up now? No! Soichiro Honda wrote to 18,000 bicycles shop
owners and, in an inspiring letter, asked them to help him revitalize Japan. 5,000
responded and advanced him what little money they could to build his tiny bicycle
engines. Unfortunately, the first models were too bulky to work well, so he
continued to develop and adapt, until finally, the small engine 'The Super Cub'
became a reality and was a success. With success in Japan, Honda began
exporting his bicycle engines to Europe and America.

End of story? No! In the 1970s there was another gas shortage, this time in
America and automotive fashion turned to small cars. Honda was quick to pick up
on the trend. Experts now in small engine design, the company started making
tiny cars, smaller than anyone had seen before, and rode another wave of success.

Today, Honda Corporation employs over 100,000 people in the USA and Japan,
and is one of the world's largest automobile companies. Honda succeeded because
one man made a truly committed decision, acted upon it, and made adjustments
on a continuous basis. Failure was simply not considered a possibility.

Can you see it now? That’s the power of having a dream plus a burning desire. What
your mind can think of, you can eventually achieve it.

2.3 What Do You Really Want?

Your mission is to find out what you really want to achieve in your life. You need to
harness the power of visualization and dream about what you want to achieve in your

You’ll become what you think of most of the time. This is just like what the Law of
Attraction has to say. When you think of something, you’re actually attracting it into
your life.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

For example, if you keep on thinking of wanting to own a big bungalow, you’re
somehow telling your subconscious mind about it. When the times come for making
decision or when the opportunity arrives, you’ll definitely take the action that will
move you towards your dreams and your goals.

This is what makes dream a key to success in our life. When you dream about
something, you’re actually moving closer to it.

Of course, I’m not talking about the dreams that you make every night when you
sleep. I’m referring to the dreams of your future, your vision to be more precise.

Your assignment in this section is very simple, find out what you really want to
achieve in your life. Dream about your future and dream about your life in the next
10 years. Who are you going to be 10 years from now? How are you going to live
your life? Are you going to stay in the same house you are living right now?

Remember; write down everything that comes into your mind. You need to write
them down to make your dreams more tangible so that they are achievable.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

3.0 Developing Your Burning Desire

So you have a dream and you know what you want, what next?

The thing with most people is that they know what they want, but they still fail to
achieve it simply because they are not taking the right action to make their dreams
come true.

And the reason they are not taking the right action is because they don’t have the
motivation that drive them into action.

With that means, you need to cultivate the reasons, or the burning desire why you
must achieve your dreams before you can achieve them.

Perhaps the most universally acclaimed example of this principle is Thomas Edison.
Although Edison was thought of as an inventor, he didn’t always enjoy the acclaim
and respect in which he’s held today. When Napoleon Hill interviewed Edison for the
first time, he said, “Mr. Edison, what have you go to say about the fact that you’ve
failed thousands of times in your attempts to create a light bulb?”

Edison replied, “I beg your pardon. I’ve never failed even once. I’ve had thousands of
learning experiments that didn’t work. I had to run through enough learning
experiences to find a way that it did work.”

So you see, if Edison doesn’t has the burning desire to invent the light bulb, do you
think that he can stand his ground so strong that he did not considered himself failed
thousands of times?

It is the burning desire that makes a successful person successful.

If you are a heavy smoker and you smoke at least 1 pack of cigarettes each day. And
one day you go to a doctor and you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer, what will you
do then?

Are you going to keep on smoking? Not likely. You will stop smoking! No matter how
much those cigarettes cost to you, you will never ever touch them again even if they
are given to you for free.

Why is this so?

This is simply because you’ve been forced into a predicament where you’ll do
anything to achieve your goal, which is to stop smoking so that you won’t die because
of cancer.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

This is the burning desire that I’m talking about.

Out of 100 people who had dreams, only about 5 of them actually achieved their
dreams. Having dreams is one thing, achieving it is another. It is impossible that by
just reading this report, get excited and dream about what you want then the next
day you find that all your dreams have come true.

You know very well that this is not going to happen. It is not like you think about
wanting to become a millionaire today then the next day you find that you’ve $1
million in your bank account. This is just not going to happen.

Everything happened, happens for a reason. And that reason will be your burning

3.1 Why Do You Want It?

Everything you do in your life, every action and every decision that you make in your
life, is backed up by reasons. Why are you reading this report right now? For fun?
For nothing? For your own success? For motivation? For yourself?

No matter what the reason is, there must be a reason.

And that reason is the key that affects you, the key that change you, and the key that
brings you to your success. It is the reason that is going to drive you up, motivates you
into taking massive of action in your life.

For example, if you want to buy a private jet, what is the reason? If your reason is
not strong enough, you’ll never achieve it.

This shows that why there are so many people living in mediocre. They know what
they want, they have dreams and they have visions. However, the reasons for them to
make their dreams come true are not strong enough.

To them, becoming a millionaire is a wish, not a must.

To them, owning a luxury bungalow and driving a sport car is a hope, not a must.
To them, being successful in life is optional, it is not a must.
To them, being rich is an alternative; they can still chat, talk and live their life day by
day without interruption.

It is all depends on you. Whether you want to be the person you always dream of, or
you can choose to live your life ordinarily like everybody else.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

If you’re a heavy smoker, you can’t stop smoking until one day you’ve been diagnosed
with lung cancer. This is because when this happened, it gives you a strong reason
that you MUST stop smoking. If you continue, you’ll die because of it.

Let me tell you a story…

There was once a boy who wanted to seek the secret of success. One day he
approached a wise man living up in the mountain.

When he found the wise man at the hut, he asked, “Wise man, can you tell me
the secret to becoming successful in life?” The wise man was silent for a while.
After a moment of silence, the wise man led the young lad to a nearby river.

They kept walking into the river until the boy’s head was fully submerged in the
water. The boy struggled to keep his head above the water. To his astonishment,
the wise man did not help him. Instead, the wise man held the boy’s head in the

After a few minutes the wise man pulled the boy out of the water and they
proceeded to walk back to the hut. At the hut the wise man asked the young boy
what he desired most when his head was submerged in the water. To this the
young boy quickly responded, “Of course, I wanted to breath, you old fool!” To
which the wise man replied, “Son, if you desire success as much as you wanted to
breathe, then you would have found the true secret of success.”

So remember, it is the reason behind you that is going to give you the strongest and
biggest motivation to go on. Without a strong reason, you’ll give up as soon as you
faced obstacles.

3.2 Do It Because You Love It

Another one of the reason successful people have such an intense desire in achieving
success in their life is because of this… passion.

Do you think that Donald Trump make all the deals because he was forced to do it for
a living? Or it is because he loves the feeling of making a winning deal? The answer
is obvious.

The same goes for Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, Anthony Robbins, Michael Jordan, etc.
Every successful person is able to create amazing results in their life is because they
love what they do.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

So you see, every of the successful people love what they do and that is why they can
create amazing results in their field. The moment you are doing something that you
love, it is not working for you anymore, instead, it is enjoying.

You’ll feel that you’ve the drive and motivation that can keep you going all the time.
Even if it is late at night, but when you talk about something that you love, you’ll feel
energetic about it.

And the key point is this; when you do something passionately, with enthusiasm,
you’ll achieve what you want.

If you find that you lack the motivation and discipline to become successful in what
you do, the reason is obvious. It is not your passion! Think about it. Do you have a
natural passion for something? Do you have a hobby? Like playing golf? Playing with
children? Did you ever noticed that by doing what you love, the energy never stop
flowing? Even if you are tired, but you will always find energy to do what you love.

This is the secret that will bring you unlimited wealth! Whenever you do something
that you love, you will be naturally focused, committed and energized to work at it.
When you give your best to whatever you are crazy about, you will become the best!

So how can you tell if you are doing something that you love to do? Don’t worry, just
go through and find the answers for these questions below, you will find out what you
actually love.

* “What do I love to do? What would I do even if I didn’t get paid?”

* “If I had all the money in the world, how would I spend my time?”
* “Who are the people who have made their fortunes around this passion I have?”

Remember, do what you love and you will never work for another day in your life! No
matter what industry you are in, there must be a minority who is the best in it. So
look for them, then model and learn from them.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

4.0 Designing Your Destiny

You’ve went through with me about dreams and burning desire. I believe that you’re
cleared with what you really want to achieve in your life right now.

If you still don’t know what you really love to do and want to achieve in your life,
stop reading this and find it out right now. This is your future and this is about your
success. What I can do is to point and help to motivate you along the way. I cannot
bring you to your destination as it is your responsibility to do so.

So I hope you follow through all this way and let’s do this together. In this section,
you’re going to design your destiny and craft your success road map.

There is one phrase that I love a lot is this, “You read a book from the beginning, but
you live your life from the end. You decide what you want out of life and you design a
plan to get it.”

With that means, life is all about designing and crafting your destiny.

If you want something create a plan how to get it and follow through the plan
accordingly. Have you watched Mission Impossible? What about The Italian Job?
When they want to achieve a certain objectives or goals, they’ll develop a plan and
work according to their plan.

It is the same in life, if you want to achieve something, you’ll need to have a plan
how to achieve it.

4.1 Goal Setting Is Not The Same As Strategic Planning

As you may already know, goal setting is not the same as strategy planning. However,
both goal setting and planning are important in our life, because with both of them,
we can basically achieve anything we want in our life.

So what is goal setting?

Like what I told you, goal setting is not the same as planning. Goal setting is writing
down WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE in your life. For example, your goals can be
to buy a sports car or to earn $1 million dollar in just 3 years. These are what I
called your goals. If you did not write down your goals, they will be dreams. Once you
write them down, they will become goals for you to achieve.

What is strategy planning?

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

For me, strategy planning is different from goal setting. Strategy planning is
something EVEN MORE tangible, they are what I called ’steps’ that you must take in
order to achieve your goals. Like goal setting, you too, must write down your
strategies how you are going to achieve your goals. Yes, strategy planning are the
steps how are you going to achieve your goals.

Take the example above, if your goal is to earn $1 million in just 3 years, how are
you going to achieve it? Are you going to venture into the world of internet
marketing? Or maybe you have strong desire in network marketing? What about
stock or property investment? As you can see now, strategy planning are the steps
that you can actually TAKE to make your goals come true.

Yes, you need both goal setting and strategy planning to achieve what you want in
your life. Without anyone of them, you will never achieve what you always dream of.

4.2 Setting Your Empowering Goals

If you truly want to learn more about goal setting, I suggest you grab a copy of my
Goal Setting Formula. It is going to be a worthy investment to improve you.

Basically, goal setting can be divided into 3 phases…

First Phase – Idea Generation

First phase, this is where you decide what goals you are going to set. I believe that
you know what you really want to achieve in your life by now. So this is not going to
be a problem for you.

Make sure that what you want to achieve is also something that you love. This is
because if you hate mathematics but you set goals to score A’s in it, it will be a very
challenging and hard task for you.

Imagine that you’re going to do something that you hate everyday; it’ll become a very
frustrated task for you. That is why the goals you set must be consistent with what
you love and what you really want to achieve in your life.

Second Phase – Setting Your Goals

In this phase, you’ll have to set your goals. I’ll explain this in a step-by-step manner
so that you can follow through more easily…

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

1. Go to a place where you can find calm and complete silent. If you're in your
room, lock the door so that you're totally out of disturbance. If you're
watching television or listening to any songs, turn it off until after you're done.

2. Grab a pen and a paper, get ready to brainstorm and write down your goals.
Find a nice place where you can sit comfortably and begin to write.

3. Write whatever comes into your mind. Ask yourself what do you want to
achieve in the next month, the next 3 months, the next 6 months, 1 year from
now, 3 years from now, 5 years from now and even 10 years from now.

Many people overestimate what they can achieve in 1 year but underestimate
what they can achieve within 10 years. Adopt the 'blue sky' thinking where
you think as if you've all the resources you need.

For example, if you've all the money in the world, what are you going to do?
What if you have good health? Are you going to visit Hawaii? What type of
car you want to drive?

Remember, write down everything that comes into your mind. This is all about
designing your future. So put in 100% commitment to do this.

Take as long as you need to design your destiny.

4. Every goal that you write down must have a deadline. A goal without a
deadline is not a goal. It is going to be a dream if you're not writing down the
deadline. Make sure you know when you're going to achieve your goals.
"Someday" will never come, so don't use it.

5. Once you've finished writing down all of your goals, take a deep breathe and
look at what you've written. Here's the last thing you need to do, sign at the
bottom of your 'destiny' commitment paper. After that, put this paper into
your pocket or your purse, carry it with you anywhere.

These are all the steps that you’ll need to set your goals. Of course, this is just a
simple approach, there are many more you can do actually.

If you are serious in achieving what you really want and would like to learn more
about goal setting, grab my Goal Setting Formula. I talked much more in detailed
there. It is a complete goal setting manual.

Third Phase – Action Phase

I bet that you know what you should do in this phase.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

It is not like one day you wake up and you've $1 million dollar in your bank account.
It is not like one day you wake up and you've a BMW in your garage. It is not like
one day you wake up and you've a beautiful wife lying besides you. It is not like one
day you wake up and you found that you're in Hawaii.

If one day you wake up and you found that you're a millionaire and you've achieve
your goals, bite yourself because you're dreaming.

Nothing is going to happen if you're not doing anything! If you're not clicking the
'Next Page' button on the previous page, you'll never reach this page!

Everything happened, happens for a reason.

And I want you to remember this phrase:

“It Is What You Do After You've Set Your Goals That Determine Your Success...”

4.3 The Secret Of Goal Setting

The real secret in achieving your goal is what you do after you’ve set your goal. You
know, you can write down all the interesting and excited goals that you want to
achieve in your life, but if you are not doing anything to make your goal come true,
they’re going to be just another dream for you.

“Success is about getting things done”

Like what I’ve mentioned above, the last thing that you need to do is to take action,
massive of action. Let’s face it; there is not magic pill or magic wand in this world. If
you want it, you’ll have to work for it.

Do you really think that you just have to sit right there, write down what you want
and everything will come true? This is only possible in your dream. You know it very
well that this is not going to happen in real life!

4.4 It Is All About Strategies

Like I mentioned, your goals and your strategy plans are not the same. They are 2
different forms of leverage that you cannot miss either one.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

I believe you know what action plan is by now. It is a set of strategies developed
according to your goals that use to achieve your goals. You read that right, the
strategies you developed are totally depending on your goals.

The strategies that you use to earn $1 million are totally different from the strategies
that you use to earn $1,000.

Let me give you an example here. Say, if you’ve a business selling vegetables, and
you’re currently earning $1,000 a month from this business. And so it happens that
you come across this report, you learn about achieving great success and you want to
earn more by setting goals.

If you decide to set a goal to earn $2,000 from your business, what kind of strategies
can you take?

For instance, you can work harder, spend more time into your business, work extra 3
hours everyday, open your shop even if it is at night, or you can also expand the
vegetables type available that you’re selling.

So you see, if you follow through the strategies I mentioned above, it is actually
possible for you to earn $2,000 a month, an extra $1,000 per month.

Now, what if you want more from it? You set your goal as to earn $10,000 or maybe
even $100,000 from your vegetable business? Do you think this is possible?

In a word, YES, it is possible to earn this amount of money; it is not by working


For instance, the strategies you can use to achieve your goals are like, invest heavily
in research and development, create new product line, develop your own brand of
vegetables (for example, organic vegetables that are popular these days), sell license
to other vegetable suppliers so that they can sell thousands worth of vegetables for
you, make your company a big-name company, invest more in marketing effort and
get listed in the stock exchange.

Can you see it now? With these completely different strategies, you are able to
achieve your goal or earning $10,000 or more per month just from your vegetable

Many people thought that it is hard to be successful in life, but it is not. It is all about
strategies. Different strategies yield different results. That means, if you’re using
less-creative strategies, you’ll produce less-effective results.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

4.5 Creating Your Strategy Plan

Now, you know that you definitely can achieve your goals if you use the right

What you need to do now is to develop your strategy plan. Just like what you do in
goal setting, take out a piece of paper, and get ready to write.

Ask yourself, “How can I achieve my goals?” “What must I do today to achieve my
goal?” “What will Mr. XXX (your role model in your industry, Donald Trump for
example) do if he is facing this same situation?”

Write down every single idea that comes into your head. Don’t worry about
ineffective strategies or strategies that don’t work, just put down every idea into the
paper first.

After that, think deeply and decide the top 5 most effective strategies, and write
them on another piece of paper. In this new paper, you’re going to paste it right
beside your goal sheet.

If possible, create a daily and weekly strategy plan. By doing so, you’ll know what
you should do everyday and hence, you’re able to stay focused get more done.

4.6 What If The Strategy I Used Is Wrong?

So what if you use the wrong or incorrect strategy? Isn’t this will lead you to failure?
Nope, incorrect strategy will not lead you to failure; it will lead you to what I called

Remember, failure and feedback is not the same. Thomas Edison did not treat his
experiments which failed as failure; instead, he treated them as feedback. When you
fail to achieve your goals, tell yourself, “I did not failed thousands of times, I just
found out thousands of ways how to be more successful”.

If you apply the strategies, there are only 2 results you’re going to get:

1. You get your desired results and you achieved your goals, or
2. You did not get your desired results and you receive feedback.

Well, if you achieve your goals, congratulations, you should set other higher goals.
But let’s face it; most people are not going to achieve their goals. They’re going to
receive feedback more than achieving their goals.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

So what? So what if you did not achieve your goals? Change your strategies and go
all out once again.

Remember to change your strategies, or else you’ll be getting the same old results
just because you’re doing the same thing over again.

You’ve come quite far in this report, give yourself applause. I bet that 50% of those
who downloaded this report will not make it until this point. That’s why most people
are not achieving what they want in their life, that’s why they live a mediocre life and
that’s why they’re not successful.

This is just the point where your journey begins. Nothing is going to happen
without… Action.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

5.0 The Only Way To Get Results… Action

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not going to tell you that the road to success is
an easy one. There are a lot of ups and downs that you MUST face in order to be

If you’re just sitting there reading this report, nothing will happen except you’re
getting yourself motivated (I hope this report inspired you so far).

There are boat loads of self-improvement books out there, teaching you how to be
more successful. However, if you’re not putting what you’ve learned into action,
nothing is going to happen.

One of my favorite gurus is Anthony Robbins. And I know that you have your own
favorite guru. Whoever he or she is, you can go to the bookstore, buy their books and
digest them right away. But still, if you’re not doing anything, do you think that their
books going to help?

Well, maybe you’ll get motivated and excited, but that’s just for awhile.

In order to be successful and achieve your dreams and goals, you need CONSISTENT

5.1 The Key Is Consistency

How long can you stay motivated and keep on taking action everyday?

The real key to success in taking action is consistency. This is what you need. As the
saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”.

One of the metaphors that I’d really like to present the idea of consistency is this…

Imagine that there is a small stone on the floor, you pick up that stone and held it in
your hand. You then use a small hammer, keep on hammering it. You don’t have to
hit it hard, you just hit it as you like.

When you hit it for the first time, will the stone crack and break into pieces? Not
likely. Nothing seems to happen when you hit it the first time. But what if you
continue and keep on hitting that stone?

Do you think that the stone will crack and break into pieces if you hit it 1,000 times?
You’re not sure, but you definitely increase the chance of breaking that stone by

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Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

hitting it consistently. Remember, you don’t have to hit it hard, you just hit it casually
and consistently.

Now, if the stone break into pieces at the 1,000th time when you hit it, do you think
that the first 999 times contribute to break it?

Yes it is! So you see, consistent action does pay off.

You just can’t see it because it is not showing any significant changes. But when all
the small changes added up, they’ll create huge effect. This is what is happening in
your life everyday.

You can choose to be lazy and put off the action that you’re suppose to take a few
hours a day. However, when time past by, this a few hours a day are going to cost you
a lot.

This is the epitome of the tortoise and the hare effect. You know the story. The hare
runs full speed ahead, gets tired, burns out and ends up sleeping before the finish line.
The tortoise does what he can, consistently, all the way to the end.

Sometimes it is not about how much action you take, it is about how long you can
persist. Often, it is the small but consistent action that will bring you huge results in
your life.

Here’s a story of how persistence pays off…

Michele Hoskins decided to create a product out of her great grandmother’s syrup
recipe. After she had it formulated and packaged, she took the products to local
grocery stores, asking them to stock the product and if they sold, she would
invoice them. This worked well, but she had bigger ideas. Her goal was to get the
syrup into Denny’s restaurants.

She got in touch with the right people at Denny’s and they told her no. But that
did not stop her. She made it a habit to call them every single Monday at
10:30am for TWO YEARS!

When Denny’s hired a new CEO, they told him about this woman who called every
Monday at 10:30. “What does she wants?” the CEO asked. “She wants us to use
her product,” they replied.

This was during the time that Denny’s was suffering from a blow to their
reputation after being sued for treating African American’s poorly in their
restaurant in past years. Michelle Hoskins happened to be African American. The

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

CEO was baffled that these people had turned her down for so long and this is
exactly the kind of business partnership they needed!

Not long after, Michelle had the contract with Denny’s and now she is a multi-

This is not about Michelle getting a lucky break because she is an African American.
This is a story about how situations change, executives change, and organizations
change - A story not about being in the right place at the right time, but being in a
place ALL the time and being persistent enough to WAIT for the right time to come.

It is a proof that one ’small’ voice repeated enough times can add up to a big impact -
perhaps more than a ‘big’ voice only spoken only once.

5.2 The #1 Killer Of Action

There is no procrastination or inaction in this world; it is just that you’re not taking
productive action. When you’re supposed to clean up your desk, but you end up
sleeping and did not clean your desk, it is not procrastination. You take
‘unproductive’ action.

No matter how free you are, you’re always doing something. Even if you’re day
dreaming, you’re actually spending your precious time in doing unproductive things.

Therefore, you need to align yourself into taking the right action that will yield
productive results.

So how can you put yourself in the right direction to take the right, productive action?

The answer is pretty simple, you will need… “Motivation”.

It is the motivation that keeps you driven all the time to get your tasks done everyday.
And motivation is something that you’ll need everyday. It is not a skill that will stay
with you forever. Even the most successful people in this world will have times when
they are feeling unmotivated.

Just that they know how to handle their unproductive state and because they have
trained their mind how to manage this situation, every time when they are down,
they’ll be able to drive themselves up again easily.

This is what you’re going to learn. If you truly desire to achieve greater success in
your life, you’ll need to keep yourself in motivated and resourceful state all the time.
This is why goal setting, visualization, positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, etc

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

are created. They are meant to motivate you so that you will take more productive

Do you really think that by just visualizing what you want in your mind and you’ll
eventually achieve it? That is impossible. Success will not be created out from the
thin air.

It is when you keep on visualizing what you want in your mind, you’re actually
creating a resourceful state that will alter every action and every decision that you
makes toward your goals. This is how the Law of Attraction truly works.

Simply by saying that you’re a millionaire is not enough. Money will not fall from the
sky. So make sure you’re doing something that will motivate you every single day.
For example, spend 30 minutes to read self-improvement or motivational books

There are many ways how you can motivate yourself. Visit my blog and read my post
is another great way to keep you driven. Visit my blog now,

These are basically all you need to know about how you can achieve the success you
wanted. The success strategies I mentioned above will serve as the Success Blueprint
that you’ll ever need.

Remember, this is a proven strategy that many successful people had used to achieve
what they want in their life. As long as you follow through this Success Blueprint,
you’ll be able to achieve basically anything you want in your life.

Now, we’re going into the second part of this report…

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Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

PART 2: The Success Support


6.0 Believe… Really Believe In It

Do you know that your beliefs can cure cancer?
Do you know that your belief system is so powerful that it can help you to achieve
anything you want in your life?

Everything you do in your life is because of what you believe. When you believe in
something, you’ll just accept it and you’ll never question it. Just like if you believe
that God exist in your life, you’ll never question about it.

Changing your belief system is the major task you will probably face in moving from
the realm of the average or slightly above average to superstar producer. Your belief
system is your film; your subconscious mind is your projector which, in association
with the Law of Attraction, faithfully creates your life experience, or movie.

Your belief system is a collection of thoughts which drive the actions you take. Your
belief system is the single most important influence that you have over your life. The
structure of your belief system is permanent, but the content can absolutely change.
Much of your belief system is built around fears and other negative emotions.

Believe it or not, there are those people who are actually happy with the way things
are in their lives and they are not ready to make changes to improve things in any
way. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. I truly believe that if
you start a business doing what you're passionate about, you will be one step closer to
creating wealth.

6.1 Your Beliefs Are Fake!

Yes, you read that right. Your beliefs are fake. What you believe in your life is never
real. Do you believe that you’re handsome? Or do you believe that you’re someone
caring? If you think believe that you’re a caring person, what created this belief?

How do you really know that you’re a caring person? Maybe some of your friends told
you that you’re a caring person. Maybe your parents told you that you’re a caring
person. Or maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend told you so. As a result, you developed
this belief in yourself. You tell yourself that you’re a caring person.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

I just wanted to show you how beliefs are formed and that what you believe in your
life, is not necessarily correct. Your beliefs are nothing but the thoughts that you
generated in your mind about something.

Sometimes you’ll find that two people will have a totally different thinking about a
same situation. For example, when you see a pretty girl walking downs the street and
you tell your friend that she’s pretty. However, your friend may thinks that she’s not
pretty at all.

Why is this so? This is because you define ‘pretty’ differently than your friend. Maybe
a girl with a long hair and big eyes will mean pretty to you. But it can be different for
your friend. This is what your belief system is about.

As you can see now, what you believe is not real. It is real to you only because you
choose to believe in it.

Now, since you’re going to believe in something anyway, it is better to choose to

believe in something that will empower you, something that will move you toward
where you want and something that will drive and motivate you toward your success.

So if you find that you’ve limiting beliefs, it is time to change it. For instance, if you
want to be a millionaire, but you think that it is not possible, then this will be a
limiting belief for you. You’ll need to get rid of it before you can really become a

6.2 It Is Time To Change Your Belief System

Here is an article on how you can change your belief system that I came across…

Changing a belief takes time. A belief has been in your head for ages and has
planted deep roots. To get rid of that old belief you have to question it and
unravel it to prevent it from holding you back from your goal. Limiting beliefs
are deeply rooted and can take days or weeks to clearly identify. Monitor your
thoughts daily and keep replacing your old belief with your new one.

Here is what you need to do to get rid of your limiting beliefs and replace
them with empowering ones…

1. Find out if what you want is actually possible. For instance if you want to
make $500,000 a year, find someone who is actually doing that. Once you've
found a few people, you'll know that half a million a year is possible.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

2. Surround yourself with people or information that nurtures and strengthens

your new belief. Constantly! To grow this new belief you have to live it. That
means constant and consistent exposure to this new belief so that it can take
root and grow.

3. Take progressive action that matches your belief. That could be something
as simple as a trip to the library to get a bio on a guy who makes 500k a year.
Or it could be taking a course on how to make $500,000. Whatever...but take

4. Check your results. If you are baby stepping your way towards your goal,
beautiful. Progress will give you more faith in your new belief.

Using the above goal as an example, a frequent limiting belief or thought

would be “I have no way of ever making more than 40,000 a year.....however,
there are people who are doing that and have done it in ways that I can see
myself doing....perhaps I could have that same result”. Your self talk has to
unravel that old belief a little bit each time it comes up. Eventually your old
belief will have been smashed to bits and replaced with an empowering
smashing belief and the results will soon follow.

Article Source:

6.3 Believe In It, And You’ll Eventually Get It

What would you say of a child who was born to a single 13-year-old mother who was
struggling to survive on the streets? What would you say if I told you that this child
became the victim of multiple physical and sexual abuses before the age of thirteen
herself? She later became pregnant and gave birth to a still-born baby.

She often got into trouble with the law before the age of fifteen. You wouldn’t bet
too much hope on her future would you? What if I told you that this person was
Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest and most successful women in the United States?
And she is an Afro-American as well.

One thing that changed her life is this; she kept a strong belief in her mind. She
believes that, “everything happen, happens for a reason”.

And because of this belief, she created amazing results in her life even though she
had a bad childhood.

When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs;

When you change your beliefs, you change your expectations;

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

When you change your expectations, you change your attitude;

When you change your attitude, you change your behavior;
When you change your behavior, you change your performance;
When you change your performance, YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Success is the result of choosing the right goals for your life and taking the most
effective steps to achieve them. Our ability to do both these things is directly affected
by the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

Do we believe we are capable of achieving our goals? And if so, are those goals truly
our own? Being true to yourself is an integral part of genuine success and it is
impossible to be faithful to your own needs and purpose in life unless you understand
what they are.

Remember, change your thoughts which will change your actions. Your external
world is a reflection of your inner world.

Believe in success and success will be yours.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

7.0 Fake It Till You Make It

It’s wintertime in Cincinnati long ago. A cold wind chills the crowds hurrying
along the busy street. A young boy, at the age of around 11, has stopped outside
the building that houses the city’s newspaper, the powerful and respected
Cincinnati Enquirer.

One figure particular has caught his eye: a burly man in shirtsleeves seated at a
central desk. An unlighted cigar is clamped between his teeth. His desk bristles
with scraps of typescript impaled on spikes. Papers overflow from wire baskets.
But power emanates from that desk, and the boy in the street can sense it. He
knows that this man is in command.

A policeman saunters past, twirling his nightstick. And the boy turns to him, and
asks, “Officer, who is that man in there? The one with the eye shade and the

“Him?” The policeman answers. “He’s the editor, sonny. The editor of the
Cincinnati Enquirer, that’s who he is.”

The policeman moves on. Finally the boy goes down the street, looking just as he
did before. But he is not the same as before. He is changed. He’s no longer aware
of the cold wind or the hurrying crowds around him. Inside his head a scene is
forming - not just a vague or casual daydream, but a vision of the future that has
all the reality, all the intensity of the present.

Intuitively, the boy knows that sooner or later what he is visualizing will come to
pass. He is sure of it. The scene in his head is a replica of the scene he has just
witnessed behind the plate-glass window, with one all-important change. The
occupant of the editor’s chair, thirty years hence, is himself.

This boy is Roger Ferger, a poor youngster with no connections, no advantages,

nothing except an image so powerful that it will bend all the laws of probability
until they conform to an even stronger, though hidden law.

This is one of my favorite real life success stories from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. It
inspires me and tells me what I can achieve with vision.

It is the vision, the image that you created in your mind that will create your future.
Always remember this; everything is created twice, once in your mind, and once in
reality. Nothing will be created directly into this world, unless it is first the idea in
someone’s mind.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

7.1 Hold Your Vision And Move Towards It

Have you ever heard of this guy called Moe Siegel? Moe is the founder of the
Celestial Seasonings tea. Before he created all his wealth, when he was picking
seeds and herbs, he would tell his fellow friends, “Someday I’ll have a tea company
to rival Lipton.” Everyone always said, “Yeah, sure, sure.”

Well, he started by selling his little teas to health food stores. Then he began
expanding, and before long he was selling them to every chain in America.

The moral of the story is this, did Moe start with money? Did he start out with big
factory or warehouse? Did he have a giant corporation behind him? Was he negative?

The answer to all the questions above is NO! So what does this mean? It means that
creating wealth start from an idea, a vision, a goal, or a dream.

If you don’t believe this, simply read the biography of every successful person and you
will find that they all started with absolutely nothing. In fact, many of them started
broke. All they have is an idea and a vision of making it big.

Something special happens within each of us when we close our eyes and imagine.
We transport ourselves to better times, and forget, if only for a moment, the
struggles of reality. We can even feel it in our bodies - the energy and excitement
builds with the images of an inspiring future. This is the magic of visualization.

There are no boundaries when it comes to your imagination. You can create
whatever pictures you desire. And it’s fast. A few seconds is all it takes to put you in
a state of excitement and enthusiasm.

Take a few minutes right now to achieve your goals in your mind. Imagine a life that
is exactly as you want it. What would you do each day? With whom would you do it?
Nothing is too crazy or ambitious. If you can see it in your mind, you can make it a

Visualization is the first step to bringing a dream to life. If you can see yourself
happy, successful, healthy and loving life, you can make it happen. The first step is to
visualize it.

What is behind the power of visualization? Powerful, scientific fact. It is because of

this one trait of the mind that visualization can excite and inspire you to create a life
full of joy and happiness.

The mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience and one vividly
imagined. If you imagine a picture with enough detail and emotion, your mind will

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

act on it as if it were real. Example, have you ever had the experience that your
saliva gushing out from your mouth when you saw something sour like a lemon?
When you smell the lemon, your mind automatically fire off and told you that it is
sour, your mouth will fill with saliva then. This is what I said that, your mind cannot
differentiate between what’s real and what’s visual.

Your brain will begin to think of ways to help you achieve your vision. It will
constantly be thinking of ideas to make your picture a reality. You will begin to
notice new opportunities in your environment that were always there, you just never
looked for them before. So, you need to visualize your dreams your goals everyday,
only then your mind will find a way to make your dreams come true.

7.2 The Magic Power Of Positive Thinking

Your thinking is one of the most powerful tools that you must leverage on if you want
to achieve great success in your life. Using your mind to achieve what you want is the
best success strategy, and to think big, is the most practical and easiest way.

Did you know that everything that comes into your eye will become pictures in your
mind? Even when you are reading this post of mine, your mind will create pictures so
that you can easily absorb what you are reading. Here is the key to thinking big,
when you think about something, you think about it in picture, not in words.

This is what I called mind pictures. Whenever you think about something, your mind
will create pictures or images from experience stored in your mind that you have
come across before. When you speak or read, your mind automatically converts
words and phrases into mind pictures.

If someone tells you he had just bought a brand new Nokia mobile phone, you will
straight away see the picture of a mobile phone in your mind. Your mind pictures that
you see are modified by the words that you use to name or describe things. Just like
when someone tells you about BMW, you will straight away picture the shape of the
car, the design and so on. But when someone tells you about MiniCooper, you will
picture different images in your mind. This is how words play an important role in
shaping your life.

Suppose you tell your friend, “I’m sorry to report that I’ve failed.” What will your
friend see? What will he think about? He probably will see defeat and all the
disappointment and grief the word ‘fail’ conveys. Now, what if you tell your friend,
“Here’s a new approach which I think will work.” He will feel encourage and ready
to try again.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

What I’m going to tell you is that, you need to think positively, be an optimist instead
of thinking negatively. Every successful people think positively, and this is their
number one success strategy.

One thing about thinking is that, most people will think negatively instead of
positively. If your thinking is conservative, it will be hard for you to improve.
Everyday there are more signs of expanding opportunity, so don’t sell yourself short.
When you see an advertisement in the newspaper, it is a job that you like, what will
you do?

For most people, they will think, “What a great job, but I’m not good enough for this
job, so why bother?” Or maybe you see someone that you really like but you don’t call
her because you think that your standard is not as high as her, or maybe you think
that you do not rate with her?

These are the common conservative thinking that most people will face in their lives.
When you go for an interview, if the interviewer asks you what is your expected
salary, what kind of answer will you give? Again, most people will put in a modest
number because they feel that they are not worth the bigger sum that they would

So rule number one in positive thinking:

“Never sell yourself short! You know you are better than that.”

So if you are someone who always think negatively or conservatively, what can you
do in order to change it? Very simple, below are 3 simple steps that you can follow to
help you develop as a positive thinker.

The 3 Simple Steps To Positive Thinker:

1. Use Positive Words In Your Daily Conversation

Always use positive words in your communication or when you are talking to yourself
(in your mind). When someone asks you, “How do you feel today?” What kind of
answer should you give? If you respond with an “I’m tired, I have a headache, I wish
it was Saturday and I’m not feeling good.” If you give this kind of answer, you are
making yourself worse. You need to start from this, even it is just a small simple
point, but it will give you tremendous power over the long period.

So next time when somebody asks you how do you feel, tell them that you are feeling
wonderful, great or fantastic. Make sure your answer is a positive answer. You will
feel better when your words changes to positive words. Remember this, “Fake it till
you make it”.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

2. Encourage and Praise Others Often

It is good if you can use positive words in your daily conversation. There is one more
thing that you can do with your daily conversation, that is to praise other people. You
need to learn how to use positive language to encourage people. Think about it, if you
have a special word for your wife or husband everyday, notice that he or she will stay
in a positive state all the time. And when this happens, the whole surrounding will
become a positive one. This is how successful people can always be motivated all the
time, because they make use of their environment by changing other people’s state.

This is a very powerful tool. Use it! Use it again and again, there is nothing wrong to
encourage or praise people often. If you can encourage people with your words, why
you don’t do so? It is a free tool!

3. Envision A Positive Future

Imagine that if you keep on complaining about your low-pay job, the plumbing that
always getting fouled up, the lucky breaks somebody else just got, the doctor bills
that are piling up, you are poor, etc. You will act as if you are sentenced to living in
this kind of lousy life.

However, if you think of yourself as the person you want to be in the future, you will
see yourself as someone who is successful, you’re not just a lousy clerk earning lousy
salary, you don’t live in the crummy apartment, you don’t have to worry about bills
and so on, will these motivate you? Of course it will. You will think bigger and in the
same time, grow bigger.

So always remember that you have to envision a positive future. Don’t see yourself as
someone lousy who are earning or living a mediocre life. What is happening to you
now do not mean that it will be the same for you in the next few years. We all have
the same mind, we can think whatever we want, so choose to think something
positive whenever you can.

If you are not leveraging on this powerful tool, you are wasting a lot of your potential
and what you can achieve in your life. Have you ever imagined what you are capable
of in the future? What kind of person you want to be and what kind of financial level
you want to achieve?

You have unlimited potential. It all starts from your mind, your thinking. So always
think positively in every side of your life. This may seem like a mundane and tedious
work, but it is the key to success. Bear in mind, this is one of the ultimate success
strategies that will give you what you want, so practice positive thinking from now on.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

8.0 Dare To Fail

Failure is the mother of all successes. Have you ever heard of this statement? I bet
you do. There are some truth to this statement. As for me, I totally agree that failure
is the thing that will bring you the success that you are looking for.

Let me share one real-life story with you. This guy, a very successful guy, he turned
failure into success. In other words, it is the failure that brings him the success.
Without going through all the failures in his life, it is impossible for him to be in
today’s status.

Take the irrepressible real estate tycoon, Donald Trump (host of ‘The
Apprentice’) as an example. Trump lost his entire fortune when property
prices crashed in the early 1990s during a recession and he ended up $935
million in debt. Down, but not out, Trump hauled himself up from the pits to
triumphantly make a $3.7 billion fortune, all within ten years!

Why didn’t such a crushing failure crush him completely? Because wily Trump
of ‘The Art of The Deal’ fame, knew that he may have lost everything
physically, but his true wealth did not lie in what he has stashed in his bank, it
lay in his mind. It was his way of thinking and his financial intelligence that
was worth billions, and that is what continues to make him a genius in
negotiating the best deals. Of course he does not always win, but with his
multi-million dollar mindset, the comeback is inevitable.

Can you see it now, if it is not for all the failures that Donald Trump faced in his life,
he will not achieve the results he had today. It is because of the failures that had
happened on him that transform him into a billionaire.

What about Michael Jordan? Do you think Michael was born talented in playing
basketball? Not at all. In fact, he is the one that failed the most in basketball, and
that is why he is the best!

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots. I’ve lost almost 300 games. I’ve failed &
over again in my life. And that is why i succeeded.” Michael Jordan

8.1 The More You Fail, The More Successful You Are!

Often, if you are trying to achieve something in your life, you will not be able to
achieve it the first time. Just like if you want to be a millionaire, you are trying hard
to make more money from internet marketing, most people will not achieve it on the
first time. Most people fail in their first attempt.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

However, if you keep on and never give up, you will come across the right strategies
of achieving what you want, and that is why people say that failure is the mother of
all successes. Think about it, there must be a time in your life that you have faced
failure before. Have you ever came across a moment where you failed to achieve
something, but in the end it leads to other better results?

Here is another great inspiring real-life story for you:

Another great example that never fails to inspire me about turning crushing
failure into resounding success is the story of Steve Jobs, the founder and
current CEO of Apple Computers. Steve co-founded Apple at the age of 21 in
1976. Within four years, the company was listed on the stock exchange and
Steve was worth $217 million at the age of 25.

As Apple continued its phenomenal growth, it was decided that professional

management had to be hired to run the huge organization. So in 1983, Steve
hired John Scully to be the CEO. However, within two years, the CEO and
directors at Apple could not get along with Steve Jobs (he was known to be an
erratic and emotional manager) and stripped him of all his duties, forcing him
to resign from the very company he founded in failure and disgrace. To make
things worse, Apple sued Steve for neglecting his duties.

While those in the business world wrote him off, Steve when possessed the
millionaire mindset, took it as a huge learning experience and took the
proactive action of starting a new and better company called NeXT computers.
He believed that he could develop a range of hardware and software that
would be even better than that at Apple. Did he succeed? Undaunted, he again
took the feedback and went on to found Pixar Animation Studios, which
became a huge success in creating the first breakthrough fully digitally
animated movie ‘Toy Story’.

In the meantime, Apple Computer was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1995

after suffering from internal mismanagement and lack of new product
innovation. The company was making losses of $800 million to $1 billion a
year and its share price dropped from a high of $18 to $3.80. Believing that
he could save Apple, Steve Jobs agreed to return as CEO for a nominal pay of
$1 (he was doing it purely for the passion… millionaire habit 5). When Steve
took over, he fired all the unproductive executives and spearheaded the launch
of revolutionary products like the iMac, iPod and iTunes.

The revolutionary operating system (OS) he developed at NeXT was then

evolved into the highly popular Mac OS X. As a result of these successful
products, Apple turned its $1 billion loss into $1.3 billion in profits by 2005.
Its share price rose from $3.80 to a high of $75! Looking back, Steve

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

realized that if he never got fired from Apple, he would never have founded
NeXT and Pixar Animation. If not for Pixar, he would not have become a
pioneer in digital animation and if not for NeXT software he developed, Apple
would never have the Mac OS X operating system that has made Apple a huge
success today.

It is for this reason that many millionaires believe that ‘everything happens for
a reason’ and that ‘adversity is often opportunity in disguise’ provided you
learn from your experience and continue to take consistent action!

So you see, it is the bad events that brought Steve Jobs to what he was today! Now, I
don’t know about you, but for me, everything happens, happen for a reason. If you
are not looking for success-related topic, you will never be reading this post of mine
right now. If you are not committed to success, you will never read until this point.

Even if there is something bad that happened on you, there must be a reason. If you
fail to make more money in your business, take it as a challenge, a challenge given
from god, to test how strong your business is. And if you pass the test, the rewards
are great. Therefore, take life as a challenge. There are a lot of ups and downs in life,
learn how to cope with them and you can achieve much more in your life.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. The point here is, you cannot control
some of the thing that is going to happen on you. For example, the down-turn of
economy, however, you can choose to give the meaning of what the event means to

“Event + Response = Outcome”

What happened to you is not important; the most important thing is how you choose
to react. Just like if you fail in your examination, you can choose to think that it is
your teacher’s fault or you can choose to think that it is because you are lazy and did
not do your revision.

The response you choose will determine your life, not the event that is happening to

8.2 It Doesn’t Mean That You’re Going To Fail Forever

Listen to this story. Sometimes ago, scientist carried out a simple experiment on a
barracuda. They put the barracuda into a big glass aquarium. They began to feed the
barracuda with small fishes. The barracuda would swim towards the small fishes and
in one gulp would swallow the fishes. They continued putting the small fishes into the
glass container as good for the barracuda.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

Then on day the scientist put a glass partition at the center of the glass aquarium.
They put the small fishes into the opposite side of the glass aquarium. As the
barracuda approached to have its food, it would hit against the glass partition. It was
puzzled in the beginning, but it kept on trying.

And it kept on failing and hitting against the glass partition until one day, it stopped
trying. The scientist then removed the glass partition, and the small fishes were
released to swim all over the glass aquarium.

The amazing discovery was that the barracuda did not try to go for the fishes. It has
been conditioned to think that it will only hit against the glass partition. The sad thing
was that, eventually, the barracuda died surrounded with abundance of food.

And the moral of the story? Just like the barracuda most of us will stop ourselves
from trying just because we experienced failures in the past. We will think that since
we failed before, why we should try again since we will probably get the same result.
We prefer to die rather than try, just like the barracuda.

We have been conditioned not to try anymore because of the fear of failure. To be
successful we have to get rid of this limiting belief, and accept a new and
empowering belief, “the future foes not equal the past”.

This is too right; the future will not equal to the past. What’s past is just history, the
future will be different. If you failed before, don’t worry, stand up and try again. It
doesn’t mean that you are going to fail all the time. So don’t get hit by the phobia,
the feeling of afraid to lose again.

Success will not come in the first try. Since from before, we human uses the trial and
error method to achieve success. Which means that if you never fail before, you are
not going to discover how to success.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

9.0 Bonus Section: 8 Quick Motivation Tips For Your Road

To Success
Everyone wants to be successful, they want to achieve their goals and achieve the
things they wanted the most in their life. However, only about 90 percent of people
who actually dream about this makes it come true. So there must be something that
10 percent of people had to be different from the 90 percent. The difference is this;
they know how to motivate themselves into taking action and driving themselves
toward their goals in their road to success.

Therefore, the first thing you need to learn in order to achieve the success you want
is how you can motivate yourself. You must know how to keep yourself at the highest
energy level everyday. Motivation is not a skill; you must motivate yourself everyday,
while for skills, once you acquired them, they will be with you forever. Only by
making driven yourself 'hot', you can achieve amazing results in your life. So here are
10 quick motivation tips for you.

1. Look at your goals and dreams when you are down. I believe that you written
down your dreams and your goals right? So look back at them when you are down.
This is going to supercharge you again because of the reasons. If your reasons are
strong enough, you will be able to overcome everything in your way. Make sure you
write down your why you want to achieve your dreams and goals too.

2. Say something like "Cancel" when you are thinking something negative. I tried this
myself, and it works great. You should try too. Whenever you found out you are
thinking about something negative or focusing on a problem, make sure you disturb
your thinking pattern by doing so. You know that you should focus in solutions, not
the problems. So always do so when the times come.

3. Make a copy of your favorite audio CD with the songs or music that motivates and
driven you. There must be some songs the moment you listened to them, you will feel
driven and wanted to take more action. Make good use of this audio motivation
method to drive you, listen to them when you down to make you hot again.

4. Join a mastermind group. The best way to keep yourself motivated is by changing
your surrounding. And that means, you have to find a mastermind group who shared
the same objectives as you. This group can motivates you by going through or
listening to other people's story. It is easy to join a mastermind group; there are a lot
of online discussion boards, forums and groups waiting for you out there.

5. Smile and laugh more. As you know, living a happy and stress-free life are the
important criteria for a successful life, you must use to them. Have you ever seen
someone who hates to smile and laugh? No matter what jokes you throw at them,

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

they seem no response. This kind of people hardly feels the sense of humor and hard
to get motivated when they are down, because they don't have an open mind.
Therefore, learn to smile and laugh first before you get yourself motivated.

6. Often dream about what you want to achieve. Imagination is the best motivation.
If you know how to make use of your imagination, you can make your dreams come
true, fast. Everything happens twice, once in your mind as somebody's thoughts, and
once in reality. If you can control your thoughts, you can then control your decision
that affects your actions. Everything starts from the inside, which will be your mind.
You either learn to conquer it, or it will conquer you.

7. Make sure you read self-improvement books or material at least 30 minutes

everyday. This is to make sure that you will keep your momentum going. There are a
lot of free newsletter offered in the web, you can subscribe to them and get constant
motivation tips. Motivational blogs are also great for this too, and my blog is one of

8. Get close to the nature. This is what you can do when you feel stressed. Go out and
get a walk, breathe the natural fresh air to free and calm your mind. Sometimes
when you do so, you will find the solutions for your problems. This is because you
have calmed your mind and focus in the solution instead of the problem.

Constant motivation is a must-have process in your road to success. Without

motivation, you will loosen up yourself quick and procrastinate on your action. The
more you procrastinate, the more you use to it and the more you are not going to
achieve what you want in your life.

Remember what you have learned today. Whenever you feel down, make sure that
you use all the strategies mentioned above. You need to keep yourself motivated.
Success is a long-term process and motivation will be your fuel. So keep yourself hot
all the time.

© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

Before you finish this report…

Here is something I would like to share with you. I heard a story many years ago told
to me by my mentor. And this story really had me thinking about my life. This story is
about a professor. One day there was this professor, who was very, very intelligent.
He has about 3 PhDs. He was the dean of a university. A very prestigious man. And
one day this professor he went to a river, he had to cross the river to get to his
university. So he saw a boat and he told the boatmen, boatmen boatman, row me
across the river, so the boatman rows him across the river.

As he is going down the river, this professor was very arrogant. He wanted to show
how smart he was. So he picked up a leaf from the river and he asked the boatman,
boatman, have you ever studied botany? And the boatmen said, “What? Botany?
No.” And the professor said, “Boatman, 25% of your life is gone.” And the boatmen
felt so sad. And he continued rowing the boat.

As he wants further and further downstream. The professor again tested the boatman
and he picked up a stone and said “Boatman, have you ever learnt mineralrology?”
And the boatmen being illiterate, you know what he said? No. and the professor said,
“Boatmen, 50percent of your life is gone.” So the boatman felt really sad and he
continued rowing the boat.

And as he went further and further downstream. Suddenly the professor looked at the
mountains and said “Boatman, have you ever learned geography?” The boat man
said no. And the professor said, “75 percent of your life is gone.” He was so sad and
continued rowing the boat. But suddenly the boat started rowing faster and faster
downstream. And the boat went so fast, that it hit the rapid and the boat was about
to capsize and the boatmen looked at the professor and said, “Professor! Professor!”
“Have you ever learnt swimming in your life?” The professor said no. The boatman
said, “Sorry, 100 percent of your life is gone.”

What’s the moral of the story?

Knowledge and skills like these, success formula, positive thinking, and goal setting
and so on are very important in your life. It is not all about study and gets good
grades in school. You will need more than that if you are serious about success.

So how can you learn all these success skills? I learn from my mentor, Adam Khoo.
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© Copyright 2009 Shawn Lim

Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

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So listen to what I’ve to say now…

Invest In Yourself and Grab Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny

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Ultimate Success Blueprint: Proven Step-By-Step Success Strategies

10.0 Conclusion And Closing

Congratulations! You’ve finished this report. Now, I truly hope that this report really
help you in your life and is able to transform and change your life. I hope all the
information I share with you in this report inspire you and at the same time, motivate
you into taking more action to make your dreams come true.

I’m a strong believer of the Golden Rule of Life, “Do not do unto others what you do
not want others to do unto you.” So if you feel that this report help you a lot and you
would like to spread it, go ahead and do so, share with your friends who you think
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You can also print out this report and read it, share it with your colleagues, your
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I hope to listen to your comment about this report…
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This is all for this report. I’ll see you around… Best of luck.

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