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Untuk soal nomor 1 sampai dengan nomor 50, pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang saudara
anggap paling tepat diantara pilihan yang tersedia.
I. Pilih jawaban yang paling benar
1. The North Olate River -------from Wyoming into Nebraska.
a. It flowed
b. Flows
c. Flowing
d. With flowing water
Ans: b
2. ------Biloxi received its name from a Sioux word meaning “first people”
a. The city of
b. Locate in
c. It is in
d. The tour included
Ans: a
3. A pride of lions -----up to ferty lions, including one to three males, several
females and cubs.
a. Can contain
b. It contains
c. Contain
d. Containing
Ans: a
4. ----- tea plant are small and white.
a. The
b. On the
c. Having flowers the
d. The flowers of the
Ans: d
5. The tetrachnes ---- antibiotics, are used to treat infections.
a. Are a family of
b. Being a family
c. A family of
d. Their family
Ans: c
6. Any possible academic assistance from taking stimulanis ----- marginal at best.
a. It is
b. That is
c. Is
d. As
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Ans: c
7. Henry Adams born in Boston, -----famous as a novelist
a. Became
b. And became
c. He was
d. And the became
Ans: a
8. -----show the relations among neurons, they do not preclude the possibility that
when aspecs are important.
a. Neoral theories
b. A neural theories
c. Although neural theories
d. However neural theories
Ans: c
9. During free fall, ----up to a full minute, a skydiver will fall at a constant
a. It is
b. Which is
c. Being
d. Is
Ans: a
10. ----in the first draft ofthe budget will not necessarily be in final draft
a. although it appears
b. it appears
c. what appears
d. despite its appearance
Ans: c
11. Until ------incorect, astronomers had assumed that the insidesof white award
were uniform.
a. They
b. Recenly proven
c. Their proof
d. The astronomers recenly proven
Ans: b
12. When -----nests during spring nesting season Canadageese are fiercely
a. Built
b. Building
c. Are building
d. Are built
Ans: b
13. Located behind -----the two lacrimal glands
a. Each eyelid
b. Is each eyelid
c. Each eyelid are
d. Each eyelid which is
Ans: c
14. -----Hale Telescope, at thepalomar Observatory in southern California,
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scientists can photograph objects several billion light years away.
a. The
b. With the
c. They use the
d. It is the
Ans: b
15. Among bees ----a highly elaborate form of communication
a. Occur
b. Occurs
c. Is occurs
d. They occurs
Ans: b
16. -----heated by solar energy have special collectors on the roofs to trap
a. Homes
b. A home is
c. A home
d. Homes are
Ans: a
17. Vitamin C is necessary for the prevention and ----- of scurvy
a. It cures
b. Cure
c. Cures
d. For curing
Ans: b
18. Because bone loss accurs earlier in women than -----, the effects of
osteoporosis are more apparent in women.
a. As men
b. In men
c. Similar to men
d. Men do
Ans: b
19. The use of detail is -----method of developing a controlling idea, and almost
all students employ this method
a. That most common
b. Common
c. More common
d. Most common
Ans: b
20. The speed of lights is -----the speed of sound.
a. Faster
b. Much faster than
c. One fastest
d. As fast
Ans: b
21. Each object ------jupiter’s magnetic field is deluged with electrical charges.
a. Enters
b. It enter
c. Entering
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d. Enter
Ans: c
22. ----discused by the board of directors when it was proposed agaun by the
a. The problems had already
b. The problem is already
c. The problem had already been
d. The problem has already
Ans: a
23. A tornado is a violently relating columns of air -----along a narrow path on
the ground for a relativity brief period of time.
a. It moves
b. When it moves
c. That moves
d. And moving
Ans: c
24. Her feve is ----to ignors
e. High too much
f. Too much high
g. Too high
h. So high
Ans: c
25.The La Brea tarpits, located in hancock park in the Los Angeles are, have proven
to be an extremely fertile source od Ice Age Fossils. Apparently, during the period
of the Ice Age, the tarpits were covered by shallow pools of water, when animals
came there to drink, they got caught in the sticky tar and perished. The tar not
only trapped the animals, leading to their death, but also served as a remarkably
effective preservant, allowing near perfect skeletons to remain hidden until yhe
present area.
In 1906, the remains of a huge prehistoric bear discovered in the tarpits
alerted archeologists to the potensial trasure lying within the tar. Since the
thousands and thousands of well-preserved skeleton have been uncovered, including
the sekeleton of camels, horses, wolves, tigers, slots, and dinosaurs.
which of the following is NOT true about the La Brea tarpits?
a. They contain fossils that are quite old
b. They are found in Hancock park
c. They have existed since the Ice age
d. They ae located under a swimming pool
Ans: d
26. The pronoun “they” in line 3 refers to
a. The La Brea arpits
b. Ice Age fossils
c. Shallow pools of water
d. animals
Ans: d
27. According to the passage, how did the Ice Age animals die?
a. The water poisoned them
b. They got stuck in the tar
c. They were attacked by other animals
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d. They were killed by hunters
Ans: b
28. When did archeologists become aware of the possible value of the contents of
the tarpits?
a. During the Ice Age
b. Thousands and thousands of years ago
c. Early in the twentieth century
d. Within the past decade
Ans: c
29. Manic depression is another psychiatric illness that mainly effects the mood.
A patient suffering from this disease will alternate between periods of manic
excitement and extreme depression with or without relatively normal periods in
between. The cange in mood suffered by a manic depressive patient go far beyond the
day to day change experienced by the geneal population. In the period of manic
excitement, the mood elevation can become so intense that it can result extended
insomania,extreme irritability, and heightened aggressiveness. In the period of
depression, which way last for severals weeks or months, a patient experiences
feelings of general fatigue, uselessness,and in serious cascs, may contemplete
The paragraph preceding this passage most probably discuss
a. When manic depression develops
b. Now manic depression can resultan suicide
c. Now moods are determined
d. A different type of mental disease
Ans: d
30. The main topic of this passage is
a. Various psychiatric illnesses
b. How depression affects the mood
c. The mood changes of manic depressions
d. The intense periods of manic excitement
Ans: c
31. The passage indicates that most people
a. Become highly depressed
b. Switch wildly from highs to lows
c. Experiance occasional shifts in mood
d. Never undergo mood changes
Ans: c
32. The passage implies that
a. Change from excitement to depression occur frequently and often
b. Only manic depressive patients experience aggression
c. The depressive phase of this disease can be more harmful than the manic phase
d. Suicide is invetible in cases of manic depression
Ans: c
33. According the passage, a manic depressive patient in a manic phase would be
a. Unhappy
b. Angry
c. Highly emotional
d. Patient
Ans: a
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34. Blood plasma is a clear, almost colorless liquid. It consits of blood from
which the red and while blood cells have been removed. It is often used in
transfusions because a patient generally needs the plasma portion of the blood more
than the other components.
Plasma differs in several important ways from whole blood. First of all, plasma
can be mixed for all donors and does not have to be from the right blood group, as
whole blood does. In addition, plasma can be dried and stored, while whole blood
All of the following are true about blood plasma EXCEPT
a. It is deeply colored liquid
b. Blood cells have been taken out of it
c. Patients are often transfused with it
d. It is generally more important to the patient than other parts of whole blood.
Ans: a
35. which of the following is NOT stated about whole blood?
a. It is different from plasma
b. It cannot be dried
c. It is impossible to keep it in storage for a long time
d. It is a clear, colorless liquid
Ans: d
36. Jenny was among the few sudents who will be selected to
lead the

commandement exercise

a. a
b. b
c. c
d. d
Ans: A
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