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Kayla Jones
M. Gillies
Art 196

Local Art Essay

Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight
-Orhan Pamuk
The success of contemporary artist Kristye Dudley is easily justified by any one of her
many works of art. Each creation can be found with its own unique expression as she creates
energy and emotion in each single stroke. In fact, many her paintings are created in a style which
bypasses the traditional paint brush altogether. Using the palette knife; the artist can create depth
and texture enhancing various impressionistic effects. For example, her series of dancers uses
this method as it creates movement, energy, and value. The faceless figures in the paintings with
their multicolored hair and dress allowing the imagination to place any face there. Using this
effect; enhances the possibility of escape. In the paintings Flying High, (figure 1) Cheerful
Heart, (figure 2) and The Soloist (figure 3) the artist uses the color scheme and strategic
placement making each title perfectly illustrated. Together, the hues, textures, image, and style
total to become an elaborate display which speaks most clearly in a language all its own.
The first of the three paintings Flying High (fig. 1) and Cheerful Heart (fig 2) are
both images which contain significant amounts of energy and emotion. The painting, Flying
High, attracts an audience with its bright, warm, yellow and orange hues. The color yellow has
many meanings; here it is used as a symbol of happiness and excitement. The atmosphere also
contains many intentional strokes around the leaping figure creating the major display of

Jones 2
movement here. The white material the woman is holding flows behind her in a trail; thus,
suggesting the previous movements she may have made prior to the image being captured. In
combination, the gravity defying hair and body also enhance the realistic quality of the dancers
movement. The color white also has many meanings; in this case, displaying rebirth or renewal.
The dancer appears to be facing whomever may be looking which adds the sense of pride; as if
the dancer may have something accomplished or obstacle which she has overcome to be proud
of. Any interpretation of this painting can hardly veer away from happiness and joy. Which
brings me to the next painting, Cheerful Heart. The deep indigo and violet create a calming
atmosphere around the leaping dancer. Which leaves it up to her hair to create the movement as it
whips around the figure. The figure appears weightless and juxtaposed in a most simple yet
powerful sight. Her yellow dress seems most brightly pictured and from the title, one can assume
the dancer here is rather meek and timid. Therefore, amidst all the calm and stillness the figure
most discreetly expresses her true inner self. The hair with its electric hue; similar to that of a
blue flame. The blue flames is always the smallest, yet, it is always the hottest. The dancer is
probably a quiet soul with a bright and meaningful fire within; and to anyone allowed the
opportunity to witness will find beauty, simply astonishing. Still, the woman appears in her own
moment of happiness, cares not what anyone else is thinking as she moves about in motions
which make her to feel good inside.
In the painting titled The Soloist the image contrasts with the two previously
mentioned. The silhouette of this dancer is in a dark shadow with the exception of the lower legs
and one arm. The exceptions to the shadow cast upon the figure are no accident; in fact, these are
the very images of movement within this painting. The title translates as a single person
performing alone; the image is fit as the atmosphere of white light encompasses the figure.

Jones 3
Perhaps, the artist has been on stage before since the image most successfully captures this
moment. The spotlight shines brightly upon the dancer and contains a valuable expression with
its static energy. At first glance, with the initial thoughts of the dark shadow; possibilities range
from sadness to shame. However, a later reflection develops as the title is most truly present
within the image capturing this dancer in her performance. A moment most authentic and
completely captured for the viewer.
Kristye Dudley is a local artist, yet, she has traveled to many places; together with, many
great accomplishment with much success. Her many talents range from cheerleading and
dancing, to wife and mother, and artist. Her passion for the dance is exclaimed in each one of her
paintings featuring movements of dancing characters. Some may believe these works of art
wouldnt be as powerful without the effects of depth, created by the technique using the palette
knife. Others, find the significance of the texture would be too incomplete without the specific
choices and placement of color. These same images, once recreated on a grayscale; convey little
meaning and hardly any message. The dull grey version is by far incomparable to that of the
images in color. The value of these works is only complete with the full effects the artist has
chosen to use. As an audience gazes into each image, the opportunity for escape from the worries
or stress of daily life are truly endless and available with the beautiful invitation captured with
each energetic display.

Without atmosphere, a painting is nothing


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Flying High

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A Cheerful Heart

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The Soloist

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