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March 2010

Parent Newsletter
A Note From the Principal ~ Ms. Cristy Perry
St. AnnE-School has truly been blessed this year! Our students
have accomplished amazing things including a play for Black His-
tory Month, making sandwiches for the food pantry, learning about
their responsibilities as a Christian citizen, and growing in faith and
love. Everyday our students pray for you and all those who support
St. AnnE-School, just as you pray for us. As a principal, I under-
stand how important your prayers and support are. Without a lov-
ing and generous parish, committed parents, giving teachers, and
caring friends, none of this would be possible. Please continue to Inside this issue
keep us in your prayers as we make our way through the last quar-
Little Lambs.......................... 1
ter of the school year. In May, we will again say goodbye to our 8th
Cookie Dough ....................... 2
graders as they venture out into the world to become who God
Casual Day ............................ 2
wants them to be, and they will perhaps need our prayers more
Resurrection Eggs ................. 2
than ever. I am so proud of the growth that each one has shown!
Attendance Reminder ........... 3
Check out our school calendar on our website, and join us for any
St. Patrick’s Day .................... 3
of the events listed. We will also be adding to our school next year!
Birthdays .............................. 4
Below is an exciting announcement about St. Anne’s Little Lambs
Notables ............................... 4
new Preschool. As always, I welcome your comments and sug-
gestions and encourage you to call, email, or stop by any time to
see the great things going on at St. AnnE-School!
Important Dates

3/1 Dixon Gallery Art Class for

grades 4-6
New Preschool Opening August 2010! 3/2 Jump Rope for Heart

• 3 and 4 Year Olds 3/4 Good Touch/Bad Touch

3/5 7th Grade Retreat

• Year-round
3/8-3/12 Spring Break

• Preschool Hours 3/17 St. Patrick’s Day

8:30am-2:30pm with 3/18 Casual Day for Leukemia

extended care
3/19 End of 3rd Quarter
3/23 Career Day

• Creative Hands-On 3/25 PTO Meeting

Curriculum 3/26 Honor Roll and Awards

Mass with Open House
• More information coming soon! Call Ms. Perry with questions. 3/30 Resurrection Eggs
Spunkmeyer Casual Day for Leukemia Foundation
Cookie Dough On Thursday, March 18, we
is Back! will have a casual day for
the Leukemia Foundation.
We will start There is a cost of $1 to be
our Cookie in casual clothes, but all donations above $1 are also
Dough Fund- appreciated.
raiser on March
18 through
April . For each Resurrection Eggs
5 tubs sold,
your name goes Resurrection Eggs are a terri-
into a drawing fic way to share the Easter
for a 22inch flat story of Jesus' resurrection
screen TV!! with our children. Each egg
There will be contains a piece of paper de-
other prizes, scribing the Bible verse that
too! More infor- depicts part of the Easter
mation to story. For example, the first
come! egg will have the verse Mat-
thew 26:26, “While they were
eating Jesus took a piece of bread, gave a prayer of
thanks, broke it, and gave it to His disciples. ‘Take and
eat it,’ He said, ‘This is My body.” The students then try
to find the teacher that has the bread that goes into
the egg. The students collect all 12 eggs with Bible
verses and objects creating a complete Easter story.
Attendance Reminder

This is a reminder that you must come inside the school to sign your child in if he
or she arrives after 7:50am. This security step is very important and information
about this can be found on page 25 of the School Handbook. The principal goes
downstairs at 7:50 for prayers and may not see a student who enters late. If the
parent has not signed him or her in, we have no record that the student has entered the school.
Additionally, each tardy that a student earns counts as 1/3 of an absence. Absences in excess of
30 days may result in a student repeating a grade.

Let my teaching fall like rain and my words like dew, like showers
on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. Deuteronomy 32:2

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick was born in Scotland in 387. He was cap-

tured around age 14 during a raiding party and taken
to Ireland as a slave to tend sheep. There he learned
the language and ways of the Irish people. He also
found a love and devotion to God during his captivity.
At age 20, Patrick escaped to the coast where sailors
took him back to Britain to his family.
Patrick began his studies for the priesthood and
eventually was ordained a bishop. He became the
Bishop of Ireland and moved back to the country
where he had been a slave for 6 years.
He traveled all over Ireland for 40 years converting
people and sharing the love of God. He is famous for
building many churches all throughout Ireland.
The shamrock is associated with St. Patrick because he used this three-leafed
plant to teach about the trinity.
PTO News
The PTO will hold an auction at the next meeting on Thursday,
March 25 at 6:00pm. If you have an item you would like to do-
nate to the auction, please bring it to the office. Last year’s auc-
Birthdays in February tion was a wonderful success, so please help make this one just
as fantastic. There are sure to be a lot of great finds!
6th Grade PTO will be hosting a very light breakfast for the Alumni Open
Shelby, March 17 House on Friday, March 26. If you would like to help, please call
Mrs. Letty at the office 323-1344.
5th Grade
McKenna, March 1
Notables– Top Left Clockwise– Mrs. Ahlers’ students
4th Grade read A Pocket Full of Kisses—Clarion reads at mass
Travis, March 8 before the 8th Grade retreat—Haven gets ready to give
the opening talk at the 8th grade retreat
Shauntelle, March 17
Ocean, March 23
George, March 30

3rd Grade
Camille, March 24

Sr. Ancilia, March 8
Miss Melgosa, March 12

St. Anne Catholic School

670 S. Highland St.
Memphis, TN 38111

Phone (901) 323-1344

Fax (901) 458-5215

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