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Bartlett Recreation Department

P.O. Box 363
Bartlett. NH 03812
603-374- 1 952
E-mail : rcqhanl ettl'{rhorma
Website : rl-u n'.





Approx. 8:30 AM - received call from Stephen Libbl from Precinct Field that he arrived
to discover that the grade stakes and caution tape had been removed. A ferl rieeks prior
(october 13 r.r,e had replaced several of the grade stakes that were removed.
9:00 AM I make calls to the selectmen Jon Tangual'(recreation department
representative) with no ans\\'er and message left. Doug Garlancl was also cailed with no
answer- message left.
Earl Mederios u,'as called as well to see if he might have remor,ed them for some reason.

9:30 I leave for Bartlett fiom

lVladison ro replace the stakes and ribbons.


411 call made

I make a 4l i call to get the number for the Bartlett Police Department. The Sherriff
office takes a message to have the PD call me and what thc ref.erence \\'as.


I made a call to Travis Chick to

see about the

snon fencing. Tra',,is is not available.

Call w'aiting rings in- Bartlett PD Olficer Chery'l l-orision is informed about what has
happened. M1'request to them is to talk to him and adr,ise that the stakes and ribbons w,ill
so back un.

I called Stephen to advise him that the police have been notified and that I am on mv


S'hen I arrive in Bartlett. I go to the Precinct Field to check in and then

_eo across the
street on the chance that mal'be Jeny McManus of Bartlett Sen,ice Center misht
seen someone remove the stakes.. He said that he saw Mr. Furlong remove thJ
stakes and
that they'tried to take a picture but only had a camera phone.
The police arrive and talk to Mr. Furlong. The officer then comes o\,'er to the
field to talk
to me, she relal's that Mr. Furlong admitted to the removal of the stakes. The officer
stated that there vn'as nothing that she could do because it is a civil matter. Mr. Furlong
makes an appearance at this point and states in front of the ofTlcer that 'he r.rill remor,e.
go through. or take dou.n u.hate' I put up'

Accused me of not w'orking with him. etc. etc.. He also claims that Abenaki had some
sort of campground on the propertv at one time and there w,as a road that r.,r.ent around the
entire perimeter.. He said he did not understand wht'I riould \\ant to put him out of

I asked if he had received his letter that access is no longer an option through or on the
propertv for his business or rental.. He reluctantly' said yes. onlv after I mentioned that it
r.r'as hand delivered by'the police.
I told him that I n'ould gir e him till Fridal,'. November 7 in front of the Selectmen ro
provide his documentation that he has an easement to the propert)'.. He stated that he
w'ould not be available. I said. that was the date I w'ould extend to and that he needed to
be there to provide his documentation.. I u'ould call the Selectmen's office Mondal
morning to set up a meeting time. The officer is mv u'itne ss to this statement and I stated
that prior to m)' offer to him,
I then asked him to lear,'e. he continued. the officer asked him to leave.
Mr. Furlong next took his lbur *'heeler and trailer over rvhat is considered
mV green space. and over the burm that w'as created to keep the r.rater from his nronerr'
and irar,eling onto the roadu,a1, of the field. He does nor ,r. i; .;;;;;, ;;;;;;;:;;;
his (which is blocked fiom entry') but insists on riding over u,hat was once green space.

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