Subversive Skull Cap

This pattern uses the skull and crossbones cable found here. The cap is worked in the round on two circular needles using Cascade 220. I call it the Subversive Skull Cap because the pattern is not evident at a glance. Lots of people tell me how “Pretty” the cables are until I point out the skulls. You may use this pattern free of charge. Do not replicate any part of the pattern or chart, or make caps for sale without permission from the author.

Detail of skull face created by working chart twice in a row.

Some notes about the cable pattern:  The cable is worked in the round from the lower right hand corner upwards. I have never tried working it back and forth. If you try it, let me know how it works out.  The increases are all knit or purled into the bumps of the next stitch. On rows 6 and 22 there are two purlwise increases in a row. I knit one into the bump of the knit stitch before and one into the bump before the next knit stitch.  The cable chart is centered on the crossbones as you can see in this photo. To get the skull effect, you will need to knit the chart at least two times in a row.  The cables cross at rows 9 and 25. You will put three stitches on a holder and place in front of your work. Knit three and then knit three from the holder.  The cap is knit for an average head size 22. To knit other sizes, you will need to measure to recipient’s head and divide by 5. You will need to knit 20 stitches into whatever measurement you get. For a child’s size, I go down two needle sizes and use a dk weight yarn. For a larger adult size, you will need to go up at least one needle size and use a bulkier yarn.  You will need to work 40 stitches on one needle and 60 stitches on the other needle. On the first round of the chart pattern, you will need to place one marker after 20 stitches on the first needle and after 20 and 40 stitches on the second needle. Subversive Skull Cap Pattern: Materials needed: Size US 6 and US 8 circular needles (two of each). 1 skein Cascade 220 yarn 3 Stitch markers Guage: 20 stitches, 32 rows over 4 inches. Directions: With smaller needles, CO 100. Join in the round, making sure you don’t twist the row. Work 15 rows in 1x1 rib.

Switch to larger needles, putting 40 stitches on one needle and 60 stitches on the other. *(Work first row of the chart) Repeat five times. Row 2 through 32: Continue working chart from bottom up, repeating five times for each row of the cap. (You will have five repeats side by side and one complete chart from bottom up). Start decreases: *(SSK after each stitch marker) repeat each row until 5 stitches remain on needles. Pull yarn through last five stitches. Knot and weave in ends. Blocking is very important for this pattern. I washed the cap and blocked it on a size 3 soccer ball. Try to find something similar that matches the recipient’s head size. I find bowls stretch out the ribbed edge too much.

Copyright ShannonAnn 2008

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