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Psychometric Tests

Careers that you will excel in...

If the world is a better place, it is because of people like you.

You will do well to pursue careers that tap into your innate
compassionate and nurturing nature.

Those harboring your choices are destined to travel a humanitarian path. Your kinds of individuals make great
diplomats, environmentalists, veterinarians, teachers, judges, social workers, nuns, priests and healers.
A sophisticated individual, you are very selfless and are often patient, trustworthy and honorable from the
very beginning to the end of your careers. Your moral values, compassion and generosity are often your

You are willing to take on great responsibilities in the name of justice which include fighting for the underdog.
You believe you will get your rewards in heaven for good deeds done on earth. It is also not unusual for you
to give up all of your material possessions for the common good and start up humanitarian enterprises.

You also express your deep understanding of life through painting, writing, music or other art forms. Many
also become mystics, channelers, light workers and alternative healers.

Your demeanor is best suited to the healing and care giving professions. Your sensitive natures tend to be
completely trampled in traditional, competitive business environments and it would be better for you to stay
in a quasi corporate setting at all times.

You make friends very easily, serve as great listeners and can make others feel better just with a simple pat
on the hand. You may feel at times your eagerness to help and your generosity has been misused or abused
by people around you.

Usually you are likely to be an individual who is very trustworthy and honorable, and one unlikely to harbor
any sort of prejudice. Obviously, this is a rather tall order, but you are, in fact, a person that feels very deeply
for individuals less fortunate than yourself, and if you are in a position to help, you certainly will.

For you life is centered around a very selfless attitude and the giving up of material possessions for the
common good. You possess extremely compassionate tendencies and the desire to help others, especially the
troubled or underprivileged, is strong.

Many people are easily attracted to your magnetic, open personality. You have a special gift of understanding
people, which if used correctly can be of great benefit to others. People just naturally like you because you
are so sympathetic, tolerant and broad-minded.

Material gains are not overly important to you and although you will be sufficiently endowed with a hard
working nature and will be blessed with highly fortunate streaks in your career, you are likely to invest a lot of
your money in philanthropic engagements around the world.

Another potential avenue for you in terms of career is being engaged in philosophical or educational issues of
some sort. You are well suited to the teaching profession and are likely to occupy a high position in your
career. You are articulate and intelligent and will never be short of friends and supporters for long.

As a worker, you are also attracted to jobs that involve extensive meeting and travelling with people. You will
do well in a job that makes travel will feature prominently in your life and you could spend several years
living and working abroad.

Psychometric Tests
Careers that you will excel in...

You have high aspirations and like to mingle with the famous, successful or wealthy. You are also well
organized and have a high energy level. One of your lifelong passions is the want to make the world a better
place in which to live. You are a humanitarian and universalist who thinks in abstract terms.

Through your responsive reaching out to the world, you become a beacon for others. You have an urge for
freedom and wisdom that transcends personal needs. You have an extremely sympathetic and compassionate
nature and will be drawn to you for your deep and broad understanding.

Because of your openness, your psychic abilities are well developed. Foresight, premonitions and predictions
flow from you with ease. Your thinking is vast and without limits. You have very strong emotions and feelings.
You could evolve a new philosophy for humanity.

For anyone who needs your wisdom and guidance, you are openhanded because you realize knowledge
belongs to those who seek it. You are generous and idealistic. Charitable work is close to your heart and you
are likely to be a patron of the arts and sciences too.

Psychometric Tests
Careers that you will excel in...

What makes an Ideal Career?

Career choices may well be more difficult today than at any time in history, for a myriad of reasons. There is
infinitely more to choose from, career definitions are more fluid and changing and the levels of expectation
are rising. Most men and women entering the workforce today can expect to change careers three or more
times during their working lives.

What's really important to you? What turns you on? What do you like to do so much that you would almost
feel guilty getting paid to do it? These questions are designed to help you get at one of the key elements in
career choice.

Your values are the emotional anchor of all that you do. Satisfying careers are built upon the notion of a high
correspondence between one's personal values and the work they will be doing.

A skill is something you've learned to do. A talent is something you've been born with, or at least that you
seem naturally qualified to do. It's important to recognize the difference between the two. You may be skilled
at something and still not find it interesting. Chances are, however, if you are naturally talented at something,
there will be a correspondence between that particular talent and your values. Put another way: you are more
apt to enjoy doing what you do well naturally than what you have simply been taught to do.

From early on, we approach the world with certain personal preferences--how we perceive others, how we
think and make decisions, whether we prefer concepts over people or vice versa, and the extent to which we
are comfortable with uncertainty in our lives. For many, these preferences operate at a subconscious level,
but they strongly influence the way we function with others.

Many people lose their jobs and scuttle their careers because they have gradually developed tunnel vision
about who and what they are and what their capabilities are. In today’s mad rat race, learn as much as you
can about what interests you and about the jobs and careers you’re considering, not just what those involved
are currently doing, but about where the industry or profession is heading.

If you carefully read the questions in this test, you'll note a pattern of emphasis upon upon your values,
skills, talents and preferences. To this end we hope taking this psychometric test as a self-assessing instru-
ment will help you clarify issues regarding your ideal career. Your answers to these questions can tell you
much about the kinds of work you will find interesting and challenging.

In the meanwhile, just keep going at your goal with absolute certainty, be sure of the general direction in
which you are heading and we are sure that you WILL get there. That's what modern day career direction is
all about.

Psychometric Tests
Careers that you will excel in...

How this Test is Scored

This test is broadly divided into 3 sections, each of them designed to test a specific element about your
psyche and inner value system that gears you to take certain decisions when choosing a good career.

After considering a plethora of formulae, we have been able to broadly define specific types that cover all
professional domains. We are in constant process of upgrading and re-modeling the tests to make the same
more accurate.

However it needs to be mentioned, that each individual is unique and in-spite of all cutting edge resources
that have been invested in these tests, they reports are to be considered more as guidelines than an exact
and infallible advise.

Here’s a broad based explanation of the different sections :

Section I :

This section aims at hitting at the very core of our inner personality. What type of environment we prefer,
what kind of person we are, what tastes and preferences we may have and what is that essential ingredient
or quirk which turns us on or can grossly put us off!

Section II :

This section attempts to analyze what kind of worker we are, our working styles and how well we get along
with the teamwork ideal, whether we are a Clint Eastwood type lone ranger or an all man driving team
person. It also reminds us that neither of the approaches as wrong or right and guides us towards strategies
for adopting the best of both worlds.

Section III:

This section attempts to analyze what kind of capabilities a person might have irrespective of what profession
he or she might be in for eg We may be Picasso in an engineer’s shoes!. This section gives us a realigned look
at what latent capabilities we may have and helps us to be appreciative of the fact that even though we may
have other capabilities, our energies may not be ideally aligned.

For Example

Which appeals to you more?

• Consistency of thought
• Harmonious relationships
• Fact of the matter
• Results and not efforts

Choice A on the same could indicate you form more of the Mathematical & Calculative Career Type, Choice B
The Compassionate & Nurturing Career Type, Choice C The Eccentric & Creative Career Type and Choice…etc.

And Another

How would you best describe yourself?

• A dreamer
• A conversationalist
• A person who loves to work with figures
• A hands on person

Choice A on the same could indicate you form more of The Eccentric & Creative Career Type, Choice B The
Compassionate & Nurturing Career Type, Choice C The Mathematical & Calculative Career Type and Choice

We hope our analysis has been helpful as much as it has been insightful.
We wish you all the best with your career.
The Team