MINUTES OF MEETING @ BURGO’S SHED MONDAY 26TH October 2009 PRESENT: Peter Auty, Judy Baker, Julie Bateman

, John Burgess, Annie Robertson, Ric Stubbings APOLOGIES: Nil 1. Statewide Recovery Plan was received on October 16th with a visit to Flowerdale Primary School by the PM Kevin Rudd, the Premier John Brumby, Bill Shorten, and chair of Red Cross Pat McNamara. FRC Action: Reconciliation Document (tabled) was emailed to VBRRA this morning. Status Report: (Tabled) Latest edition was sent last week. Transport on Red. Economy on Yellow. Everything else is on Green. FRC is looking forward to becoming more informed about the Urban Land Use Plan. Received letter from Darrell Treloar 16th October (tabled and read) re funding for CRCs for the next 18 months. Letter outlined the extent of funding and the process for acquiring funds is being worked upon by the MSC. (FRC suggests that the first item of expenditure should be on a good notice board to be located at the Hazeldene Store.) Received letter from Darrell Treloar 1st October, on behalf of the MBRRC, re: Terms of Reference. CRCs have a month respond, the month ending 31st October. FRC are very pleased with this “turn around” as we did push for negotiation in the meeting here attended by Darrell Treloar. Community House Project: is well under way. Work Engine is in full swing. JB has met with Rob Croxford.




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Received a letter from Leanne Pleash. Letter reported on a meeting she had with Global Care re issues at Village with. Some of the issues which exist have been rectified. Moores Road Project. Schools camp participation has been postponed. John has meeting on Wednesday with Kinglake Ranges as a guest speaker. Pete & John attended a meeting with Mahoney Kiely around what our Community wants to do re: 07.02.2010. Discussions started and funding issues being investigated.

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10. Ric: Sally Abbott-Smith contacted re $20 000 stimulus package grant for the Cheviot Ward.


Ric: re Funding. Need to report to Dept of Justice re distributions of funds from Flowerdale Relief Fund. FRC agreed that we write back explaining that the Fund is controlled by the Community and that we want to wait until the end of the funding process before deciding how to disperse monies.

12. Julie: a. Seeking addresses of FRC members for Kim Fawcus. b. re CFA Fundraiser organised by Russell Pitt. An amount of $4400 is needed to fund this evening. Grants for this project have not been forthcoming to date. The question now is: “who should fund this evening”? FRC wants to support this event, but feel that we need more lead in time to make the event work. Julie to negotiate with Russell. c. Julie is doing is doing a Community Newsletter Interim Update. d Meeting with Joan Archbold this Thursday. e. Fire Safety Meeting Flyer has been sent out to all ratepayers. f. Halloween disco is cancelled. 13. Judy: Two Community Safety Meetings have taken place. Drafts have been put together and amended. Before final Draft is made a tour of the Flowerdale Valley is being organised so that places of concern etc are taken into account. Ric will then do the mapping for the plan. Timeline: approximately another month or longer, as the CFA wants to look into all aspects of Community Safety for Flowerdale. CFA is aware that the Plan needs to be simple, effective and presented in lay-mans terms. FRC suggestion that the Plan be taken to Flowerdale street by street to get it out to people and the document be tabled as a continuous and permanent “work in progress”. Re Creek: Judy has rung Ross Roycroft, Pat Cowman, Julie Bateman, (Ray Butterworth still to be contacted) re meeting about the creek. Circus Oz performance at Flowerdale Rec Reserve on Saturday 7th November. 100 tickets to FPS. 50 tickets to Flowerdale Kinder, 50 tickets to FRC (of which 25 will be used and 25 will be handed to the Hub for community allocation) and 150 to the Hub. Hub Tickets available 57802704. Meeting Ended: 9.31pm
MENU Marinated Chicken Skewers (cooked on the BBQ) with salads in Pita Roll-ups (thanks Burgo & Anna) Chrismont King Valley Shiraz 2005 (thanks Ric)


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