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Powers & Attributes (Spirit Legions

Name Rank True Appearance

1 Bael King Cat, or Toad, or Man. Invisibility. (66)
Agares or Old Man on a Crocodile, Makes people Run; returns Runaways.
2 Duke
Agreas carrying a Goshawk. (31)
Old Man on a Crocodile, Reveals things Past & Future; Discovers
3 Vassago Prince
carrying a Goshawk. the Hidden & Lost. (26)
Samigina or Liberal Sciences; Accounts Dead Souls
4 Marquis Horse, or Ass.
Gamigin that Died with Sin. (30)
Reveals Truths & Hidden Things; Causes
5 Marbas President Lion. & Cures Diseases; Wisdom in Mechanical
Arts; Changes Men to Other Shapes. (36)
6 Valefor Duke Lion with Ass's head. Tempts people to Steal. (10)
Wolf with Serpent's tail,
vomiting Fire, or Man with Reveals things Past & Future; Creates &
7 Amon Marquis
Raven's Head (& Solves Feuds. (40)
sometimes Dog's Teeth).
Teaches the Language of Birds & Other
Creatures; Reveals the Hidden Treasures
Accompanied by 4 Kings &
8 Barbatos Duke of Magicians; Knows things Past &
their Troops.
Future; Reconciles Friends with Those in
Power. (30)
Crowned Man upon a Teaches Art & Science & Secret Things.
9 (attended by King
Camel. (25)
Labal & Abali)
Teaches Philosophy & Logic; Heals
10 Buer President Saggitarius.
Distempers. (50)
Reveals things Past & Present & Future;
11 Gusion Duke Xenophilus. Reconciles Friends; Gives Honour &
Dignity. (40)
Leopard's head & Inflames people with Love; Causes them
12 Sitri Prince
Gryphon's wings. to go Naked. (60)
Beleth or
Rides a Pale Horse
13 Bileth or King Causes Love. (85)
attended by Trumpets.
Leraje or
Causes Wars & Battles; Putrifies Wounds
14 Leraikha or Marquis Archer clad in Green.
made by Arrows. (30)
Knows things Future; Knows Wars & how
Knight carrying a Lance,
15 Eligos Duke Soldiers will Meet; Causes the Love of
Ensign, & Serpent.
Lords & Great People. (60)
Soldier clad in Red with
16 Zepar Duke Causes Women to Love Men. (26)
Viper or Man with Great
President Reveals things Past & Future; Reconciles
17 Botis Teeth & Horns, carrying a
& Earl Friends & Foes. (60)
Strong Man with Serpent's Gives Knowledge of Herbs & Stones;
18 Bathin Duke Tail, sitting upon a Pale Transports People suddenly from one
Horse. Country to another. (30)
Sallos or Soldier wearing a Crown, Causes Men and Women to Love one
19 Duke
Saleos riding a Crocodile. another. (30)
Man with Lion's face, Knows things Hidden; Discovers
20 Purson King carrying a Viper, riding a Treasure; Reveals the Past Present &
Bear. Future. (22)
Earl & Teaches Astronomy & Liberal Sciences;
21 Marax Bull with Man's face.
President Herbs & Stones. (30)
Earl & Angel with Lion's head, Knows things Past Present & Future;
22 Ipos
Prince Goose's foot, & Hare's tail. Makes Men Witty & Bold. (36)
Handsome Man with 3
Heads (Serpent, Man with 2
Makes people Witty & answers Private
23 Aim Duke stars on Forehead, & Calf),
matters Truly. (26)
riding a Viper, carrying a
Makes Men cunning in Arts & Sciences,
24 Naberius Marquis Black Crane. particularly Rhetoric; Restores lost Dignity
& Honour. (19)
Teaches Art & Science instantly; Author
Glasya- President of Bloodshed & Manslaughter; Teaches
25 Dog with Gryphon's wings.
Labolas & Earl things Past & Future; Causes Love of
Friend & Foe; Makes a Man Invisible. (36)
Changes the Place of the Dead; Causes
Bune or
Dragon with 3 Heads (Dog, Spirits to gather on Sepulchres; Gives
26 Bime or Duke
Gryphon, & Man). Riches & Wisdom & Eloquence to Man;
Answers Demands Truly. (30)
Teaches Rhetoric; Provides good
Marquis &
27 Ronove Monster. Servants & Knowledge of Tougues &
Favours with Friends or Foes. (19)
Berith or
Soldier wearing Red, riding
Beale or Reveals things Past & Present & Future;
28 Duke a Red Horse, wearing a
Beal or Transmutes all metals to Gold. (26)
Gold Crown.
Bofry or Bolfry
Angel riding a Dragon-like Reveals things Past & Present & Future;
beast, carrying a Viper in Discovers all Secrets; Reveals why
29 Astaroth Duke
his Right Hand, with foul Angels are Fallen; Gives Knowledge of
breath. Liberal Sciences. (40)
Teaches Rhetoric; Causes Men to Have
30 Forneus Marquis Great Sea-Monster. Good Name; Teaches the Understanding
of Tongues. (29)
Gives Knowledge of Herbs & Stones;
31 Foras President Strong Man. Teaches Logic & Ethics; Makes Men
Invisible & Long-lived & Eloquent. (29)
Man with 3 Heads (Bull,
Gives the Ring of Virtue; Teaches
Man, & Ram), with a
Arithmetic & Astronomy & Geometry &
Asmoday or Serpent's tail & Goose's
32 King Handicrafts; Answers Demands Truly;
Asmodai feet, breathing Fire, sitting
Makes a Man Invincible; Reveals &
upon a Dragon, carrying a
Guards the Places of Treasure. (72)
Makes Men Insensible or Ignorant;
Teaches Philosophy & Liberal Sciences;
President Man leading 4 Mighty Kings Causes Love & Hatred; Delivers Familiars
33 Gaap
& Prince as if a Guide. from other Magicians; Reveals things
Past & Present & Future; Carrys Men
speedily between Kingdoms. (66)
Urges Love between Men & Women;
Causes Lightning & Thunder & Blasts &
34 Furfur Earl Hart with Fiery tail.
Storms; Answers things Secret & Divine.
Wolf (or possibly an Ox)
with Gryphon's wings &
35 Marchosias Marquis (30)
Serpent's tail, breathing
Stolas or Teaches Astronomy; Gives Knowledge of
36 Prince Raven.
Stolos Herbs & Stones. (26)
Phenex or Speaks marvellously of Sciences; Good &
37 Marquis Phoenix with Child's voice.
Pheynix Excellent Poet. (20)
Halphas or
Builds Towers; Furnishes them with
Malthus or
38 Earl Stock-Dove. Munitions & Weapons; Sends Warriors to
Malthous or
their Appointed Place. (26)
Builds Houses & High Towers; Imparts
39 Malphas President Crow. knowledge of Enemy's Desires &
Thoughts. (40)
Steals treasures from King's Houses;
Destroys Cities & Dignitaries of Men;
40 Raum Earl Crow. Reveals things Past & Present & Future;
Causes Love between Friends & Foes.
Focalor or
Slays & Drowns Men; Overthrows Ships
41 Forcalor or Duke Man with Gryphon's wings.
of War (30)
Governs Waters; Guides Ships laden with
Arms & Armour & Munitions; Causes
Vepar or
42 Duke Mermaid. Storms at Sea & Imaginary Fleets; Kills
Men by Putrefying Wounds & Sores &
Infestations. (29)
Builds High Towers & Castles & Cities;
Furnoshes them with Armour; Afflicts Men
Sabnock or Armed Soldier with Lion's
43 Marquis with Wounds & Sores and Infestations.
Savnok Head, riding a Pale Horse.
Shan or Removes Sight or Hearing or
Shax or Understanding; Fetches Horses;
44 Marquis Stock-Dove.
Shaz or Discovers Hidden Things not kept by
Shass Wicked Spirits. (30)
Discovers things Hidden & Wizards &
Lion (or Man with Lion's
Vine or Witches and things Past & Present &
45 King Head) riding a Black Horse,
Vinea Future; Builds Towers; Overthrows Walls;
carrying a Viper.
Causes Storms at Sea. (36)
Knowledge of Astrology & Geometry &
Bifrons or
Arts & Sciences; Teaches the Virtues of
46 Bifrous or Earl Monster.
Stones & Wood; Changes Dead Bodies &
lights Candles upon their Graves. (6)
Uvall or Dromedary speaking Procures the Love of Women; Reveals
47 Vual or Duke imperfect Egyptian (or things Past & Present & Future; Procures
Voval Coptic). Friendship between Friends & Foes. (37)
Makes Men Wise; Transmutes all metals
48 Haagenti President Bull with Gryphon's wings. to Gold; Changes Wine to Water and
back again. (33)
Crocell or Teaches Geometry & liberal Sciences;
49 Duke Angel.
Crokel Warms Waters & Recovers Baths. (48)
Cruel Old Man with long Teaches Philosophy & Astrology &
Beard & hoary Head, riding Rhetoric & Logic & Cheiromancy
50 Furcas Knight
a Pale Horse, carrying a (Divination from Palms) & Pyromancy
Sharp Weapon. (Divination from Fire). (20)
Man with 3 Heads (Bull,
Man, & Ram) with Serpent's
Balam or Reveals things Past & Present & Future;
51 King Tail & Flaming Eyes, Riding
Balaam Makes Men Invisible & Witty. (40)
a Bear, carrying a
Soldier riding a Horse, with
Alloces or
52 Duke a Red Face & Flaming Teaches Astronomy & Liberal Sciences.
Camio or Teaches the language of Birds & Animals;
53 President Thrush.
Caim Reveals things Future. (30)
Murmur or Teaches Philosophy; Constrains
Warrior riding a Gryphon,
54 Murmus or Duke Deceased Souls to answer Questions.
wearing a Crown.
Murmux (30)
Discovers things Past & Present &
Future; Gives Dignities & Prelacies
55 Orobas Prince Horse.
(Office of Prelate) & Favours of Friends &
Foes. (20)
Beautiful Woman riding a Reveals things Past & Present & Future &
Gremory or
56 Duke Camel, with a Duchess's Hidden Treasures; Procures the Love of
Crown around her waist. Women. (26)
Makes Cunning in Liberal Sciences;
Ose or
Reveals things Divine & Secret; Changes
57 Oso or President Leopard.
a Man into any other Thing, even to his
Thoughts. (30)
Amy or Teaches Astrology & Liberal Sciences.
58 President Fire.
Avnas (36)
Teaches the Virtues of Stars & Mansions
Lion with Serpent's Tail
Oriax or & Virtues of Planets; Gives Dignities &
59 Marquis riding a Horse, holding 2
Orias Prelacies (Office of Prelate) & Favours of
Serpents in his Right Hand.
Friends & Foes. (30)
Vapula or Teaches Handcrafts & Professions &
60 Duke Lion with Gryphon's wings.
Naphula Philosophy & other Sciences. (36)
Makes Men Witty; Changes Wine to
King & Water and back again, and Blood into
61 Zagan Bull with Gryphon's wings.
President Wine; Transmutes all metals into coins;
Makes Fools Wise. (33)
Volac or
Valak or Child with Angel's wings, Reveals Hidden Treasures & Locations of
62 President
Valu or riding a 2-Headed Dragon. Serpents. (38)
Angel with Raven's Head,
63 Andras Marquis riding a Black Wolf, carrying Sows Discords. (30)
a Bright & Sharp Sword.
Haures or
Hauras or Reveals the Creation & Divinity & How
64 Duke Leopard.
Havres or Spirits Fell; Destroys Enemies. (36)
Teaches Geometry & Mensuration
65 Andrealphus Marquis Noisy Peacock. (Measurement) & Astronomy; Transforms
a Man into a Bird. (20)
Cimejes or Teaches Grammar & Logic & Rhetoric;
Warrior riding a Black
66 Cimeies or Marquis Discovers things & Treasures Lost or
Kimaris Hidden. (20)
Amdusias or Causes Musical Instruments to be Heard
67 Duke Unicorn.
Amdukias & Trees to Bend. (29)
Distributes Presentations & Senatorships;
68 Belial King 2 Angels in a Fiery Chariot.
Causes Favours of Friends & Foes. (50)
Discovers the Virtues of Birds & Stones;
69 Decarabia [not given] Star in a Pentacle.
Creates Illusions of Birds. (30)
Seare or
Beautiful Man riding a Comes & Goes; Carrys Things to & fro;
70 Sear or Prince
Winged Horse. Reveals Thefts & Hidden Treasures. (26)
Man with many Faces (both Teaches Arts & Sciences; Declares
Men's and Women's), Secret Counsels; Changes the Thoughts
71 Dantalion Duke
carrying a Book in his Right of Men & Women; Causes Love; Creates
Hand. the Illusion of any Person & Place. (36)
Returns Thieves & Stloen Goods;
Discovers Wickedness & Underhand
72 Andromalius Earl Man holding Great Serpent.
Dealings; Punishes Thieves & Wicked
People; Discovers Hidden Treasures. (36)

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