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The True Hacker Magazine
% {June 10, 1992 Issue I
Editor in Chief: Albatross
Co-Editor: {Spot is Open}
{Spot is Open}
Dist. Center: The Empire Corporation


In The Beginning .......................................Albatross

Story on NewBee BBS's & Users ..........................Albatross
Internet Mailling List .................................Worldview Mag
DDN Security Bulletin ..................................DDN/C.E.R.T.
SSCU Commands ..........................................Albatross
Using Anonymous FTP ....................................Mark Moraes
Hacker of The Month ....................................Dr. No-Good
Hacker News Articals ...................................Bob Krause
Editor's Comments ......................................Albatross

{Page 2}
These Damn New Boards
(The Year of The BBS's Stagnation)

Now lemme start off with the fact that the Washington, DC
area is crawlling with hackers and shit every-which-way. And
because of this is has it's Pro's & Con's.
The Pro's are that we living here in this General area
have a wide diversity of people that a few good people in there
fields pop up outta know where and are just known as being great,
such as (Nat X, Dr. No Good,
) and many others that
have come from being nobody's to being well known as The Masters
in there field.
But the Con's are, the fact that assholes that don't know
the time of day if they had a Rolex on, are starting now to run
around starting up Boards & saying the fucking word 'ELITE' to
god damn much. Ya see there problem is that they don't know a
mother fucking thing and because of that they feel that starting
a BBS (With leeched philes from The Empire) will make them somehow

Important in the Underground Commmunity. That just isn't the way

you can expect to become known and honored, if you running a board
that doesn't know the first shit about crap. See a BBS should be run
by a Sysop that atleast understands about 70% of all the fields of
Phreaking, hacking, Carding, Bombing, etc... Where as the jerks
starting up NewBee boards are usually 13-15 and don't know the first
thing about anything nor do they know the danger they face.
See one thing I wanna get across is the fact that, The F.B.I.
doesn't play games and they don't give a shit if your under age 18,
because when you play in the Big League's you gotta be ready to go
to the Big House. Most of these 13-15 yr. olds don't know that you
can still be tried as an adult if the crime is serious enof.
And I'll give you a few ideas that a Sysop might face if there board
is bust by the Feds.
------Conspiriacy to Disturibute Illegal Credit Card Information
Conspiriacy to Defraud Telephone Services
Possession of Illegal Telephone Security Codes
Conspiriacy to Compromise Government & Private Computer Systems
------Seizures of Any and All Computer Equipment (Modems, Computers, etc..)
Arrested Until bailed or court date (Nine Months down the road)
Loss of Job due to Arrest , Unless ya got a cool job
Watched by F.B.I. until Court Date (Don't Jump Bail)

Now see, The Newbee fuckers not only are the most fucked
up assholes to start boards, but can pose a Security risk for
every member on there board, for the fact that they are advertising
like mad everyday and drawing attention to themselves. And with that
in mind, if there board is busted not only are they fucked, but NOW
The Feds know of about 100+ local area users that might be dealing
in the Art of Hacking, Phreaking, etc..

If you all would try and learn the Art of PHAC and master it
and maybe try and come up with new ideas and ways of doing
things you'll get you name known and maybe become another
'Knight Lighting or Phiber Optik <= hehehehe.
But if you all wanna take the easy way out and try and make
a fast name for yourself go ahead and take the Risk.
'If You Can't Do the Time , Don't Do The Crime
- A Wise Man

{Page 3}
Internet Mailling List

Here is a revised Internet E-mail list of various Hackers and
Semi-Important Non-Hackers. Most of the Thanks for this goes
to Worldview Magazine... (Thanx 'TFOX')

InterNet Address
John Perry Barlow
Crimson Death
Dorothy Denning
Peter J Denning
Freaker's Bureau Int'l
Ground Zero
Judge Dredd
Mitch Kapor
Knight Lightning (Craig Neidorf)
Lord Macduff
Mentor (Lloyd Blankenship)!dogface!fnordbox!loydb
Mondo 2000
Gordon Meyer
Pengo (Hans Heubner)
John S Quarterman
Len Rose
RU Sirius
Cliff Stoll
Michael Synergy
Jim Thomas
{Page 4}
DDN Security Bulletin
An Advisory of Computer Security has been obtained
from The Defense Data Network Computers to inform Fellow
Hackers of new schemes that the White Collar Nerds have
caught on to. Read up so you can be advised yourself.

Security Bulletin 9216
May 28, 1992

DISA Defense Communications System

Published by: DDN Security Coordination Center
(SCC@NIC.DDN.MIL) 1-(800) 365-3642

The DDN SECURITY BULLETIN is distributed by the DDN SCC (Security

Coordination Center) under DISA contract as a means of communicating
information on network and host security exposures, fixes, and concerns
to security and management personnel at DDN facilities. Back issues may
be obtained via FTP (or Kermit) from NIC.DDN.MIL []
using login="anonymous" and password="guest". The bulletin pathname is
scc/ddn-security-yynn (where "yy" is the year the bulletin is issued
and "nn" is a bulletin number, e.g. scc/ddn-security-9216).
+ - !
+ - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
The following important advisory was issued by the Computer
Emergency Response Team (CERT) and is being relayed unedited
via the Defense Information Systems Agency's Security
Coordination Center distribution system as a means of
providing DDN subscribers with useful security information.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +

CERT Advisory
May 28, 1992
Revised Patch for SunOS /usr/etc/rpc.mountd Vulnerability
--------------------------------------------------------------------------*** THIS IS A REVISED CERT ADVISORY ***
The Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has
received information concerning the availability of a revised security
patch for /usr/etc/rpc.mountd in Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation
operating systems. This patch fixes an additional vulnerability that
was not addressed in CERT advisory CA-91:09.SunOS.rpc.mountd.vulnerability.
Sun has provided patches for SunOS 4.1, SunOS 4.1_PSR_A, SunOS 4.1.1,
and SunOS 4.1.2. These patches are available through your local Sun
Answer Center as well as through anonymous ftp from (
in the /systems/sun/sun-dist directory.
Patch ID and file information are as follows:

Patch ID



Please note that Sun Microsystems sometimes updates patch files. If you
find that the checksum is different, please contact Sun Microsystems or
the CERT/CC for verification.


Under certain conditions an exported NFS filesystem can be
mounted by any system on the Internet even though it may appear
that access to the filesystem is restricted to specific hosts.

II. Impact
Unauthorized remote hosts will be able to mount the exported filesystem.
III. Solution
As root:
1. Move the existing rpc.mountd aside and change the permissions.
# mv /usr/etc/rpc.mountd /usr/etc/rpc.mountd.OLD
# chmod 400 /usr/etc/rpc.mountd.OLD
2. Install the new version
# cp `arch`/rpc.mountd /usr/etc
# chown root.staff /usr/etc/rpc.mountd
# chmod 755 /usr/etc/rpc.mountd
3. Kill the currently running rpc.mountd and restart it, or
reboot the system. In either case, systems with filesystems
mounted from this host will have interruptions in service.

{Page 5}
SSCU And What You Can Do

Back in the Mid to Late 80's A few friends and me discovered

a really wierd fone system called SSCU (Or that's what it calls itself}.
Anyhow, we decided to check the shit out and found out that if you enter
a telefone number it will call that number 10 seconds later and go
'Hello Hello Hello etc..' which can really piss of a person that doesn't
understand the first thing about it. Back then I wrote a phile on SSCU
which has traveled all over informing those who read up on the subject.
Anyhow, to get on with the story. I have discovered a few
new things since that time which can really improve your knowledge, if
not expand it on SSCU:
Fone Number:

(202) 362-9900
(202) 362-9901

Follow the steps as follows:

System: Hello this is SSCU, Please enter your Identification Number.


(301) XXX-XXXX (The Fucker you wanna fuck with)

# # (Hit the pound sign twice)
Thank You
'dut dut dut dut dut'
10 Seconds later it calls
Hello Hello Hello Hello etc....
Pisses the shit outta them at say 2 a.m. in the morning

|Now to do something new follow the steps above

|but when it calls do this:

Please enter your ID number
Please Enter something
(301) XXX-XXXX (A Fone you want in the system for XX amount of time)
# #
Hang up and call back a few minutes later
When ya call you get the fone number at the beginning of the
SSCU message
This is all cool and shit and great when
some other hacker fuck head is messing with you and
you might wanna spread his fone number around a little.

{Page 6}

The Empire

Using "anonymous ftp" to get files from other Internet machines

Mark Moraes
Anonymous ftp is a facility offered by many machines on the Internet.
This permits you to log in with the ftp program with the user name
'anonymous' or the user name 'ftp'. When prompted for a password, type
your e-mail address -- it's not necessary, but it's a courtesy for
those sites that like to know who is making use of their facility. Be
Most ftp sites do not like people getting files from them during their
working hours since they usually have other load on their systems -avoid 9am-5pm in their time-zone.
Also bear in mind that countries are often connected by relatively
low-bandwidth links, so please check local archive sites before you
connect to some distant country to fetch something. If you think the
item you want is popular, ask your local archive site sysadmin, who
may be willing to set up a copy on the local archive.
Different archive sites have different forms of etiquette -- if you see
a README or README.TXT file in the ftp directory, please read it.
Once you're connected to the remote site via ftp, you can look around
and retrieve files. (Most anonymous ftp sites do not permit people to

store files) The ftp program prompts you with

and offers a few commands that are similar to Unix. "cd" changes your
directory on the remote machine, "lcd" changes your directory on the
local machine, "get" will get a file, etc. See the manual page for ftp
(use the command "man ftp")
Typically, a directory called 'pub' is where the interesting things
are stored. Some sites will have a file with a name like ls-lR, that
contains a complete list of the files on that site. Otherwise, you can
type ls -lR and get such a listing -- for some sites, this can take
a LONG time. This doesn't work on some sites.
Usually, files are grouped in composite "archive" files, so you don't
have to get many small files separately. The most common Unix archive
file format for the Internet is tar, usually indicated by a ".tar"
suffix in the file name. tar archives can be unpacked by running the tar
command -- you may want to first do a 'tar t' on the file to see what
it contains before unpacking it.
Occasionally, people use shell archives (with .shar or .sh suffixes)
instead. These are Unix Bourne shell scripts, with files encapsulated
in them. Be careful when unpacking shell archives since they have to
be run through the Bourne shell to unpack them. The simplest way is
to use the unshar command, if your system has one installed.
Otherwise, you have to delete all the leading text with an editor and
then run the rest of the text through "sh" o unpack the archive. Make
sure you're in the directory you want the files in before you try
unpacking the archive, since there's no good way to list the contents
of an archive.
Files are often stored compressed -- for Unix, the most common form
is the compress program, indicated by a .Z suffix on the file name.
Sometimes, people use programs like arc (indicated by a .ARC suffix),
zoo (.ZOO), zip (.ZIP) or lharc (.LZH), which are combined archival
and compression formats. (There are lots of other archive formats talk to the systems staff if you encounter them and don't know how to
deal with them) Macintosh archives are often in StuffIt format (.SIT).
In each case, you need the relevant extraction program. Usually, the
archive site will also have a copy of the extraction program for ftp.
Finally, there's the "self-extracting" archive format, popular in the
PC world -- they look like executable programs (.EXE) and when run,
they unpack the files they contain.
When retrieving non-text files, you must use binary mode, otherwise
the file gets messed up. To do this, use the 'binary' command. (It's
safe to set this for text files if the other end is a Unix system,
since Unix doesn't differentiate between text and binary file
representation. If the site at the other end is non-Unix, you may need
to use some other mode -- see the documents for that site and for ftp)
An example session follows -- the commands I typed are all underlined
with a row of carets (^^^^) and are usually typed at the % or ftp>
% ftp

Connected to
220 neat.cs FTP server (Version 5.55 Tue Aug 8 22:48:27 EDT 1989) ready.
Name ( anonymous
331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
Remote system type is UNIX.
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
total 62
drwxr-xr-x 2 0
512 Nov 20 1988 bin
drwxr-xr-x 11 0
2048 Dec 29 00:45 pub
226 Transfer complete.
ftp> cd pub
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
total 4523
-rw-r--r-- 1 0
51251 Sep 16 12:02 ssl.tar.Z
226 Transfer complete.
ftp> hash
Hash mark printing on (1024 bytes/hash mark).
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I.
ftp> get ssl.tar.Z
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for ssl.tar.Z (51251 bytes).
226 Transfer complete.
51251 bytes received in 0.94 seconds (53 Kbytes/s)
ftp> quit
221 Goodbye.
Now, to see what ssl.tar.Z contains, I can use:
% uncompress < ssl.tar.Z | tar tvf ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
drwxrwxr-x 7/0
0 Sep 16 11:58
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
301 Sep 16 11:58
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
240 Jun 2 01:08
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
20642 Feb 26 21:43
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
5241 Feb 21 15:25
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
56581 Sep 16 11:57
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
20642 Feb 26 20:08
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
5241 Feb 26 21:41
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
5395 Feb 26 21:41
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
12211 Mar 30 22:34



-rw-r--r-- 7/0
-rw-r--r-- 7/0
-rw-r--r-- 7/0

274 Feb 26 20:42 1988 ssl/sslskel.ssl

55 Feb 26 20:42 1988 ssl/sslskel.sst.c
1001 Feb 26 20:42 1988 ssl/sslskel.sst.h

To extract the files, I use

% uncompress < ssl.tar.Z | tar xvf ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Dr. No-Good

Dr. No-Good
Hacker of
The Month
* (c) 1992 Empire Publications *

Ok, lets see. Started last year in January. Started on boards. I was a
huge fucking Gif freak. Was really PD, then I decided to start my own
board. I had a small pirate section, some people called, got some numbers
from them such as 'South of the Border' so I got into the warez scene
(can't do shit with a 2400). Made my way up to K-rad ANSi artist. Was in
FuBaR graphx, Paradise graphics, Stoned, SMaCK, etc.. My first P/H board was Sol
sbury Hill. Got some philes and read them. (The Prophets file I still have).
My first unix I ever encountered was the ukelele. Fucking tried to hack
it. Tried to send a fake write from root to Mavicon. heh.. Oh well, that was a f
ailure. Then I became interested in c0dez.. Nat X helped me set up Code Thief (F
irst time I ever talked to him. He was running a warez board). I hacked some 95
01033's. Then I used them to call Terminus and I used to use accounts I leeched
from boards. Also called LD such as bellyard in 313, TcH in 409/713, and my thi
rd LD board was PhunLine. With the accounts I leeched, I just started fucking ar
ound with Internet. Was an Internet freak. After my 950's died,
I used to use the NASA thing until that died. Then I discovered UMD becuase of m
y mudding. I began to mess around there.
My accomplishments vary and I don't want to go into details, but I
got into a few systems here and there including a place at UMD. Got into a Gover
nmental Cray computer. Social engineered people here and there.
Nothing spectacular.
Wish I could stay the fucking summer. It'd be a summer to remember.

Did some trashing with NAT X. Trashed an airforce dumpster. Nothing but phun. I'
ve been to all 2600 meetings since March. Met the eleet Knight Lightning.

The Empire Bids farewell to a grand Hacker that might have started
like the other Newbees, but sure didn't turn out like the Rest.
So The Empire Magazine Honor's { Dr. No-Good } with the skill
| to over come the road blocks of Hacking, and the persistance to always
| strive to be The Best That He Can Be.......

Computer Hackers News Articles

Compiled By
Bob Krause
The following is a list of articles that I have found concerning the
computer underground in various magazines and news-papers. The list is in
chronological order. If you know of an article that should be included in
this list or correction, send me the information and I will add it to the

Nov 18 '90 Crackdown on computer crime is raising question of computer

Chicago Tribune pg.17
Oct 29 '90 Users paying big price for PBX fraud.
Network World pg.1
Oct 28 '89 Halting hackers.
The Economist pg.18
Oct 15 '90 Target: The Corporate PBX
Information Week pg.24
Sept 9 '90 Can invaders be stopped but civil liberties upheld?
The New York Times pg.F12
Sept 1 '90 United States v Zod
The Economist pg.23
'90 Digital Desperados; hackers indictments raise constitutional
Scientific American pg.34
Aug 26 '90 The rights of computer users.
Los Angles Times pg.D9
Aug 22 '90 Open sesame; in the arcane culture of computer hackers, few
doors stay closed.
The Wall Street Journal pg.A1
Aug 20 '90 NY State Police round up hackers.
Computerworld pg.99
Aug 17 '90 U.S. Arrests boy, 5 others in computer hacker case.

The Wall Street Journal pg.82

'90 Computer anarchism calls for a tough response.
Business Week pg.72
Aug 6 '90 Charges dropped against alleged BellSouth hacker.
Telephony pg.12
July 30 '90 Hacker trial begins in Chicago.
Computerworld pg.8
July 30 '90 'Hacking' crackdown is dealt a setback in trial in Chicago
The Wall Street Journal pg.B3
July 21 '90 Crackdown on hackers 'may violate civil rights'.
New Scientist pg.22
July 21 '90 Group to defend civil rights of hackers founded by computer
industry pioneer.
The Wall Street Journal pg.B4
July 10 '90 Group to fight for computer users' rights.
Los Angles Times pg.D5
July 10 '90 Computer hackers plead guilty in case involving BellSouth.
The Wall Street Journal pg.84
July 2 '90 Hackers of the World, Unite!
Newsweek pg.36
May 21 '90 Throwing the book at computer hackers.
Business Week pg.148
May 14 '90 Justice failed in refusing to make Morris an example.
Computerworld pg.23
May 14 '90 Morris sentence spurs debate.
Computerworld pg.128
May 14 '90 Wheels of justice grind to a halt in 'worm' case.
PC Week pg.16
May 7 '90 Three-year probation for Morris.
Computerworld pg.1
'90 Just say No
Communications of the ACM pg.477
'90 Uncovering the mystery of Shadowhawk.
Security Management pg.26
Apr 30 '90 The hacker dragnet: the Feds put a trail on computer crooks and sideswipe a few innocent bystanders. Newsweek pg.50
March 26'90 Internet interloper targets hacker critics.
Computerworld pg.127
March '90 Cyber Thrash
SPIN pg.24
March '90 Is Computer Hacking a Crime?
Harper's pg.45
'90 Comp. crime and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986
Computer Law Journal pg.71
Feb 19 '90 Morris code.
The New Republic pg.15
Feb 12 '90 Alleged hackers charged wit theft of BellSouth 911 data.
Telephony pg.10
Feb 12 '90 Babes in high-tech toyland nabbed.
Computerworld pg.8
Feb 11 '90 Revenge on the nerds; sure, jail our hackers - who needs
software stars anyway?
Washington Post pg.C5
Feb 9 '90 Hacked to pieces.
New Statesman and Society pg.27
Feb 2 '90 Prevention is better than cure.
Public Finance and Accountancy pg.9
Jan 5 '90 Computer hacking: is a new law needed.
Public Finance and Accountancy pg.7
Feb 7 '90 Four charged with scheme against phones.
Aug 6

Dec 4
Oct. 28
June 19
Apr 3
March 9
March 6
Feb 20
Jan 9
Jan 9
Dec 26
Dec 11
Nov 14
Aug 1
Apr 28

The Wall Street Journal pg.B5

'89 Hackers: Is a cure worse than the disease?
Business Week pg.37
'89 Halting Hackers
The Economist p. 18
'89 Free the hacker two.
Harper's Magazine pg.22
'89 Hacker invades So. Bell switch.
Telephony pg.11
'89 Consensual realities in cyberspace
Communication of the ACM pg.664
'89 Strong scruples can curb computer crime.
Computerworld pg.100
'90 Hackers revealed as spies.
Nature pg.108
'89 Are ATM's easy targets for crooks?
Business Week pg.30
'89 Prison term for first U.S. hacker-law convict.
Computerworld pg.1
'89 Hacker prosecution: suspect held, denied phone access by
district court.
Computerworld pg.2
'89 Drop the phone: busting a computer whiz.
Time pg.49
'88 The Cyberpunk
People pg.50
'88 Computer intruder is urged by authorities to contact the
laboratory he invaded.
The New York Times pg.24
'88 Portrait of an artist as a young hacker.
Computerworld pg.6
'88 Robopsychology
Omni pg.42
'88 Is your computer Secure?
Business Week pg.64
'88 Hacker runs rings around military security.
New Scientist pg.25
'88 Computer hackers follow Guttman-like progression.
Sociology and Social Research pg.199
'87 Hacking Throught NASA
Newsweek p. 38
'87 Brian Reid, A Graphics Tale of a Hacker Tracker
Communications of the ACM pg.820
'86 Positive Alternatives: A report on an ACM Panel on Hacking
Communications of the ACM pg.297
'84 Hacking away at morality.
Communications of the ACM pg.8

In The Beginning ....

In The Beginning The Empire Times was nothing more than an idea.
But in recent times The idea came to mind of how I could teach, educate, and
inform fellow users in the art of Hacking and Phreaking. The reasoning being,

that there are to many people out there that might be in the illegal world
but don't know shit about the illegal business. Most people are lame and
don't even try to hack systems or find those codez in a PBX.
Well there is a Revolution in the air, and Washington D.C. Metro
Area is right in the heart of the action. There is so much talent and
man-power in this area that it is un-real that most of the Great discovers
aren't even coming from here. Just from looking in the recent 2600 there is
only 2 Submission by two users that are from this General area, and that
is 'The Monk' & 'Juan Valdez' (Juan is in Southern VA right now).
Anyways, somehow there needs to be a revolution in Knowledge obtained and
explotied around here.
The key for Washington to be put on the map as a Serious Hacker
town is for people to get involed, And the only people that can put in the
real time are the Newbee people that haven't been conformed to the old ways
of hacking. Newbee people might be lame as to the tricks and technics that
us Older and Knowledge folks might have, but they have a skill which is at
the heart of This Underground world, and that is 'The Will to Try different
Things'. If people around here would get off there ass and start looking into
different possiblites, then something great might happen.
The Problem most people have is that they don't know where to start
and are scared of getting busted. Well, yeah you might get busted, you might
even go to jail or get a record, but that's the risk you take when you get
into this lifestyle. Nobody said hacking was safe. All I can say is for
you all to stop 'Shoveling Infomation around' (As Inhuman says), and get
out there and do something, Go subscribe to 2600, go read all the Phracks,write
up your own programs, whatever it takes to gain the personal satisfaction
you want.
What really sucks is that were are the luckiest people in the
country to have so much right next door, yet knowbody takes full advantage
of it. IN the local calling area we have so many places to jump on The
Internet it's no phunny, such as George Masion Univ, Maryland Univ, Howard
Univ, George Washington Univ, Thomas Jefferson H.S., Blair High School,
and several other college and corporate firms to hack out and gain access
to the Hacker's Domain, but yet people stand on boards and beg for accounts
and shit. Most of you people don't understand that you won't get what you
desire of a BBS (Even The Empire), cause boards are just here to bring
information together and provide you with the tools to take care of your
business, you all have to do your part and call elsewhere looking to
commit crimes and fuck over the Gov't boyz...

Over All I hope that this magazine will inspire people to

to get off there ass and get out and do something...

'Charge the call to the COCOT as I so kindly did this afternoon'

-Juan Valdez
(Washington, DC)

The Editor's Comments:



This Magazine is just starting off and doesn't have many

Staff Members, and is looking for extra help to make this
Magazine grow and prosper. All persons intrested in becoming
a Staff Member of The Empire Times needs to email me and
tell me of your intrest, and if your selected you job
assignment will be given to you... -Thanx


The Co-Editor's Post is open as well and will be given to a

seriously qualified person. So Only Serious persons need
Description: To become the President and Figure-Head
of the magazine.


Freelance writers are always welcome to submit your work

and if the writing and topic's are of a good nature it will
most likely be considered for Publication.


Yes I know that the mag is more or less somewhat small

but with you support this shit shall grow...


Thanks for you support, and look for the next issue of
The Empire Times to come out on July 10th, 1992...

-The Empire Staff

(c) 1992 Empire Publications