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Interfaith Congress

Culture, Philosophy, Literature and Religion Revisited.*

By Prof S.A.R.P.V Chaturvedi
[* International Conference on Interfaith.7th and 8th Sep 2009, Somaiya Auditorium,
Mumbai ]

Man Status of Advancement:

Mankind is entrenched in the egoistic notion of his primacy. In the right sense, his pre-
eminence is his ability to develop and apply the salient tools of his mind, such as
rationale, compassion etc to aid his intellect for the global or at least non-invasive
individual benefits.
Man has two dimensions; personal and its extensions. His skill includes the art of
designing a single way for multifarious goals and multiple ways for a single destination.
For accessing the utmost goal of liberation, freedom from the precincts, infringement and
depletion, the human race is being gifted with the tools for moulding personal nature
through the forms of literature, culture, religion and philosophy.

Man begins with literature, behaves with culture, believes in religion and builds himself
through philosophy.

Development of society, political society, science and technology are the extensions and
expansions of personal enrichment.

Personal enrichment fashions ways and goals for sustenance and progress.

Antiquity, Depth and Revisit

Historians, archaeologists and theologists are in endless hunt and debate about the origin
of these components. But they are as old as the creation itself.
In a resolute creation model, naturally all these tools of understanding should have been
innate provisions for a higher understanding.
Even if these tools are unveiled at a specific time, its conception, inception, repetitive
drill, compilation and preservation should have caused a very long journey. So they are
time immemorial.
As something that never existed cannot exist or newly emerge, it is candid that
conception, development and universalisation of this quadrate are inbuilt and activated by
external stimuli.
Each division has an inaccessible altitude and unfathomable depth. They have assumed
different shapes according to the land and mind frames of inhabitations.
There are similarities, identities, vast deviations and irreconcilable disparities amidst
them. Research and dialog is in the frontiers of bringing amicability and to form a festoon
out of different units of heritage. Bringing unity with identical networks and
reconciliation of variations are in the process.
Most opine that this is an insoluble and ineffective trial. But just as rain makes the ocean
water potable and canals make mighty streams irrigable, extraction of the essence and

simplification of the same in suitable standards can create the interest and impact of
learning, practice and proliferation.

The concept of Revisit

Just as there are universal and transferable standards in factors like time, mass and
distance, there are no acceptable standards for LCRP (Literature, Culture, Religion and
Philosophy). Pride in a zone may be of no value in the other and even a mark of shame in
yet another system. The parameters are vague for they are not discernible in few and they
are dissimilar in many systems claiming the same origin and purpose.
It is the prime obligation to setup common standards by considering the emerging
inclination of the mass, principles of justice available to the sense of civility and the
destined drive of the present towards the future.
This process is designated as Revisit and the purposes of revisit are enlisted below.
o Clarity: Revising the concept models and recharging the action trend to boost clarity is
the first purpose.
o Context: No knowledge can be beneficial, unless the design and action is based on the
contextual study, including the factors of place, time, need, intensity and strength.
o Unity: LCRP is more searched for their intricacies and specialisation of salience. But
revisit has a refreshing approach of them for active unity instead of a phenomenal one,
which is timely needed.
o Continuity: Considering the perennial combat of the world with its need, applications,
disruptions and solutions, ceaseless action should be initiated. Lack of continuity
degrades enthusiasm and vibrancy and the effect of earlier trials also gets deteriorated.
o Correction: Revisit enables correction of earlier and existing models, wherever there is
illogical absurdity and misleading.
o Modification: Advancement of ideal extracts and methods of approach can be
effectively employed through revisit.
o Denial: Revisit in the sense of reformation can certainly displace a redundant and
insidious model.
o Action: It is for the necessary translation of concepts into action.
o Solution: Concentration on a specific issue for timely relief is the solution approach of
o Observation: Monitoring the feeling, flow and force on regular and frequent intervals is
observation. It is a subordinate to continuity.

Inter-Disciplinary Vision

Literature, Culture, Religion and Philosophy are all well allied by an internal network.
All are meant for synthesizing nobility in the society in their own style of approach. Each
and every form has spiral, centripetal and centrifugal movements. Research, involvement
and experience in every field may deepen the vision in the same discipline or lead to
other divisions and also stretchy to be led by others. It is necessary hereby to cite few of
the theories regarding their merger.

Vision of Beauty Beauty comes out of orderliness, benefit and sense of admiration. The
world has a design of beauty with provisions for maintenance and restitution whenever
needed. Literature is assembled beauty of concepts, characters, emotions and fusions.
Culture reveals the inner beauty. Religion unveils the beauty behind and Philosophy takes
us to the beauty beyond.
Understanding Culture supports us in realising literature. Religion throws light on culture
and its purpose and Philosophy enriches religious experience.
Culturalism Identity, Composition, Comprehension and Appreciation in all fields are
provided only by cultural endowment. Literature is the yield of Culture, Religion its
maturity and Philosophy, its finale.
Solace and Bliss Considering solace and bliss as the final fruit of everything, they are
explained as the tools for perceptible bliss, permeable bliss, inner bliss and eternal bliss
Religious Theory:Religion is an exercise for a mature mind to expand it towards infinity.
So, valuable Culture, Literature and Philosophy are the merchandise of religious findings.
Acquisition Theory :There are four dimensions of the knowledge domain. Literature
exposes the known dimension of the known with its enterprising presentation. Culture
brings the unknown of the known. Religion defines the known of the unknown and
Philosophy dives deep into the unknown of the unknown.
Philosophical Theory :Philosophy is the route for solid knowledge structure. Only from
this understanding, the roots of Literature, Culture and Religion have emanated.
Fusion- In these four divisions, any essence or pair or group may be prevailing or
compliant. In literature, we see lot of religious and philosophical works. We have cultural
and religious philosophy and so on.

However these explanations never negate the autonomous existence of any of them, but
such isolated forms will be uncertified by precision tools.
Independent literature is prosaic, anti-cultural with peripheral or ephemeral effect.
Independent culture will mislead the society and is a form of threat.
Independent religion will be primitive and impracticable.
Independent philosophy is vague, obscure and aimless.

Purpose of Study

A research may have myriads of purposes. More than for development of technical
understanding or inter-relative studies, it is now widely solicited to develop interfaith
dialog and action for harmonious coexistence and integral protest against social evils and
global challenges.

An effective program to ignite awareness, minimise frictions and initiate fraternity

amongst various communities through literature, cross cultural relations, religious
principles and philosophical advocacy is being contemplated here.

Literature is the simplest way for connecting the society. Bringing elements of common
interest makes people to feel and be closer, which is suitable for interaction and mutual

Cultural exposition and sharing secrete sense of deep involvement between differing
communities. Religious device requires meticulous care in interpretation and settlement
as they have to deal with intractable mind set ups but yet can be worked out through
persistent exercise.
Philosophy is comprehendible only by persons with sharp acumen and mostly such
people are either cordial or innocuous, due to which they do not need any counsel but can
guide others.

The purpose of Interfaith:

To preach the need of dialog and collective well being
To tutor the possibilities for achieving the same
To create an understanding about the other systems and their rudimentary values to
enforce mutual respect, even though not reverence
To instil mutual adjustability to avoid disturbances and their consequential tensions
between faiths.
To apply the tools of arbitration, non-violence, judicial shelter and democratic demand in
cases of violation.
Even though these rules cannot bring absolute peace, to provoke social awareness and
integrity for favouring a prospective harmonious society, interfaith programming is

There are three instinctive drivers. One is innate, the second is inherited and the other is
influenced by the surroundings. Literature is an orderly manifestation of delicate and
subtle basics of human thought, ex-pression, behaviour and impact.
A solid and real literature embellishes the facts, forces, formulae and fruits of life,
endowed with enthralling cadence and cogency. Bedecked by structural mellifluousness,
either through abstract ethics or characteristic depiction, it brings the balanced and
involved view of the reader and enables them to experience identity, joy and
Literature, in all divisions, promotes feeling and hopes of responsibility, ability, integrity
and divinity. A purposeful literature should thus assemble intra-personal, domestic, social
or national and divine efficacy. Any word or statement of elegance, purport, fascination
and inspiration deserves to be literature and any literary piece that does not contain or
create such force, may not be worthy in prudent and personal views.

Literature is a form of presentation, whereas culture, religion and philosophy are the

Perfect system of action and reaction is the soul of culture. It deals with personal
behaviour, about his instincts and reflexes, spherical behaviour in the environments of
learning, family and occupation, and public behaviour, which is action and response in
various social circumstances.

Any wider impact is a reflection of collections of inner-space transitions. Culture shapes
individual and paves the way for spreading of the same luminosity in a mass. As per
Culturalism theory, all perfect systems emerge from a resourceful cultural pool.

Human mind is prone to anger, avarice, aversion, anxiety and apprehension. The ethical
dimension of culture produces virtuous antibodies for the suppression of the same, and
replaces the space by estimable attributes. Onerous exercises for self control and
determination are prescribed by ethical guides.

In social angle, ethical section of culture denotes

Respect and Obedience to nature, elders, learned, leaders, masters, faiths, nation, law and
Love and Dignity in marital relations, friendship, customers and clientele.
Mercy and Service to downtrodden, inefficient, abandoned, aberrant and the animals.
Decency and Discipline in the forms of non-intrusion, non-violence, perseverance,
magnanimity; truth, honesty, and transparency.

Education and elite association are few among the methods for gaining culture.

Culture directs the intelligence to configure different explicit forms of arts through its
aesthetic dimension. These cultural derivatives offer innumerable options to celebrate and
boost joy, exhaust and eliminate fear and misery, and relish tranquility and valuable
opportunities to expose and absorb others to share and unite.

Music, dance, drama, painting, natural appreciation and humour are few of the aesthetic
models of culture.

Culture is one among the hottest topics of debate today. Cultural nihilism says that
culture is a self organised product for self and external conveniences. It prevents the
society from understanding the values of life and makes existence and achievements

Cultural Extremism is at the rigid end which never admits tolerance and change. It never
minds about the reason and adaptability factors. Cultural extremism is accused by liberals
as a cordon for social affinity, scientific and national progress.

Cultural Liberalism is the liberty to fashion ones own culture without any standard base.
It represents adaptation and fusion from all sides without assessing its suitability. It is an
abode for recurrent modifications on fascination grounds.

Personality is defined by appearance along with attire and etiquette. Tradition blames the
modern way of dressing and cosmetic bounty that they naturally lead to precarious
Co-learning and Co-working of genders have become a necessary part of the society.
Lack of parental guardianship and modernity license have patronised new art forms of

dating, valentine bondage, premarital and extramarital relations, addiction and various
levels of ethical calamity.
Opportunities which have promoted the excellence of a minor society cannot be justified
for the moral insecurity and depreciation of the mass.

Self control and avoidance of unfavourable circumstances, both are eyes of cultural

Tradition includes dress-code, demeanours and flexibility or by its popular name, social
freedom, as diagnostic devices for nature, impression and depiction of inner discipline. It
describes about the subtle impact of every inch of thought, exposure and action in
character, which may not be digestible to the fashion world.

Modernism thinks that this in and out has no connectivity at all and discipline can be
maintained with self determination, irrespective of any external frame.

Unfortunately, this is branded as a western culture, whereas it is a degraded form of

global cultural stamina, which has infected the western community. Due to continuous
engagement in scientific and economic pursuits, west has lost its immunity in self and
social control, which has made it the first and the worst vulnerable region for ethical
Failures in parental, matrimonial and generation bondage have created a new trend of
untouchability where there is nobody to touch and care. Juvenile prisoners, addicts and
suicidal warriors throng in competition. Social refineries of the west are now in serious
rumination about regaining ethical awareness and consensus by investing all the time and
resources that they have minted by its dereliction.

Without cultural framework, any self styled discipline, audacity and insecure freedom
will certainly dismantle any orderly society or even an organised one.

In the present context of Interfaith, cultural exchange, in its level-headed way, can
tremendously lubricate collective survival mechanism. Festivals and art forms of every
faith and system are to be demonstrated with their essential messages, so that it can
kindle involvement in their own people and others. This get together shatters the cloud of
selfishness and egoism, thereby binding everybody with inborn love.


Only a Religion can offer the high level identity of a person with his spiritual address. As
religion is the only discipline dealing with soul, source, struggle and solution, without a
proper religious direction, the soul will lose its dignity and become naked. Organised
religions begin with the scriptures, the message of God to the mankind, which was
brought to the common level of understanding by a spiritual lineage in the form of

messengers or masters. So, eventually, a person devoid of scriptural care is motherless
and the one who does not have the compassionate guidance of the master from a tradition
is fatherless and any independent tinsel is a spiritual orphan.

With a caring mother, all the religious offsprings suffer under irresponsible, perfunctory,
affectionless, cruel, and tyrant fathers in the forms of institutional anarchy, kleptocracy,
plutocracy, foolocracy and tyranny.

Purpose of Religion
The world is created by God. So use this life with worldly resources in a proper way.
All of the fellow beings are created by His will. Love them as you love God. Avoid evil,
excuse mistakes and withdraw from exploitation of anybody for a private cause.
God is embodiment of goodness. Being good is the tool of receptivity for divine link,
guidance and empowerment.
Cultivate and preserve these qualities by recital, adulation and entreaty without gap.
Infuse the same in your family, friends and followers.

Divisions in Religion

Religion is not a single element with unanimous faith and uniform pathways. It is a
cluster of different ways and directions adhering to a common nucleus.
Spiritualism Worship of an impersonal God, different from gods or the source of them.
Ritualism This believes physical activities under specific conditions, as a supportive or a
dominant tool for internal practices, facilitating mundane and mystic fruits.
Mysticism an absolute system of inner exercise through self restraint, celibacy and
austerity, where God is felt and dealt. Transformation in mystics bestows transphysical
reflections on ones nature and experiences.
Occultism the leftist branch of religion, which fraternises non-divine power agencies for
filthy and fiendish needs.
Personalism God with a form, also available with a personal relation and bondage of
either love, friendship or affection is worshipped with intimacy.
Positivism Tools of prognastication and remediation on life issues and crisis.

All these divisions, except Spiritualism, are within the demarcations of religious tenets.
The logical beauty, depth and differential analysis, if shared in intellectual level may
sponsor debate or appreciation and in common levels it will erase the myth that religion
is perfectly fictional, without any sense, logic or purpose.

Purpose of Interfaith
Distance People of different religious communities stay extremely away from each other
and even their social binding is marginal. Such interfaith programmes will at least
minimise the distance.
Diversion If they are feeling totally against each other, interfaith at least can organise
mitigation of ill will.
Dilemma is the position of disquiet for fanatics with their tenacious religious dogma and
invitation from interfaith dialog. For them, dialog offers personal and organisational

Disaster is the tune of hard core terrorists. Dialog has a remote possibility of

There are four dimensions in religion

Elite path where there will be countable members.
Sentimental arena which forms the bulk mass of beneficiaries and extremists.
Religio-political the root cause of all exasperations.
Interfaith new movement which aims at renaissance and unity.

In this census, Interfaith is very recent and limited in support and resources. To conquer
the society against the sentimental holocaust and political cyclone is really a strenuous
and time consuming challenge.

Philosophy is the journey inside knowledge divisions to find their absolute nature, source,
dimensions, relativity and purpose. Apart from religion and other studies of the unknown,
philosophy forms the higher learning of any section of study.

The gluttonous curiosity in knowing about world, life, man and knowledge is still a
conundrum to research and experience. Few such basic questions are
Creation of the world and its purpose
Creation of innumerable species and their role
Responsibilities and goal of human life
Civilisation its direction and destiny

Based on these requisites, different systems of thought have originated from both east and
west. Non religious and even anti religious thoughts like atomism, absolutism,
materialism, pantheism, transcendentalism and relativism have emanated from the
reservoir of thoughts.

The main divisions of philosophical query are

Ontology the study of fundamentals.
Cosmology the study about the creation of the world.
Teleology the study about the purpose of life.
Epistemology the study of origin of knowledge.
Metaphysics the study of para-sensual experiences.
Eschatology the study of life after death.
Thaumatology the study of miracles.
Aretology the study of power lead and virtues
Agathology the study of theory of Good.
It is from this study area, differences of opinion among the various schools have
blossomed. Philosophical level of Interfaith is a high end tool and for bringing it to the
level of common understanding, the receivers should develop insight and undertake
repetitive study.

Issues in Interfaith
Like organic food, nature and other campaigns, interfaith has also become a fashion, style
and show. Those who are not accessible to their own followers are seen with leaders of
different faith with a lustrous smile. Being available with multi-faith leaders has recently
got a status of media attraction and public attention. It is also a part of interesting political
Few institutions wear the mask of interfaith fraternity to cover their unpleasant faces
before the society. These shows and hidden agenda have fogged up the zeal, diligence
and sacrifice of real members.

If all faiths had been limited only by thoughts and inner experience, quarrel and dialog
will find no place to live and rule. Proclamation of beliefs and installation of centres have
multiplied and constructed religious consciousness and also divided and destructed the
Unfortunately peace mechanisms have lesser analytical approach and action, when
compared with their foes. It is even humorously told that their thought is about when and
what to speak and speech is about when and what to think.
Major problems in interfaith

A) Most of the discussions are held between mindful and already moderate people who
have no chances of mutual harm or disharmony. Taking this to the needed and non
conducive environments should have been the purpose of gathering and discussion,
which has not been made effectual.
B) Almost in all meetings, the fragile devices of showing similarities and common
meeting points in philosophy, ethics and practices, form the main frame. Generally in
compromises, effective similarity in common principles of love, brotherhood, peace and
honesty are projected and in clashes, defective similarities in violence, historical
irrelevance and character assassination are handled.

If ignorance and philosophical delusion alone is the major cause for all the disputes and
confrontation, an intellectual support can guide them to truce or harmony. But the
emotionally charged sections with scriptural direction and state or non-state support
cannot be handled with simple and slow tools, meant for the thinkers and wise.

In spite of reinterpretation of passages and new trend of concord, inter faith pursuit is
slow, for it needs a high level transformation in the whole society and no doubt our
present activities will nourish that goal.
More than the scriptures, ideals and prophets, we have to focus the need of dialogue
directly with the concerned institutions, society and people. We should realize that
showing rules before somebody who deliberately differ in deeds is lunacy.

C) With fear of repulsion and revenge, the basic problems are not discussed in depth in
such conferences.
Vegetarianism and cow worship are in the mandatory principles of Hinduism, even
though not widely practised. Islam encourages beef against the sentiments of them. A
preferable tolerance is possible only by respecting the sentiments and reform as per the

global tide, which fosters vegetarianism.
Idolatory is a special practice in India and the strong monotheistic religions are
iconoclasts. So this vast cleavage has instigated defamations and strong disagreement
between these two religions.
Apart from these sentimental battles, interfaith has one more duty of organising
moderates and reformers in every religion and work for their population growth.
Especially in Islam countries, concern about democracy, women liberation and human
rights and legal-judicial reforms is actively growing. Interfaith systems should awaken
the national, religious and even the global civilians to urge relief and reforms.
Anti-social movements exploit those who are in illiteracy and dearth and those who are
suitable for reprisal and aggression and train them for turmoil. Interfaith organisations,
apart from religious counselling, should act with social networking for rural
empowerment, social work and education charities.


This is the slogan for all interfaith movements. Even though known to common sense,
clear instructions regarding the qualified targets, intensity and response methodology of
tolerance are not available.
The problem with the tolerance advocates is that they assiduously preach tolerance to the
reactors without emphasising the actors to feel free within the tolerable limits. Tolerance
is a decent bilateral communication, which cannot be extended in situations of intentional
non reciprocation and adversity.
Tolerance has its merit only in suitable grounds, where it is designated as magnanimity.
In a case of excessive tolerance, shown when the dignity and pride of the culture and
nation is butchered, it is named as shamelessness.

Tolerance because of inability is cowardice and tolerance towards heinous elements is

betrayal to ones own conscience and the society.

Interfaith organisations should promote this regal tolerance among its subjects.

It is recorded in scriptures and a deep rooted practice of the same has divided and
weakened the Hindu society. Social forces are more responsible for their implementation
and burgeoning and political diplomacy plays a major role in sensational marketing to
procure and stabilize power accession. Pointing out the same or a different type of
bigotry and unrest in other religions cannot be a proper excuse or solution.

Reformers anyhow argue that castes are based on qualities and mode of occupation and
organized lot of revolutionary amendments against caste discrimination. Still casteism
has its monstrous shape and plays a major role in political destiny.

The caste system now needs the form of social vision, more than a religious view,
considering religious demography and futurology. Being suppressed by the upper caste
and abandoned by the priesthood, now, the once under-privileged section has three

A) Counter-suppression, using their integrity, constitutional and legislative provisions
B) Absorption into Communist range
C) Conversion to Christianity or other religions

The same caste system, handled for political benefits can be undertaken for social
renaissance. Religious representations for all castes with respective form and ways of
worship should be designed and incorporated. Without understanding and organized net
working between caste groups, Hinduism can never be ready for self protection or
interfaith friendship.

Personal caste feelings can be kept aside and even professional zones of caste can have
their stipulation as both of them are not easily and instantaneously erasable. But a public
platform for unity should be staged with immediate effect.

A new fear by name Islamaphobia is spreading in all corners of the world, not only
terrifying non Muslims but also Muslims. These terrorists refer their source to holy Quran
and eulogise their operation as a religious duty and divine order.

Interfaith advocates and moderates in Islam brotherhood have given a new vision to the
sense of holy war Jihad. According to them, it was a contextual insurgency where it was
unavoidable to safeguard the religion. Few scholars interpret Jihad as a spiritual
empowerment against evil. Anyhow these explanations are neither going to reach and
reform the fundamentalists and their blind faction.

Being temperate is not just being amicable or away from problems. It requires the same
intensity in a positive direction, without which, triumph over evil and restoration of peace
will become unfeasible. Moderate muslims are very limited in number as well as verve.
In 2006, an Islam network by name Al Jazeera conducted an opinion poll among
muslims, regarding Osama Bin Ladens twin tower attacks. 49% were in favour of Bin
Laden justifying the attacks.
In US, there is an ongoing dispute between the state and muslim charities. Authorities
believe that anti-social networks are supported in the pretext of donations and now
Muslims are agitating that their fundamental as well as religious rights are seized.
Muslims with latent fervour, change their moderate attitude at the time of religious
sensations. Recent reports from Lebanon illustrate the aggressive behaviour of muslim
neighbourhood at the time of crisis, which was moderate and friendly before.
Islam needs to develop more interfaith forces to compete with its fundamental elements
and we see lot of young and energetic moderates, functioning amidst threat and peril.

It is also a mode of violence in which religions are mutely sliced into pieces.
Dissemination of Gods message is the foremost religious duty and every person has his
freedom to choose and leave his religion. But conversion may be the effect of ones
preaching and a premeditated effort to convert is unjust.

Barring Zoroastrianism, all religions have their gates open and any saint should render
their warm welcome to the neophytes. But this candour becomes cunningness, if trading
and denigration apparatus are handled with vindictive passion towards target acquisition
in conversion.
Instead of natural selection, exploiting ones ignorance or any other weakness and
considering the conversion campaign as a revenge, aim or competition with another
religion, becomes a cheaper and condemnable act.
Apart from the converters, the bridegroom and the previous institution are also to be
equally blamed. An isolated, insecure place invites robbery. In the same way, lack of care
and isolation from religious bondage, along with personal weakness and emergency
tempts anyone to feel the need of a conversion. Values of culture, heritage and religion
may not be palpable to a common man in distress, who believes only what he needs and
Apart from legal ban and restrictions, widening and intensification of religious services
disable conversion possibilities.
In real sense, a person shifting his religion for his betterment or relief is neither a loss for
his previous religion nor an asset for the new one. But sense of duty to safeguard the
religion and the role of quantitative majority in socio-political decisions have resulted in
persuasive remonstration against conversions.
Conversion is a very big impediment for open minded symposium and inter-religious

Suitable Tools
As specified, literature can ignite and unite minds. Various research and demo
programmes are now being organised world wide, on interfaith music.
Interfaith pilgrimage is trip to various centres of worship, discussion with scholars,
interaction with students, and common public and special visit and survey of areas noted
for frictions and clashes.

An exclusive syllabus on interfaith should be available representing each religion. A

common interfaith bible with extracts from all religions should also be provided and a
mobile campus for facilitating the teaching and the training should be made available to
all needed places.
A permanent as well as a mobile pictorial or visual-media exhibition about the beauty,
variety and atrocities and ugliness of religious collisions should be made evident for
youth, students and other contenders to gain awareness and grow into action.

Current Affairs

Wrong appraisal has always been the beauty of human mind. That which appears to be
limited is always underestimated and any big mass is overestimated, without the study of
the quality factor.

Everywhere, we hear the glory of Indian heritage, its youth and dispersal of its universal
repute. Indian heritage once flourished and even after repetitive blows, it re-emerged and

now it is just surviving. The growing number of institutions, festival crowds and western
involvement are not the parameters for both health and progress of the religion.
Scriptures, temples, rituals, philosophy and morale are the genuine custodians of religious
status which are not satisfactory. We see lot of imperfection, commercialisation and
fraudulence in emerging trends. Unmonitored wild growth of spiritual personalities, firms
and services and receivers without any sense of guidelines have resulted in a drastic
quality deficit. Religious heads of Hinduism with other scholars and soldiers should first
standardise the basic pillars of our religion and reinstall quality in it.
Instead of a destructive turn over towards addiction, alcoholism and other adverse means,
it is commendable that the vacuum and despair of the post-modern society, especially
youngsters, is occupied by a spiritual involvement. But it is a stodgy fact that they are
mostly victimized by poor systems and commercial concerns. The rushing and running
crowd has no time and tendency to assess and adopt reality and its essence. Any message
becomes knowledge and any practice can show light in their vision.

Unless and until our own faith is organised and rightly presented, no interfaith extension
will be effectively fertile.

We may not be talented to weaken our adversary, but we are proficient to brace our
thought and action.

We may not be persuasive to attack our rivals but we can reinforce our interaction and

We may not be so valiant to frighten the existing terrorists but we are brave enough to
constrict the moral fabric of the society to prevent any interfaith opponent or his
supporter to come out of it.

We may not have the vehemence of weapons and war tactics but we have our energetic,
undivided voices, which will irrigate brave hearts and pass on to the vivacious care takers
of our future society.

Our voice may peter out in the air but the honest spirit inside it will consecrate our
surroundings. The same spirit will be carried on by earnest listeners where their
dynamism will be invigorated. God considers our wishes and will capacitate us to
accomplish the objective.