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God, our Heavenly Father,

continually speaks
to His children

(Conversation with God in and through our thoughts;

Questions and answers; what is ‘thinking ability’
and what is ‘thought’?)

Revealed through the Inner Voice

to Bertha Dudde in accordance
with the promises of John 14:21 & 16:25

Lorens Novosel
Table of contents


4 Bertha Dudde: Autobiography

6 6852 ‘In the beginning was the Word….’

7 8739 ‘In the beginning was the Word....’

8 8654 Everyone would be able to hear God speaking....

9 6615 God speaks as a Father to His child....

10 5753 Listening to God’s voice....

11 7613 The Father speaks to His child....

12 7441 Dialogue with the Father.... His Word from above....

13 4343 Inner life... Withdrawing into seclusion....

14 4462 The ability to hear God’s voice.... Conditions….

15 6859 Blessing of mental communication with God....

16 6109 Questioning thoughts are the first step towards ascent....

17 5469 Everyone can hear God’s speech.... in form of thoughts....

18 6116 God’s reply to thoughts.... Presence....

19 7311 Answers to questions.... Serious examination of the origin....

20 7787 Explanation about different Word-reception....

21 5135 Spiritual reception or mental work?.... Serious scrutiny….

22 2039a Mental activity…

22 3597 Appeal for inner enlightenment....

23 2039b Mental activity…

24 7222 Earthly or spiritual thought currents....

25 3628 Thoughts from the spiritual kingdom....

26 2363 Thinking apparatus.... Influx of good or evil strength....

27 6375 Mental activity.... What is thought?

29 6843 Thoughts are emanations from the spiritual realm....

30 6963 Thinking ability does not mean generating thoughts....

‘And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD;
and great shall be the peace of thy children.’
Isaiah 54:13


At the request of many friends Bertha Dudde wrote the following biography in 1953:

I have been writing messages, received through the inner Word since June 15, 1937. In answer to the many requests
of my friends I will give you a picture of my earthly life, a short explanation of what I received spiritually, and my
own feelings about all this.

I was born April 1, 1891, the second oldest daughter of an artist of Liegnitz in Schlesien, today’s Poland I had a
normally peaceful childhood, with six sisters in our parent home. I learned the cares of life at an early age. The
desire to make money to help my parents made me learn the trade of a seamstress. As the financial needs of my
parents continued, so the burden, and in this way I made myself useful.

My parents belonged to different denominations. Father was a Protestant -Mother a Catholic. We children were
brought up in the Catholic faith, but never experienced pressure or force to follow the practices of the church so that
each child in later years could pursue their own chosen course.

I myself was religious, but could not accept the doctrine of the Catholic system, although I respected the church. I
could not represent something on the outside that my inner conscience had not accepted. So I did not continue to
attend church, heard little preaching and had no knowledge of the Bible. I did not read any religious books or
scientific literature and did not join any other group or religious sect.

Anyone knowing the Catholic teaching knows what a conscious struggle one finds himself in when he wants to
loosen himself from it. I also was not spared from this. But the question as to what is the Truth, and where it is to be
found, remained.

Often when I prayed the Lord's prayer I would beseech the Lord to allow me to find HIS kingdom. This
prayer was answered in June 15, 1937, as I prayed quietly and waited on the inner voice. In this attitude I
persisted often, for a wonderful peace came over me and thoughts which came to my heart, not my head, gave
me comfort and strength.

Still I did not know that these thoughts were given to me, until in a strange dream I experienced something, which
later proved to be the Truth and caused me to write down these thoughts.

So on a certain day as I listened inwardly a stream of words came to me, which I wrote down. This was the first
message I wrote which started like this: "In the beginning was the Word, 'a TE-DEUM' to the Creafor of
Heaven and Earth."

Then came doubt, ….did you write this by yourself? In short, I have wrestled, prayed and gone through many
struggles, but again and again the words came to me like a stream, a wisdom, which made me tremble. Then GOD
HIMSELF took away my doubts. HE answered me and I acknowledged HIM as our Father, in HIS Word. My faith
grew, doubt diminished, and I received and wrote daily.

The contents of the writings were beyond my understanding. Phrases, which I had never heard of, or read about,
strange and scientific expressions and references continually came to me. Then came unheard of expressions of the
Heavenly Father's Love giving refuge and providing enlightenment to all the questions of life.

The "Words" came to me in the following manner: After sincere prayer and a short period of composure I listened
inwardly. Thoughts then followed coming to my mind, clearly, distinctly, and the words flowed smoothly always
three or four, one after another, like writing a radio announcement or a weather report, slowly so that I could easily
keep pace, writing line after line.

Now, I write the words in shorthand as a dictation without having any constructive or intellectual part in it. I am in
no way in a 'trance', nor do I even form the sentences, but it comes to me one word at a time, neither do I understand
the context while I am writing the words down.

After days, sometimes weeks, I transcribe the shorthand writings into longhand without changing or correcting a
syllable. Each dictation takes about half an hour. I must stress that this could not happen forcibly or in a state of
ecstasy. It all takes place simply and consciously, without any excitement or influence of my own will. I can
interrupt myself at any time and finish the sentence after hours or days without reading the previous writing the
dictated words continue again.

My will is under no compulsion, all that I desire is to serve GOD and do what HIS Will wants me to do.

I can truthfully say that I was led into this Truth, and these concepts were, in all respect foreign to me. It was only
after years that I found confirmation of what I received, when I came to know the writings of Jacob Lorber. No one
can imagine my joy when I discovered the literature of Jacob Lorber; "The Great Gospel of John" and the "Youth of
CHRIST" Then I understood that other people were given the Word of the Lord, that GOD had spoken to HIS
children at all times and that GOD will continue to do this in HIS endless Love and Mercy.

I found in Lorber' s writings the same as was given to me. I often could not understand the word that came to me, but
in HIS Love the Heavenly Father gave me the explanation. How wonderful are the innumerable manifestations in
which the Father displays HIS exceeding great goodness.

It became clear to me that my short education, due to lack of money and my lack of time to read good books or visit
performances, became my advantage. I could now concentrate on my work from early morning to late at night, and
each day I received that precious spiritual Word without knowing for whom I received it.

It is because of my ignorance of the Bible and the Catholic doctrine that I accepted the Word from Above without
resistance. In my experience an earnest Catholic or Protestant whose knowledge is rooted in dogmatic theories is too
much bound to their dogma to accept and embrace Divine revelations without resistance.

Still there are scientists at several faculties who earnestly discuss these Divine teachings with increasing interest.
Their interest does not only concern the irrefutable explanation of the origin of matter and the possibility of its
dissolution, but also the principle of the wrong teachings of different religions, systems and confessions. In the
messages I received these errors are recorded and everyone is urged to give instructions concerning these doctrinal
errors whenever there is an opportunity.

But everyone is free to take the LORD' s Word to heart or not. But whoever understands the spirit in the Father's
Word and does not act accordingly makes the distance between himself and the Father even greater. When he does
not follow the warning words of Love he puts himself inevitably under the law. He will also in the same measure
lack in Grace, disregarding GOD' s commandment of Love.

In GOD' s Grace people are led anew to the gospel, which emphatically points out the purpose of man's being. For
the merciful Love of GOD seeks to save all who still can be saved be fore the turning point comes. And it will come.
The end-time of which seers and prophets have proclaimed is now here. According to the revelations given to me,
the LORD does not differentiate between HIS children. "Come ye all to ME" sounds HIS call and blessed is he who
hears HIS call and follows HIM. GOD Loves HIS children. HE wants to make them all happy, even when they do
not want to know HIM.

Recorded Nov. 22, 1953


B.D. 6852

‘In the beginning was the Word….’

In the beginning was the Word and the Word will exist for all eternity. The Word is the emanation of My love; it is My
connection with every creation which, being conscious of its identity, desires to unite with Me…. Because only this
desire, the will to hear Me, will result in a being’s ability to feel touched by the Word’s inherent strength of love. The
Word provides the being with evidence of another being, Which thus speaks to it…. The Word emanated from Me
when essence of being from within Myself entered into life. I gave the essence of being the ability to perceive
something within itself which penetrated it as Word…. as a formulated thought…. and which demonstrated the
presence of a second being wishing to communicate….

Only the ‘created’ being needed My Word and therefore it is said ‘In the beginning was the Word’…. I Myself exist
eternally, but as long as no other spiritual being but Myself existed it was not necessary to pronounce My Word:
however, I intended to speak to the created spiritual being in order to intensify its bliss. It was unable to see Me but I
wanted it to hear Me, it should be able to share My thoughts, which therefore sounded as ‘Words’ within itself and
which, in turn, stimulated the spiritual being itself to think, to freely use its mental capacity and its will…. because I had
externalised the being to be independent, but it should also be able to stay in constant contact with Me through the
exchange of thoughts, which expressed themselves through ‘the Word’. I was filled with love beyond description when
I created beings in the image of Myself and the urge to impart Myself to these beings motivated Me to speak to them
and tell them of My love for them. In so doing they themselves also felt the bond with the Being, Which loved them in
abundance.... Thus My love flowed into these beings in the form of My Word, and they too were able to respond to My
love for they were the products of My love, therefore they were ‘love’ themselves in their fundamental nature…. They
could also understand and reply to My Word. They were equally capable of communicating with each other by way of
the Word.... but this always consisted of the thoughts which first flowed from Me to them in form of My Word…. For
the Word came forth from Me, since I Myself Am the Word of eternity…. the all-creative strength, Which is love in

And the Word will exist eternally.... I Am eternal…. The Word had a beginning but it will remain forever because My
created spiritual essence cannot cease to exist. Hence I will eternally speak to and thereby delight this spiritual being,
just as the strength of My love will flow to the spiritual being thereby touching and delighting it in form of My Word. I
Myself Am the Word, and I give evidence of Myself to My living creations by way of the Word. They can hear Me
even if they are unable to see Me, and they can feel that I Myself speak to them.... their God and Creator of eternity,
Whose infinite Fatherly love expresses itself in a way which verifies a link between the Creator and the creation,
between the Father and His child. And the Word will sound for all eternity because the love for the creation cannot
cease, and consequently the creation will also always experience this love….

I will always speak to My children, I will pronounce My Word throughout infinity, I will not just speak to the spiritual
beings of light but I will also speak to people on earth, who know little as yet about the infinite love of the Father for
His children…. In that case I will make use of a person who joins Me voluntarily and therefore serves Me as an
instrument…. For all people shall know that I exist, and they shall also have proof of it in form of My Word, the
outstanding divine emanation of love…. However, whether they allow themselves to be addressed by Me, whether My
Word touches their hearts, is only ever the result of good will, which I do not want to gain by force…. But anyone of
good will shall also recognise Me Myself in the Word, and anyone consciously allowing himself to be addressed by Me
has also received My illumination of love which will never be without effect…. And blessed is he who consciously
allows himself to be spoken to by Me.... For he will enter the sphere of My love voluntarily, and then My love will
constantly flow to him, and he will achieve the state again when he will hear Me always and forever because he has
sincerely united with Me once again…. Amen

B.D. 8739

‘In the beginning was the Word....’

Time and again I want to emphasise the fact that I Am the Word of eternity.... I Am the Word…. Yet in the beginning
the Word was with God…. How can you understand this? I Myself Am the be-all and end-all, everything that exists is
emanated strength to which I gave life…. I created similarly-natured beings for Myself whose fundamental substance
was the same as I Myself: divine strength of love.... And I was in contact with these beings from the very beginning
through ‘the Word’…. Thus the Word was ‘in the beginning’.... when the beings were brought into life by Me…. Prior
to this nothing existed which was able to hear My Word, although I always and forever carried the Word within Myself,
for I Am a self-aware, thinking Being Which put Its will into practise and thus was able to create whatever came to Its
mind as an idea or thought…. Although the beings which emerged from My strength were externalised by Me as
independent I nevertheless remained in constant contact with them through ‘My Word’…. I spoke to them, they
understood Me and therefore they were immeasurably happy…. I Myself was the Word, for although they were unable
to behold Me My Word nevertheless proved to them My existence, they knew that they came forth from the Being
Which had created them and Which loved them tremendously. This Word of Mine was the real life in them; it was the
incessant flow of strength which granted them supreme realisation, since through My Word everything became
understandable to them, they grasped all correlations, they knew that they had emerged from the elementary Power and
were in constant contact with this elementary Power, for It communicated with them in infinite love through the Word
and they heard It…. I was the Word Itself, but It only manifested Itself when I brought these beings into life…. And
thus there was a beginning for these beings, whereas I Myself Am forever…. However, there will be no end for My
created beings…. They will continue to exist for all eternity, and their greatest beatitude will always consist of
experiencing Me Myself through My Word, of being addressed by Me and be able to enter into a blissful dialogue. Yet
a large proportion of the created beings forfeited the grace and beatitude of hearing My Word, they declined the flow of
My strength of love and became incapable of hearing Me by distancing themselves from Me and preventing all
communication through the Word, they closed themselves and became lifeless beings since they had no more contact
with Me whatsoever…. They also deprived themselves of all happiness which only My formulated illumination of
love…. My Word…. gave to them.

The heartfelt bond with Me also irrevocably resulted in the sounding of My Word, the withdrawal from Me, however,
must also always be the same as the silence of My expression of love, of My Word…. Nevertheless, the entity will
never cease to exist, but it will only be happy if it is able to hear My Word, in other words: I Myself Am the Word, and
only My presence endows the being with beatitude, and My presence will always demonstrate itself if the being can
hear Me…. And what I say to the being will make it incredibly happy, for it bestows on it brightest illumination, the
realisation of its origin and the understanding of My nature, My reign and activity throughout the whole of infinity....
Such knowledge gives pleasure to the being, especially if it had previously been in an ignorant state for a long time, if it
was separated from Me for a prolonged time and had abandoned every connection with Me as an isolated being and was
therefore also wretched. As soon as it can hear My Word again, as it was from the start, it will also be able to be called
blessed again, for to hear My Word is also the evidence of My presence, and My presence demonstrates that the being is
approaching its original state again, as it was in the beginning…. that it has become the divine living creation again
which emerged from Me in all perfection, which was called into life by My greater than great love in order to make it
forever happy. The intimate bond with Me is only verified through the hearing of My Word, for wherever the Word can
be heard that is where I Myself Am, Who is the ‘Word’ of eternity.... And I want to transfer all My thinking, intentions
and activity onto My living creations, and this only ever takes place through the Word, through contact between the
being and Me, which makes the sounding of My Word possible. And this Word is, again, a thought from Me expressed
in a form…. I want My living creations to partake in all My thinking, intentions and activity, therefore My Word flows
to them, and the beatitude of the beings rests in the fact that they may completely subordinate themselves to My will,
that they have the same thoughts and will within themselves and that they are nevertheless totally free and independent
beings, which are not subject to My compulsion and yet do not think and want differently, because they have reached a
degree of perfection again which was theirs in the very beginning…. Only the most heartfelt bond with Me will also
enable them to hear My Word, yet this will also guarantee the being beatitude and eternal life.... Amen

B.D. 8654

Everyone would be able to hear God speaking....

Just as I originally spoke to the beings having emerged from Me in order to reveal Myself to them as Creator and
Father, so I speak today to you humans, who are these very beings…. The light of realisation you possessed in the
beginning, because you were perfectly created, is no longer yours in your human state, for you once separated
yourselves voluntarily from Me and therefore stepped out of the state of light into that of darkness…. But you are
wretched in your darkened state and I want to help you become blissfully happy again and must therefore enlighten you
again…. First I must speak to you and inform you of My will so that you as human beings can live according to this will
of Mine. For the point is, that you will adapt yourselves to the law of eternal order again, that you will live according to
My will, which requires you to fulfil the commandments of love…. Since, at the start of your earthly life, you are
entirely without knowledge you need to be instructed about the meaning and purpose of your earthly life…. But you
also need to be informed of the full truth, this is why I speak to you Myself as the eternal Father-Spirit by addressing the
spiritual spark within yourselves, which conveys My Word to your intellect for you to think about it and thus, according
to your will, either comply with it or oppose it once again. In the beginning, My Word made you very happy since you
thereby recognised My love which time and again expressed itself in the Word. When you were no longer able to hear
My Word, because you closed yourselves to My illumination of love, you also lost all knowledge and your state became
dark and weak and therefore wretched.

However, if you, as a human being, become receptive to My illumination of love again, then you will be informed of
My will which you only need to live up to so as to be spoken to by Me through the spiritual spark and thus, through My
Word, receive the knowledge again which will make you happy because you enter the state of light again. My Word can
always be heard within you if your will allows for it, for the connection between Me and you will forever remain on My
part, only you yourselves can deliberately disconnect it by consciously turning away from Me…. Thus it will always be
up to you as to whether you allow yourselves to be addressed by Me, but the possibility to hear Me Myself exists for
every one of you humans, and every one should use it, for with My Word he also receives the strength to live his life on
earth according to My will. Due to your vast distance from Me, which you aspired to of your own free will, you have
lost the knowledge and understanding that you are able to communicate with your God and Father directly, that you can
enter into a dialogue with Him, that He will answer your questions and that you can present all your thoughts to Him
and communicate with Him at all times. And yet, if people inform you of it, you won’t believe and ridicule them as
fantasists and thereby you forfeit every gift of strength which is guaranteed to you by My Word. And only if you try it
for yourselves, if you, after heartfelt prayer, quietly listen within, will the voice gently speak in you and you will be
happy, for then you will be touched by My Fatherly love which wants to reveal itself in order to gain your love as well.

Yet only a few put this to the test, only a few desire My communication, and only a few believe that I Myself draw
close to people in order to demonstrate the direct bond with them again, because they should recognise Me as their God
and Father, Who is supremely perfect and also intends to guide people towards perfection. But this knowledge of My
direct communication has to be accepted with faith, for it can only be effective if a person, through living a life of love,
has gained the faith that the Father speaks to His child. Only then will he also be able to recognise the results of My
Words as truth, and only then will his soul make use of them and advance in its development. However, you humans
should always consider that My Words will always be more credible than a complete silence by your eternal Father….
For My fundamental nature is love, and you emerged from this love.... Love, however, always seeks to make contact
with that which originated from it. This is why the sound of My Word will always be more credible than shrouding
Myself in silence and never revealing Myself as a loving Father…. For My perfection would have to be doubted were I
not to have mercy upon all My living creations who dwell in darkness, and this mercy therefore shows itself by the fact
that I let a light shine into the darkness…. And this light is My Word which is conveyed to you from above, it is the
emanation of My love which only requires an open heart in order to be able to take effect in you…. Amen

B.D. 6615

God speaks as a Father to His child....

Just as I spoke to My disciples when I lived on earth I still speak today to all those who want to hear Me.... Wherever
someone exists who believes in this and opens himself to Me that is where My voice will be heard. However, I only
rarely find this faith and therefore Am only rarely able to speak to a person directly, even if all other conditions are
being fulfilled, if the person so shaped himself that I can be present to him, if he has purified his heart and prepared it as
an abode for Me…. But the belief to be able to hear Me directly nevertheless does not exist and therefore the person
fails to do what is most important: to carefully listen within for My voice, for the manifestation of My love, for the sign
of My presence, for My Word…. The fact that belief in this has gone astray, that they think it implausible to hear Me
directly, is a particular attribute of people’s spiritual state, it is the evidence that the ‘working of My spirit’ is no longer
a right concept for them and that they no longer understand the Words of the Scriptures either. Furthermore, it is proof
that the striving for the ‘gifts of the spirit’ is omitted, that they are therefore ignorant of the results of a life of love, of a
righteous life before Me…. otherwise people would certainly make an effort to attain spiritual gifts and subsequently
also penetrate this information regarding the strength of the spirit.

It is indeed very worrying that people no longer see the Father in Me but only their God and Creator, providing they still
believe in Me.... The relationship of a child with its Father is unheard of by them and thus they also deem the most
natural thing to be impossible, namely the fact that the Father speaks to His child…. This faith only rarely exists and yet
every person should be filled by it, only then would every person also make an effort to be addressed by Me and to
comply with all required conditions for it. For I Am unable to manifest Myself if conscious attentive listening has not
taken place first so as not to impose a coercion of will, but occasionally I will also let My voice be heard by those
whose hearts are striving to reach Me, who are devoted to Me in love…. so that they will more often attentively listen to
Me within and give Me the opportunity to speak…. But anyone who lacks this faith has not established the right
relationship with Me as yet, even if he deems himself called to work for Me and My kingdom. For as long as he still
doubts My direct speech his faith will not be alive enough to turn to Me like a child to its Father and desire to hear His
voice. However, the fact that people are still so distant from Me even though I would like to be present to all of them….
is a shortcoming which also testifies to the spiritual adversity experienced by humanity during the last days before the
end…. Amen

B.D. 5753

Listening to God’s voice....

You should listen to Me, and I will always speak to you such that you will also be able to recognise My love for you....
Everything around you can and will change…. but My love for you remains the same, it pursues you whether you are
far away or close by, and it constantly seeks to influence you, that is, to awaken reciprocated love in you, which
signifies your ultimate return to Me. And if I can address you, if you listen to Me, you will open your heart’s door to
Me, and then the full strength of My love can be effective, then I can ignite a fire in you which cannot be extinguished
anymore, because My love is so powerful that its fire dissolves all resistance, that it takes hold of the person’s nature
and changes him completely…. that it shapes the person into love. I desire contact with you, this is why I speak to
you..... If you listen to Me willingly then you will establish the connection with Me, and then I can revive what is dead,
I can give true life to you who are still dead while you are far away from Me. My Words shall change this dead state,
for My communication is a ray of love that intends to awaken you to life.

If you then give Me the opportunity to lower My ray of love into your heart, if you make it possible by willingly
listening to My Word, you will soon feel the effect in yourselves, you will become aware that you are no longer
alone…. you will, as it were, sense the presence of a benevolent being to Whom you will give yourselves without
resistance, for My ray of love has the effect that it lowers your resistance when I have the opportunity to speak to you,
and you will listen to My Words carefully. And you will always listen to My Words if you withdraw into solitude for a
short period of time, if you collect your thoughts in prayer or quietly think about yourselves. Then you always give Me
the opportunity to speak to you, albeit you won’t recognise My voice at first but merely believe that you hear your own

I always enter your thoughts since you are, after all, pursued by My love which always tries to embrace you when you
become silent and turn your vision inwards. In that case you listen, and then I can speak to you…. And the more
consciously you practise this turning away from the world and looking within, the more willingly you open the door of
your heart to Me and the more clearly will you hear My voice, which answers your questions or instructs you such that
your love for Me flares up, because you will recognise Me as a God of love as soon as you listen to Me, as soon as you
turn inwards and your thoughts turn towards Me….

I always want to speak to you, yet rarely do you listen to Me.... But if you seek solitude by turning your thoughts
inwards you will hear Me speak, even though you will not immediately recognise it as an expression of My love,
because the intellect cannot grasp as yet what the soul has already felt or comprehended. Yet My communication will
ever more consciously become an indescribable blessing for you and all those whom you inform of the fact…. that the
Father speaks to His child as soon as the child wants to hear the Father….

And you all can establish this bond with Me, you all need only listen carefully in order to hear Me, and I merely want to
stimulate you to sharpen your spiritual ear, to practise listening to spiritual communications by often withdrawing into
solitude and longing for My presence. Then I will be with you and speak to you…. Then I will come to you Myself in
the Word, and then you will also know that I love you and want to gain your love as well…. Amen

B.D. 7613

The Father speaks to His child....

You all are able to listen to My voice within yourselves and it will speak to you.... Yet how rarely do you humans
establish such an intimate bond with Me and keep constantly thinking of Me. How rarely do you give Me the
opportunity to speak to you by consciously entrusting yourselves to Me in order to talk to Me personally, by
withdrawing from the world and involving yourselves in thoughts solely of Me. You do this so seldom because you
don’t seriously believe that you will be able to hear Me, that I will speak to you like a Father speaks to his children. You
have not yet established the relationship of a child to its Father, I Am only ever the distant God to you, Whom you dare
not address and Who therefore cannot talk to you like a Father to his child…. But you can try it at anytime.... You only
need to withdraw from the world, you only need to quietly enter into contemplation and take the path to Me in your
thoughts…. You need only wish to hear My voice and your desire will be fulfilled when you listen attentively and
observe the thoughts which arise in you more distinctly, because the more intimately you are giving yourselves to Me,
the more you will desire to hear Me. For I will answer you.... because I do nothing more gladly than talking to My
children who are now bound to Me by a strong bond of love, the Father’s love to His child. And if you would make this
attempt more often, you would be delighted by the inner peace permeating you, for you would feel My nearness and in
this nearness you would also know yourselves to always be protected. Every one of you could attain this blessing of My
communication, even if he is not conscious of the fact that it is this intimate contact with Me which provides him with
inner tranquillity. But soon he will not want to miss these hours which he gives to Me, which he spends in quiet
contemplation, and his soul will mature, for he will never be without a flow of strength when he has looked for and
found Me.

Every thought of Me is a blessing…. All people should avail themselves of this and time after time turn to Me in
thought, for then he will have already addressed Me and I can answer him if he listens to this answer, that is, if he waits
quietly and then takes notice of his arising thoughts. Then he draws Me to himself, and thus I can always be with those
whose thoughts are with Me.... They induce My presence themselves, and My presence always has to be of benefit for
your souls. Hence you should often give yourselves the blessing of My presence, for it requires your will to withdraw
from the world and lift yourselves into spiritual spheres, where you will always be when your thoughts are with Me.
And then your soul will truly not suffer anymore, for it will be strengthened by Me Myself, Who has access to it now,
Who can now speak to and give it what it needs to fully mature during its time on earth. For I want that it should
achieve perfection while it is still on earth, and as soon as I can influence the soul directly its perfection will also be
guaranteed. And therefore I want to be able to address it directly, yet your will has to decide that you will intimately
devote yourselves to Me and desire to hear Me…. Then I will surely be with you and I will talk to you like a father to
his child whose love I want to win forever…. Amen

B.D. 7441

Dialogue with the Father.... His Word from above....

You must withdraw into solitude if you want to speak to Me.... I merely require you to withdraw from the world and
into your closet and then turn your thoughts to Me alone…. so that you mentally detach yourselves from the world and
all its requirements, so that you give no room in your heart to anything but Me and so that you approach Me in a
childlike manner in order to hear Me and My Words. I want a prayer in spirit and in truth.... which necessitates that you
completely detach yourselves from all worldly thoughts, it necessitates listening within, a silent dialogue with your
Father and an attentive ear within for what answer your Father might give you. Your words will not remain without
reply, if only you listen for it.... if you truly desire a dialogue, so that you address Me and subsequently wait for what I
have to say to you in response…. This private dialogue with My child is exceedingly pleasing to Me, after all, the child
is opening its heart to Me so that I can provide it with an answer which is intended only for the benefit of its soul. Yet I
can never do this in the midst of the world, when the human being is distracted in every way from heartfelt thoughts of
his eternal Father…. He can certainly send a quick prayer up to Me even in the midst of the world, and he will be well
advised if he tries as often as possible to send a short thought to Me and thereby remains in constant contact with Me….
But a right prayer in spirit and in truth, when he may distinctly receive My Fatherly love, can only take place in the
closet of his heart, in silent retreat and the heartfelt devotion of the child to its Father…. Then peace will enter the
person’s heart and he can hold a heart-to-heart talk with the Father..... and he will never regret spending any spare time
in such silent dialogue, because I very gladly speak with My child and it will draw much benefit for its soul from every

Detaching himself from the world will often be difficult for a person, My adversary will hinder him from doing so in
every possible way, time and again he will try to disturb or prevent it…. But the human being’s will should be stronger
and resist My adversary…. Then the person will receive strength and be able to accomplish his intention: to unite with
Me in heartfelt prayer and to hear the Father’s Words. Only an intimate bond like this will enable you humans to hear
My Word from above through a fellow human being…. only a union in spirit and in truth makes it possible for My
spirit to pour itself into an opened vessel…. And therefore, great blessings rest in this beginning, this intention of
becoming receptive to Me and of allowing My flow of grace to pour into oneself. For countless souls participate in the
transmission of My Word which also desire to hear the Father’s voice and with heartfelt longing are waiting to be
addressed by the Father…. You should all withdraw into solitude and listen.... And you may truly hear your Father’s
voice, it will sound to you like pleasing music, for that which comes from Me can only grant you happiness and
blessing, that which comes from Me has to touch your souls like exquisite nourishment for which you long and which
you will receive without limitation as soon as you desire it. Send a prayer up in spirit and in truth.... Lift your thoughts
to Me and listen. And I will speak to you like a father speaks to his child, and your soul will cheer and rejoice at every
Word that comes forth from the mouth of God…. Amen

B.D. 4343

Inner life... Withdrawing into seclusion....

Go into seclusion and allow Me to speak to you, and you will hear an abundance of wonderful things, a world of ideas
will be revealed to you which otherwise would remain unknown to you, for I Myself will guide you into regions which
are new to you and yet seem appealing to you once you have entered them. Spiritual instruction is extremely valuable
because you will keep it forever; it is truly far more beneficial for you than any increase of earthly knowledge, for all
this will fall away or be forgotten the moment you physically die, spiritual knowledge, however, shines like a bright
light and casts a gentle gleam which attracts entirely uninformed souls because it affects them beneficially. Thus you
may accept spiritual knowledge from My hand if you withdraw into seclusion, if you enter into silent communication
with Me in your closet. You should seek seclusion, that is, leave the world behind you, live an inner life in frequent
union with Me…. And I will always be a willing Teacher for you Who will convey the knowledge you need, which you
are missing and which makes you happy. As long as you are attracted to the world, you will find it difficult to make
spiritual contact with Me, for I stand outside the world, yet I Am at all times within reach for you if you turn away from
the world. I Am always available, but whether you have time for Me remains up to you, nevertheless, every minute you
think of Me is a blessing for you.

Therefore gather spiritual wealth, it is extremely precious, and make good use of your time, be aware of the fact that it
will never be wasted if you enter into contact with Me, if you withdraw from the world, and remember that you merely
acquire illusive possessions with every service the world demands of you. Only love for other people has the same
value, because it equally results in a connection with Me and enables My working in you.... So you should often talk to
Me if you want to gather eternal treasures for yourselves. I will always assign the right task for you, I will guide you to
where you can be lovingly active, I will send people to you whom you can inspire into discussions which direct their
thoughts to Me again, as your Teacher I will provide you with the knowledge which you should pass on to them, and I
will always be with you, because every connection from earth to Me is beneficial and will help you to ascend. For this
is My promise to you ‘I remain with you until the end….’ Understand these Words and realise that you yourselves have
to enable Me to be present with you through your will, that you must withdraw into solitude and lift your thoughts up to
Me…. Then I will be and remain with you for all eternity…. Amen

B.D. 4462

The ability to hear God’s voice.... Conditions….

You are only able to hear the voice of the spirit if all your thoughts and intentions apply to Me alone, if you thus
completely detach your thoughts from the earthly world. This does not imply that you should not perform your earthly
duties or totally withdraw into solitude. For this does not correspond to My will, but in the midst of the bustle of the
world you should look for the opportunity, and you will indeed find it, where your soul disassociates itself from the
world, where you can briefly detach yourselves from all earthly thoughts, hence where your soul lifts itself into spheres
which are unrelated to Earth, where I Am the focal point of your thoughts, feelings and inclinations, where it looks for
and wishes to speak to Me. Everyone can establish such short contacts with Me if he wants to, he can even turn his
thoughts towards Me for a few minutes during his earthly work, and I will pay attention to every thought and impart My
Word to him; and if a person mentally remains for a longer time in My kingdom, if he takes the time to hold an inner
conversation with Me and pays attention to the thoughts flowing to him as a reply, he will develop the ability to hear
My voice, and it will soon sound to him like a gentle but clearly pronounced Word in his heart. You all can develop
this ability within yourselves; however, it requires complete detachment from the world…. Nothing externally must
affect the human being if he clearly wants to hear the voice inside. For this reason it also takes considerable strength of
will to withdraw from the outer world and not to allow any part of this world take effect upon oneself…. I must be
desired and be able to completely permeate his heart, otherwise I cannot be present to him and he will not be able to
hear Me either. No-one can serve two masters…. When I speak everything else must be silent, and anyone who shall
possess My love, which manifests itself in the Word, must also grant Me his love and willingly detach himself from all
worldly matters, for My gift is precious and must also be appropriately appreciated …. Amen

B.D. 6859

Blessing of mental communication with God....

Anyone who listens to Me when I speak to him takes the reliable path of ascent…. And I speak to all those who receive
My Word, who in turn accept it from those who question Me in thought and who thus also may regard the thoughts they
receive as My Words. You cannot think wrongly once you have acknowledged Me as the source of truth by directing
your thoughts to Me, once you want to know the truth. Nor can you take misguided paths anymore once you appeal to
Me for guidance…. But you must willingly offer Me the opportunity to speak to you, and that always happens when
you mentally occupy yourselves with Me, your God and Creator, for every thought of Me calls Me to you, and I follow
this call.

You should often occupy yourselves with Me in thought, because this means that your heart is receptive for My
communication and because you can only ever gain by this, for then you will also constantly receive the strength to do
what I ask you to do, what My communication conveys to you as My will. You have to establish the connection with
Me yourselves, because you had once isolated yourselves from Me…. You need not do anything else but think of Me
without a will of resistance…. I Am always willing to meet you as soon as I recognise in your thoughts the resolve to
make contact with Me…. And then you are truly protected from taking misguided paths, since now that I can speak to
you I have also gained influence over you. Thus it is truly not difficult for you to acquire an immeasurable amount of
everlasting riches in earthly life, as this is the result of your mental bond with Me.

It is completely impossible to leave Me empty-handedly, it is completely impossible that I will not make use of such a
bond and remain silent in you, for I Am only waiting for such quiet moments when you make contact with Me, when
you enter into conversation with Me or approach your God and Creator with questions, and I will certainly answer you
again in the form of thoughts, if I cannot speak to you directly through the inner Word. This is why every person has the
opportunity and the right to communicate with Me, and every person will receive as much as he desires. Even if nothing
is visibly given to the body, the soul can still receive unlimited riches for itself. I want to speak to you, and I will speak
to every one of you who thus is willing to listen to Me, who wants to hear My voice…. You all should avail yourself of
this assurance, you should excel yourselves and devote every free minute to Me, and you would truly use your time on
earth well. Then the connection would be established ever more frequently, because you would desire Me from the
bottom of your heart, Whom you now recognise as your Father and constantly wish to be spoken to by Him. And you
will also gladly comply with everything, you will fulfil My will because you have already adopted My will as your
own, because the constant bond with Me also results in a constant submission to My will and because you have become
enlightened as to Who I Am and what kind of relationship exists between us…. Think of Me daily and hourly, never
exclude Me from any undertaking, constantly let Me be present with you by mentally calling Me to you…. And you
will truly not take the path through earthly life in vain, you will grow and mature and reach the goal…. You will join
Me once more in order to never ever separate from Me again…. Amen

B.D. 6109

Questioning thoughts are the first step towards ascent....

You humans take a significant step forward if you raise your thoughts up to Me.... to the infinite Spirit Who rules the
universe…. if you turn with questioning thoughts to the Being in the belief that It created you…. For this step already
takes you into the spiritual realm, you enter a sphere which cannot be made accessible to you by people but which has
to be made known to you by Me Myself…. although I also avail Myself of people again if you yourselves are not yet
appropriately shaped so as to be able to hear Me and My answer…. Nevertheless you will have established the mental
bond with Me first, and blessed are you if you don’t disconnect this connection with Me again…. if you time and again
detach yourselves from the world and try to find Me…. Blessed are you if you mentally ask questions so that I will be
able to mentally reply to you.... For this is the beginning of your assured spiritual enlightenment and therefore also an
ever firmer bond with Me…. Just for once think about whether and what exists outside of earthly-visible things…. and
you will have already taken that significant step, for it is decisive for your development…. it is the step to higher
spheres which has to be taken by every person who wants to become perfect. But in order to do this a person must be
able to detach himself from the world, he must not wholeheartedly succumb to it, he must have recognised the
worthlessness of earthly matter, for this matter blocks his path of ascent. But once a person has allowed his thoughts to
wander into spiritual heights earthly matter will soon no longer be desirable to him….

However, the desire to find out more about an as yet unknown sphere has to arise in him by itself, and this wish will
certainly be granted. Hence the destined progression of every person’s earthly life provides him with the reason and
would be able to make him think…. he will be directed to spiritual spheres through books or conversations, and he will
time and again be gently addressed by Me Myself in the form of thoughts arising in him with a spiritual goal…. And
then his will must guide him and blessed is he if it takes the right direction…. Questions arising in him concerning Me
are often better than a belief in Me which is not yet alive, for I Am able to educate someone who mentally asks
questions and reveal Myself to him such that he can gain convinced faith…. whereas a conventional believer will not
ask questions and can therefore not be instructed such that his faith will awaken to life. Everything will truly be done on
My part to stimulate a person into thinking, yet I will not infringe upon free will.... However, anyone who willingly
makes mental contact with Me or the spiritual kingdom which is as yet inaccessible to him will not be excluded by
Me…. My love will reveal itself to him and he will learn to see brightly and clearly, his spirit will become enlightened
and he will belong to Me forever…. Amen

B.D. 5469

Everyone can hear God’s speech.... in form of thoughts....

I impart to you the Word of love, of comfort and of encouragement, and wherever you lack knowledge I will always
enlighten you, but you must establish a connection with Me yourselves otherwise I cannot speak to you…. However,
My speech will not always be heard by you, rather, your thoughts will noticeably shape themselves in such a way as I
want to speak to you, providing you pay attention to it and wait until My communication has been received by you. For
this much I want to say to you: As soon as you merely think of Me, speak to Me in prayer or call upon Me for help My
love will already be with you.... You will not speak in vain, but I hear all your thoughts and will also answer you.
However, only few people wait for My answer, only few people are so profoundly devout that they are convinced of
My reply, therefore I can only seldom make Myself known to a person so that he can recognise My clear answer in his
feelings and thoughts…. Not a single word you speak to Me in deep devotion goes astray, and not a single word will be
left unanswered by Me….

Even so, your soul very often disregards something which would make it extremely happy. You have not developed
your spiritual ear as yet and therefore don’t perceive the response of My love…. All those of you who make contact
with Me in heartfelt prayer can consider yourselves addressed by Me…. but if you also want to understand My speech,
which you all yearn to hear, then you must train your spiritual ear, for you all should strive to achieve this task, because
it would make your earthly life considerably easier since it is truly blissful to be able to hear My speech which, without
exception, applies to all those of you who enter into heartfelt communication with Me. You would all draw much
strength and comfort from My speech, which will only ever be perceived by you in the form of feelings and thoughts,
which could provide you with inner serenity and the feeling of security, hence you would truly be comforted and
strengthened by My Fatherly love which constantly applies to all of His children. Consequently you should, after you
have prayed to Me in spirit and in truth, wait and remain in thought of Me and you will sense My presence, and your
soul will receive the gift of My Fatherly love…. For I draw all those towards Me who call upon Me, who enter into
heartfelt conversation with Me, and I want to give to them whatever makes them happy…. Amen

B.D. 6116

God’s reply to thoughts.... Presence....

You can always be convinced of My presence if your thoughts revolve around Me, if you send an appealing call to Me,
if you mentally entrust your problems to Me…. In that case you can consider yourselves addressed by Me and need
only pay attention to the thoughts coming to you if you quietly listen within.... For I will answer you.... even if you
believe this answer to be your own thoughts…. It is My will and My goal that all people shall establish contact with Me
in thought…. yet only a few put it into practise…. Consequently it should be self-evident that I will delight these few
with My presence because they turn to Me in their thoughts. For every such thought affects Me like a childlike call
which I will not fail to hear, after all, I Am waiting for it…. And the nature of the call determines My reply.... as long as
you are not yet so intimately connected to Me due to your loving activity that I will be able to impart knowledge to you
independently from your thinking…. which, however, requires your belief that I speak to you through the spirit….
In that case, however, you will also be completely convinced of My presence which will give obvious evidence of itself.

Yet the fact that your thinking of Me will likewise affect My presence and that I will then also speak to you is unknown
to you humans…. and neither do you know how easily you can draw Me to yourselves and enter into an ever more
intimate relationship with Me if you accomplish unselfish neighbourly love, since thereby you draw Me, the Eternal
Love, close to you. Then you will be able to strengthen your bond with Me and finally attain a degree of love which is
the prerequisite for an obvious working of the spirit within and for you…. You just have to believe that you yourselves
are the cause of your God and Father ‘s presence due to your thinking of Him…. If you look at your daily life from this
point of view you will soon consider every hour wasted you have not thought of Me; for if you know that I can and
want to be present to you, you will only be happy when you are in silent mental contact with Me…. And you will
comply with My gentle urging to perform loving actions and also become aware of the light and strength which will
arise in you from such contacts with Me…. Amen

B.D. 7311

Answers to questions.... Serious examination of the origin....

I want to answer your every question providing you are capable of completely closing yourselves to the world and its
impression, thus with an utterly empty heart only yearn for My presence, then you will also be able to hear My Word
without any kind of ambiguity…. for which it is absolutely imperative to put all earthly matters aside. This is also why
so much is being endorsed as ‘My Word’ where a person’s thoughts were still too involved, where this ‘silence in God’
had not been established, where My answer had not been waited for. It always depends on the degree of love and unity
with Me that and in which way a person is being addressed by Me, and someone who completely hands himself over to
Me need not fear misconstruing the communication he receives…. He will, without hesitation, be able to endorse
everything as My merciful expression, and therefore he will also unhesitatingly be able to ask questions but they will
certainly be mainly of a spiritual content, because a child which totally hands itself over to Me will be far more
interested in spiritual than earthly questions. Yet people are still very attached to the world and often desire explanations
about purely worldly things, which they always present to Me in the hope that I will give them the desired answer. And
this jeopardizes the judgment of My Words, for people with predominantly earthly interests are not yet mature enough
to completely close themselves off and enter into a confidential dialogue with Me, their thoughts will more likely keep
digressing and return to the world from which they are unable to disconnect themselves completely…. And this makes a
divine communication questionable if not entirely impossible.... Therefore, you should very seriously examine that
which you endorse as ‘coming from Me’ and expect your fellow human beings to believe that I Myself Am the
Originator of it.

Only he, who was able to establish this heartfelt bond with Me in complete seclusion and allowed no worldly thoughts
of any kind to enter during his heart’s association with Me, may feel certain and endorse the results of his heartfelt
dialogue with Me as being completely without error…. He can also ask any question and it will be answered to him,
because it is always his will not to fall prey to error and because the truth means everything to him. I speak to everyone,
but whether My Word or his own thoughts come to his mind is determined by the human being’s own seriousness of
will as soon as it concerns questions which are not only of spiritual substance.… where there is therefore a risk that
worldly thoughts creep in and thereby easily endanger the truth…. whereas, on the other hand, purely spiritual thoughts
will guarantee inner composure and seclusion with the result that the answers will be appropriately clear and truthful. If
you want to speak with Me then I also demand your undivided dedication to Me…. But then I will also take complete
possession of you and all results of thoughts will be the outpouring of My love into your hearts.... If, however, you still
share your desire for Me with the world then you cannot expect of Me that I make Myself heard by you and you must
therefore very seriously examine yourselves and thus exercise self-criticism, which will always be beneficial for you if
it is your will that I should address you. For the pure truth must be desired by you, otherwise you will never be able to
receive pure truth.... Amen

B.D. 7787

Explanation about different Word-reception....

I will truly not deny you My Word if you want to be addressed by Me, but you must always check and ask yourselves
what you would like to know…. I will answer your questions if they concern spiritual thoughts and if this answer will
be beneficial for you. For I certainly want you to know the truth but I will withhold My answer if the question is not
based on pure motives. That happens if you want to use this answer to distinguish yourselves before your fellow human
beings or if you intend to use this answer in order to impel them into this or that action. For I recognise every intention
within a human heart, and even if he subsequently communicates with Me…. he will not be prepared enough that I
Myself can answer him. Then no spiritual exchange will take place but the person’s intellect works out an answer for
itself which he will then pass on as a ‘spiritual reception’. Every person will be addressed by Me if he fulfils the
conditions: if he makes heartfelt contact with Me and appeals to Me for My Word.... And I will talk to him in
accordance with his state of maturity, I will place the answer into his heart, I will direct his thoughts such that he will
not live in error. But this assurance of Mine is also being misused insofar as that people contact Me for answers relating
to earthly matters, insofar as they are incapable of differentiating between spiritual and earthly matters. I truly do not
want to deny Myself to My children but neither will I divert from My conditions on which I based the working of My
spirit: I want a profound desire for truth to be the cause of such questions which concern spiritual knowledge. Once
you humans have reached the degree that ‘My spirit’ can work in you then you will also know that your Father directs
earthly destinies as they will serve you best…. you will entrust yourselves to Me as your Leader and know that I will
arrange everything for your own good.

Thus you will not expect personal instructions or assignments nor ask your Father for them. For with earthly questions
you always run the risk of providing your own answers as you would like them to be…. Let Me take care of you and
completely leave your guidance to Me…. And only make sure that your soul will mature, that it will become a vessel
for My spirit.... Then hold private conversations with Me and let Me instruct you, i.e., initiate you into spiritual
knowledge…. For My kingdom will only ever be the spiritual world, and from this world you receive spiritual
teachings which intend to raise your soul’s maturity if you live your life on earth in accordance with these teachings.
And the thoughts of anyone wanting to work for Me will truly be correctly directed by Me, he will need no advice from
fellow human beings who may also advise him wrongly or pass wrong messages on to him…. Unite yourselves with
your Father of eternity and pray to Him for right guidance, and you will feel My will in your heart and comply with it.
And test all things and keep what is good…. No-one should omit testing the spiritual information given to him, for
everyone should know that during the last days My adversary will work wherever he can in order to cause mental
confusion…. but that he has no influence on those who form a heartfelt bond with Me and have appealed for My
guidance. And he also knows to disguise himself well and to appear as an angel of light…. yet it can be recognised by all
those who are looking for light and truth, for I will not let them walk in darkness.... I Myself will grant them light because
they desire it…. Amen

B.D. 5135

Spiritual reception or mental work?.... Serious scrutiny….

An endless abundance of spiritual knowledge can be conveyed to Earth without it being recognised by people for what
it is…. For spirits are working in all spheres which want to communicate with people, and depending on people’s
degree of maturity are either received or rejected. No spiritual being is prevented from expressing itself if people are
willing to listen. Yet people will likewise be granted protection if they don’t want to be approached by evil forces. For
force cannot be applied by the spiritual world, neither from below nor from above, and therefore it is always a matter of
an individual person’s own free will what kind of spiritual information he receives. However, you should know that
that spiritually awakened people, thus those who are in conscious contact with Me and appeal to Me for the pure truth,
can never ever be deceived or wrongly instructed again…. For these people are surrounded by a protective wall of
spiritual beings of light which only ever endeavour to deny entry to all impure spirits, because a spiritually awakened
person belongs to the redemptive community once he has offered his services to Me and his redemptive work shall not
be endangered by the darkness. But then it is a question as to what kind of mission the person intending to serve Me has
and how far he has already penetrated the truth. A less informed person will be unable to grasp exalted wisdom,
consequently he will not be able to judge its value either, to judge a truth which is as yet incomprehensible to him. In
that case, however, his mission is not the same as that of a person who was instructed in the most profound knowledge
should fulfil…. Furthermore, strict attention has to be paid as to whether ‘spiritual receptions’ or mental brain work are
under discussion….

You do well to remember that spiritual recipients, if they work on My instructions, will be spiritually protected from
interference by impure spirits…. but that a person’s own thinking cannot be prohibited when he uses his intellect in
order to formulate his will and therefore ‘spiritual reception’ does not takes place. This person can also have good
intentions but he does not allow himself to be led, instead he takes the lead himself.... You humans should strictly
criticise yourselves, your should remain profoundly humble and let Me work in you, so that you don’t offer the
adversary any reason to affect you negatively. You are being educated by My spirit of love if your thoughts aim towards
higher spheres. But then everything that still relates to earthly matters will have to be left behind, that is, you must
completely exclude yourselves if you pose questions you want answered. Only then will those spiritual forces which
impart absolute truth to you be able to step into action. Then pure spiritual thoughts will flow to you and you will be
certain that you are being truthfully instructed. But if you take earthly impressions along the soul will still be influenced
by the intellect, in which case the intellect can gain the upper hand, and according to its wishes you can be affected by
thought currents which are not emanations from the kingdom of light and yet are considered such, this is why
contradictory contents should always be critically scrutinised, as not to confuse you. You should learn to move within
purely spiritual thought currents, you should only desire purest truth and only want to be spiritually instructed.... you
should in profound humility desire to hear My Word…. then all earthly thoughts will step into the background, the
beings of light will be able to take effect on you and educate you on My instructions. Then you will receive purest
spiritual information whose content is consistent, and every one of you will think the same, because only one truth is
sent from above to those who love Me and want to be redemptively active, who want to allow My working in them….

B.D. 2039a

Mental activity....

A purely spiritual exchange produces purely spiritual results, thus the will to accept spiritual knowledge has to precede
the transfer of such by the giving forces. This is therefore a request for beneficial spiritual strength, consciously or
unconsciously.... consciously THROUGH PRAYER FOR ENLIGHTENMENT,

[Every human being can appeal for the grace of inner enlightenment and he will receive from God what he
desires. Correct thinking and the right kind of conduct will result if God enlightens the person’s spirit, and
thus anyone who prays for the grace of inner enlightenment will lead a way of life corresponding to God’s
will, for if God’s spirit determines the person’s thoughts and actions he will only accomplish what is good and
need not fear to do wrong. Yet he will have to pay attention to the inner voice, he must hand himself over to the
working of the spirit, that is, he must open his heart in order to let the thoughts conveyed to him from the
benevolent spiritual side influence him. The human being’s will determines the spiritual beings’ influence on
him. If he desires to become enlightened by God then God will assign beings to his side which will guide his
thinking correctly, providing he does not oppose them. Opposition, however, would be an unbending will
which cannot be guided, which, prior to the appeal for inner enlightenment, has had goals in mind and is
afterwards unwilling to let go of them in order to entrust himself to God’s guidance without resistance.
Anyone appealing to God for spiritual enlightenment must be willing to meekly hand himself over to His
guidance, he must only ever listen within himself and give in to the prompting of his heart which will urge him
to do or not to do this or that. He must let himself be guided by his feeling, for this is God’s voice as soon as
the person seriously strives to do what is right. The more he lets his own will become active the less audible
will be the spirit’s voice, God requires a relinquishing of will, a subordination to divine will in order to be able
to work in the person through His spirit.

God’s spirit will speak audibly and clearly in all who unconditionally hand themselves over to God…. He will
lead them through all dangers, He will guide their thinking right, and what they should then do or not do will
correspond to divine will. Admittedly, this does not comply with human requirements which only consider it
sensible to pursue a designated goal, which are thus intended to activate a person’s own will and regard a
relinquishing of will as a shortcoming. As long as the human being deems himself strong enough and believes
himself able to master everything solely through his determination he will undoubtedly be able to achieve
earthly success but never progress spiritually, for his thinking and activity will not always comply with God’s
will because he fails to appeal for God’s spirit…. for inner enlightenment. For God’s adversary interferes
quite often with his thinking and activity; the person listens to suggestions made by the beings which are
subject to the opposing power and his way of life will be lived accordingly. Therefore pray for the grace of inner
enlightenment, pray for the working of the divine spirit within you, and then let yourselves by guided by the thoughts
flowing into you…. comply with the urging of your heart and you won’t have to be afraid to think or act wrongly, for
God will answer your prayer and He Himself will work through His spirit in people who entrust themselves to
Him…. as He has promised…. Amen (B.D. 3597, 8.11.1945 – ‚Appeal for inner enlightenment’) ]

unconsciously through questions posted by a person which touch upon spiritual matters and which are consequently
answered by knowledgeable spiritual beings. If, however, the human being is more in contact with the earth, that is, if
he desires clarification about purely earthly things, he can give himself the answer in a solely intellectual way. The
intellect is likewise a gift of God but it cannot be compared to spiritual activity by the forces in the beyond, which are in
a state of perfection and merely pass on God’s flow of strength, for what they pass on is profound realisation and the
knowledge of spiritual things which the intellect as such would never be able to ascertain. Earthly questions, however,
can be fully solved, as then the strength of God becomes active, which flows to every living being and which even that
person who has no spiritual questions at all to settle, may possess. Consequently, the mental knowledge of every earthly
striving person can be very extensive and yet need not signify light for him. For this knowledge will be extinguished at
the moment of death, whereas the transmissions from the spiritual kingdom remain the property of every soul, for it is
everlasting knowledge, thus purest spiritual strength, which is sent by God through mediators to earth. The best
evidence for this is the fact that such wisdom is offered to people without mental activity, whilst earthly solutions
without exception necessitate mental work, thus using the energy of life from God…. Amen

B.D. 2039b

Mental activity....

The human being cannot be compelled to get in touch with spiritual forces, but it is a deliberate act of free of will.
Consequently, he must also have the opportunity to be mentally active if he does not establish a connection with
knowledgeable forces, only in that case is his activity limited insofar as he can only solve earthly questions. Then only
his physical organism will be active; he will use the energy of life which flows to him entirely independently from
support from the beyond, as long as he does not appeal to these forces for it. The thoughts the person is now thinking
have no spiritual value at all, thus no value for eternity, they are not spiritual but earthly, i.e. transient knowledge.
However, mental activity can also touch upon problems which lie beyond worldly things, but the human being, due to
his will and his attitude towards God, resists the influence of knowledgeable beings from the beyond with the result that
his thoughts will utterly contradict the truth…. Hence, only those spiritual forces will express themselves which are
requested by the human being’s will…. But at all times spiritual forces are at work as soon as spiritual questions are
raised, whereas earthly question only need the vitality which flows to him, even though the person believes that his
intellectual thinking always solves every problem. Ignorant or lying forces will certainly let the person believe that he
has gained the result by purely intellectual means, since it is their intention to deny all spiritual activity, in order to also
destroy the belief in divine working. Consequently, the human being considers himself the originator of every thought,
and the forces supporting him will encourage this opinion, and only a person aspiring towards God understands the
nature of thought. He feels the currents which flow to him from the kingdom of light. He willingly allows himself to be
influenced by the good spiritual forces. And therefore, only the person aspiring towards God will know the truth, for
that which flows to him in the form of thoughts is from God…. purest truth will be imparted according to His will
through bearers of light to the human being, because God is the Truth Himself…. Amen

B.D. 7222

Earthly or spiritual thought currents....

The more you isolate yourselves from the world, the easier you find the entrance into the spiritual realm, for the
thoughts flowing to you from the spiritual kingdom will no longer be met by opposition. The world, however, is a
constant obstacle for such spiritual thoughts, for only in total seclusion will they be accepted by the human heart. And
thus you can understand why people spend so little time on spiritual thoughts while they are still bound by the world,
for worldly thoughts will always displace spiritual thoughts.... i.e., the human being will be incapable of accepting
mental knowledge, because worldly thoughts push to the fore and prevent spiritual thoughts from reaching the person’s
heart. And yet, the human being is responsible for the mental knowledge he is subject to, for free will alone determines
what the human being thinks, and free will either rejects or accepts the waves of thoughts encircling him. And the will,
in turn, is directed in accordance with the human being’s nature…. it is either spiritually or worldly inclined. It is not
forced to take one direction or the other, it is completely free. Nevertheless, everything depends on the direction of this
will, his thinking and activity, his present and the future fate of his soul, which can be glorious but also dreadful. Thus,
the world is a danger for the human being’s will, and yet it has to be in order to enable the soul to gain clarity, in order
to urge it to make a decision, which must be taken between itself and the spiritual realm. Both kingdoms exist but the
soul can only want one kingdom, and it has to determine which kingdom it wants. If it chooses the material realm,
which is the world, then it will remain attached to this realm…. if it chooses the spiritual realm then it will become its
abode when the soul leaves the earthly body, when its earthly progress is over. And it is courted by both kingdoms, it is
influenced by both kingdoms but not forced.

For this reason the soul bears the responsibility for its own thinking and intentions, for it is able to choose either
direction, it is not impossible for it to make the right decision even if it is tangibly confronted by the material world and
the spiritual world seems to be unreal. For the spiritual forces have a specific power over the soul so that they are
repeatedly able to intervene even with someone unwilling…. so that he, too, is grasped by them and thus the person has
to deal with them…. he can simply reject them if he is unwilling…. Nevertheless, they affected him and therefore he
cannot avoid the responsibility if it is demanded of him. The human being is able to think, this is the reason for his
responsibility…. And no-one imposes thoughts upon him. It is entirely up to him what he thinks. The aim of the helpful
spiritual forces who try to influence him in a positive sense will always be that he thinks correctly.… But since negative
forces also exert an influence, the human being has to make his own decision, and therefore one cannot speak of
‘spiritual coercion’ to which one person succumbs and the other does not. And thus, it occasionally requires inner
battles to remain focussed on spiritual thoughts when earthly thoughts try to crowd in. The will to mature spiritually can
provide strength for this inner battle, and then the person will already have won, for his will was positive and must also
have positive results. And the more a person is involved in the world the greater will be his victory, for the greater the
oppositions and enticements are, the greater the will is which overcomes them and chooses the spiritual kingdom. But
one day the soul will delight in its victory, for it shaped its own fate for eternity, it will approach a life of blissful
happiness and only ever thank God for providing it with the strength to prevail…. Amen

B.D. 3628

Thoughts from the spiritual kingdom....

Thoughts flow to you from the spiritual kingdom, if you are spiritually minded and therefore also look for contact with
the enlightened beings of the spiritual kingdom. Consequently, every thought can be a blessing for you provided you
sincerely want to become enlightened, thus to know the truth. Yet in order to be taken care of by helpful spiritual beings
it is also always necessary for you to conduct your life in accordance with God’s will, since you are also surrounded by
forces of darkness which seek to lead your thoughts astray. And you yourselves reject or allow their access to you,
depending on your conduct in life, on your will and your attitude towards God and towards good.

And therefore you have to seriously scrutinise yourselves whether you strive to live in keeping with God’s will, whether
you want the truth. You must know that thoughts are the activity of spiritual beings in the beyond which they try to
convey to you, and that you allow yourselves to be influenced by forces which you draw to yourselves by your way of
life and your will. For this reason you have to observe your thoughts whether they lead towards God or divert you from
believing in God. Every good thought teaching love and referring to God is the activity of good spiritual forces, and you
should take it up and let yourselves be affected by it, for as soon as you pay attention to it, it will also shape your way of
life and be beneficial for your soul.

But as soon as you pray to God for correct thinking, good spiritual beings will always be your teachers and guides, they
will influence your thoughts and also try to transmit spiritual concepts which will heighten your maturity of soul; they
will provide you with power of perception which will enable you to render the activity of evil forces ineffective by
instantly recognising it as error and rejecting it. If you unite yourselves with God, if you live intending to please Him,
then you will not have to fear evil spiritual forces which deceive your thoughts, for you give yourselves into the hands
of good spiritual beings which will take loving care of you and direct your thoughts such that they will correspond to
the truth and promote your spiritual development, because you strive for it yourselves…. Amen

B.D. 2363

Thinking apparatus.... Influx of good or evil strength....

Spiritual knowledge ceaselessly flows to you from the spiritual kingdom which you need only accept in order to possess
it. Your will is decisive as to what kind of spiritual knowledge you take hold of, for you can make the spiritual
transmission of light as well as that of darkness your possession, depending on your will. The human being’s thinking
apparatus is so delicately constructed that it is being activated by every emanation, i.e. as soon as thoughts surround him
like waves it becomes active by accepting what he agrees to, which is thus favoured by the person’s will. For this makes
the decision.... it effectively accepts part of it whilst rejecting everything else, depending on its attitude towards that
which is good and divine or towards the power which is hostile to God. For the influx of thoughts from both powers,
from the illuminated or spiritually dark forces, are either beneficially or unpleasantly experienced by the person, who
therefore accepts the one and rejects the other. Hence, it depends on his basic attitude towards God which mental
information the human being’s will allows to take effect in himself, for once his thinking apparatus has received it, it
will constantly remain at his disposal, for it will always rise to the surface as soon as the person wants to deal with it. If,
therefore, the human being’s will is directed towards God, the mental knowledge will be accordingly so, i.e. it will only
consist of such communications which flow to him from the realm of light, which thus do not contradict the divine will.
The human being will predominantly concern himself with spiritual things and disregard worldly matters, he will feel a
spiritual hunger and thus accept from the spiritual transmissions that which corresponds to his desire while disregarding
everything else. And so every person forms his own mental knowledge; it will be imparted to him from all sides, that is,
good and evil forces endeavour to open their world of thought to the human being and make him inclined to accept their
offer. If the human being unites himself with God in thoughts or in prayer he will, understandably, also accept the
mental information given to him by forces which are united with God, and these forces will prevent the opposing power
from influencing him, and this, once again, is expressed through the human being’s will, through its affirmative or
negative attitude regarding the offered mental knowledge. This is why someone with the desire for God can be assured
that he thinks correctly, for through his desire for God he makes himself receptive to the spiritual influx of good forces
and feels that the mental information given by the opposing power is wrong and merits its rejection. The virtuous
spiritual forces diligently train his power of judgment and watch out that the willing human being shall not fall prey to
evil influences…. Amen

B.D. 6375

Mental activity.... What is thought?

What is a thought?.... This question can never be answered scientifically as long as the researchers do not penetrate
spiritual knowledge themselves, as long as they merely try to solve it intellectually, for the origin of thought is the
spiritual realm…. Thoughts are emanations from the spiritual realm which encircle you humans like waves in order to
be either accepted or rejected depending on your will…. They are emanations which affect and activate your thinking
organs if you are willing, i.e. if you deliberately make contact with the beings which emanate these thoughts to you.
This is an exchange and a process by forces.... but it is brought about by two sides; nevertheless, it is left up to the
human being’s will as to which side he establishes contact with…. You ought to know that you were created such that
all organs have to carry out a specific activity, and particular organs exist for every function which work according to a
person’s will, partly still subject to natural law because they have a life-preserving function. Furthermore, you should
know that you are granted a certain amount of freedom for the duration of your earthly life.... which shows itself in the
fact that the function of specific organs depends on you will, because it shall test and prove itself during earthly life….
And this also requires your intellectual activity, which you can develop yourselves by using the thinking ability that was
given to you for that purpose. But this ability to think does not consist of the fact that you generate the thoughts
yourselves, but you must, by virtue of your thinking ability, allow something that flows to you, something spiritual,
which constantly surrounds you like waves, to take effect in you…. You must accept the thoughts flowing to you and
process them with your intellect; however, it is up to you as to whether you pick these thoughts up or which thoughts
you pick up, yet the will and the choice are crucial for your higher psychological development…. Thoughts are spiritual
emanations of strength which originate in an inconceivable abundance of light from God Himself…. they are first
received by beings of light which, in turn, seek to impart happiness with their gift and this means that they constantly
pass it on to all entities, to all who are capable of thinking. However, the prince of darkness, as he is now, had once also
been a recipient of light and strength. He, too, transmits emanations from himself to the created beings…. And thus the
human being, as a cogitative entity, is able to receive thought currents from both sides, the emanations of good and evil
forces will always express themselves as thought waves; the human being will always accept those thoughts which
correspond to his will, thoughts will never exert a forcible influence but merely come to the fore or be rejected
according to a person’s will and nature….

The human being, however, can never be the originator of his thoughts himself.... he does not have the ability to
produce these thoughts himself, even though he is frequently convinced of the fact that everything he gained through his
intellectual activity is his own spiritual product…. He merely avails himself of the thought currents surrounding him....
and, by virtue of his thinking ability bestowed upon him by the Creator, is also able to use them to an exceptionally high
degree…. And time and again enlightened thoughts will emerge in a person who is more inclined towards dark thought
currents…. Yet thoughts, regardless from which direction, will never take root in the thinking organs against a person’s
will…. And that is his own function, to choose which thought he wants to attend to…. Thinking ability has to be
understood as being able to deal with the currents which touch a person as ‘thoughts’, to understand their meaning, to
put them into logical order…. thus to make use of all thoughts flowing to him…. But this first requires the will.... For
the human being is not forced to become receptive to the thought waves flowing to him, thus he can reject the thoughts
if he is mentally somewhat sluggish…. just as, on the other hand, he can pick up the thoughts coming from below,
which are bad and worthless in substance…. His will always determines the direction of thoughts as well as their
origin.... Thought currents from the world of light have, if the human being’s will is prepared to accept them, an effect
of strength at the same time, which sharpens and refines the person’s thinking ability…. Thus, a person occupying
himself with spiritual questions accepts these questions from beings in the realm of light too, the thought waves trigger
a desire in his soul to receive an explanation. This desire is picked up by the thinking organs and only from this moment
on does the person’s intellect become aware of it. Then contact has been established with the being which sent him the
emanation…. which carries out its task on God’s instruction or on the instruction of His adversary: to spread light or
darkness. Every thought is the expression of a being which is either of service to God or to His adversary.... yet never
the human being’s product, for even in a state of perfection one day in the spiritual kingdom the being will only ever
emanate that which it receives from the source…. from God Himself…. as strength of love, which incorporates supreme

From the diversity of people’s thinking it is clear that innumerably different degrees of knowledge distinguish the
spiritual beings but that they all have access to the human being, because he can protect himself through his will from
error or imperfect spiritual knowledge and because God also grants His adversary the same right to influence a
person…. on account of the decision of will, which is the purpose and goal of earthly life as a human being…. A
person’s thinking ability can also weigh up various thoughts against each other…. The person can reach a conclusion
and only on account of this conclusion can his will change its initial direction, and as soon as he is of good will his
intellect will defend itself against untrue mental knowledge…. For the light beings’ effort, which live in absolute truth,
will never cease to send the right thoughts to people in their care, and they conscientiously comply with their mission to
spread light and truth and to dispel the darkness.… And a heart which opens itself, a person who desires the truth, may
receive a wealth of thoughts to which he will respond…. The emanations from the kingdom of light will also kindle a
bright light in himself, the person will believe to have reached the conclusions through his own thinking which,
however, is only insofar correct as that he has made use of his thinking ability in order to take possession of the spiritual
information which previously flowed to him…. but which will now remain with him, which he will also be able to
emanate again if he is allowed to carry out a blissful activity in the spiritual kingdom…. Amen

B.D. 6843

Thoughts are emanations from the spiritual realm....

No-one knows his own destiny and no-one is able to determine it.... but everyone knows that he won’t stay on earth
forever and that he can be called away even on the next day, that he can also be surprised by strokes of destiny which he
is unable to avert. But only a few people make use of this certain knowledge by working towards the life which follows
afterwards…. towards life in the spiritual kingdom which lasts forever. And the rest don’t make use of it because they
are not convinced of life after death…. It is, however, also impossible to provide them with proof of this because it
would render the whole of earthly life useless, as its purpose concerns a completely free decision of will…. but proof
would already result in a coercion of will. For this reason people are left to a certain extent to their own devices, they
walk through earthly life without precisely knowing its meaning and purpose, nevertheless they are able to reach a clear
understanding if they strive for it. For people are able to think.... For the duration of their earthly life they received a
gift, the capacity to think, thus also the intellect to process thoughts and to verify their truth…. for people can have right
as well as incorrect thoughts. This is proof of the fact that they receive thoughts from two sides but that the choice of
thoughts is left up to them …. Thus, thought itself is not a product generated by the person himself and emanated
outward but it first flows to him as strength from the spiritual kingdom. However, you ought to know that thinking will
not stop with your body’s death but that this demonstrates to the self-aware soul its bond with God…. insofar as that, in
the state of perfection, it will receive His spiritual illumination in the form of thoughts…. In contrast, in the imperfect
state God’s adversary gains influence over the self-aware being, regardless of whether it still lives on earth or it is in
the realm of the beyond. Hence thinking does not stop, it can merely be confused or entirely wrong if the soul’s degree
of maturity is low and therefore God’s adversary has a greater influence than God Himself, Who will never forcibly
impose Himself but wait until the being submits itself to Him…. Thoughts are thus something spiritual, more or less
corresponding to truth but always contributions from the spiritual realm, which can therefore also be classed as
forces…. once again, with good or evil consequences, depending on their origin. Anyone who does not believe in the
continuation of life is satisfied with the explanation that thought originates in the human being himself. But then death
would extinguish all reasoning power, then it would not be easy to explain the concept of ‘soul’, which, in contrast to
the body.... the earthly-material external shell…. is the human being’s inner life, his thoughts, feelings and intentions….

The soul is everlasting, thus it will continue to be able to think, feel and want, if it is to continue living after death....
Something that is alive, self-aware, has to be able to show these characteristics that it can think, feel and want.
As long as these abilities do not exist, the being is still in a state of constraint in which it cannot be held fully
responsible for its actions. But the being is given a task during its lifetime on earth, consequently, it must also be able to
think and want and to act accordingly.... Hence, the point is that it should voluntarily adapt itself to the divine order
which it revoked when turned away from God. Since its apostasy from God resulted in its decent into darkness, i.e. into
complete lack of realisation, it must now, in order to make a free decision of will, be introduced again to knowledge
which flows to it from the spiritual kingdom and which can be accepted but also rejected again by the human being.
People’s thoughts are therefore such influxes, but they can come both from the kingdom of light as well as from the
realm of darkness. The human being himself is equipped with the gift of intellect in order to be able deal with the
thoughts flowing to him. But sharpness of intellect is not so crucial as a heart willing to love in order to be receptive to
thought waves from the kingdom of light…. Consequently, the degree of realisation will match accordingly and a
person who lives a life of love will find it easy to make the right decision…. whereas a heartless person is sent thoughts
from the realm of darkness and is more willing to accept these and thereby becomes increasingly more enslaved by
God’s adversary. The human being certainly believes that the thoughts are his own spiritual product, that he, by virtue
of his intellect and his externally received education, generates them himself…. in that case, however, his soul would be
entirely empty at the moment of death, but it is, in fact, the human being’s actual Self and can therefore not stop
thinking, feeling and wanting…. it therefore remains within the area of thought waves but it created or can still create
the sphere which it now occupies. Although its thinking will be weak and confused in the dark spheres, nevertheless, it
can think.... and also clarify this thinking if it wants to. Thought is spiritual strength which cannot disappear, for that
reason every thought will also have some kind of result, negative…. if it flows from the kingdom of darkness and is
accepted, or positive…. if it originates in the kingdom of light and finds acceptance in human hearts. Thus, the human
being himself need only prove his willingness of acceptance by desiring contact with the kingdom of light. This is why
no person will ever allow good thoughts to arise in himself if he is totally captivated by the adversary, because he does
not produce the thoughts himself but they flow to him like waves, he must allow them to surround him if they are to
have a beneficial effect on him…. if they are to impart the knowledge to him which helps him to make the right
decision. For this is every individual person’s only goal in life, on account of which he was allowed to embody himself
on Earth…. Amen

B.D. 6963

Thinking ability does not mean generating thoughts....

It is impossible for you to generate your own thoughts but you are able to pick-up and make use of thoughts flowing to
you. For the thought is a spiritual emanation of strength, which you will understand if you consider that you are
certainly capable of thinking about what is presented to you in some form or other but that you will not think about
something that is entirely unknown to you until you have been touched by a ray of thought which, however, cannot
originate in yourselves. On the other hand, however, it is possible for everyone to mull over and resolve problems if he
accepts the influx of thoughts from the spiritual kingdom, but this will never be proof that he generates these thoughts
himself…. When I brought you to life, when I externalised you from Myself as independent living creations I
nevertheless established a connection between Me and you, which consisted of the fact that I spoke to you and you were
able to reply…. And you were able to feel as well as hear these Words…. The feeling was the ‘thought’ which you
audibly perceived as ‘Word’. But then, due to your ‘thinking ability’, you were able to form an opinion about this
thought or Word and reply to it according to your will…. or continue on your own to think about the thought you had
received, you are able to form or shape it as you want, thus more or less develop it further in either direction, judging
the thought sent to you either correctly or incorrectly…. This is the thinking ability I granted to you as created beings in
order to communicate with you, again, according to your will. Something must exist first, only then will you be able to
deal with it. And I Myself Am the primary cause of everything in existence…. Everything originates from Me,
regardless of whether it is the life of the creature or the blissfulness of the most elevated spirits…. And thus ‘the Word’,
too, originates from Me, which first appears as thought in the human being but has to be voluntarily seized by the
person. And then he will be able to deal with it and use it according to his will.

Thus, intellectual thinking cannot generate a thought but it can choose and receive the thought currents surrounding it.
The intellect can deflect or pick-up inflowing thought waves, which can be easily understood if you compare it to the
transmission and reception activity developed by you humans in radio technology…. The transmissions come forth
from a higher Will or Being and can be received by every person but do not forcibly impose themselves if a person
opposes them: And because this is determined by the person’s will, the will is influenced from a good as well as an evil
side…. You should know that you are always surrounded by all kinds of thought waves.... by those coming from Me,
which are conveyed to you by the world of light that works according to My will, but also by those which certainly
originally emerged from Me, yet which, through deliberately using strength in order to oppose Me and their thinking
ability, were shaped adversely and are now also sent to you by this power…. once again demanding your will, which
can accept but also reject them. And so you are also able, by virtue of your free will, to use the thought currents from
the world of light wrongly, that is, your thinking ability can take a negative attitude towards these thoughts if you hand
yourselves over to the adversary by isolating yourselves from Me. The beings of light will never abandon you, they will
always try to influence you, but they cannot prevent you from taking My adversary’s side. However, were you unable
to give the thoughts sent to you from the world of light another direction, you would not possess free will either, you
would more or less be compelled to think correctly and no error would exist in the world…. Thus, you must use your
thinking ability, you must form some kind of opinion of what first affects you as a thought…. And that gives you the
impression that you ‘create’ the thoughts yourselves…. In that case, however, your ‘thinking’ would be very restricted,
it would constantly revolve around the same thing, around that which can be seen by your eyes and touched by your
hands, because you are also physically limited. But that which is limitless in you.... your soul…. is indeed in contact
with Me and constantly receives the evidence of belonging to Me…. It can also make unrestricted use of My influx
according to its will…. this is why the human being by virtue of his thinking ability is also able to do what he likes with
the thoughts sent to him…. thus he can think correctly or wrongly…. And the guarantee for correct thinking is offered
to him by Me Myself, he need only make conscious contact with Me. If he fails to do so he is subject to My adversary’s
influence, and then darkness prevails over light…. and everything the human being does in this dependence on him will
be wrong and opposed to My divine order…. Amen