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stence, sozetimes lew professors whom the firn kmows recommend amen we sicht otherwise overlook. issocietes in doubt as to their reting standercs shouid ccuszit the "hired", “outstending offers" and "zctive considerstion" filee for what light they mey shed. Before the Christaas rush starts, the ussociatcs should fe=tiierize thenselves with the caliber of nen in these files and eiso check the school files he: the kind cf men segs i cless of 1957 at Columbia, Herverd, Yale and cektz Ledy Lawyers The firm desires to be cendid ebout its prefer- courege the distaff side of our profession. ‘ve heve hired vonea lewrers in the past ané ve currently oy ons woren, vho is outstanding in the blue sky fielé, It is, however, elso true thot the fira does not rete a girl cppiicent on vith equal te: nen appliceats, If the paper recorés are the soze, the san is given preference, barring sone personeiity defect, ca the grounés that being 2 son, he hes ar experience in the business greater use to the firm then the ex- perience czen to nost iris. where grates cisqualify 2 lady azplicent it ds preferable -nd quickest to terminate the interview cn this or better, the firn's preference for nen should be cendiciy Zacec. The discussion cen then be turned to whether the epplicant wants to get ea "general prectice" job or would coxside> & specielty in trusts end estetes, estate texes or "tine sky", The result of this explorction should be acted c= tho resune. Next, on option shorld be given to the ledy eppilcent either to proceed further with knowledge that she cust overcone a preference for nale cssocictes or to vithérev and use her valuable tine where such e preference ney not apply. The firm will probebly not suffer from its preference for uen if the desire to be candid so es to be feir to lecy epplicants is stressed elong with the fact thet the fira ¢oes not give a finel "no" to ledy epplicente be- cause it waxts to stay flexible from yeer to yeer and review its pociticn in the Light of each outstending icéy applicant who eppeers, ifter such an applicant has seen one or two partners, the responsible associate should get then to decide t further Efcpositien ts in order. the epplicent asks ebout SRMUMUMMES salery rete, the quick cuzwer is thet we pay the going rate. If pressed further, the responsible essociate con sey that the current ecing rete is reputedly $4500 - $4800 for non-veterans ené