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……………….CavinKare Group……………………….
Corporate vision
"We shall achieve growth by continuously offering unique products and services that
would give customers utmost satisfaction and thereby be a role model."
Business Overview:
Founded In 1983, Founder C.K. Ranganathan
Initial Name “Beauty Cosmetic Products Limited”
Adopted name CavinCare in Nov, 1998
Head quarter in Chennai, 4 regional Sales Head Quarters- Chennai, Kolkata,
Mumbai, Delhi
Annual Turnover: Rs 400 Crore.
500 employees, 29 strategically positioned depots across country
Three business units: Personal Care, Food, and International Business.
1400 hundred plus stockists across Personal Care and Food product
CavinKare , a FMCG company , revolutionized Indian shampoo market by introducing
Chick shampoo priced at 50 paise and successfully penetrated rural Indian market. The
core values and beliefs followed by the company are : Innovation, Openness, Trust,
Stretch, Ownership, Customer Delight,Leadership, Adaptibility, Integrity, Fairness, and
Group Company
Packaging India Private Limited: 1999
Trends In Vogue: July, 2002
Power Brands like Chik, Fairever, Nyle, Meera, Ruchi
Presence in categories like-
Skin Care: Fairever, Fairever Mantra, Spinz Deodorant, Spinz Talc etc
Hair Care: Chik Shampoo, Nyle Active Herbal Shampoo
Home Care: Utensil Cleaners ( Everglo)
Foods: Ruchi Pickles, Ruchi Gulabjamun Mix, Freshwala, Ruchi’s Health plus
Key Points & Differentiators
 Chik shampoo offered in small sachets(priced at 50 piece), is
immensely successful in tapping the rural and semi- urban markets.
 2nd largest player of 1000 crore Indian shampoo market with 15%
share, which is same as P&G’s share.
 Ventured into the salon business in 2001, and food and home care
products in 2003
 Does not distribute the products of other manufacturers, and
neither does it let others distribute its products.
 Vision 2012 envisages a target of 500 crores for exports driving
through Personal care & Foods products
Internship history
Cavinkare visited the campus for the first time for summer placement of the PGP 2004-
06 batch. It made two offers. The projects offered were mainly on market research and
estimating the changing trends in the FMCG sectors.
The company currently doesn’t have any policy of offering PPOs, but there are
indications that the company is willing to change the policy with regards to IIMs.

Business Description and career

CavinKare has grown with minimal investment. Invariably, existing brands supported
new brands.Typically, every brand of CavinKare has a distinct USP (Unique Selling
Proposition), which appeals to specific target groups. It chooses to extend brands only
when they make sense for the consumer. Its brand strategy is one of consolidation of
existing brands, focusing on niche areas, sometimes giving the products a distinct
regional flavour to counter larger rivals.

The work culture at CavinKare features lots of freedom, immense responsibility and due
credits in creating an ambitious and admirable Indian Company and believes in
empowering its employees. CavinKare’s employees, particularly its management cadre,
are kept informed of all major developments. CavinKare continues to grow fast and
introduce new products in quick succession. To meet the challenges thrown by such a
robust business environment, the company takes efforts to enhance pro-activeness and
speed in its people.

Cavincare hasn’t yet visited the campus for final placements so far. The main positions
that are offered are marketing oriented with the focus on market research and startegies,
brand management and promotion and.

International Business

CavinKare has also identified exports as a thrust area and decided to float a separate
strategic business unit for exports that would focus on the south-east Asian and African
markets.CavinKare made successful entry into SriLanka with Fairever, Nyle and Spinz. A Full-
fledged Country Manager was placed in Colombo in September 2003 to drive Sales, Marketing &
other operations.

Research & Development

Each year, CavinKare has been allocating 3 to 4% of its total revenues towards research
and development activities. The R&D Division already has five well-developed sections -
Skin Biology, Natural Products, Microbiology, Formulations and Measurements. Product
areas of focus for the forthcoming year are hair and skin care.

Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.