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Jesus is a Servant of God in Both Quran

and Bible
Jesus is God's servant

All of mankind are the servants of God. If a man

were to own another man then that man would be his
servant. Obviously this servant would be held in a
lower regard than this man's own children (or
himself). We do not usually find people telling their
sons (or themselves): "come here my servant," or "Go
over there my servant." Let us compare this with what
God has to say about Jesus (pbuh):

Matthew 12:18: "Behold my servant, whom I have


Acts 3:13(RSV): "The God of Abraham, and of

Isaac,.... hath glorified his servant Jesus."

Acts 4:27(RSV): "For of a truth against thy holy

servant Jesus, whom thou hast anointed...."

The Actual Greek word used is "pias" or "paida"

which mean; "servant, child, son, manservant." Some
translations of the Bible, such as the popular King
James Version, have translated this word as "Son"
when it is attributed to Jesus (pbuh) and "servant"
for most everyone else, while more recent translations
of the Bible such as the Revised Standard Version
(RSV) now honestly translate it as "servant." As we
shall see in later chapters, the RSV was compiled by
thirty two Biblical scholars of the highest eminence,
backed by 50 cooperating Christian denominations
from the "most" ancient Biblical manu******s
available to them today. Chances are that no matter
what your church or denomination you are able to
name, that church took part in the correction of the
King James Version of the Bible which resulted in the

The exact same word "pias" is attributed to

Jacob(Israel) in Luke 1:54 and translated as

"He hath helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of

his mercy;."

It is also applied to King David in Luke 1:69, and

once again, it is translated as "servant":

"....the house of his servant David;" (also see Acts


However, when it is applied to Jesus (e.g. Acts 3:13,

Acts 4:27), NOW it is translated as "Son." (notice that
it is not only translated as "son" but as "Son".) Why
the double standard? Why the dishonest translation

"And verily, among them is a party who twist their

tongues with the ******ure that you might think that it
is from the ******ure but it is not from the ******ure;
and they say, 'It is from Allah' but it is not from Allah;
and they speak a lie against Allah while [well] they
know it!"

The noble Qur'an, A'al-Umran(3):78

"The Messiah will never scorn to be a servant of Allah,

nor will the favored angels. Whosoever scorns His
service and is proud, all such will He assemble unto
Him; Then as for those who believed and did good
works, unto them will he pay their wages in full and
shall increase them from His bounty. [But] as for those
who were scornful and proud, He shall punish hem
with a painful torment, nor will they find for
themselves other than Allah any ally or champion"
The noble Qur'an, Al-Nissa(4):172-174