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News from Lizet and Andy Bowen

September 2015

Better to
I’ve been trying to understand the principles of Transformational Giving and apply them to
my life. The third one was first mentioned by Paul in Acts 20:35. He quotes Jesus as saying,
“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Pastors using this verse to exhort their
congregations to give more sometimes overlook the context. Paul was telling the elders from
the church in Ephesus that rather than simply exhorting the believers to give, they
themselves should be models of generosity, working hard so that they can supply not only
their own needs but also bless others. A fellow missionary likes to remind people that God
blesses us not to increase our standard of living but to enhance our standard of giving.


After a year of traveling in the United States, putting over
40,000 miles on our Dodge Grand Caravan, we’re back
home in the community of Hugua’i, in Escobar, Paraguay.
It was a joy to see our friends and neighbors in Paraguay
after our thirteen-month absence.
We were grateful to find our house
had been well cared-for by Antonio
and Lida Guerrero during our



Lizet Bowen

Casilla 1338,
Asunción, Paraguay

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Above: A highlight of the Harvest
Community Church youth team was
when two of the young men got
baptized in the Pirity stream. Right:
The finished playground at Ita
Tenondegua Church


We have been going pretty steadily since we
returned. We landed in Asunción on July
16th and immediately began shopping and
preparing for the youth team from Harvest
Community Church in Kittanning,
Pennsylvania, that was to arrive on the
23rd. As they were going to be building

a playground at the Ita Tenondegua
(“Cornerstone”) Church here in our
community, we had to get the foundations
set immediately so they could be dry
enough to build on when the team arrived.
Thankfully, Larry Carr, our field director,
had already bought all the wood, but we
had to get it to Escobar and buy all the food
and other supplies.
The group was first rate. They had joyful

attitudes, were very willing to work, and
had excellent leadership that was very
intentional about helping them understand
how God was at work in and around them.
They almost completed the project (they
got further than I expected them to!), and
with a little more work the playground is
now done for the children of the community, who did not previously have a place
like this to play. And now the place to go is
to church! Thank you for praying, and

thanks to the team and to
the missions-hearted
people at Harvest
Community Church that
sent them!

Meet Our Partners


Michael and Jain Hayes live in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Jain is a
personnel manager for and Michael is a
counselor. I met Michael my freshman year at Asbury
College and Jain the following summer in Asheville, North
Carolina. They have three grown children, Ben (married to
Chelsea), Andrew, and Courtney. Michael and Jain began
partnering with us in ministry in September 1992, three
months after I joined World Gospel Mission! The Hayeses
are a valuable part of a team of 201 couples and individuals
and 18 churches that partner with us regularly so that we
can minister here in Escobar investing in the Paraguayan
church and the missions community that serves it.

for the

God blessed us in so many
ways through our
homeland ministry
assignment. Once more
he grew our faith by
supplying our financial
partnership needs in
unexpected ways. An
example is the church
missions chair who
contacted us in May to
invite us to present our
ministry to their church’s
missions committee. At
this point we were still
needing about $500 in
monthly support pledges
and weren’t at all clear
where these pledges were
going to come from. We
knew of this church but
had never been there. But
God had been working
quietly on our behalf,
through a relationship
that went back 15 years.
We happily went and met
with the committee, and
they voted to partner with
us in the amount of $425
monthly—almost the full
amount we still lacked!


Guarani students beginning class in
October. Top: The Ratcliffes; Bottom:
The Bakers.

Many prayed for us over
the past nine months or so
as we went through the
process of seeking U.S.
citizenship for Lizet.
Thank you for praying!
On June 19th she took
the oath of naturalization
at the United States
Federal Courthouse in
Frankfort, Kentucky.
There are many benefits
to being an American citizen, but one
important one is that travel to the U.S.A.
will be much easier for our family!

Ratcliffes, and

On October 5th, we’ll begin a new school
year at the Guarani-Jopara Institute for
Missionaries, with four students. One of
the families has been in Paraguay since
October. They are English but have lived in
Peru, France, Israel, and the United
States. Evi and Peter Ratcliffe have five
children: Daniel, Emily, Joy, Rebecca, and
Joseph, who were born on four different
continents! They have found a house in
Sapucai, the next town down the road from
us. The Ratcliffes are gifted, bold evangelists. We’ve already been blessed to spend
quite a bit of time with them.
The other family, the Bakers, are from the
United States and hope to arrive in
Paraguay at the end of September. Chris
and Jean Baker are both physician’s
assistants and they plan to develop the
medical ministry of Serving In Mission in
rural Paraguay. They have three children;
Evalee, Dana, and Elliot. Please pray as
they finish their support raising and
transition to Paraguay, and for both
families to make a good start at Guarani
language study!
In April we asked you to pray about a
teacher for the boys. An answer to your
prayers has come through our future
students, the Ratcliffes. A young lady will
be coming in October to help their children
with their schooling and she has agreed to
help our boys on certain days of the week!
Please pray for her as she invests in these
nine active kids!
Thanks for praying for us and Paraguay!