Ab imo pectore from the bottom of the heart Aliud est celare, aliud tacere To conceal is one thing

, to be silent is another Alter ipse amicus A friend is a second self Amantium irae amoris integration est Lovers quarrels are a renewal of love Amici probantur rebus adversis Friends are tested by advserity Amor caecus est Love is blind Amor est vitae essential Love is the essence of life Ars amatoria Art of lovers Ab honesto virum bonum nihil deterret nothing deters a good man from acting honorably Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam it is better to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice Actus dei nemini facit injuriam The act of god does injury to no one Ad astra per aspera To the stars through difficulties Adversa virtute repello

By courage, I repel adversity Ad vocatus diaboli The devil’s advocate Aliquis non debet esse judex propria causa, quia no potest esse judex et pars A person ought not to be judge in his own cause, because he cannot act as judge and party Animo et fide By courage and faith Audaces fortuna juvat Fortune favors the bold Cacoethes loquendi Itch for speaking; irresistible desire to speak Cacoethes scribendi Itch for writing; scribbler’s itch Caelitus mihi vires My strength is from heaven Cantatrix A female singer Caput mortuum Dead head; worthless person Carnaliter cognovits He knew carnally; he had intercourse with; raped Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero Enjoy the day, trusting the morrow as little as possible


Cave canem Beware of the dog Casus belli Cause of war Cedo maiori I yield to a greater person

Corpore et animo By the body and by the mind Claim delinquents magis puniuntur quam palam Those sinning secretly are punished, more severely than those sinning openly Crescat scienta, vita excolatur Let knowledge increase, let life be perfected

Cepit et abduxit He took and led away Clamito To cry out in a loud voice Coitus Sexual intercourse Coitus interruptus Interrupted sexual intercourse Concubina A mistress Cogitationis poenam nemo patitur No one is punished for his thoughts Condemnant quod non intellegunt They condemn because they do not understand Consortio malorum me quoque malum facit The company of wicked men makes me also wicked Corculum A term of endearment (a little heart)

Cruciatus Torment, torture, pain; anguish Crudelitas Cruelty; hard-heartedness; barbarity Cruente Bloodthirsty manner Cujusvis hominis est errare It is natural for any man to make a mistake Cupiditas Desire De amo To be desperately in love with; to love dearly or passionately De bello To bring war to an end; to finish a war Decalicator A hard drinker De buobus malis, minus est simper eligendum


Of two evils, the lesser is always to be chosen Deditio

Addicted to drunkenness Ecce, quomodo moritur Behold! The way of death!

Surrendering; giving up Errare humanum est De-fututus To err is human Exhausted by sensuality Est quaedam flere voluptas De-oscular There is a certain pleasure in weeping To kiss; kiss much Etiam nunc Dictum sapienti eat est Even till now; even the present time A word to the wise is enough Ex malis moribus bonae leges natae sunt Delicto Good laws arise from evil morals Love Ex-osculor Doncella To kiss eagerly; kiss fondly An unmarried woman of chaste character Ex osus Dramatis personae Hating exceedingly; detesting The persons of the drama Ex pudoratus Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori Shameless Sweet and fitting it is to die for one’s country Dum sola While single Dum spiro spero While I breathe, I hope Dum vita est, spes est While there is life, there is hope Durante bene placito During good pleasure Ebriosus Fabulose Fabulous Facta sunt potentiora verbus Deeds are more powerful than words Factotum Jack of all trades Fatuus An idiot or fool Felo de se Suicide


Fidem qui perdit, nihil pote ultra perdere The man who loses his honor can lose nothing further Filius nullius A bastard Fingo To touch; handle; stroke; touch gently Formosus Beautiful in form; handsome Fortuna fortes juvat Fortune aids the brave Fortuna viros magnios amat Fortune loves great men Fraudator A cheat; deceiver; defrauder Freneticus Frenzied person; madman Fur Thief Furor poeticus Frenzied inspiration Geniculatus With bent knees Gratis et amore Done freely and with love Hic et ubique Here, there and everywhere

Homo est sociale animale Man is a social animal, not intended to live alone Honoris causa For the sake of honor Hunc tu caveto Beware of him Illicibilis Seductive In aeternum Forever In fititae Denial Inest sua gratia parvis Little things have their peculiar charms In humanun verbum est ultio Revenge is an inhuman word Iguiis fatuus Old fool Inquissima pax est anteponenda justissimo bello The most unjust peace is to be prefered to the justest war In nuce In a nutshell In pectoris In his heart In puris naturalibus


In state of nudity; stark naked In secula saecolurom Forever and ever Ira furor brevis est Anger is a short insanity Irae et lacrimae Resentment and tears Iterum Again Ius sum cuique To each man his rights; to each man his due Irrationabilis Without reason; irrational Jam pridem Long ago; a long time ago Jocus Joke Jurgatrix A quarrelsome woman Jus ad bellum The right of making war Justitia omnibus Justice for all Lapsus calami Slip of the pen; typographical error Lapsus linguae

Slip of the tongue Lapsus memoriae Lapse of memory Legume servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus We are slaves of the laws in order that we may be free Libidinosus Full of desire; passion; lust; sensual; lustful, libidinous Libido Lust; sexual drive or impulse; suppression of which leads to psychoneurosis Lex Talionis The law exacting compensation in kind Linguosus Talkative; loquacious Lex aeterna Eternal light Lux mundi Light of the world Magna est veritas et praevalebit Truth is great and will prevail Malitia est acida; est mali animi affectus Malice is sour; it is the quality of a bad mind Malus pudor False shame; false modesty Mania a puto


Mania as a result of drinking Masuetae naturae Tame by nature Maturiora sunt vota mulierum quam vivorum The desires of women are earlier than those of men Membrum pro membro A limb for a limb

Nescit vox missa reverti A word once published cannot be recalled Necessitas non habet legem Necessity knows no law Negation duplex est affirmation A double negative is an affirmative Neminem oportet esse sapientiorem legibus No one ought to be wiser than the laws

Mendacem memorem esse oportet Ne mutuato amore invicem spoliarentur A liar ought to have a good memory Mens regnum bona possidet An honest heart is a kingdom in itself Mors et vita Death and life Mors janua vitae Death is the gate of life Mortui non mordent Dead men don’t bite Multa fidem promissa levant Many promises lessen confidence Nubilis Multi multa, nemo omnia novit Many men have known many things; no one has known everything Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est Now or never For knowledge too, in itself, is power Nunc vino pellite curas Ne fronti crede Drive away your sorrows with wine Do not trust the face; do not trust the appearance Omnia vincit amor; nos et cedamus amori Marriageable; one who is of marriageable age. Nunc aut nunquam Lest they mutually deprive themselves by affection Nemo dat quod non habet He who hath not, cannot give Nemo est supra legis No one is above the law Nihil dicit He says nothing Nihil ex nihilo Nothing out of nothing; nothing comes from nothing


Love conquers all; let us all yield to its power Pace et bello

Prevention is better than cure Primae impressionis Of first impression

In peace and in war Principia probant, non probantur Pelicatus Principles prove, they are not proved The cohabiting with a kept mistress; concubinage Pecuniae obedient omnia All things yield to money; money rules the world Per basio To kiss heartily Per cito To excite thoroughly, strongly Per cupio To wish greatly, desire earnestly, to long Perfectus Perfect; excellent; complete Per fidelis Very faithful, very trusty Per nocto To stay all night long Politiae legibus non leges, politiis adaptandae Politics should be adapted to laws, not laws to politics Potios sero quam nunquam Better late than never Praestat cautela quam medela Pro et contra For and against Pro salute anime For the good of his soul Pudor Shame Quae nocent docent Things that hurt us, teach Quam dice? How long ago? Quails vita, finis ita The way you live determines the way you die Quamobrem For what reason? On what account? Quamdiu se bene gesserit For as long as they behave themselves Quantum libet As much as you please Quasi As if. Almost as if; analogous to Qui bene distinguit bene docet


He who distinguishes well, teaches well Qui bene interrogat bene docet He who questions well, teaches well Qui taciet concentire videtur Silence means consent Quid est veritas? What is the truth? Quid hoc sibi vult? What does this mean? Qui invidet minor est He who envies, is inferior Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guardians themselves? Quid pro quo What for what; something for something Quod meum est sine me auterri non potest What is mine cannot be taken away without my consent Quo vadis?

Seductio A leading or drawing aside; seduction Semper et ubique Always and everywhere Semper fidelis Always faithful Semper idem Always the same Semper paratus Always prepared Sempiternus Everlasting, perpetual, eternal Si judicas, cognosce If you judge, first understand

Si vis amari, ama If you wish to be loved, love! Si vis pacem, para bellum If you want peace, be prepared for war

Whither goest thou? Socordia Quum virginitas, vel castitas, corrupta restituti non potest Once virginity or chastity is defiled, it cannot be restored Requiescant in pace May they rest in peace Res est ingeniosa dare It is a noble thing to give; it is better to give than to receive Weak-mindedness, silliness, stupidity Spes est vigilantis somnium Hope is the dream of the vigilant Spes sibi quisque Each man must rely upon himself Summa caritas est facere justitiam singulis, et omni tempore quando nacesse fuerit


The greatest charity is to do justice to every one, and at an time whenever it may be necessary Sum-molestus Somewhat troublesome or vexatious Summum jus, summa injuria Greatest right, greatest wrong Superbus Proud, arrogant, insolent, discourterous, uncivil, rude Tabula rasa Blank tablet. (figuratively: person who is unlearned, thus can be taught) Tempora mutantur et leges mutantur in illis Times change and laws change with them Tempus fugit Time flies Tempus omnia revelat Time reveals all Tertii gandentes The happy onlookers Timendi causa est nescire Ignorance is the cause of fear Venestus Loveliness, comeliness, charm, grace, elegance, beauty, attractiveness Venia aetatis Privilege of age Verecundus

Shame faced, diffident, bashful, coy Veritas vos liberabit The truth will set you free Veritatem dilexi I have loved the truth Virago A manlike woman; fierce or abusive woman Virtutis amore By the virtue of love Vis a tergo Force from behind Vivamus atque amemus Let us live and love Zonam solvere To untie the girdle; to marry a woman


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