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Hafiz Saeed Launches Public Protest Campaign against

Indian Water Theft
Sunday, March 07, 2010, Rabi-ul-Awwal 20, 1431 A.H


Ameer Jamat-ud-Dawah Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has launched a nationwide

protest campaign against Indian water-theft of Pakistani rivers. Jamat-ud-Dawah on Sunday
organized a unique public demonstration with hundreds of tractors in front of Punjab Legislative
assembly. The farmer wing of Jamat-ud-Dawah Pakistan held the „Water Rally‟ in provincial
capital to protest construction of Indian dams on Pakistani rivers in occupied Kashmir. Farmers
from different parts of the country participated in the rally with hundreds of tractors and
demanded that government must take strong practical steps to secure Pakistani water. Haifz
Muhammad Saeed said that by constructing illegal dams and diverting water of Pakistani rivers
India has imposed war on Pakistan and government of Pakistan must prepare the nation to
counter this aggression. He said that not only cultivation in agricultural lands will be impossible
but drinking water will also be not available to the Pakistani nation. It is a matter of life and
death for Pakistan, he said. He also promised that he will stage such programs in all parts of

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed once again reiterated his pledge for peace in the region and said
that its India which is imposing war on Pakistan. “My crime is that I speak for the oppressed
people of occupied Kashmir and India, my religion demands that I should speak for Indian
Muslims and other minorities subjugated by ruling elite of India” He said.

He said that UN Security Council was in hast while imposing sanctions against Jamat-ud-
Dawah but it is totally silent on controversial Indian projects in a disputed territory. Hafiz Saeed
said that by water aggression India wants to disintegrate Pakistan, Pakistan‟s rulers must come
forward to stop Indian aggression against Pakistan.

Farmers riding on tractors gathered at Nasir Bagh area of Lahore and then marched on
the Mall Road. Participants were carrying banners and placards with writings such „Water or
War‟, „Diversion of Pakistani Rivers—Indian Water Bomb‟, „Water Flows or Blood‟, „Liberate
Kashmir to Secure Water‟, „No Peace with Indian Water Aggression‟.

The Water Rally was also addressed by Jamat-ud-Dawah‟s head of Political affairs Hafiz
Abdur Rehman Makki, convener Tehreek Hurmat-e-Rasool Moulana Ameer Hamza, Moulana
Hasnain Siddiqi, Inamullah, Abdul Qadir Subhani, Abul Aziz Alvi, Asfhfaq Jutt and others.

Head of farmer wing of Jamat-ud-Dawah Ashfaq Jutt said farmers cried in front of
everybody that there is no water for cultivation but no one took notice of it, now this is Hafiz
Saeed who heard our cries and helped us to show the world that how we the farmers of Pakistan
are suffering due to Indian Water aggression. On behalf of farmers of all four provinces Ashfaq
Jutt thanked Hafiz Saeed for his support for the noble cause of irrigation water.

It was a unique demonstration to protest Indian water aggression by bringing hundreds

tractors on the Mall to show how much Pakistani farmers are affected and concerned about
decreasing water in Pakistani rivers. The speakers said that if the current situation continues then
Punjab and Sindh provinces may become deserts which will be a huge blow to Pakistan‟s
economy, security and stability.

Declaration of the Water Rally

At the occasion Jamat-ud-Dawah presented a declaration of the rally which was
unanimously accepted by the participants. The Water Rally Declaration says;

 India virtually declared war on Pakistan by unlawfully constructing dams and diverting
Pakistani rivers.

 India used her disputed occupation of Kashmir to carry out deep conspiracy of turning
Pakistan‟s agricultural lands into barren lands and economically annihilating her through
building dams and water theft.

 So far, actions taken by the government of Pakistan in this regard are terribly insufficient
and disappointing. Free of agenda dialogue and mere meetings around Indus water
commission are by no means sufficient. Some „Practical‟ steps have to be taken earnestly.

 If India is not willing to recognize Kashmir and related water issue as core dispute
needing to be resolved with high priority, there is no use wasting time in pointless India-
Pakistan dialogue.

 Kashmir is a disputed territory as per UN resolutions. We call upon UN and international

community to take immediate notice of controversial Indian projects in a disputed
territory and force India to stop this aggression that may trigger war between two nuclear
armed neighbors.

 If India continues with her water terrorism, Pakistan must keep open the option of using

 On the top of water aggression, India has deployed military consulates and RAW camps
along Afghanistan Pakistan border to train, finance and equip terrorists who carry out
attacks in Pakistan. India pioneered cross border terrorism in South Asia by doing the
same in East Pakistan not too long ago. We call upon UN to impose sanctions on RAW
and close disruptive Indian consulates to ensure regional peace.

 We also call upon our government to build unity among various religious, political and
civil society groups so that we stand solid behind Pakistan army as India is, in fact,
preparing to impose war on Pakistan.

 We call upon Pakistan government to put an end to so called war on terror which is in
fact not our war. We stand united to defend and protect our rivers, land and dignity.

May Allah bless Pakistan.

Yahya Mujahid

Chief Spokesman

Jamat-ud-Dawah Pakistan