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Human Resource Management issues associated with US

Implementing Affordable health Care Act (ACA): Recent changes in

ACA by US government and implementing the same in work place have
become area of concern for HR executives. Survey conducted by ADP
research institute reveals that 7 out 10 decision makers believe that
employees health care cost will become a major deterrent is accomplishing
business goals1. Keeping them abreast of policy changes and finding a way
to reduce health cost are some of the major issues that the US HR executives
are grappling with.
Multi-Generation Management: US has diverse set of working population
comprising freshly graduated youngsters, middle aged employees and
Septuagenarians. Each generation has its own traits, which when utilized
properly, helps the organization to achieve its objectives. Old generation has
traditionalist view of accomplishing tasks i.e., by using expertise from their
experience while younger generations use their creativity to solve issues.
While it is preferable to blend experience with creativity in approaching
problems, differences between older and younger generations pop up in their
communication style (Gen ys informal communication-text messages v/s
gen xs formal communication), Risk taking behavior and cultural
Employee retention: With raising job openings in USA, even the
professionals who are comfortable with their job profile are stimulated to look
for better job. Moreover, with growing opportunities, youngsters use
employment as a platform to gain expertise to start their own business.
Labor Departments Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey conducted in
US found that voluntary resignation has outpaced layoffs in 2015.2 Hence,
Human resource department in US companies is finding it seemingly difficult
to retain talents.
Unique expatriation problem in USA3:
Study conducted by Sean D.Truman & his colleagues identified three unique
issues associated with US expatriation. As a part of the study, a survey was
conducted with 455 US expats to compare the mental status of them with US
inhabitants. Due to relocation, cultural shift, expats face the following

Internalizing - Keeping the problems to oneself is called internalizing

problem. Study showed that depression and anxiety are two key
factors for US expats experiencing emotional stress.
Externalizing - Negative behavior towards others is called as
externalizing problems. Study reinforces the view that expats are
emotionally disturbed.
Substance abuse - Expats have much higher risk of using substance
(Drugs, alcohol) compared to their US counterparts. High level of stress
and expectations are cited as the reason for drug usage.