Review of the world premiere of Terriens
By Montreal Vegan Culture Examiner, Vanessa Franco January 13, 6:09 PM

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Screening of Terriens in Montréal-Est
Association végétarienne de Montréal

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2010-03-07 17:40

The world premiere of Terriens, the French language version of Earthlings, took place on the evening of Friday, 8th January 2010 at UQÀM. The event was a smashing success, with over 700 people in attendance. Local vegetarian Thai restaurant ChuChai was on hand to give out free samples of crispy seaweed and spring rolls. There was a long line outside of the theatre, and the audience was full of people from all walks of life. There were brief opening remarks from director Shaun Monson, who flew in from L.A. for the event, and Georges Laraque, who also served as interpreter. The audience was shown a clip from Monson's upcoming film Unity. Many people left during the film, particularly during the animals-as-food segment, but after the lights went up, it was clear that the vast majority of the audience had stayed. Monson, very pleased, noted that the number of people that left was far lower than the usual 20-30% rate. There were closing remarks from Sameer Muldeen, President of the Association Végétarienne de Montréal, Melissa Galianos from the Concordia Animal Rights Association , Carl Saucier-Bouffard from the Lundi sans viande campaign, and nutritionist Anne-

Marie Roy. To end the evening on a high note, there was a raffle with great prizes such as vegan handbags, hockey game tickets, and a restaurant outing. There was also a question and answer period that was unfortunately cut short. Georges Laraque stayed afterwards, making himself available for autographs. Read PETA's coverage of the screening here , which includes photos of the evening. Laraque will once again present the film (link opens as PDF) on Sunday, 24th January 2010 at 7pm at the Centre récréatif Edouard-Rivet in Montréal-Est.

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2010-03-07 17:40

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