Naruto 486 - Naruto vs.

Here is another Specialist prediction as The Special One refer himself. Naruto 486 Naruto vs Sasuke is the latest naruto predictions by The Special One. There is something different coming from this predictions. We already know about TSO's capability to think out of the box. When other naruto manga predictions almost the same, he added some unexpected scene in his predictions. Let's continue reading the prediction till ends.

List of Naruto 486 Predictions 1. Naruto 485 - Rasengan, Chidori Clashed ! (by: Silverblade) 2. Naruto 486 - My Answer is...(by: Killerrabbit9) 3. Naruto 486 - The Last Resort (by: Jeanericuser) 4. Naruto 486 - The Message (by: AkamaruChewtoy) Status: Predictions by: The Special One (Splashing water sprays all across the area… The two shadow clones Naruto made earlier, helps Sakura and Kakashi to higher ground… Both of the shadow clones disperse as Kakashi and Sakura arrives to the bridge overlooking the scenery…) Sakura (in thought): It’s always like this when those two clash… (The rising, spiraling waves of water begin to subside… The scene switches to underwater… Sasuke’s body is rising to the surface.) Sasuke (in thought): It’s too late Naruto… I’ve filled by heart with hatred for Konoha… All

that matters to me is avenging my clan… (The sceneswitches back to under water. Naruto’s body is rising to the surface.) Naruto (in thought): I will make you realize your wrongs… Deep down, I know you can’t want this… (Both Naruto and Sasuke emerge from the water and glares at each other… Naruto begins to pant…) Sasuke: You’re tired just after that little exchange? Hah, that’s so unlike you Naruto… Naruto (in thought): But why? (The scene switches over to the top of the bridge where Kakashi and Sakura stand. Using his sharingan, Kakashi monitors the field… A little sweat drips down his face.) Kakashi (in thought): Naruto’s chakras are acting strangely… No, could it have been? (Kakashi has a flash back to Sasuke grazing Naruto with Sakura’s Kunai) The cut’s not that deep, but at this rate he’ll probably only has control of roughly 1/3 of his chakra based off what I’m seeing with the sharingan… It’ll take awhile for him to be at full optimum again… At least the Kyuubi’s chakra acts as a defensive mechanism to diminish the antigen’s adverse effects… Though, there’s always that chance he could be spreading the poison by moving his body around… Sakura: Sensei? Kakashi: Sakura… If Naruto collapses, gather him up and leave immediately… I will block Sasuke from you and take care of him for good… (Sakura has shocked look on her face… The scene switches back over to the battle… Sasuke and Naruto break apart from each other after some off screen taijutsu and slide across the water’s surface as small bits of mist sprinkles throughout the air. Naruto rubs the right side of his cheek, whereSakura’s kunai grazed him at.) Sasuke: I see… Naruto (in thought): Crap. That kunai must have been Sakura’s… I don’t know how long I’ll last, but he doesn’t look any better than I… Sasuke: I’ll admit, your skills have improved… Half a year ago you couldn’t even keep up with me… (Sasuke has a flash back to when Team 7 first encountered him back at one of Orochimaru’s lairs toward the beginning of part two… The sceneswitches back to the present.) But… I’m not even using my dojutsu Naruto… I’m not even using my sharingan… WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT WHO’S STRONGER! (Sasuke channels Raiton chakra into his left hand and prepares to touch the water.) Naruto (in thought): Damn! Water conduits electricity! He has the advantage here… (As Sasuke begins to touch the water with his chidori, Naruto backs off and clings onto the side ofthe bridge in back and looks down at Sasuke.) Sasuke (in thought): Not so dumb after all… (Chidori Nagashi crackles all around Sasuke’s body… Sasuke cancels his jutsu, rips off the forearm protector off of his right arm and then runs up the side ofthe bridge and looks at Naruto from above… Sasuke touches the right seal with his left hand and then touches the left seal with his right hand and summons shuriken and tosses them… Naruto backs up a little, moving further upthe bridge while still

facing Sasuke from below… Naruto then makes the shadow clone jutsu handseal and makes two shadow clones, one on each of his sides. Naruto henges both of them into large shuriken… As Sasuke begins tossing hordes of shuriken at Naruto, Naruto uses the two large shuriken to block the incoming shuriken that is thrown at him by Sasuke… Sasuke keeps dishing out shuriken while Naruto expertly defends himself while using the transformed shuriken as shields to knock the shuriken coming at him off course. (The sceneswitches over to Sakura and Kakashi’s location on top of the bridge.) [CLASH, CLASH, CLASH, CLASH, CLASH! CLINK, CLINK, CLINK, CLINK, CLINK!] Sakura: They sound close! (Sakura looks down the side of the bridge, watching as the two continue to demonstrate their skills… Sakura becomes amazed however, her amazement almost costs her life as several shuriken that were knocked off course comes flying upwards…Kakashi quickly grabs Sakura and pulls her back from overlooking the edge.) Kakashi: Careful Sakura… With the two of them fighting like this, we should be more cautious… Sakura: Right… Sorry sensei… [CLASH, CLASH, CLASH, CLASH, CLASH! CLINK, CLINK, CLINK, CLINK! CLINK!] Kakashi (in thought): As their sensei I can’t say I’m not proud of their development as shinobi. I just wished their skills wouldn’t be pitted against each other in this manner… A friends’ skills aren’t meant to be used to hurt each other. Naruto still hasn’t figured it out yet, but this Sasuke isn’t what he use to be… Naruto could get seriously hurt thinking he can win without killing… Then again, this is Naruto after all… (The Scene switches back to the battle… Sasuke runs out of shuriken while Naruto tosses both of his large shuriken at Sasuke below… Naruto makes a handseal and both shuriken reshapes back into their shadow clone forms… As the two shadow clones tries to grab at Sasuke as the fall at him, Sasuke quickly punches both of them, one with each arm, this disperses the two shadow clones… Sasuke continues to run upthe bridge… While Naruto runs down the bridge preparing to collide with Sasuke… As they both near each other, both of them begins to sweat from the fatigue…) Naruto: I’m NOT FIGHTING AT 100% either! BUT! I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOU! I CAN’T LOSE NOW! I WILL STOP YOU! Sasuke: I’LL NOT HEAR MORE OF YOUR TALK! YOU WILL DIE BY MY HAHD! Naruto: SASUKE! Sasuke: NARUTO! (The scene switches over to a distant area… Dark Zetsu is watching the fight from afar…) [Zu, Zu, Zu, Zu, Zu] (Dark Zetsu submerges into the ground.) Next Time: With both Naruto and Sasuke feeling the stress of battle, how will this encounter end?

List of Naruto 486 Predictions 1. Naruto 485 - Rasengan, Chidori Clashed ! (by: Silverblade) 2. Naruto 486 - My Answer is...(by: Killerrabbit9) 3. Naruto 486 - The Last Resort (by: Jeanericuser) 4. Naruto 486 - The Message (by: AkamaruChewtoy)

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