MI NUTES OF MEETING @ BURGO’S SHED Monday 9th November 2009 PRESENT: Pete Auty, Judy Baker, Julie Bateman

, Ric Stubbings, Annie Robertson, Betsy Harrington VBRRA, Leanne Pleash DHS, Darrell Treloar MSC APOLOGIES: John Burgess 1. MEET AND GREET: Pete distributed Minutes of Meeting dated 5th October. Moved that minutes be accepted: Pete Unanimous. Peter: Arts & Culture: Men’s Shed & Arts Precinct back on the agenda and work engines in place. Memorial: Pete deferred to Darrell. Govt sponsored memorials need to be thought about carefully with communities needing time for consideration of this. A State solution would be to work with communities to identify what form a memorial would take. First meeting to develop a model of process to go to the community. Betsy reported that funding is being sought for 7th Feb. Need to also think of Australia Day as a huge public Community Event in Flowerdale. Environment: Pete reported projects at the school are work in progress. Blackberry Bash is well under way. Circus Oz: Julie Reported: A great Success for the children and the community. Annie: Community House: Work engines are fully engaged. Contract is signed. Meetings have been taken place. Concern re land acquisition. Darrell replied that there is a set process to be gone through before Council can release this land for use of the Community House. Hall: DHS has proposed that the Hall be extended at their own cost for housing their offices for the duration and the said offices would be left there for the long term use of the Hall. Hoof Over Hills: A brilliant weekend. Accolades to Kim Fawcus and Glen Spalding. Judy: Draft of Fire Safety Plan. Reported that she has received from Council recommendations for the Fire Safety at the Village. Issue of Coonans Bridge Clean Up will be brought up with Council. Request that the Fire Safety Group, Landcare and the CFA be asked to attend a meeting to consider this. Ric:








Sustainable Building: Greencross has approached FRC re 7 star rating in the building of the Community House and a complete sustainability focus. Environment: Pete reported: 12 hours have been spent by FRC this week on working of the issues of weeds, land stabilization, reforestation and native animals habitat. Blackberry bash and Primary School projects have been addressed previously. Formal Communications: VBRRA: FRC feels we are working well with VBRRA Council: Re Terms of Reference. Darrell: Liam’s replacement still in the air. Jane Archibald has been appointed in the role of manager guiding and supporting the CDOs. Provided there is a replacement for Liam and Darrell after this year. Julie asked where to go if questions re Liam & Darrell were needed to be asked. Darrell replied that she should go to Jane. Re Terms of Reference: Flowerdale made a submission. All submissions due on 30 Oct. Likely date for feedback 3 December. Leanne: Re Communications: Reported that communications was going quite well. Service Agencies Meeting next Monday @ 10am. Microsoft approached to offer a donation of 50 netbook computers, but will need to wait till Community House Project is more advanced. Echuca and Moama weekend mentioned. Betsy: Status Report response: Response to Community Recovery Plan. Betsy went through plan. Arts Shed design has been well received and building permit applications are imminent. Recreation Areas: recon guys are working with Kim on Scope of Works for any constructions related to VBRRA. Skate Park on this agenda and community consultation on this is needed. Memorial: looking to get funding for a Memeorial Day on 7th Feb 2010. VBRRA also working with bereaved groups so that contact with them is not duplicated. Re postcode: Betsy still waiting for a response. Julie reported that funding has been approved for work on the postcode issue. Leanne reported that efforts are being made to have Rob Gordon visit Flowerdale before the “Trigger Period”. Communications: Report is imminent. Report identifies problem and proposes recommendations. Community Concerns re CFA trucks not being able to communicate with each other are being worked upon. VBRRA is looking for indicative costings to build a tower. On sewerage: VBRRA looking at potential next steps. Suggestion that FRC write to Office of water cc to VBRRA and Council asking for support for sewerage to push this project forward.

Economy & Employment: VBRRA has asked that small business mentoring and support be followed up in consideration to local businesses. Leanne reported that Esther has been seconded to work in a group to establish a Jobs Forum to get people back into or into work. Village: communications strategy is being developed re who to contact re issues relating to the Village. Tony is being replaced by Dave two days a week. Tony’s contract finishes in January. Betsy talked of “Snake Training” and snake safety at the Rec. Liaison with Other Communities: VBRRA needs longer notice times for meetings at Darley. Transport: Funding via donor for Community Bus. Leanne engaging Salvation Army re what bus Flowerdale gets. Pete reported that investigations are ongoing re a zero-emissions bus. Response to Recovery Plan: Betsy reported that 1000 projects are submitted for consideration. Funding from Commonwealth – simple for VBRRA. Funding from VBAF for projects management to be outsourced from other government agencies. Jobs Fund funding from Commonwealth. Donor Funding management to be outsourced from other Government agencies.., Foundation Funding. Meeting with Council to investigate the capability to manage grants. Time needed for this to be achieved given the number of identified projects. 10. Community House: Pete referred again to the most recent Green Cross email. Very excited. 2. Julie: re rezoning: C19 Amendment for rezoning of land in Kinglake & Flowerdale has been discussed with Justin Madden by a group of residents. The industrial rezoning in Pheasant Creek is now on hold. Concerns were discussed, wait til royal commission hands down their findings, no consultation done with communities first but S86 pushed through before doing this, as there is a Kinglake/Flowerdale Strategic Plan going to take place review all rezoning then after proper consultation is put in place. 10. Action Points: a. Better times for Darley meeting. Letter to office of water. b. Darrell to bring aerial photos of Jarrara – still to come. c. Leanne: Events: 5th December Community Auction. RAV paying for Mens drum workshop Thurs 18 Nov. Platapus Night: 18th Nov. Hubby on Call: Shipping containers stripped. Darrell: Work Engines re community house – should Rob & Darrell attend. Timber resource strategy which looks at mulch, timber etc be managed. Meeting Closed: 8.22pm

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