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Dear Readers,
I am very excited to have Fabi Preslar as our cover story this month! I first met Fabi at an e-women event when Women With Know How was just starting up. At that point, I was new and on a very tight budget to work with her. Last February, we launched our first issue of the emagazine.

Mimi Zelman

As many of you know, the content was wonderful, but the layout and graphics needed a lot of help. Fabi reached out to me and offered her services - at a reduced rate for a limited time - to take the magazine to the next level and generate advertising to support all costs of production. I have to admit, I was a little scared of this investment, but it was so worth it. (Now we need all of you who love this magazine to advertise!) You all can see that SPARK Publications creative team has created what I think is an award winning publication. Thank you to the SPARK Publications team! Our professional spotlight this month is Debbie Winchester of Debbie Winchester Designs, a woman who makes gorgeous jewelry! Last but not least, our online store is now open for business. Have a great March! Mimi

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide


Serving Charlotte and Charleston Publisher/President Mimi L. Zelman Vice President Sales & Marketing Lea Ann Meech Creative Director, Graphic Design SPARK Publications Copy Editor Cristina Cassidy Sales Representatives Karyn Beach Kim Hughes Margo Lord Contributing Writers Dawn Leitner of Coach You 2Lead Janet Anderson of Anderson PC Training Kim Hughes of Women With Know How Charleston Contact Mimi Zelman 704-491-1207 For more advertising information call Mimi at 704-491-1207 or email her at:
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Debbie Winchester
Debbie Winchester Designs

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Sabatoge! Eating and Living WELL

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide


Professional Spotlight

Debbie Winchester
Debbie Winchester Designs
by Kimberley Hughes
Photos by Donna Jernigan

When you were growing up, what career path did you want to pursue? I’ve always loved animals, so I wanted to be a veterinarian. What is the best accessory or flagship piece of jewelry you suggest women invest in? A woman should choose jewelry that reflects her individual style. It is not for me to say what makes her feel confident or well adorned. My task is to create jewelry that is aesthetically pleasing, well constructed and timeless. What got you started doing custom designed jewelry? The seed was planted when I was nine years old and I saw an onyx and silver

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Debbie Winchester
Debbie Winchester Designs


ring my cousin made in her metalsmithing class in college. The bug bit again nine years ago when I was discussing jewelry with a friend who was learning to make beaded jewelry. I went to a local bead store on my lunch hour that day and was completely hooked. I have continued to learn new techniques such as wire wrapping, hammering, texturing, cold connection, fold forming and silversmithing. What do you think it takes to be a ‘Woman With Know How?’ It definitely takes determination and the unwillingness at times to take “no” for an answer. It takes planning and commitment, too, and focus on the desired end result. 2010 and beyond? What are your dreams for Debbie Winchester Designs? I currently have my jewelry line in three upscale locations. By the end of 2010, I would like to at least double that. My dream is to be able to stay in my studio to make jewelry and have businesses coming to me to place orders.

deserve to be well cared for and loved in return. The pet population in this country is out of control. Thousands of animals are euthanized in shelters every year for no reason other than that there is no home for them. Proper care of pets includes, but is not limited to, spaying or neutering, regular health care, including dental, vaccinations, proper housing and containment, exercise, proper nutrition, toys and lots of love.

The decision to get a pet should be given careful consideration and should be a lifetime commitment. I also encourage everyone to be respectful of our wildlife. As our population grows and we move into their habitat, it is extremely important that we do our best to coexist. Provide structures for birds You are a native of to nest in and choose plants the Charlotte Metro for landscaping that provide Area – What is the food and cover. All animals best change you have What motto do you live were put on this earth for a seen come to the area your life by? reason, so do not destroy in the last 20 years? I just try to treat others the them because you fear them I think there has been a way I want to be treated. or because you think they shift away from the big box are a nuisance. retailers to more eclectic We all have a cause style boutiques. The smaller, that we stand behind MORE more personal boutiques are and that pulls at our better venues for artisans heart strings – What Debbie Winchester like me to sell their creations. is yours? Debbie Winchester Designs Animal welfare. I believe 704.607.0678 How would you like in advocating for those to see your business without a voice. Pets give progress through unconditional love and

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide



by Robyn Crigger, CEO Compass Career Management Solutions-OI Partners Inc.

How are you

Distinguishing Yourself From Other
Learn to Stand Out in the Job Searching Crowd
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Job Search Candidates?


What can a Job Search Candidate possibly do differently from all the hundreds of others? There are still some things that the “lazy job seeker” is not doing, which can help you to stand out. It’s okay to send resumes out, but BE SELECTIVE. Choose companies that are more likely to have the type of position and the salary you’d want. However, be prepared as many companies have cut or reduced salaries over the past year or so. When contacting a company, be sure you are talking with the right person - the decision-maker. And don’t send anything to “Dear Sir or Madam!” That is the death sentence for a resume. Thorough Research Research your selected companies and know what is currently going on with them. Even if they are on a hiring freeze, recognize that fact when contacting them. Relay to the company that you want to share your resume with them for future opportunities. Then stay in touch now and then. If you are an executive level professional, be familiar with a new job search tool called a “Portfolio.” This

job search tool is very effective for those people who have lots of extensive work experience and have multiple accomplishments that need to be relayed more effectively. The Portfolio does NOT take the place of a resume, but it enhances the resume, making it come to life! Compass Career Management Solutions is one of a few companies that provide portfolios to executive level job search candidates. Communicate in Different Ways Job Search Candidates need to seek out ways to stand out from other candidates. Use multiple communication venues. Don’t always call your company contact, but instead use email, as well as the U.S. Mail, etc. Even a personal delivery will help to distinguish you. Don’t forget to ask around for others who might have contacts within the targeted company. A personal contact or referral can make a HUGE difference. An Employer Friendly Resume Though a resume won’t get you a job, be assured that your resume CAN make a difference. For instance, is your resume “employer

A personal contact or referral can make a HUGE difference.
friendly?” Does it relay immediately the kind of information an employer wants to know? Are you sure about the accuracy of your details? That can be very important. How readable is your resume? Don’t forget to be accessible for employers to reach you. Check your voicemail frequently. What does your voicemail message say? Does it sound professional? Each item mentioned impacts your total image to the employer. Now you know some of the ways to distinguish yourself in the job market. Remember to keep this list of tools handy when you’re out there searching. And good luck! MORE Compass Career Management Solutions /OI Partners, Inc. 704-849-2500

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide



March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

At a beautiful gala in New York City, the crowd waited expectantly to hear who won the Stevie Award for Best Turnaround Business of the Year for 2009. The three finalists were selected from hundreds of international women-owned businesses. One finalist was from South Africa and another from New Jersey, but beating out the competition was locally-owned and operated business, SPARK Publications!
ng a . esen maki in 2005 hie Andr meeting and Krog Roy Willis association on at an presentati

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Fabi Preslar, president of SPARK Publications, is a spark of positive, can-do energy. Her graphic design firm specializes in the design and production of books, magazines and marketing materials. Fabi’s success is based on sound business choices and a relentless optimism. Even as the economy began its downward spiral, Fabi saw new opportunities to strengthen her company’s focus and improve its efficiencies.

Beginnings to a Breakthrough Fabi was born in Montreal, Canada, the daughter of French immigrant parents. She spent the better part of her teen years with her family on a self-sufficient farm in Pelion, South Carolina. “We were green before being green was cool,” says Fabi. At fifteen years old, on a hot summer day, Fabi and her family drove from her

small home town farm in Pelion, South Carolina to Columbia, South Carolina. “I saw a billboard that changed my life,” remembers Fabi. “I do not remember what it was, but I remember that at that moment I knew what I wanted to do - I wanted to artistically communicate to the masses.” The summer before her senior year, the family’s restaurant business closed, forcing them to leave the family’s farm.

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Something Within

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Bob & Sheri

Sheri Lynch

– meals made to the stove. by you – yes, Imagine deliciou Stacey’s kitchen you! Plus, the s , which is bound fire departm ent has had to make you skills. A fun, helpful, to visit feel so much and yummy better about read! your own culinar y

“If you love to eat, but fear the kitchen, follow Stacey – even dazzling


co-host and best-selling author

of “Hello, My

Name is Momm y”

Jeff Glor

with her on the anchor desk, I always news. Now she’s knew Stacey delivered a could deliver wonderful book your stomac the of recipes. This h happy; it’ll book will not help your heart, only make kids with juvenile since all the profits go to diabetes.” help the millions of

“Having worked

Barbara McKa

“This is the first cookbook I’ve LLC sory,seen in all my years writing a fewAndresen Advi of reading them by myself) that is for everyb like novels (and Published ody, Stacey and useful reperto delivers a delightf ire of recipes ul, entertaining, in the same we can use’ wonderful manne each mornin r she gives us g.” ‘news

But I Know Someone Who Can
Recipes & Advice From Charlotte’s Top Chefs

I Can’t

Stacey Sim mS

Au t thehas enjoyed hunting Andresen early teens in Kroghie l since his waterfow outdoors and the lina. His shot North Caro began when he eastern the es blind in experienc hunting from a stake age of fifteen. lesser scaup k at the two Bath Cree for hunting has mouth of passion then his . since flourished er for First grown and worked as a bank hovia, for Kroghie , now Wac . onal Bank retiring in 2004 union Nati before years ection with thirty three had no conn e his hobby his work pursu Though nued to . While he conti from work hunting, , time away wife ross during spare igh in 1979, his rate rale y to deco living in first deco collection him his da bought starte North den. This over 1,100 their new grown into early decision to that has An Virginia, decoys. Back Bay, a very Carolina ction to to colle decoys led limit his tried h Carolina Kroghie always . and Nort e of d collection ry and provenanc y specialize on man t the histo mation to documen lack of infor to research ys. The ys led him well his deco lina deco carvers as entified North Caro rch ously unid This resea many previ are well known. decoys have that as those collecting y years of book. and thirt Civil d with this degree in culminate received a B.s. and el in 1966 Kroghie The Citad university ng from Carolina Engineeri e ntly resid from East an MBA and his wife curre n two grow . He in 1971 . They have lotte, N.C ey. Hail in Char Clark and children,



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“Stacey has been a long time advoca te for the Juvenile When her two year old son Diabetes Researc was diagno h Foundation. sed, she immed committed volunteer. She iately went is not willing from advoca to accept that te to fully have to live the rest of their her son and millions of others lives with diabete help find a may s. Thank you, cure and improve Stacey for all the lives of so that you do to many.” Patric

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I Can’t Cook,
But I Know Someone Who Can

this isn’t your

I Can’t Cook, But I Know Someo ne Who Can a collection is of essays, recipes and culinar It’s a tell-all collabo y tips. ration betwee n twenty-five of Charlotte’s greatest chefs and one of city’s worst cooks. our Stacey Simms, co-host of Charlot te’s Morning News on NewsTa lk 1110 WBT, discloses the side of her own dark kitchen: the roasted but frozen holiday still halfturkey, the emerge ncy visit from local fire departm the ent, and the just-cooked poured down soup the drain. Her stories are as as they are honest humorous. But Stacey isn’t hang up her ready to oven mitts just yet. She has someho w convinced the best restaura in town to share nts their favorite recipes for this Many of the book. featured chefs have genero offered practic usly al advice, along with their recipes to help both serious foodies , and hopele cooks like Stacey. ss home Recipes range from Albónd igas, Brusche and Cucum tta, ber Soup … to White Choco Bread Puddin late g, Yam Soufflé, and New Zealand Lamb. Some of the recipes are easy, others more compli cated, but all of them yield delicious results. This book also has anothe r purpose—to awareness raise and funds to help in the fight type 1 (juvenil against

typical cook book.



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Stacey Simm S

Carolina Pan Coach Joh thers n Fox

Forward by

e) diabetes. Stacey’s son 1, and by purcha has type sing this book you are helping to support the work of the Juvenile Diabete Research Founda s tion of Charlot te. Good food, good stories, good cause. Bon Appétit !


A friend, Yvonne, took Fabi’s suddenly displaced family into her North Carolina home. Yvonne saw potential in Fabi that her parents, at the time, had not identified. She became Fabi’s lifelong mentor, giving her the courage to make her dream a reality. From her mentor, Fabi learned that whatever she wanted to achieve and was willing to work for was possible. At seventeen, Fabi graduated high school, borrowed her mother’s car for a few days and went to the CPCC campus two weeks prior to the summer session. During

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

this time, she registered for a full credit load of classes, began a work study job, and landed a second job at the Athens Restaurant. She also took her nationalization test and became a U.S. citizen just in time to start classes. Relays Fabi, “There was no financial support from my parents, and I had no money to my name, and knew no one in the area. I didn’t have a car and rode the city bus or walked where I needed to go. I found a place to live, put myself through college working two to three jobs and graduated with a degree in Commercial Art.” Reflecting on her journey and accomplishments, Fabi credits CPCC for much of

her success. “CPCC has had a positive and lasting impact on my personal and professional life,” says Fabi. “When I chose to attend CPCC as a teen, I had no idea to what extent the college would shape my character or future. CPCC didn’t just launch my career, it launched my life, and for that I am truly thankful.” A Mind for Business In 1998, Fabi launched SPARK Enterprises (now SPARK Publications), initially in Mint Hill, North Carolina, as a home-based business which has now expanded and moved to Matthews, North Carolina. As her business grew, Fabi grew, too, from an introverted

Women need to be very clear as to the reasons why they are starting their businesses.


designer to a woman who serves her community as a respected leader. “Women need to be very clear as to the reasons why they are starting their businesses,” says Fabi. “For me, I knew it was going to be about personal growth and taking care of my family.” SPARK Publications is a graphic design firm that specializes in the creative design and expert production of magazines, custom published books and catalogs. SPARK also produces award-winning marketing design projects from brochures, media kits, package design, and advertising. SPARK was initially launched to combine the vast skills Fabi had obtained in the areas of design, technical production, management, team building, and client services. When the time was right to pursue her dream of a bricks and mortar design firm, five banks turned down her request for a loan. But once again, these obstacles strengthened her resolve. According to Fabi, “It’s necessary to feel failures, work through fear, and learn to believe in yourself.” Through her dedicated leadership, SPARK has evolved into a thriving

marketing-design and publications powerhouse. Fabi’s talent and over-the-top client service have led to the company’s impressive growth. Her firm is consistently recognized with local and national industry awards for its innovative designs. Fabi’s talents, dedication to her craft, and passion for the Charlotte community have not gone unnoticed. In 2009, she was honored with the following nine top awards and was a finalist for two others: Stevie® Award Winner, Best Business Turnaround Stevie® Award Finalist, Best Entrepreneur Richard H. Hagemeyer Educational Advancement Award Women Extraordinaire Award, Business Leader magazine Movers and Shakers Award, Business Leader magazine 50 Most Influential Women, Mecklenburg Times Top 24 Entrepreneurs in Charlotte, Business Leader magazine

Life Well Lived Award, Women’s Living Well Series Link Leading Lady, WLNK-FM 107.9 Top 100 NC Small Businesses (#79), Business Leader Magazine Top Three Finalist, Woman Business Owner of the Year, NAWBO–Charlotte Since 2006, SPARK Publications has received over 45 industry awards for projects designed for their clients. Full Circle Journey with CPCC Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) announced that Fabi Preslar, President of SPARK Publications, was the 2009 recipient of the prestigious Richard H. Hagemeyer Educational Advancement Award. The award recognizes a former CPCC student who has benefited significantly from experiences at CPCC and whose efforts have helped the community. Fabi was honored for demonstrating community involvement and outstanding character. The award is named after Dr. Richard H. Hagemeyer, CPCC president for 23 years, who led the college from
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide


Upcoming engagements
Fabi will be speaking at: Salum International presents Richard Wurman, the legendary founder of the TED, TEDMED and eg Conferences to Charlotte, NC, on April 7 & 8, 2010. During each presentation, Richard will engage in authentic and provocative conversations with leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, artists, educators, innovators and social influencers like you. Both events will follow the spirit of his renowned Conferences, recognized as the prestigious showcase of thousands of new projects, alliances
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

a trade school with 1,200 students to the state’s largest community college. Previous award winners include Elaine Lyerly, Sheriff Jim Pendergraph, Dr. Margaret Stanley Hagan, Chief Luther Fincher, Dr. Kenny Welch, Frances Queen, Richard Zollinger, Stanley Law and Cindy Castano. “From being a struggling student to being honored with CPCC’s top award, and then having a scholarship given in my honor to a design student truly brought my CPCC experience full circle,” notes Fabi. “It is amazing what focus and dedication will bring into our lives.” A Heart for Community In addition to her career, Fabi maintains a variety of business affiliations. She serves on the Graphic Arts Advisory Committee at CPCC, is on the board of advisors for Festival in the Park, the board of directors for the Women’s Inter-Cultural Exchange, is a member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Matthews Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Women Business Owners. She also has been a finalist twice for the 2009 Woman Business Owner of the Year award, a distinction that recognizes a local female business

and creative collaborations among some of the most talented individuals in the world. Fabi will be the Keynote Speaker at the following: CPCC: Small Business event titled “Entrepreneurial Success 2010: Get Up and Grow” is scheduled to be held at the Levine Campus on Tuesday, April 13th from 12:00 noon – 6:30pm. Breakout sessions speakers will be with FRANnet & Disney Leadership Institute. SPARK Publications will also have a booth to showcase some of their client Magazines and Custom-Published books.


owner who has successfully managed a business that is more than five years old. Today, SPARK is not only a successful business venture, but a committed community partner. In 2008-2009, SPARK donated more than 440 hours of marketing design services to a variety of area non-profit organizations, including Room at the Inn, A Place for Hope, Laugh for the Cure and PEEP: Pride Entrepreneurial Education Program. She mentors other women entrepreneurs and

contributes her time to sit on advisory boards, advocating for women business owners. Fabi is the perfect example of a ‘Woman with Know How’ and why this eMagazine and company was started – to highlight women who break through barriers, push through adversity, work hard to make their dreams a reality, and give back to the community; undoubtedly leaving a mark on our community and making it better than it was when they arrived.

Fabi has been a key figure in taking Women with Know How to the next level and pushing us, as a company, to expand our dreams and make our wildest expectations a reality. She is the quintessential example of inspiration, motivation and becoming bigger than yourself. MORE Fabi Preslar


March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide



by Janet Anderson Anderson PC Training

Work Ethics
Do you have it?
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Our current economy has all of us thinking differently about ourselves, our world, and our connection with others. The subject of work ethics remains an important factor. All of us ‘know what is right and ethical’…at least I hope we do, but how do you relate that to your working environment? And how can that factor alone help you keep your job, advance in your job, or make a temporary job permanent? Do your share A project usually entails many steps and many people working on a particular part.

As it is with machinery, if one part is not working properly, the machine runs roughly, more slowly or even breaks. If everyone does their share of the work at the time it is needed, the ‘machinery’ will run smoothly and everyone wins. Projects get done faster, products get to the market more rapidly, and the quality of the work goes through the roof. Offer to do something that is a little out of your comfort zone When I was beginning my career, I had just read an article about saying “yes” to


a project even if you are unsure of whether you can pull it off. The call was an offer to me to teach a class on DOS (Disc Operating System). I didn’t know a lot about DOS and knew I could learn it, but was still very fearful as to whether I could pull it off. I grimaced and said, “Yes I can.” I not only learned a new skill, but I felt more confident in my ability to learn something new and teach it. By offering to do something unfamiliar, you will learn a new skill and build self-confidence. Do what is right You KNOW what that is. If you make a mistake, own up to it. If the company does not allow mistakes to be made, quit. This type of company will die without creativity and creativity in the marketplace means you make mistakes. We are human after all. How many times did you fall down before you could walk? How many formulas did a pharmaceutical company make before they came up with a drug that would work? Mistakes are only worthless when you do not make them and learn from them. One story I’ve heard, possibly apocryphal, is of a worker who owned up to his mistake to his boss, saying that his error could cost the company as much as a million dollars. Immediately he asked if his

boss wanted him to resign. His boss answered: “I can’t afford to lose you now. I have a million invested in you.” Receive criticism as it is intended Constructive criticism helps you to see how you can improve and grow from another point of view. Two issues are in play, though. How the person giving the criticism delivers it and how you perceive the advice. If someone says, “You could

receive information, you will know how to approach them. If you are fair and non-threatening, the person will be more willing to listen and take action. If guidance is needed and you don’t say anything, the situation may escalate and harsher measures may have to be taken. Nip things in the bud and address issues that are small. As time goes on, you will know how to approach each person.

Live your ethical life everyday and you will find you will love going to work.
try to do it this way.” OR “I’ve found that if you do….” Of course if your adviser says something like “You are so stupid. Why didn’t you do this project this (my) way?” you are certainly not inclined to take their advice. Sometimes our inner voices are as cruel as our worst critic. Understand what they are saying to you from their point of view. Try not to take it personally. Give constructive criticism where needed There are times when YOU are the adviser. First, if you know your colleague’s personality and how they Offer ways of improving As you do your work and see that a system might need improving, don’t be afraid to bring suggestions to your supervisor. Again, how you approach this is important. Simply lay out the concerns and be clear about a new way of doing things, taking into account budget and resources. Your superior will value your thoughts in the future and remember them when review time comes around. So, live your ethical life everyday and you will find you will love going to work.
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide


A d v e r t o r i a l

Hair Products

Alan Daniel Salon

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide



A d v e r t o r i a l

Alan Daniels Salon is celebrating 10 years of great hair service to our guests. We sincerely appreciate the loyalty and patronage over the years as we grow and strengthen our brand. Many guests have been with Alan Daniels Salon from its inception and still many have recently joined through referrals and their search for a hair-care home. We are thankful to those who help us to stay on the cutting edge of professional hair care services through requests for unique or starstudded looks. We are planning a soirée to recognize this milestone in our business through the rough waters of the economy. We feel 10 years for a young business shows its ability to survive and deliver. The one area we refuse to skimp on is in guest service. From the light libations and snacks to those special occasions, we make sure that we maintain the professional products for your care. During the downturn in the economy, we even introduced innovative luxury products to our guests. Hair responds to stress. Alan Daniels Salon responds to all hair care needs. Our stylists are always in “learn” mode. Continued

education beyond state requirements is encouraged and provided at Alan Daniels Salon. To meet guest needs, our stylists know the importance of education. If it’s a new cutting technique, coloring scheme or maintenance regimen, our stylists are ready. Remember, unlike other salons, our stylists’ consultations are complimentary with the exception of invasive services requiring contracted

products, namely extensions. Look for the date and time of Alan Daniels Salon’s 10 Year Anniversary celebration in the next issue of Women With Know How eMagazine. Call Alan Daniels Salon and speak with a professional stylist today. Allen Daniels Salon 4100 Carmel Rd Charlotte, NC 704-544-7655

Debbie Winchester Designs
earth e le me nts j ewe lr y
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide




by Dawn Leitner

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide


Coach U 2 Lead

The five quickest ways to reason with your stubborn inner child to regain your positivity


It’s 6 am Monday and the alarm goes off. You promised yourself that this WOULD be the week that you would start that new exercise program. You know, the one that you KNOW will help you lose some weight and start feeling healthy again with a new sense of renewed energy. Not to mention those sexy pants you’ve wanted to get back into that are just aching to be worn again. One problem, you lost the motivation as quickly as you hit the snooze button. And now you have that wonderful friend called “guilt” starting to settle in with you as you nap a little longer. It’s OK, you say to yourself, I will get up in just a few more minutes – I just need a little more sleep so I’ll have the energy I need. And so it goes, three more snooze hits and you’re right where you were before. Or are you? True, you didn’t get to exercise as planned but there is a price you’ve paid – adding lots of hidden guilt. That guilt starts in on you as soon as you get up, doesn’t it? Thoughts like “I can’t believe I let myself down again and didn’t do the program. What is wrong with me? I can’t stick to starting anything that I said I was going to do. And now I’m going to be tired and cranky the rest of the day. I should have just gotten up on the first snooze. And now

3. Give yourself a time limit before

you’re “in” To accept that state of mind you’re in may feel like you’re wallowing, but actually it allows your mind to start working through it when there’s no resistance or defensiveness that you are indeed feeling a certain way. This may

1.accept the feeling Acknowledge and

moving on Any good parent knows you can’t let an outburst continue, which is why a time-out is an effective parenting tool for young children to work through their emotions and think about their actions. We too as adults need to give ourselves a time out or time limit on how long we are willing to stay in a negative mood. Try to give

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

I’m reacting to others as if it’s their fault my mood.” Sound a little familiar? We all have moments of feeling emotions that don’t feel good or put us in a positive state of mind. We are after all “human” and emotions (good and bad) come with the territory. It’s what we DO with the emotions that create a healthy state of mind. Have you ever been mad and someone is trying to make you smile or laugh and you simply “refuse” to do so? It almost seems like more fun to stay angry then to give in and smile. Just like a parent is to their children in helping them work through emotional outbursts and feel secure again, so we have our own inner child that also needs to be parented to help us move through the mood swing. Here are a few tips on how you can take control of those moods and still bounce back to the productive and positive place you deserve to be.

take a little practice, but is well worth it if you can get comfortable accepting ALL your emotions as they arrive. Just like a parent says to young child, “It’s ok, sweetie that you’re feeling sad – tell mommy what is making you feel that way,” so should you allow your inner parent to sooth you when you are feeling an uncomfortable emotion. Be aware of the chatter in your mind Just like a parent listens to a child when they go “off” with all these terrible things that flood their mind like “they don’t like me” or “they think I’m stupid” or “I know I can’t do that,” it’s also true for us that negative thoughts will come flooding to us like a tsunami. There’s nothing wrong with it! Just know that these are misguided thoughts and will soon pass when you’re ready.



yourself 10 minutes to work through it and if need be walk away from others so you have can allow yourself the space to think without other influencers.

4. Share your emotions with others

All too often, when we have negative emotions, we tend to feel “less than” or afraid of what others will think of

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Use methods to encourage positive thoughts OK, so now you’re working through the negative nonsense in your head and you’re getting tired of feeling this way, so what do you do? Finding ways to automatically start endorphins to kick in are the best ways to getting you back on your positivity road. Try simple things like smiling, laughing, feeling grateful for something, listening to music that lifts your spirit, dancing, exercise. Doing something that makes YOU feel good


us if they are aware that we are not perfectly happy all the time. So, we keep our emotions inside, now with “shame” attached to them. Now you have two emotions you’re trying to work through. In reality, people will make their own assumptions of what you’re feeling because they see your actions and behaviors are different. And they don’t know how to respond so they may ignore you or get angry with you, thinking they did something to you. When you allow yourself to be open to the emotion you’re feeling, it loses some of its energy that fuels the negative thoughts. Sharing it with others also allows them to know how best to be around you or work with you in a healthy way.


is the aim and be aware of that resistance to feeling good (ex. smiling) and see if you can take the bull by the horns and smile anyway. It’s pure magic in the making! Your Challenge: The next time you get upset about something, take a moment and go through the mental checklist above and time yourself on how long it takes you to get out of the negative state of mind. Be cognizant of the time and check to see how you progress on the next situation. You’ll soon start to see a pattern in yourself that you can adopt or improve on. Any comments, please feel free to contact me!

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MORE Dawn Leitner is a Certified Performance Coach and Personal Development Trainer of Coach You 2Lead, who offers coaching and training services to help women professionals embrace their own charisma to be genuine leaders. Want to learn more about working through your emotions, purpose, goals, or fears? Check out our new in person and online interactive classes at www.leadingwithcharisma. com or contact Dawn for a free consultation at 704-543-1564.

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March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide



Family Features

Changing the
One Small Action at a Time
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

You can change the world. That’s what the people behind the movement “We Are What We Do” believe. People like you taking small actions that add up to big change.

It started with the question, “What would you ask one million people to do to change the world?” Thousands of ideas from around the world came in. The ideas weren’t sweeping policy changes — they were small and unexpected everyday actions that anyone can do: n Keep a promise. n Read a story to a child. n Learn something new.

n Run an errand for an

elderly neighbor or single parent.

be the first time it’s available in the U.S. “Because it’s not just politicians and business leaders who change the world,” says the book’s editor Eugenie Harvey. “Each of us, through the hundreds of tiny actions we take every day, shapes the world we live in.” In other words, small actions x lots of people = big change.

Fifty of the best suggestions were published in the book “Change the World for Ten Bucks” (Chronicle Books 2009). This little book has had a big impact, selling over 1,000,000 copies in the U.K., Canada, Germany, Spain, New Zealand and Australia, and now this will


“This project carries a muchneeded message of hope for people everywhere,” says Harvey. “Love yourself, cherish life, protect our future.” It’s not simply about being green, Harvey says. “We are about bringing the kinds of lasting change which will positively affect our environment, our local, national and international communities and ourselves.” For example, the book includes a postcard to send to someone who inspires you (Action 35), two pages stuck together as a reminder not to throw gum in the street (Action 24), tear-out

tabs to make introductions to the neighbors (Action 45), and dozens of other creative prompts for positive change. Connecting Online In addition to taking the actions in the book, people can visit ChangeTheWorld to inspire and track their progress. On the site you can: n Submit your own ideas for change. n Update your Connect with Facebook with an application that lets you view all 50 actions from the book and update

your newsfeed with the ones you complete. Action 47 – Buy another copy of the book to give to a friend The site also provides a unique way to connect people to finding volunteer work in their communities, via Enter your zip code, select an area of interest — everything from animals and arts to justice and seniors — and you’ll get a list of local organizations that will welcome your time and efforts.

Action 02

Spend time with someone of a different generation.

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide


Flowers, vegetables, herbs, house plants, bamboo, ferns, trees — we don’t mind what it is, just get planting. You’ll turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, calm your mind, relax your body, and potentially have something delicious to eat. want to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi Even being short on space is an opportunity to get creative and connect with your inner child by planting bean sprouts in an egg shell. From “Change the World for Ten Bucks,” Chronicle Books 2009.

To find out more about how you really can change the world, visit ChangeTheWorld Action 07 — Go play in the dirt After all those years of your Action 43 — mother telling you not to, Be resourceful. we’re making an appeal to “We must be the change we the rebel in you.
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

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Bake something for a friend
Next time you need to buy a friend a present, don’t. Make them one instead.
1/2 cup softened butter 1/2 cup sugar 1 egg, lightly beaten 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 2 cups plain flour 2 teaspoons baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Action 30

Gingerbread Men Develop a Strong Organization Invest in Your Talent
Compass O ers:
 Assess your workforce & determine potential leaders.  Provide training for growth & leadership opportunities.  Clarify company expectations for leaders.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Preheat oven to 350°F. Cream together butter and sugar. Beat in the egg and syrup. Sift in the dry ingredients and mix. Chill the dough before rolling onto a lightly floured board, to a 1/8 inch thickness. Cut into shapes, using a gingerbread cutter. Bake on a lightly greased tray for 8 to 10 minutes. Give away immediately.

   

One-on-One support for future leaders Enhance performance, productivity & e ectiveness Strengthen & expand talent Improve communication skills

 Perform SWOT analysis on management team  Select members of your “A-Team” & recruit others  Customize programs for all to reach full potential

 Con rm core preferences (values) of workforce  Identify and address major con icts of workforce  Stress importance of mutual respect and communication

 Provides ERISA 404C requirements  Unbiased nancial education, valued by employees.
OUTPLACEMENT: We remain Experts in this industry of Change Management.

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by Karen L. Dortschy Partner, Sandbox Solutions

How to Use the Tools in Your Sandbox
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide


To be a smart business owner or manager, you need to use the right tools in your sandbox at the right time. Your sandbox is a metaphor for your business and includes your current and potential clients, employees and business associates, suppliers and alliance partners, and most importantly, your own time and expertise. Smart business isn’t child’s play, so here are ten ways to effectively use some of the tools in your sandbox. Smart strategic plan The most important tool you have is your strategic plan for

where your organization is now, where you want it to go, and how you will get there in the timeframe you want. If you haven’t glanced at your plan in months, or don’t have one, you need to create or review it. Right now. Start digging!

3. Smart financial knowledge

2. Smartliving a vision Creating and


mission statement in your business is difficult, especially when sandtraps and sinkholes appear almost daily. Be absolutely clear and concise about your organization’s vision and mission, so you can effectively lead the others in your organization to help achieve them.

Understand your margins. Figure out what you need to sell and how to contain costs so you can make those margins. If you don’t understand a balance sheet or income statement, hire a bookkeeper or accountant or ask a retired financial executive to explain it to you in plain English. Care for an EBITDA with your coffee? Smart mix of products or services It’s the old 80/20 rule; figure out which 20% of your products and services are generating 80% of your revenue, then focus your energy, your people and



5. at least ten (yes, ten) Smart marketing Have

your resources on those core offerings. Use your shovel to reduce or eliminate the 80% of your products and services that are generating only 20% of your revenue.

Smart selling Identify who really is the ideal client for you, whether it’s because s/ he has the resources to be long-term partners, or because he or she pays quickly, or because… Then, be proactive in selling to those types of clients. Keep yourself top-of-mind with these prospects by keeping them informed of industry developments and updates, not just about you and your company. If someone doesn’t buy from you, find out why he or she didn’t. That valuable information will help you create the right sales



March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

marketing strategies in a three-to-six month plan that you update regularly. Strategies include public relations, direct mail, social online communications, print material, marketing research, website, blogs and more. Measure the effectiveness of your ten marketing strategies by finding out how your customers are hearing about your products or services and focus on the strategies that give you the most sand in your buckets.

messages and techniques for also rise above. Focus on continuous improvement in the next client you call on. your processes and systems. Smart systems Ask your employees or The best organizations are clients what should change. built on smart systems, That’s a sure way to get great from how the phones are improvement ideas, free for answered to the way that the asking. products are most efficiently produced and distributed. Smart people Systems and processes make Surround yourself with everything you do consistent, employees and alliance and that reduces costs and partners who are more increases efficiency. Building knowledgeable than you a sandcastle is easier when and be open to learning you create and implement an from them. Delegate to them organized process, instead of because you should only throwing grains of sand at the be doing what you do best. pile and hoping they stick. Focus on your “sweet spot”… great at selling? Someone Smart balance smarter than you can better of work/life handle the day-to-day client It’s important to your servicing. Great at finance? health, well-being and your Someone smarter than you organization’s health and should be knocking on well-being for you and your customers’ doors. This is teammates to have balance. by far the best tool in your Make time every day for sandbox to help you create family, friends, home activities, and build your sandcastles. exercise, pets, travel, cooking, MORE digging your toes in the sand; whatever relaxes and Karen L. Dortschy is a partner energizes your body, mind with Sandbox Solutions, a and spirit. business and marketing communications analysis, Smart change project management and This dynamic tool in your strategic planning company sandbox defines whether based in Charlotte. She you can adapt and update, has more than 25 years or if you get stuck in the old professional experience in ways and old systems. Don’t marketing communications, be buried under the sand. project management and New technologies mean that print buying. Visit their you need to stay updated website at InYourSandbox. on how your business can com or call 704.201.3354. not only stay competitive but





Let’s Talk

by Marcie Williams-Browning Chrysalis Hypnosis Center

Your Personal Forecast

March is the Time to be Imaginative
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Over the coming year, I will share with you areas of focus for each month. As you create your plan for success and work that plan, these suggestions will give you a clear focus for the month. Write down your goals, dreams and aspirations and look at them often. Writing them down brings them into the physical world and makes them tangible and real. As you consider areas on which to focus your attention this month, be sure to look at each area from your mental and emotional state, your physical wellbeing, your spiritual needs as well as your financial ones.

it, it can happen.” It is the time to look to the future with positive thoughts and with objective eyes. Some of the areas to consider are listed below. The best day in March to write down your desires and wishes is the 15th. This is the day of the new moon, which is considered the magical day for wishes to be expressed. Imagination Use your most creative powers to imagine your dreams. Allow yourself time to sleep soundly and deeply so that you have the energy to create your dreams. Fantasy worlds can come to fruition if you wish them to. Be careful of chaos in this fanciful place in your mind.

The color for the month of March is white and the Inner Happiness theme is “If you can imagine Our entire world starts in


working here
the mind, so create internal happiness in your mind and it will carry forth into your outer world. Discover bliss, joy and ecstasy this month as you explore all of the possibilities. Remember Universal Love in your daily routine, for as we share and serve others we find ourselves. Intuition As you imagine your goals and dreams, allow yourself to tune into your emotions and sensitivities. Incorporate gentleness in your relationships with yourself and others. Become highly aware of subtle energies around you. Use this magical time to explore the mystical states of mind and body. When using your intuition, consider the possibilities of all concerned and remain harmless toward yourself and others. quieting the mind. You may find a deep desire for inner peace and quiet time. Honor those desires and use this time for purification on a spiritual level.

March affirmation: My imagination and compassion form my perfect world.
Compassion This time is perfect for forgiveness, understanding and tolerance. Relax into non-judgmental thinking about yourself and others. Incorporate acceptance and compassion into your daily routine. By acknowledging that we are all connected, you will move into the flow of the energy for March.

release defeatist attitudes, addictions and disappointments. Remove procrastination and deception to complete your transformation. It is the time to release the victim mentality. As you create and work your plan this month, take a A CDL DRIVERS look at yourself with $400 $1100 objective eyes-and include Full-Time & Part-Time Positions Available those areas where you need Local, Regional and OTR some work2nd & 3rd Shift 1st, and celebrate theyear experience, good work history, 1 areas where you have clean well. Life is a journey doneMVR & criminal history required. and one we CALLmeant to are 704-521-1202 or 800-469-3440 learn and teach from. With every single experience we have, we are learning and teaching. Learn well and live in joy! MORE Marcie Williams-Browning, CH Chrysalis Hypnosis Center 1208 The Plaza Charlotte NC 28205 803.493.0332

Mystic Awareness Release Helplessness Surrender ego or personal This is the time to will to a higher power as you soar in your dreams. Trust in yourself and your higher power to make the excellence in staffing best decisions. Your spiritual Recognized for our ability to provide comprehensive, effective, awareness is heightened and efficient temporary and permanent staffing solutions. Founded on the belief of developing long term relationships, our focus is on during this time. Listen for understanding our clients needs and delivering results!! the answers to your deepest THE BEST TALENT IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!! desires.

Premier . . . . . . Resources

Spiritual Healing This time is ideal for meditation or yoga to strengthen your time of

Locally owned Women’s Business, Located at the Forum@Ballantyne Commons ……serving Charlotte and surrounding areas

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March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Let’s Talk

by Mary Elizabeth Murphy Managing Director, S.T.A.R. Resources

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

If I told you that there was a malicious little demon living in your head, yelling at you and sabotaging your every move, would you call me crazy?
You and I have it, and the couple next door has it, and the highly successful person selling DVDs for three easy installments of $19.95 each on television at 2:30 am has it. It’s that list of goals, both long- and short-term, entitled, “Things to Do.” It’s a catalog of milestones which includes both lifelong dreams and daily chores, and we keep it attached to our refrigerator with a magnet or taped to our computer monitor with a sticky note or folded up in the back slot of our wallet. And in the end, at the close of the day, what separates any one of us from that loose-tied selfmade millionaire selling us his product is the ability to


complete that list each and every single day. But what keeps us from completing the list? Everyone’s heard the famous example of the unsewable button. You know what I mean. A button has come off of a shirt or blouse, a button that would take you no more than fifteen seconds to sew back on, but a year after that button has fallen off, it still sits on your dresser and the shirt stays hung up and unworn. What is it that keeps us from sewing on

that button? What is it that keeps us from completing the tasks at hand, that prevents us from reaching our ultimate goals in life? If I told you that there was a malicious little demon living in your head, yelling at you and sabotaging your every move, would you call me crazy? Chances are, you wouldn’t. Chances are, you already know what this meanspirited little saboteur looks like; it may already have a name. Mine happens

to resemble that little red bugger, The Noid, from the old pizza commercials. The Saboteur is that little voice in your head that says, “Do it tomorrow,” or “That’s not important!” or “Do what you want to do! You’re more important than that job/family member/client anyway!” The Saboteur wants you to take the easy path. The Saboteur wants you to have the negative reaction, to blow up, withdraw, throw a tantrum, or overwork. Quite simply, The Saboteur wants
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

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to knock you off-balance and change your focus from the ultimate goal to the immediate release. But that sneaky little gremlin never says what he wants straight out. Oh, no, your Saboteur will soften the blow, will try to convince you that its evil intentions are actually in your best interest. Because each of us is prewired for certain reactions,

those reactions are the easy ones. We don’t have to think about them, nor do we really have to put forth any extra effort in order to react. We simply do it instinctively; everyone knows that lashing out is easier than reasoning and that procrastination is easier than taking action. The Saboteur is that little voice in your head that tells you that it’s acceptable to take the easy route. It’s

acceptable to take half a day off to get your hair done. It’s acceptable to put off that sales call until you’ve mastered the final level of Final Destruction IV: The Kergen Complexity. The Saboteur pretends to protect, but in actuality it prevents. It prevents us from reaching our goals by implying that the steps which must be taken to reach those goals are too dangerous. It encourages us to take the easy path rather than take a risk. There are two ways to deal with the Saboteur. The first – and the most common, since it is a sneaky little bugger – is to give in. You might be able to tell from the tone of this article that it is my opinion that that particular option is not the acceptable one. The second way to deal with the Saboteur is to get it to pipe down. This is not easy to do, but it is possible. The Noid, the devil on your shoulder, the voice in your head, all of these Saboteurs use the same weapon: logical argument. Saboteurs convince you that your desired course of action is the wrong one to take, the path most difficult, the path most frightening. The best way to beat them is to reason with them. And the best way to reason with them is to reason with


March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

yourself. Re-emphasize your core values. Remind yourself why they are your core values, values which cannot be changed because they are the cornerstone of your life.

recognize that we are doing so. Listing those values out forces us to recognize the fact, to acknowledge that those values are steady and unchanging.

get that list completed and move you closer to your own success. MORE Mary Elizabeth Murphy is Managing Director of S.T.A.R. Resources, a performance management consulting, coaching and education firm that specializes in creating environments in which people want to work. An expert at helping individuals and organizations to earn more, produce more and achieve more, she is the author of RESET Your Buttons. You can reach Mary Elizabeth at 704-535-5610 or
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

This article features only a Emphasizing core values few examples of Saboteur’s seems simple enough, and dirty work. The battle with it can be. But do you know many people’s personal what your core values are? Saboteurs is that between It’s a strange question to ask, what is Easy and what is but a fair one, and it helps Right, but it may not be to make a list. Sit down and your battle. The Saboteur list out those values which hijacks your personal values are so dear to you that and uses them against you; your definition of your very in the end, your ability to self relies on them. You’d identify and defend those be surprised how many values is what will keep the of us are compromising Saboteur at bay. Your list our core values on a daily and your personal view of basis because we refuse to what is Right will help you

The Noid, the devil on your shoulder, the voice in your head, all of these Saboteurs use the same weapon: logical argument.

Life is full of foggy roads. We help you find your way to where you want to go.


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Food Family Features

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Eating & Living


For years, Chef Wolfgang Puck has been an inspiration to home cooks across the country, teaching them how to create contemporary American dishes by mixing formal French techniques with Asian and California influences. At the center of Chef Puck’s

inspiration is his WELL (Wolfgang’s Eat, Love, Live) philosophy, which means using food made with humanely treated, natural, organic and seasonal ingredients when available. To help bring the WELL philosophy to your own kitchen, Chef Puck has

simplified some of his signature recipes, which makes it a cinch to channel your inner chef and indulge your culinary passion. Visit for more information on the benefits of organic foods. For more recipes and menu ideas from Chef Puck, visit

Chicken with Chardonnay and Fresh Herbs
Prep: 15 minutes Cook: 40 minutes Makes: 4 servings
4 ounces fresh goat cheese 1 tablespoon each chopped fresh tarragon leaves and Italian (flat-leaf) parsley Freshly ground black pepper 4 boneless or bone-in chicken breast halves*, skin on 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 shallot, minced (about 1/4 cup) 1/2 cup Chardonnay or other white wine 1 1/2 cups Wolfgang Puck Free Range Chicken Stock 1/2 cup heavy cream 2 tablespoons butter, cut up

shallow 3-quart baking dish. Brush chicken with oil. Roast for 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Heat shallots, wine and stock in a 1-quart saucepan over medium heat to a boil. Cook and stir until the mixture is reduced to 1/2 cup. Stir in cream. Stir in butter, 1 piece at a time, making sure it is melted before adding another. Stir in remaining herbs. Season with additional black pepper.
March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

Heat the oven to 450°F. Stir cheese and half the herbs Spoon sauce onto in a small bowl. Season with 4 plates. Cut chicken into black pepper. slices and place on sauce. Loosen skin on chicken. Spread 1/4 of cheese mixture under skin of each chicken breast half. Place chicken, skin-side up, into a

*If using bone-in chicken breast halves, increase the roasting time to 30 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.


Dutch Onion Soup
Prep: 20 minutes Cook: 55 minutes Makes: 6 servings
4 sweet onions or large yellow onions, thinly sliced (about 4 cups) 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 stalks celery, thinly sliced (about 1 cup) 1/2 cup port wine 6 cups Wolfgang Puck Organic Beef-Flavored Broth 2 sprigs fresh thyme leaves 2 bay leaves 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 12 slices French bread (about 1/4-inch-thick)

1 1/2 cups grated Gouda cheese (about 6 ounces)

Heat oil in a 6-quart saucepot over medium-high heat. Add onions and cook for 20 minutes or until golden brown, stirring often. Add celery and cook and stir for 3 minutes. Add port, broth, thyme, bay leaves and black pepper to saucepot, stirring to scrape up browned bits from bottom of pot. Reduce heat to low.

Cook for 30 minutes. Remove and discard thyme sprigs and bay leaves. Heat broiler. Place bread slices onto a baking sheet 2 at a time, making 6 pairs in all. Sprinkle each pair with 1/4 cup cheese. Broil 4 inches from heat until cheese is melted. Divide soup among 6 bowls. Top with bread and cheese.

March 2010 | The premier women’s business resource guide

For recipes and menu ideas visit www.wolfgang

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“If you love to eat, but fear the kitchen, follow Stacey Simms to the stove. Imagine delicious

– even dazzling – meals made by you – yes, you! Plus, the fire department has had to visit Stacey’s kitchen, which is bound to make you feel so much better about your own culinary skills. A fun, helpful, and yummy read! Kroghie, with Maggie, after a successful duck hunt at Lake Mattamuskeet, N.C. in 2004.

Stacey SimmS

Charlotte, NC Winter 2009-10

this isn’t your typical cookbook.
I Can’t Cook, But I Know Someone Who Can is a collection of essays, recipes and culinary tips. It’s a tell-all collaboration between twenty-five of Charlotte’s greatest chefs and one of our city’s worst cooks. Stacey Simms, co-host of Charlotte’s Morning News on NewsTalk 1110 WBT, discloses the dark side of her own kitchen: the roasted but still halffrozen holiday turkey, the emergency visit from the local fire department, and the just-cooked soup poured down the drain. Her stories are as honest as they are humorous. But Stacey isn’t ready to hang up her oven mitts just yet. She has somehow convinced the best restaurants in town to share their favorite recipes for this book. Many of the featured chefs have generously offered practical advice, along with their recipes, to help both serious foodies and hopeless home cooks like Stacey. Recipes range from Albóndigas, Bruschetta, and Cucumber Soup … to White Chocolate Bread Pudding, Yam Soufflé, and New Zealand Lamb. Some of the recipes are easy, others more complicated, but all of them yield delicious results. This book also has another purpose—to raise awareness and funds to help in the fight against type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. Stacey’s son has type 1, and by purchasing this book you are helping to support the work of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Charlotte. Good food, good stories, good cause. Bon Appétit!

Sheri Lynch

Bob & Sheri co-host and best-selling author of “Hello, My Name is Mommy”
Stacey Simms is the award-winning co-host of Charlotte’s Morning News with Al Gardner and Stacey Simms and Health Headlines: The Show, both heard on NewsTalk 1110 WBT. Stacey started her broadcasting career as a TV news anchor and reporter, first in upstate New York, then in Charlotte at CBS affiliate WBTV. She’s a graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications. Stacey lives in Davidson, NC with her family. She tries not to set off the smoke detectors too often.

Kroghie Andresen has enjoyed hunting “Having worked with her on the anchor desk, I always knew Stacey could deliver the and the outdoors since his early teens in news. Now she’s His waterfowl eastern North Carolina.delivered a wonderful book of recipes. This book will not only make your stomach happy; it’ll help your heart, since all the profits go to help the millions of hunting experiences began when he shot two lesserwith juvenile stake blind in the kids scaup from a diabetes.” mouth of Bath Creek at the age of fifteen. Jeff his passion for hunting has since thenGlor The Early Show grown and flourished. National Correspondent, CBS News

About the Author

I Can’t
But I Know Someone Who Can

Currents PRIDE
May-June 2009 Charlotte’s African-American Magazine Business Issue

Border Concepts, Inc.

I Can’t Cook,
But I Know Someone Who Can

Kroghie worked as a banker for First union National Bank, now Wachovia, for thirty three yearsfirst cookbook I’ve seen in all my years of reading them like novels (and “This is the before retiring in 2004. Though his work had no connection with writing a few myself) that is for everybody, Stacey delivers a delightful, entertaining, hunting, he continued to pursue his hobby and useful away from work. While during spare timerepertoire of recipes in the same wonderful manner she gives us ‘news living in can use’ each morning.” we raleigh in 1979, his wife ross, bought him his first decoy to decorate Barbara McKay their new den. This started a collection Media Personality that has grown into over 1,100 North Carolina decoys. An early decision to limit his collection to Back Bay, Virginia, “Stacey has been a led to a very and North Carolina decoys long time advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. specialized collection. Kroghie always tried When her two year old son was diagnosed, she immediately went from advocate to fully to document the history and provenance of committed volunteer. She is not willing to accept that her son and millions of others may his decoys. The lack of information on many have to live the led of their lives with North Carolina decoysrest him to research diabetes. Thank you, Stacey for all that you do to many previously unidentifiedimprove the lives of so many.” help find a cure and carvers as well as those that are well known. This research Patrick of collecting decoys have and thirty yearsMcFeeley JDRF International Board Member culminated with this book. Kroghie received a B.s. degree in Civil Engineering from The Citadel in 1966 and an MBA from East Carolina university in 1971. He and his wife currently reside in Charlotte, N.C. They have two grown children, Clark and Hailey.

& Recipes Advice From s Charlotte’ Top Chefs

Concrete2Green revitalizes communities, spreads love of soccer Reading, writing and diversity at Trinity Episcopal School For founder of real estate firm, priorities are about more than finances Self-taught topiary artist’s yard is a cut above

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Carolina Panthers Coach John Fox

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Innovative Garden Solutions for Independent Retailers

Great Winter Parties
5/22/09 7:13 PM

Stacey SimmS

George Winston
Welcomes Spring in Davidson
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Entertainment Tips from Area Event Planning Professionals


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Man on a

MARCH 2009

Richard ‘Stick’ Williams, who’ll be the YMCA’s first black chairperson in 2010, makes community involvement his business

Inside... The Best School in Ballantyne? | Dana Rader Interview | Restaurants and Shopping Serving Ballantyne, Toringdon, Blakeney, Stonecrest, Pineville, The Arboretum, and Indian Land.
2/18/09 2:49 PM

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