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Lesson n#2

Making predictions:
Theres no likelihood of
Its unlikely that
Theres absolutely no way that
As likely as not
Theres a good chance that
The chances are that
seems inevitable.
is bound to
Theres no doubt that
Prediction /prdkn/ - a thing predicted; a forecast.
Rely/rl/verb (relies, relying, relied) (rely on/upon)

1 trust fully; have faith in.

2 be dependent on.

Likelihood /lklihd/ noun - the state or fact of being likely or probable.

Bound noun

1 a boundary.

2 a limitation or restriction.
technical a limiting value.


1 form the boundary of.

2 restrict.

out of bounds 1 beyond the acceptable or permitted limits.

2 (in sport) beyond the field of play
Terrestrial travel trstrl/

Cell /sel/ noun

1 a small room in which a prisoner is locked up or in which a monk or nun sleeps.

2 a small compartment in a larger structure such as a honeycomb.

3 Biology the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, consisting of cytoplasm and a
nucleus enclosed in a membrane.

4 a small group forming a nucleus of political activity: terrorist cells.

5 a device containing electrodes immersed in an electrolyte, used for current generation or electrolysis.

6 the local area covered by one of the short-range transmitters in a cellular telephone system.

historical a small monastery dependent on a larger one.

a unit in a device for converting chemical energy or light into electricity.

N. Amer. a mobile phone.

celled adjective.

Sleep/slip/ noun

1 a regularly recurring condition of body and mind in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes
closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.

2 a gummy secretion found in the corners of the eyes after sleep.

verb (past and past part. slept /slpt/)

1 be in a state of sleep.
(sleep something off) recover from something by going to sleep.
(sleep in) remain asleep or in bed later than usual in the morning.

2 provide (a specified number of people) with beds or bedrooms.

3 (sleep together/with) have sex or be involved in a sexual relationship.

(sleep around) have many casual sexual partners.

put someone to sleep make someone unconscious with drugs or anaesthetic.

put something to sleep kill an animal painlessly.
sleep like a log (or top) sleep very soundly.

sleepless adjective,
sleeplessly adverb,
sleeplessness noun
+ Sleep over
+ Oversleep / vslip/ sleep longer or later than one has intended.

What lies in store is about to happen!

Estimate verb /stmet/ roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of.
noun /stmt/

1 an approximate calculation or judgement.

a written statement indicating the likely price that will be charged for specified work.

2 an assessment of the worth of someone or something.


estimation noun,
estimative /-mtv/ adjective,
estimator noun
Holidaying near home...
Laymane in simple alnguage
Vast extremely large
Cramped/krampt/ adjective

1 uncomfortably small or crowded.

2 (of handwriting) small and difficult to read

Draw back choose not to take an expected course of action

Put-down noun informal a remark intended to humiliate or criticize someone
PUT UP - put someone up

1 accommodate someone temporarily.

2 propose someone for election or adoption.

put something up
1 present something for discussion or consideration.

2 publish banns.

3 provide money as backing for an enterprise.

4 offer something for sale or auction.

5 offer a specified degree of resistance or skill in a fight or contest.

6 cause game to rise from cover.

7 archaic return a sword to its sheath.


put someone up to informal encourage someone to do (something wrong or unwise).

put up with tolerate; endure.
put someone's eyes out blind someone in a violent way.
put one's hands together applaud.
put one's hands up raise one's hands in surrender.
put one over on informal deceive (someone) into accepting something false.
put up or shut up informal justify oneself or remain silent.

put about Nautical (of a ship) turn on the opposite tack.

put someone about chiefly Scottish & N. English upset or trouble someone.
put something about Brit. spread information or rumours.
put something aside (or by) save money for future use.
put someone away informal confine someone in a prison or psychiatric hospital.
put something away 1 save money for future use.
2 informal consume food or drink in large quantities.
put someone down informal criticize someone.

put something down

1 suppress a rebellion or riot by force.

2 kill an animal because it is sick, injured, or old.

3 pay a specified sum as a deposit.

4 preserve or store food or wine for future use.

put something down to attribute something to.

put someone off

1 cancel or postpone an appointment with someone.

2 cause someone to feel dislike or lose enthusiasm.

3 distract someone.
put something off postpone something.
put someone on informal try to make someone believe something that is untrue.

put something on
1 place a garment on part of one's body.

2 present or provide a play, service, etc.

3 become heavier by a specified amount.

4 assume a particular expression, accent, etc

Set someone up
1 establish someone in a particular capacity or role.
2 informal restore or enhance the health of someone.
3 informal make an innocent person appear guilty of something
Set something up
1 place or erect something in position.
2 establish a business, institution, etc.
3 begin making a loud sound
BRING DOWN - Bring someone down - cause someone to lose power
Bring it on informal used to express confidence in meeting a challenge

BRING UP (chiefly of a ship) come to a stop.

Bring someone up - look after a child until it is an adult.
Bring something up - 1 vomit something.
2 raise a matter for discussion or consideration

BREAK DOWN 1 cease to function or continue; fail.

2 lose control of one's emotions when in distress.
break in 1 force entry to a building.
2 interject.
break something in
1 accustom a horse to being ridden.

2 wear shoes until they become supple and comfortable.

break into
1 enter forcibly.

2 suddenly burst into (laughter, song, or faster movement).

break something off abruptly end or discontinue something.

break out
1 (of something undesirable) start suddenly.

2 escape.

break out in be suddenly affected by an unpleasant sensation or condition.

break something out informal open and start using something.
break up
1 (of a gathering or relationship) end or part company.

2 (of a radio or telephone signal) be interrupted by interference.

3 chiefly N. Amer. start laughing uncontrollably.

4 chiefly N. Amer. become upset.

break with
1 quarrel or cease relations with.

2 act in a way that is not in accordance with (a custom or tradition)

turn someone away refuse admittance to someone.
turn someone/thing down
1 reject an offer or proposal or someone making one.

2 (turn something down) adjust a control on an electrical device to reduce the volume, heat, etc.

turn in informal go to bed in the evening.

turn someone/thing in hand someone or something over to the authorities.
turn off leave one road in order to join another.
turn someone off informal make someone bored or repelled.
turn something off (or on) stop (or start) the operation of something by means of a tap, switch, or button.
turn on
1 suddenly attack.

2 have as the main focus.

turn someone on informal excite or stimulate someone, especially sexually.

turn out
1 prove to be the case.

2 go somewhere to attend a meeting, vote, play in a game, etc.

turn someone out

1 eject or expel someone from a place.

2 Military call a guard from the guardroom.

3 (be turned out) be dressed in the manner specified.

turn something out

1 extinguish an electric light.

2 produce something.

3 empty something, especially one's pockets.

turn over
1 (of an engine) start or continue to run properly.

2 (of a business) have a turnover of.

turn someone/thing over change or transfer custody or control of someone or something.

turn something round (or around) reverse the previously poor performance of something.
turn up
1 be found, especially by chance.

2 put in an appearance; arrive.

turn something up
1 increase the volume or strength of sound, heat, etc. by adjusting a control on a device.

2 reveal or discover something.

3 shorten a garment by raising the hem.