MINUTES OF MEETING @ BURGO’S SHED MONDAY 7TH DECEMBER 2009 PRESENT: Betsy Harrington, Leanne Pleash, Darrell Treloar

, Sarah Martin, Jane Archbold, Michelle, Jane, Peter Williams, Pete Auty, Judy Baker, John Burgess, Annie Robertson, Ric Stubbings APOLOGIES: Julie Bateman 1. Community House Update: Darrell reported that the Council has given notice to Jararra of intent to revoke lease and request for response. A report will be presented to Council this Wednesday. This clears the way for the old Jararra site to be used for the new Community House. Environment Update: Pete Auty reported on a 3-5 year program around weed management and eradication, a Community Garden and propagation area, and potential organic garden. Pete also reported that the inaugural Blackberry bash was a huge success, and presented a map showing the extent of week control to date. A team leaders plan for 2010 will be discussed at a meeting to be convened. Communications Update: John & Pete Williams reported that they have asked Telstra to attend a forum concerning communication problems in the Flowerdale Valley. One Postcode Update: Jane reported that there was a proposal to employ a person locally to do admin work, and link up with the community on this issue. Memorial Update: Pete Auty reported that this issue of memorials is twofold. Firstly there was recognition that time will be needed before a permanent memorial is started. Secondly he reported that, the issue of Feb 7th anniversary, has prompted a meeting scheduled for 15th December. To date it has been recommended that no Shire-wide celebration be held, but instead, a state-wide community based day – for which community consultation is strongly recommended. Events Update: John reported that both Carols by Candlelight and Australia Day Celebrations were on the Summer Events calendar. (He also reminded us of Bob and Anne Dixson’s advice for
recovery: Celebrate and always include food!)


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VBRRA Update: Betsy addressed items from the Status Report as below: • Kinder and School. School siting for Kinder is almost signed off. Acknowledged the $15-30k shortfall for Kinder in 2010. • Community House: architect hired • Recovery Plan: scoping needed • Town Safety • IPO: Marcus doing a brilliant job with Building Advisory Services.

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Arts Shed: building commencing mid January. Permit lodged. Volunteers being organised. Supplies list has been provided. Recreation Areas: Scoping for Skate Park & Cricket Grounds needs to be done by 16th December. Memorial: funding will be available Water: need to get a letter in to Federal Govt to secure more funding around water. Economy & Employment: (at this stage Jane reported) Seeking guidance on the integration of Hub & Hall building, DHS wanting to expand the Hall to incorporate Hub Services. Also reported on a survey of businesses & invitation to the Marysville Going Forward Business Networking. (At this point Pete Williams pointed
out that Flowerdale was quite different to Kinglake and Marysville who have more owner operators).

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• Men’s Shed: application has been forwarded to DPCD. • Liaising with other communities: Flagged a meeting at Darley this Wednesday. • Transport: Work in progress. Safer Space Update: John reported that a $140k submission to VBAF is in progress. MSC Update: Darrell reported that Ian Robbins (ex Wyndham City Council) commences in January. CDOs: Jane introduced Sarah Martin the new CDO. Pointed out that Sarah was a resource to value-add what the FRC does, and to provide a community presence. DHS Update: Leanne reported that, at the latest “all-service agency” meeting, it was acknowledged that long term partnerships are what our community needs. Subsequently a “wish list” is in the making. Also gave accolades to the Echuca & Moama Communities for hosting such a sensational weekend recently. Governance and Project Management: John spoke of community feedback which the FRC has been receiving. Overwhelmingly, people are delighted with funding outcomes, but now want to know when projects are going to start. John said that we need, as a community, to have a sense of recovery. We need reassurance that dollars will be transferred to “on ground” projects, as a reward for our hard work. Betsy foreshadowed a meeting to look at the right model for managing so many community recovery projects. She also reported that budgets have factored in 15% of the cost of projects for Project Management. Pete Williams suggested we stratify some projects, use on line project management to help train communities manage smaller projects. He also suggested there is a need for a purchase order system and simple templates for small projects. Pete Williams. There is need for a new “Welcome for Flowerdale” Sign at the south end of the Valley. Pete Williams: Explained that there were on-going investigations into local wind farms, and that a wind monitoring programme and community consultation was being organised