9302003 Welcome to Falls Count Anywhere!

My name is Chris and I pray that Lloyd’s of London doesn’t catch on to my latest scheme. RAW I kinda like the fact that they are announcing the announcers when they arrive at ringside. I know that I’d rather see the wrestlers be the focus, but the only way they can make this angle work for even this brief run was to do little things like that. The Highlight Reel gets the prime spot. Jericho gets some good heat from the crowd, as does Bischoff when he announces that Austin is suspended for the week. JR as a guest is an OK idea, as he got an OK reaction, and Bisch, JR’s real enemy, played his foil so well. I was expecting the attack by Jericho on JR, but the Austin run-in was telegraphed. The Dudleys vs. Test and Steiner was better than it had to be. The Steiner turn was kinda unexpected, but still, I want this to end. The Stcey chair shot was Lance Storm 1997 bad. Hey, Kane and Hurricane have a little segment that brings up their past. At least they are learning how to do that right. Hey, La Resistance had a match with Maven/Garrison Cade/Mark Jindraik. It wasn’t great, but the talented young folk will probably meet in the coming years, if they are ever given a personality that allows them to stick around. HHH gave a fine little studio interview that reminded me of ECW when Shane Douglas was on top. Then it took a turn for the Flair with him flashing his briefcase of cash. I love a good bounty programme. This may make RAW a far more interesting show for a while with Goldberg being hunted by just about everyone. Hey, a Country Whippin’ Match! I’m not at all interested, but I like the fact that they gave them a gimmick that allowed for very little wrestling. The announcing of Jericho and Snow wasn’t bad, actually. I like the energy that Jericho gives. Best line from Jericho: “He reminds me of a young Tito Santana.” Not a good match, not at all, but I must say, they did build the shots and got some pops. Nice to have JR and King back, though. Nice package to let the world know that the WWE can still sell out a WrestleMania. Lita FINALLY gets to plug her book on TV. It’s doing the best of all the wrestling books right now on Amazon pre-orders. She must have worked a bit on her promos, as this was better than her other attempts. By the way, she’s still freakin’ hot. The claim by Molly that this would be the shortest WWE comeback ever obviously overlooked the Kevin Nash comeback a while back. Nice to see Victoria getting back in the mix to the point where she is an important figure.

Kane and Hurricane have a match that is acceptable for what it was, a squash. The set-up was longer and more entertaining. This is a story that helps get Kane over a little more and they need to do this more often. Steven Richards trying to collect the Goldberg bounty was a nice touch, and it made Bill look tough. It’s a smart idea. The tag match with Shawn, Goldberg, Flair and Orton worked in my eyes. Goldberg got a fair entry pop, as did Michaels. The match between those two will be interesting and they should save it for a while more. Flair and Orton both selling for Goldberg got the crowd to the level they need to be at all times for the Beast. Michael’s sell of the Over The Back Neckbreaker was awesome in a Terry Funk sort of way. Michaels bleeds so well. Sending the lower tier guys out after Goldberg is a good idea. But why did he attack Michaels instead of Michaels? Sending a message? I love Teddy Long, and even with his brief moment, it helped to have his voice out there with us. Well, a ladder match that worked with RVD? I’m shocked! No, this was good, and RVD getting the win may be a sign of things moving in the right direction now that HHH isn’t around. Christian is just so natural in these matches. I’m not sure what it is, and though RVD had bigger spots, Christian made this match for me. Good stuff. I’d say that this show was good enough to get the good. Not a blow-away show, but everything seemed to work throughout. I’m a fan of the bounty concept, and everything else was strong. The ladder match was strong, but is in danger of being overused. NEWS Former ECW Tag Team champion Pitbull II, aka Anthony Duarte, was found dead on Friday along with his wife. This is another sad story as their two children were alone in the house for a couple of days following the death of their parents of an apparently pair of drug overdoses. The Pitbulls were a huge part of ECW in the glory years of 1994 through 1996. They held the tag titles after beating Raven and Stevie Richards in a fantastic 2 of 3 falls Dog Collar match. IT was a classic match and it could be used as the match that best defines what ECW is by combining brutal work, excellent and complex booking, and mixing a ton of stories into one match. I saw the Rundown this weekend. I thought it was a good film, just about perfect for the audience that would want to follow the Rock into films from wrestling. Great performances from Walken, the Rock, and Rosario Dawson’s breasts. The film under performed, but not by too much, raking in 18 million dollars. Eddy Guerrero almost got into a tussle with a fan at a house show last week. It all started when some Jack-o-napes poured beer on him. You don’t pour beer on Eddy Guerrero. You just don’t.

No joke on this one: Scott Hall was again arrested for breaking parole due to his drunkenness. That’s the first time in a while that I’ve had the chance to mention Scott Hall and his drinking. The Good The Bad And The Ugly Another periodic look at the state of the business by yours truly. I will say that the WWE has been coming back, making strides in ratings and putting on some good shows. There are still big problems for the future, but there are also some positive things as well. The Good Eddy Guerrero. No question that the WWE writing team has put a lot into Eddy, building him back up from a mid-card comedy performer to his current level where he is actually competing with the big boys for top pops of the night. They will hopefully keep the US Title on him for a while, building both the belt and Eddy into an even bigger heat machine. Kurt Angle. The man is still putting on great matches, though his drawing power has been knocked a bit with the under performance of the IronMan match. I’d say he’s close to the level of Wrestler of the Year. Brock Lesnar. The turn was the right move. Winning the belt was even better. He’s the future of wrestling if they can keep him hot. His ratings are almost always good, except for the IronMan match. In a hotter period, he could be Hulk Hogan. Chris Jericho. I admit, I’ve been converted to the way of the Highlight Reel. He is a great talker, hasn’t lost a step in the ring and has had some strong matches. He’s easily the best thing on RAW most weeks. Randy Orton. Yeah, I am saying it now: Randy Orton is going to be a star. He has proven that he can go with the big boys, and his feud with Shawn Michaels was very strong. He is being pushed in a very smart way, and they should be able to come up big in the new year. Kane. I think that the Kane program can work, if they give him the invincibility aura and keep him away from Goldberg and Shane. He’s had a couple of pretty good matches and his cage match with RVD was pretty good too. The Bad Goldberg. How many times can they kill this man’s heat. To be fair, he’s managed to bounce back to a degree almost every time. The match with HHH was almost in the ugly category, but just missed it. HHH. I rail on him a lot, and he has hurt the product with his constant tampering, but he has managed some good stuff. He’s been good on the mic of late, though he has not been able to work in the ring to the level that could overcome poor writing in the way that

Brock and others have. He’s gone for a while making his movies, which will either kill or save the product. RVD. Sometimes on, sometimes off, always interesting, but I’ve been finding him lower on my interest list for a few months. It’s probably not fair to say that he’s Bad, but he isn’t quite good since he’s had so many poor outings. Shane McMahon. I love Shane as a character, but the way they are putting Shane over as superhuman and the only one who can really stand up to Kane. He can perform, but he is being given a push that isn’t deserved when RVD wasn’t allowed to look anyway near as good. The Ugly Stephanie McMahon. Awful. Just plain awful. She should not be getting anywhere near the airtime she has been getting. Sable. See Steph and add 50% into the skanky category. Rico. Man, I loved Adrian Street. I don’t why this doesn’t work, but it doesn’t. Jackie is hot. Confidential. Even when they aren’t reruns, most Confidentials are not entertaining. The concept is great, but they need to ramp it up and start doing more and going for bigger stories.