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Triple S


Noor-E-Aysha Shuchi.
Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Sadia Afrin.
Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Mohammad Muntasir Alam Bhuiyan.

Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Jahangirnagar University.


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Bangladesh is a developing country. Among various social problems in our country,

unemployment is the biggest one. Yearly around 800,000 to 1,000,000 people become graduates
in our country. But most of them dont get employment opportunity. Currently 47 percent
graduates are unemployed [source: EIU]. Now unemployment rate is 14.2 percent. Every year
some 2.7 million young persons are becoming eligible for jobs wheres only 0.7 million young
persons are getting employment. Bangladesh is 12th among the 20 unemployment growing
countries [source: ILO]

Lack of proper experience and investment is the obstacle for a graduate who wants to start a
business. Every company wants at least 2 years experience from their employee but fresh
gradates dont have any experience.

PROJECT: EARN-EXPERIENCE will be a great way to get rid of from this problem. Its main
objective is to provide real business knowledge, practical experience about corporate world &
opportunity to earn money under university authority. It can create an impact in society by
solving unemployment problem & bring a revolutionary change in our conventional education

The target market of this project is university level students who dont have any practical
experience about corporate world & real business. By this project our young generation becomes
skillful manpower & gathers potentially to get a job.

In this project every university authority & at-least two key partners company like Grameen
Phone, Grameen Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Brac etc within public-privet partnership (ppp)
open a super shop near to university area. This project empowers the university level students in
these super shops.

To gather total business knowledge, first & second year students participate in all area of
business like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, HRM etc.

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Third year students can engage in a specific area of business to earn specific knowledge &

Fourth year students can directly engage in important decision making segment. Student with
good performance & result can be in Board of Directors.

One best student will find out & some numbers will add in academic exam on performance basis.

An experience testimonial will be providing after every semester.

Every team, consisting 10 members, have 1 supervisor to fixed working section and time


Payment will be providing on hours basis.

Daily work time 2hours
Per hour payment rate- 84 taka
Daily Payment rate- (84*2) = 168 taka
Monthly payment rate- (60*84) = 5040 taka
Yearly payment rate-(5040*12) = 60,480 taka

Profit from this project will use in product development of super shops & payment of students.

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Competitive Advantage of This Project.

Practical experience & knowledge about business & corporate world.

Opportunity of income.
Experience testimonial.
Knowledge about work place behavior & relation with collage.
Help students to be a successful entrepreneur.
Empower young generation in constructive work.

Through this project students can get rid of from experience problem in job sector & earn real
business experience & knowledge which help them to be an entrepreneur. This project will solve
unemployment problem and create skilled manpower. It also has the potentiality to create a
revolutionary change in our conventional education system.

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