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My name is Chris and I wrote a Novel Last Week Taboo Tuesday Thoughts I liked it, more than I enjoyed last year’s and more than I expected. It seems that Vince went honest on this one, specifically because he let Matt Hardy work in the SmackDown! vs. RAW tag match instead of JBL, his favorite who he pushed on TV. The opening few matches were pretty average, though the match with Eugene and Snuka was pretty lame. I do have to say that the main event with Angle, Cena and Michaels was fantastic. The guys worked hard, and with Cena there, Michaels and Angle brought it big time. The reaction to Cena must be scaring Vince. He got some strong boos throughout the match, though there was a decent reaction to his win. The crowd seemed to love Angle. This may change the face of the WWE. A lot of folks are saying that the Flair vs. HHH cage match should be Flair’s final match. There’s no way that’ll happen, but it was a match that you’d want to be remembered and how better than by having the match be the last before your retirement. This was on the level of Flair vs. Vader from 1993. It was a bloodbath that reminded me of the great Flair 1980s cage matches. A wonderful match made better by great announcing. Which brings me to part three, and easily the most memorable part of the show. Joey Styles delivered one of his typical fantastic performances and really showed what we’ve been missing since he left regular announcing. Even The King was better than usual. I was impressed that the two of them worked so well together. The call was made to go with Styles for two reasons; first to get people off the WWE for the handling of the Ross thing, second to get Coach off the mic, or at least on the mic less. He was a terrible playby-play guy, even if the heel play-by-play guy is an interesting concept. Styles will probably be announcing RAW for a while, at least until they bring back Ross. TNA Primetime Special I didn’t see it all, but what I saw wasn’t perfect. They opened with a six-man tag match that I thought was pretty average with Jeff Hardy, Lance Hoyt and Sabu against the Diamonds in the Rough. The Ultimate X was a really fun match, and Petey Williams got the win again. You know, no matter how many times I see it, the Flip Piledriver known as the Canadian Destroyer just amazes me. The main event was rendered useless by having Jeff Jarrett shown as the champ defending at Genesis on commercials right before the main event match against Rhino. Jeff Jarrett is more harmful to TNA than anything the WWE has tried. They could lose half a dozen top guys and Jeff Hardy would still be the biggest problem they have. His ego and his control of the booking committee is just killing what should be the top drawing card. He’s HHH gone even worse because he can’t go like H can when he wants to. The match wasn’t bad. I got into it a fair bit. The ratings for the special weren’t great, getting just a 0.9.

Selected news Big week. Christian is leaving the WWE. Stone Cold may be released, but that’s doubtful. There are serious talks about bringing back Ross. The Raw rating last week was 3.4, which is very low and it shows that the skit from last week turned people off as they had been hyping Austin for the whole week and it turned out a low rating. The No Mercy buyrate came in and it’s looking like it might top out at 200k. That’s incredibly low. No one is talking about the buys for One Night Stand, which has steadily grown and has officially done better than any of the non-majors this year. SmackDown! Not a bad show, really. They did a great opening with MNM arriving in LA and treating it like it was a Hollywood premiere. It looks like they’re trying to rebuild them, which is the only way they can get money out of those guys. This show actually went a fair ways towards doing that. They did a tag match with Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy taking on the ‘One Last Time’ Christian and JBL with Holly as the ref. Rey was way over in LA. Nice spot as Hardy launched himself onto Christian and JBL on the outside, but the big man caught him. This allowed Rey to hit a plancha onto the three of them. This was a good match and it ended with the expected finish. Hardcore Holly got involved and gave Christian the Alabama Slam, then he took the 619 and the Twist of Fate to give the faces the win and Christian the send-off. So long, Christian. You’re finally on your own. Booker and Sharmell came out and jawed. Theodore R. Long then came out and in a nice touch, Sharmell and Book danced to his music. Teddy said he had to keep Benoit from coming out to keep the peace and said that Booker would be defending against him. Benoit came out to a good pop, and the crowd seems to like Booker as a heel because he got a lot of heat. The match was solid and it ended with a nice finish as, after making the ropes during a Crossface, Booker just walked away from the match. Good stuff up to then. Piper vs. Orton was bad. It ended with Piper about to win when Randy came in and gave him the RKO. Bobby Lashley is a big guy and will go far. He beat Nunzio and Big Vito. Lashley could be big if they push him right. They took Ron Simmons and packaged him as Farooq and gave him the Nation and he went big time, but they can’t do that again. Give Lashley a manager, and if they can bring back Clarence Mason, they may have something. Bischoff came out and said that he’d like to see a Five-on-Five Survivor Series match between the companies. I agree. Teddy said it was on. They’ll also meet, and I don’t like Theodore’s chances. Ken Kennedy beat a jobber name of Scotty 2 Hotty. He’s got even more potential than Lashley, and is far more ready for the big time than Bobby. There’s a heel group that is

just begging to have Kennedy as it’s Arn Anderson. Add MNM and maybe JBL as the talker and you’ve got one hell of a stable. The main event wasn’t great. As Batista isn’t the type of guy you want working with MNM, but they had Eddie missing the win on a few occasions, which doesn’t help him. They had him give Melena the Frog Splash though. This ended with Eddie getting hit with the knux and being small packaged. Overall, not a show you’re gonna wanna go out and make sure you have taped, but not bad viewing. RAW