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Department of Missions - Polish Ministry


P.O. Box 629
Guidance Committee:

Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Kenneth Meade, Secretary

Phone; 410-734-7250

Paul Bajko, Director

Gary Bordelon

January, 1992

Howard Brammer
Carroll Kakac

Adam J. Korenczuk

Ron Lowry


Roben Martin

Gerald O. Moreland

C. Wayne Murphy

Bill Gates

Without any hesitation we can say that it was a wonderful

Ivan C. Odor


Bill Smith

T^of all: millions of pec^le became free frcm atheistic-

ccmminism. For those people new hope for better future en

tered their hearts.

Second: The ciospel of Christ started to penetrate previously unreached na


The Gospel was preached on the streets, in the parks, in schools, jails,
public buildings, in the previously closed churches and in the Christian
Service Canps.

Literature was published. Bibles were purchased and were given to those
\^o never before had a Bible in their hands.

Ihere were glorious baptismal services in lakes, rivers, baptistries and

even swiirming pools.
; )\V !>;/:! 11)1

Baptisrral service in Kolobrzeg



i9r "T



Christian Service Cairp in Ostroda
Native ministers with the help of American Brethren and Churches were able to

preach the Gospel and lead people to Christ without any hindrances
This was the good side of the year, but on the other hand there was still so
me fear, uncertainty and poverty.
Transition frcm a socialistic government into a democracy and privatization

v^ich caused high prices and uneirployment

is very painful for Poland and o-

ther former socialistic and COTinunistic countries.

There is also no stability in the governments.

All that touched unbelievers as well as believers and there is a great need
not only for spiritual but also physical help.

Because of precious Christian Friends and Churches in America we were able

to raise in 1991 $ 279,504.00

and we say "PRAISE THE LORD" and "THANK YOU,


With that financial assistance and prayers we were able:

1. Support 45 preachers and staff members of Polish Ministry with a total

2 -

amount of S 160,664.00.

2. Bxiild, purchase

and renovate

church buildings in the amount of

S 69,000.00.

3. Print
literature and purchase Bibles for S 23,356.00.
4. Visit Poland and Russia with the Gospel and pronote of Polish work
in USA - S 12,064.00.


Answer letters and office ej^jensess

6. Send medicine and food

S 4,606.00.

$ 14,100.00.

We thank our regular si^iportes, those v^o responded to our appeals and Mrs.
Charles Steele and her son, Mark, who during 1991 sent several times money in
msmory of the departed Bro. Charles Steele v^o was very interested in the vrork
in Poland and served nany years as a mariber of the Guidance Carmittee.
Last year, liJ^e, like never before, during our visit of Poland we dedicated
3 newly errected cliurch buildings: Bialorard, Kiedzyles and Bielsk Podlaski.
Our hearts were rejoicing with the Christians in Poland seeing every place
filled with worshipers.




Paul Bajko performs rrainriage ceranony

Youngest preacher in Gryfice


3 -

This year, like never beforp, we need your help. - Prices on everything
in Poland go up. More people are unenployed.
Preachers are worrying how to Survive on our average support especially

those \^o have children at hom^ or going to school, because now they must
pay for books, notebooks, pencils, etc. and in sane Highschools even



Few new mission stations were established and they need places to meet.

Several chapels need expanding1

We can print literature and books in Poland but the cost of paper and print
is very high. There is need for more Bibles.
I just received a letter frcm Bro. Peter Karel and he said that due to dif
ferent programs of the church, especially park meetings v^ich were led in
summer every Saturday, they baptized more people into Christ. But there is
one problem; their church can not accomodate all the people and many of them

have to stand during the vdiole 2 hour-long service.

When we were in Poland last June we had in Kolobrzeg a ground breaking ce
remony for expansion of the building and they are ready to go with the pro
ject in the spring but again ttie funds are low. They have S 7,000.-
I gave them but the project may cost S 30,000.- or more.
This kind of problem worries Several of our preachers in Poland.

We rejoice together with them tlhat churches are growing but we worry hew to
help them to enlarge old or buiild new sanctuaries.

lord willing, I plan to be in pbland May 19 - June 15 of this year. I will

try to visit each church, sit dpwn and talk with every preacher individually
and to meet with all preachers,: evangelists and workers to evaluate the

work and progress of the ch\irch|es in Poland. It will be a very busy time.
I will need your prayers, I alsp need your financial help for travels to

Poland and in Poland, to purch^e Bibles, medicine, especially Excedrin -extra strong, /each preacher and: many others ask for it/, to help with the

building programs and help the j:hurches to establish a benevolent fund fran
v^ch the churches will be able to help the most needy people.

I trust you will work with us a^ support \js so that this year will be even

greater than last in our ministj^-

Thank you once more and may the Lord bless you real good.
Yours in His ministry.


Deparimeni of Missions - Polish Ministry

P.O. Box 629

Paul Bajku, Director

Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Guidance Committee:
Kenneth Meade. Secretary

Phone: 410-734-7250

March, 1992

Gary Bordelon
Howard Brammer
Carroll Kakac


Adam J. Korenczuk



Ron Lowry
Robert Martin

last 3 months were the .busiest in our entire minis-

Gerald O. Moreland


C. Wayne Murphy


Bill Gates

Usually, due to winter weather, I start my speaking engage

ments in April, reserving the months of January and Februa

Ivan C. Odor
Bill Smith

ry for balancing mission books and preparing them for CPA

audit; sending out newsletter; editing and issuing several editions of our
Polish Magazine "Drogowskaz"; sending support to Poland; answering letters,
shipping out literature and work with the Slavic Church in Baltimore.

This year in addition to all the above mentioned works I had many invita tions to lead Faith Promise Rallies and Mission Conferences, and to presmt
the Polish Ministry.

I traveled to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Penn

sylvania and Ohio.

I thank God that He gave me strength and good health to fulfill all obli

I was encouraged and challenged to greater ministry by Christians accross

the country. - The pryers, words of comfort, letters of thanks, love, con

cern and support give me more vitality and energy to serve my Lord fulfil
ling the Great Commission.

Dela from early morning till late


night writes, translates, gathers

material and compiles Polish Magazine.

I thank God for a wonderful wife and a great helper in my ministry.

Poland is still struggling economically. Each letter from Poland indicates

that prices go up every month, unemployment is rising, factories are being

closed, workers are striking. More and more people ask for material help
and medicine.

1 -




Our preachers in Poland stand fast despite many difficulties. Many of them

organize home meetings, witnessing in school and prisons, have children's

programs, distribution of liteiiature and Bibles; and there are results souls are added to

the Church.

We thank God that together with you we are co-laborers in the Lord's vine
yard in Poland.

We receive many letters of tharks from Poland and we would like to express
our appreciation and thanks td all of YOU who remember us and our work in
prayers and support.

Special thanks to those who responded to our plea for help in purchasing
Bibles, giving additional support to preachers in Poland and helping with
church building programs.

May the Lord reward and bless you real good!



"Mat. 28:18-20.

Dear Bro. Paul and Sister Dela.

I thank you from


bottom of my heart for your letter and support which I received Feb.18.
As you know from Radio, TV and newspapers life in our country is diffi
cult for many and your help has great meaning for us.
Please do not cease to do good and I am sure the good Lord will never
leave you alone in the time of need.

In spite of my age /I will be 80 in June/ with the Lord's help I visit

people in homes and preach in the church and mission places.
It was God's will that He led me in 1938 to Sosnowiec where I was the

first from the Church of Christ and now we have churches not only
Sosnowiec, but also in Dabrowa Gornicza, Katowice, Rybnik and mission
stations in Myslowice, Katowice, Jaworzno, Bedzin, Laziska Gorne.
God's ways are not our ways. He leads us and His Church stands firmly
because He is with us here and also with you, Bro. Paul, far awy in America where He led you.
Please greet the Churches in America with the words of the Great Commi

ssion and please thank all

We wish you God's blessing
and Dala, will continue to
Yours in Christ, Konstanty

who support and pray for us.

in your ministry and we pray that you, Paul
sow good seeds of God's truth.




Paul Bajko, Konstanty Sacewicz and Henryk Sacewicz

3 -


1 ^



Baptismal service in Ostroda


"Beloved in Christ Bro. Bajko.

We greet you in the name of Jesus


and wish you God's blessings.

We are grateful to God for the time of fellowship with you when you were
in Poland with other preachers from USA, We thank God for your servica
which you do for our churches in Poland in the name of the Lord for many
years. We would like to thank you for S 500.- to establish a fund for the
most needy families of the Church. We pray that the Lord will further
bless your service. Ending this letter we would like to wish you with the
words of Paul: "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,
and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all." Paul Wrobel, mi
nister and the Elders of the Church."



Lord willing, Paul Bajko will depart to Poland May 18 and return June 15.
Ivan Odor and John Buckley will depart May 21 and return June 8.
Please remember all of us in your prayers as we will serve the Lord in
Poland and encourage our Brethren there.

4 -

Department of Missions - Polish Ministry

P.O. Box 629

I'aiil Bajko, Director

Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Guidance Committee:

Phone; 410-734-7250

Kennelh Meade, Secretary

Gary Bordelon

May, 1992

Howard Brammer

Carroll Kakac
Adam J. Korenczuk

Ron Lowry

"For I was an hungred, and ye gave me

meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave


Robert Martin
Gerald O. Moreland

drink: I was a stranger, and ye took

C. Wayne Murphy

me in."



Bill Gates

Ivan C. Odor
Bill Smith

All through the year and till now we are recei

ving letters from many families in Poland

ask for material help.

In every church there

are families with many children who can not af

ford to buy shoes and clothes and sometimes even food because

many fathers are unemployed or receive very small retirement


Although in the stores in Poland is abundance of everything

but with an evarage income of S 200.- per month, S 150.unemployed or S 100.- for retired and prices higher then
America, they live almost in poverty.
We prayerfuly


considered each letter and decided to establish

in each congregation an "EMMERGENCY FUND" to help

the poorest


We turned for help to the International Disaster Emergency Ser

vice and they responded immediately with S 5000.-.

We also sent

400 letters to our supporters who responded in a wonderful way

by contributing so far S 8,129.85. Praise the Lord for

wonderful response! We thank God for IDES and each contribu

Lord willing I will take all that money with me May 18th when
I will depart Ito Poland and later joined by John Buckley, mi
nister of West Lebanon Church, Ind. and Ivan Odor, member
the Guidance Committee of the Polish Ministry.
We also will leave some money for Bibles and literature, and
for children who can not afford to attend the Christian Servi
ce Camp.

We will visit at least 20 churches where we will preach,



conferences with preachers and visit many families with the Word


Please pray for a

succesful trip that souls will be saved,


stians comforted and ministers encouraged for a greater ministry

despite the economical crises in Poland


Here are some excerpts from a

letter from our minister


in Katowice:

"Dear Brother and Sister Bajko!

Thank you very much for your letter and support... Now I would
like to share with you a sketch of what we do:

1. Services each Lord's Day and Sunday School AM, and Youth
Meetings PM.
2. Wednesday night services with short sermon,

testimonies and


3. Twice a month Ladies Meetings and Men's Meetings.

4. Once a month a special evangelistic meeting in one of our
public Highschools.
5. Visiting days each Tuesday and Friday from 4 to 10 PM.
6. Homegroups
meetings in 6 different areas.

Bro. Roman Chmielewski with family


7. Visiting mission places once in 3 month.

8. "Agape" /fellowship around the tables/ once a month.
This is a short work program of our church.

We are very encouraged by the attitude of our members. Everyone

is finding his own place in the service for the Lord.
Now I would like to describe the special events in our ministry:

1. December 25, Christmas Day. It was our privilege to have with

us sister Mary Sacewicz from Warsaw who told us about your
work and mutual ministry with her late husband Jerzy Sacewicz.
I t was a wonderful testimony.
2. December 31, a wonderful service led by our Youth.
We met the New Year on our


3. January 24 we invited Bro. Henryk Sacewicz, minister from

Dabrowa Gornicza to share with our Elders his long and fruit
ful ministry and we talked about some difficulties in our
pastoral work.

4. January 24-27.Three ladies of our church took part in a con

ference dealing with methods of reaching children with

Gospel and organization of "Good News" Clubs.
5. February 16. Installation of Elders and Deacons.
6. February 22-25. Meetings and concerts in Highschools led by
Campus Ministries.

7. February 28-29. Several members of our church took part in a

conferences "How to take care of newly converted members."
8. March 6. Bro. Mike Weremijewicz together with Dr. Willard
Black visited our church and presented lecture on:

How to

bring up our children and solve problems in the family.

9. March 2 5 we invited a singing group to present a religious
concert in one of Highschools.
10. The whole month of March was busy with preparing "Home Groups"
and action i 6 different places where we study the Word of God,
pray, have meals, sing together - main purpuse: to lead people
to Christ.

11. April 26 was the culminating point of our activities when

5 souls were baptized into Christ.
This is a brief description of our activities.

It is our privilege to be part of the work for the Lord and we

thank Him that He called us

for His


Once more I would like to thank you for the financial help which
we received from your Mission.
We pray for you.

We are looking forward to meet you in Poland that you may share
with us your spiritual gifts - Rom. 1:12.
We thank you also for your prayers.
Yours in Christ, Roman."


"Dear Bro. Bajko.

I would like to thank the Department of Missions for the gift of

S 200.-. It truly was very useful!

We had a very succesful winter Retreat where many young people

were present. Several of those young people came to our youth

meeting last Saturday. Most of them were from the city of Sosnowiec. We pray for that city and the work among the young peo
ple there.

A large percentage of members of our churches here today are

young people. We therefor^ cannot neglect the work among them.
Looking at our churches today, I can see that the most active
and the fastest growing ait^ong them are those that are missiona
ry minded.

A few weeks ago, our Board of Elders entrusted me with the mis
sion work in our congregation. I am greatly honored by that, but
also feel the great load df responsibility. A special fund was
created for the purpose of the mission work. We made an appeal
to our congregation and ra^ised almost 300,000 zloty for the pur

pose of renting different 'public places for evangelism.

Our youth is very excited j^rid helpful in that project as well as
in the whole evangelistic/ missionary activities they are invol

ved in.

We lately went to the parkjs to distribute the Gospel of John. We

now plan to go to the nearby s:ocial cliabs to organize evangelis

tic meetings there. This type of work is not easy because we have
a limited experience in it. So far we had just a few excursions
outside of our church building. But we believe in the Great Com

mission and know that God will bless our efforts.

We want the Church of Jesus Christ in Dabrowa Gornicza to grovJ!

Jarek Sciwiarski".

Department of Missions - Polish Ministry

P.O. Box 629

Paul Bajko, Director

Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Guidance Committee:

Phone: 410-734-7250

Kenneth Meade, Secretary

Gary Bordelon

August, 1992

Howard Brammer
Carroll Kakac



Adam J. Korenczuk

Ron Lowry
Robert Martin

Gerald O. Moreland
C. Wayne Murphy
Bill Gates

Ivan C. Odor

May 18th I departed for Poland and May 22nd

Bro. Ivan Odor, minister of the Mt. Pleasnt
and member of the Guidance Committee of the
and Bro. John Buckley, minister of the West

I was joined by
Church in Mich,
Polish Mission,
Lebanon Church

in Indiana.

Bill Smith

We started our trip from Warsaw driving first to the Chur

ches in the North-West then in the North, in the East, in the South and fi
nishing in Warsaw.
We visited and preached in 20 churches and stopped for short visit in ano
ther 5



we were welcomed enthusiastically.

Comparing with the last year we noticed that in all our churches the Young
People are taking an active part in services, in special programs, visita tions, street or park meetings. Usually during the services there were spe
cial numbers in music and song by the Youth.
There was a baptismal service in Bialogard, ordination service in Siemiatycze, special meetings with area preacheis in Kolobrzejf, Ostroda, Bielsk Podlaski^ Dabrowa Gornicza and Warsaw. By the end of my trip I met with
most all przechers in Ostroda for 2 days conference.
Harmony and unity prevailed and there was desire for a greater ministry in
Poland and urgency to redeem each opportunity to preach the Gospel and win
souls for Christ.

Although on my way to Poland, in the plane, my right leg started to swell I

never suspected that it was Thrombophlebitis. But thanks to prayers of many
brethren, that did not interfere with our busy schedule.
Only when I returned to USA I landed in a hospital for seven days. This was

the first time in 38 years of my ministry that I was forced to cancel1 our
trip to Anahaim to NACC where I was to present a workshop on the theme "The
growth of the Church in Poland.

About our trip to Poland I would like to quote from an article written
Bro. John Buckley in his church paper "West Lebanon Christian News." /See
page 3/

1 -

Lidzbark Warminski



zarna Sreania




owa Gornicza

TV . Ka





75 Mil.


Churches of Christ in Poland visited in 30 days trip


2 -

Paul Bajko and the Polish Christian workers had planned the three week tour
to perfection. No time was lost and there was a blending of seeing the land,
meeting the people and visiting the churches.
The land of Poland is beautiful with many historical sights; the Baltic Sea,
Warsaw, Tremblinka, Auschwitz and the beutiful Vistula River. Also, we tra
veled 2,500 miles of picturesque tree-lined highways.
The people are hard working people who use what they have to it's full advatage. They are very artistic and musical. They especially enjoy family and
events that necessitate eating, I stayed in the homes of Christian families
and made many special friends. They cerstainly practice the Scriptual teaching
"to entertain strangers". The Christians we met were open and friendly. We
were always guests of honor. They spread tables of food when it was evident
to us that it was a hardship. Out of their need they gave to us and
it is
humbling to see such graciousness in the name of Jesus.

The Churches are growing, many young people and families are taking an acti
ve part. The music is inspirational and varied. There were several diffen&nt
musical instruments in the services.

The preachers are very supportive of one another and enjoy a rich fellowship.
We were impressed by the laalance of younger and older preachers. It was a

privilege to participate in the Ordination of a young Polish preacher, A-

leksander Zegunia from Siemiatycze. His love for Christians there was evi
dent in the response to the Call.

Many of the Christians wept from joy as

he accepted the call to be their shepherd.

t: 1

Baptismal Service in Bialogard


3 -







"Dear Brethren in Christ,

The Churches of Christ in Poland send you greetings in the precious name of
our Lord Jesus Christ.

With great joy and appreciati(pn we received your gift brought to us byBro.
Paul Bajko. This gift of 10 thousand dollars has been distributed by Bro.
Bajko to all Churches of Christ in Poland.

This money is to go as help f6r the most needy families. This is an answer
for many prayers of our people. Our present economic situation for many fa
milies is worse than ever had before. The unemployment reaches already up
to 30-40%. Some have enough money just to pay apartment rent and almost no
money left for the food or clothing. Their situation is indeed disastrous.

People who will receive your help will be thankful to God and to you


the help and your love.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers. When you have an opportu nity to help us again it will be most appreciated.

We will pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry.
Yours in Christ.





I would like to express my appreciation to the International Disaster Emerge

ncy Fund and to the contributors of the Polish Ministy who responded generou

sly to our appeal for "Emergejicy Fund" by sending S 12,167.85.

Because of your wonderful response we were able to use the rest of the money
as a one time monetary help, to buy children's Bibles, to help with Christan

Service Camp, to sponsor S.undav School Teacher's Training and building programs.
Economical situation in Poland is still very bleak and we have many requests
for urgent help.

May the Lord bless you richly as you share your blessings with others.



Polish Christian Ministries (formerly known as Department of

Missions/Polish Ministry of Eastern Christian College) has been a
vibrant mission entity for the past thirty-eight years. Paul and Dela
Ba^ko have provided great stability for this work through their
commitment to the Lord's Kingdom and steadfast labor of love.

Paul Bajko, born in Targoszyce-Pinsk, Poland, in 1922, was raised

The church was a
part of the Restoration Movement in Poland which was started by
Brother K. J. Jaroshevich in 1921. At the age of 16, Paul was
in the home of a minister of the Church of Christ.

baptized into Christ. During World War II, Paul suffered hardship.
In 1944, he was deported to Germany and located in a labor camp.
While at the camp, he worked in a factory twelve hours a day for very
little food. He was liberated in 1945 by American troops and stayed
in the Displaced Persons camp until 1950.

In 1950, Paul came to the United States as a "displaced person."

He enrolled in Eastern Christian Institute in Orange, NJ. Graduating
from Eastern Christian Institute in 1952, he was ordained into the

ministry the same day. That same year he entered Milligan College in
Tennessee, graduating with the B. A. degree. Paul married the former
Adela Burghardt of Toronto, Canada, formerly of Lodz, Poland, in 1951.
They have three children: Yvonne, born in 1952, George, born in 1954,

and Andrew, born in 1957.

In 1956 and 1958 respectively, Paul and

Dela became naturalized citizens of the United States of America.

The Bajkos were called by Eastern Christian Institute in 1954 to

establish the Department of Missions. The purpose was to train

students for missionary activities and to carry the Gospel of Christ

around the world.

Paul taught at Eastern Christian Institute and

Eastern Christian College for 24 years.

In 1984 he was honored by

Eastern Christian College for his many years of service to the

college, his faithful work with the Department of Missions, and

dedication to the Lord's Kingdom. The honorary degree of Doctor of

Divinity was bestowed upon him.

^ Since 1962, the Department of Missions has been an independent

ministry to Poland and to the Slavic people in the United States.

has operated under the direction of a Guidance Committee, twelve


individuals committed to the purpose of this mission and supportive of

i^s work. Through the years, the Bajkos developed the Department of

Missions into a very broad Polish Ministry.

It has included the


Assistance in establishing 14 congregations in Poland.

Radio ministry to Poland in the Polish language, and in the

United States in the Polish, Russian, ^nd Ukrainian languages.

Book of Ac^ Visualized, Life of Christ iBook 3) in Russian7'
Translation and publication of books, such as Life of Christ,

Harm^y gf Scripture ^d Science, What Cured Naaman's Leprosy,

seven books of poetry, and translated (to be published) Don'
DeWelt's books on the Holy Spirit.

Edition and publication of a monthly Polish magazine,

Drogowskaz" (translated, "The Guideposf), which is in its
thirty-fourth year of publication.

Purchased and/or built 18 church buildings in Poland and one in

Baltimore, MD; rebuilding or renovating of seven existinq
building in Poland.

Sent tons of used clothing and hundreds of packages of medicine


Supplied Poland with thousands of Bibles and New Testament, some

and food in times of economical crises in Poland.

Bibles to Russia as well.

8. Translation into Polish and publication of two chorus books, four

song books, three cantatas, one song book in Russian, and




published one song book with the original Polish songs of a

Financial support of and assistance to 45 ministers and Christian
Polish song writer and composer.

workers in Poland.

Financial assistance in the training of Polish students in the

united States, and in Poland at the Academy of Theology and the

Correspondence Bible Seminary.

Cassette ministry.

Financial help in rebuilding the Home for the Senior Citizens in

Ostroda, Poland.

Sending organs and other musical instruments to Poland.

Establishment of and work with the Slavic Church of Christ in

Baltimore, MD.

15. Purchasing and construction of the Christian Service Camp in

Ostroda, Poland.

16. Sending out thousands of packages with Christian literature to

Poland and to other countries.


Answering thousands of letters.


Leading missionary seminars.

18. Visited Poland for preaching, consulting with the preachers, and
for their spiritual support.

20. Preaching in church camps, leading Faith Promise rallies, and

mission rallies.

With direction from the Guidance Committee of the mission,

planning began in early 1992 to incorporate the mission independently

Christian College and provide its own identity. This bega

Wayne Murphy, Chairman of the Executive Committee, was given the
of beginning the appropriate steps for incorporation i
the State of Maryland, drafting fly-Laws for the mission, and filing
the appropriate documents for tax exempt status as a non-profit
witn the selection of a new name,

organization in accord with the guidelines of the Internal Revenue

Service and the State of Maryland.

In 1992 Paul Bajko announced that he would like to step aside as

director of the mission on June 1, 1994, thus completing 40 years in
this i^ole. He would not be retiring from the mission but continue to
work of the mission.' On
September 22, 1992, the Guidance Committeetheunanimously
endorsed C.
w^vnf has been a member
PA, Guidance
as the next
of 1979.
the mission.
of the

June 1, 1994, he will carry the title of Director-elect, working

closely with Paul Ba^ko in the operation of the mission while being involved extensively m public relations and fund raising.