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Many segments of THE TEP PLAN (OGKI) is taken from MaaXeru Teps upcoming book:
Kemetic Soulism II: TAWI - The Afrakan How/Why -verses- The European Who/What


Afrakans in this country and abroad are still under the illusion that the American (and European)
governmental system has a legitimate concern for their social and economic well-being. This is a
falsehood. When a hypnotist attempts to hypnotize an individual or group, he or she uses preestablished code-words that stimulate the consciousness of the person or group being hypnotized.
The code-words are systematic in a sense that there meanings are systematically designed to
stagnate the NORMAL energy flow transmitted between both hemispheres of the brain. Ultimately this
stagnation or reduction of consciousness induces a trance or sleep-like state. For example, the
hypnotist may say something like your getting sleepy knowing that the definition of sleep is an
unconscious brain-state. The consciousness of the person or group being hypnotized reacts to the
meaning [or energy] of the code-word. That energy of the code-word can either support [increase] the
normal energy flow throughout both hemispheres of the brain, or it can obstruct the normal flow of
energy through both hemispheres of the brain. If it supports normal energy flow [both hemispheres] it
will increase the electricity or power of the brain. If it obstructs the normal energy flow then it will act
as a breaker stopping the energy and shutting the active brain down. Hence, the person or group is
then hypnotized. If the brain accepts dark in the middle of the day when it is programmed to accept
light, or if the brain accepts religion [disconnectivity] when it is genetically programmed to accept
spirituality [connectivity], the friction of indecision will shut the brain down and leave the individual or
group in a zombie state of unconsciousness; vulnerable to the dictates of the hypnotist who is now
systematically restructuring the normal DNA configuration of the brain. Controlling the brain of the
slave is exactly what the white-man [i.e. western governments] feels he must do to have marginal
success in his eternal goal of FULL social, economical and spiritual exploitation and plagiarism of the

The person or group being hypnotized must first be sold on the definition before any hypnosis can
take place. Subliminal hypnosis is the political strategy used by western governments to indoctrinate
or trick the mind of Afrakans into an allegiance with a euro-centric political structure (religiondemocracy) that in reality sustains the Afrakans mental inferiority complex and stereotypical status.
We must remember that Intellectual superiority is the justification used by ALL colonizers; justifying
their criminality against the subjugated group targeted for exploitation.

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Two of the most damaging code-words governmentally forced into the vulnerable mentality of Afrakan
people globally are:
1. Faith
2. Democracy
Religion has the most devastating negative effect on the Afrakan mind. When Afrakans mentally
accept religion as a legitimate form of spiritual connectivity, its abstract [disconnectivity] humanistic
base and fraudulent historical demotion of Ancestral empowerment (biblical-Egyptian) acts as a
subliminal barrier stopping the normal flow of the energy [purpose] between the left and right
hemispheres of the Afrakan brain. Or in other words; stopping left-brain perception from reaching the
right-brain Ancestral purpose of what in the physical and material universe is being perceived. In
other words; Religion blocks our connection back to our ancestors.

The cornerstone of ALL Religions is FAITH. We as Afrakans should therefore classified Faith as the
most DANGEROUS WEAPON ever produced by the white-man [i.e. Western Governments].

The definition of Faith: Belief NOT based in logical proof or physical evidence.

So these foreigners can come into Afraka, tell and sell us on these biblical LIES that automatically
delegate us to a collective position of cultural inferiority; stories that are NOT even close to being
logical. But they dont have to worry about logic because they dont have to provide physical
evidence to prove the accuracy or LOGIC of these biblical tales. So as far-fetched and historically
inaccurate as these biblical tales are, the faith-induced [hypnotized] Afrakan victims (black Christiansblack Muslims) of these biblical (and Quranic) lies dont even question them.

FAITH is completely euro-Left-Brain (NON-African). When the physical is eliminated as the primary
source to explain and define the physical, the only thing left is a theoretical influence on interpretation.
Theory that is abstract and fraudulently imposed on a people by the chauvinistic euro-Left-Brain
MAN for the purpose of JUSTIFYING that Mans criminal motives over the subjugated people, and
the chauvinistic advantage over women. On a Right-Brain Afrakan level, the physical evidence is
NATURE and the Ancestors; the logical proof is the existence of NATURE and the Ancestors; and the
cyclical duality of Nature provides the logic of SPIRITUALITY. The Ancestors then corroborate the
lessons of nature with eyewitness accounts, verbal or oral translations, Art-forms and Documentation
(papyri) that is passed down from the BEGINNING; generation after generation. But when we as
Afrakans are systematically disconnected from NATURE and the Ancestors, were then forced to rely
on unproveable faith and PRAYER (which is the physical act of meta-physical faith, and completely
NON-African) as the ONLY mechanism available to identify TRUTH and prove connectivity. This is a
very counter-productive misconception.
Theoretically, faith is rarely used in our day to day lives in
terms of self-development. Its not logical for a parent to depend on faith when measuring the social
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and intellectual development of their children. Even if your 9 year old child comes home from school
and emphatically states that he or she has done his or her homework, the first response from the
parent is NOT to go on faith and just believe that the 9 year old, not only did their homework, but did it
right. No, the normal [anti-faith] response of the parent would be to examine the physical evidence
[anti-faith] in order to determine if the child did the homework and most importantly did the homework
right. The examination of physical evidence also requires mental concentration and analysis of
external information. The examination and analysis of physical evidence (anti-faith) allows the parent
to reinforce their responsibility of connecting ALL external information to Ancestral purpose. So
physical evidence is not only good for the child, but is equality important for the parent.

The brain organ is just like any other organ in the human body. If you keep your hand closed for a
year your joints will stiffen, when you try to open them they wont open; your hands wont work! If you
keep your eyes closed for a year, when you finally open your eyes you wont be able to see anything.
The human brain also has a function, and that is to process, analyze, and conclude information. If the
Brain does not process information, for all intents and purposes, the Brain does not work. Faith
prohibits the Brain from properly processing information. Instead of processing information, faith
pressures the Brain into accepting foreign (outside) interpretation of external information on a linear
right/wrong OR valid/invalid basis. Its no longer about understanding and comprehension; its now
about is the information right, wrong, valid or invalid; YES or NO! So faith doesnt allow the human
Brain to maximize its purpose. This is why the Afrakan people who walk around with all this faith are
the most DISCONNECTED from Afraka, Afrakan people, Afrakan Ancestry, and Afrakan Maat
purpose of maintaining the balance, stability, and purification of Nature. And this definitely includes
those brainwashed Afrakans on the continent. However, unlike Diaspora Afrakans, non-European
Tribal allegiance allows faith-induced brain-dead Afrakans on the continent to maintain indigenous
continuity to a larger degree than Diaspora Afrakans.

Faiths only real use comes when theres a need to justify an inferior complex which includes allowing
the contemporary euro-arab agents of the so-called slave-master to control the mind of Afrakan
people. Supposedly Faith will get Afrakans out of poverty, enslavement, and political oppression.
Faith is supposedly the religious measure of Afrakans commitment to so-called God. This is all nonsense. The reality is that Faith is nothing more than the systematic substitute for the nature-chain that
chemically and meta-physically connects the Afrakan to the [SUN] Creator. According to the
ancestors this nature chain is defined as the key-elements in the cosmic, environmental (earthly),
animalistic, and humanistic nature that necessitate our meta-physical and physical existence and
development as human-beings. Faith is basically an acceptable EXCUSE use by the Afrakan victims
of political oppression; justifying why Afrakans refuse to acknowledge, examine, investigate, analyze,
solutionize, and CONNECT to the physical evidence that exposes European criminality and the
plagiarist fraud of organized religion. And that evidence is the politically driven destruction of cosmic,
environmental, animalistic and human (Afrakan) nature.

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The global Afrakan has been fooled into validating words (or ideas) based solely on the fraudulent
merit of the false morality assigned to the particular words definition; as opposed to measuring the
validity of a word based on the effect that the word (and more importantly its definition) has on the
individual or group.

Democracy is another code-word used by western governments [white-man]to hypnotize or stagnate

the normal energy-flow through the Afrakan Brain. As soon as Afrakans become old enough to think
WE are indoctrinated to believe that Democracy means:

Politics that shape foreign and domestic governmental policy that is predicated on the basic and
TRUE needs of the people as voiced by the representatives of the people.

This definition couldnt be further from the actual truth. The trick is that so-called Democracy can
only be beneficial for the white-man if he is the numeric majority of a particular geographical area.
The racist whites, who colonized the southern region of continental Afraka (South Africa), couldnt use
so-called Democracy as a form of government simply because one of the primary tenets of so-called
Democracy is Majority Rules. Being the minority, this of course wouldnt work. Therefore they had
to create a form of government (of course after the indigenous Afrakans are completely subdued by
militant force) where the minority whites legally (or governmentally) rule the Majority Afrakans. And
of course this self-created law is called Apartheid. The Europeans who stole the country now
known as America had to eliminate the majority Indian before any form of government could
realistically be established. Only when the Indians were killed off and/or colonized [reservations] to
become a minority compared to the white European colonizers, did the Europeans come up with this
democratic majority rules non-sense. The so-called democratic theme of the American
Constitution was plagiaristicly stolen from the original Iroquois (Irinakhoiw) [Indian] Five-Nation
Constitution written around 1420 in New York State. The FIVE nations were the: Mohawk, Oneida,
Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca. The constitution was created to sustain long term continuity
between the FIVE nations. This document called: The Great Law was based in Fundemental Law
and Guiding principles that ruled on ALL joint Clan Matters which included Defense, Spirituality, Food
Distribution and Birth and Death issues. The Iroquois Confederacy was the first governmental entity
in American to appoint Advisory Councils and Leaders responsible for the larger community. The
symbol for the Iroquois Confederacy was FIVE arrows clutched together representing the continuity of
the FIVE nations. The white-man stole the concept behind this symbol and made it Thirteen arrows
clutched together, representing the stolen Thirteen colonies of America. This plagiarized symbol is
currently found on back of the American dollar.

The reality is that Democracy, as applied to Afrakans by western governments, is a code-word used
to hypnotize or desensitize the mentality of its victims. Youve got Afrakans in America, Canada,
Brazil, England, France, Belgium Continental Afraka, and Cuba, still hypnotized by the word
Democracy. They have allowed the trick of Democracy to minimize there intellectual ability to see
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just how Western Governments globally use Democracy to poison the mind of Afrakans the same
way they use missionaries to brainwash indigenous cultures globally by forcing religion down their
throat; religion that acts as a blockage, disconnecting the Afrakans perception [Left-Brain] from
conception [Right-Brain]. In this blockage, the Afrakan is incapable of connecting the dictionary
meaning of Democracy to the actually effects (or politics) of Democracy as applied and enforced on
global populations.

The true criminal essence of Democracy is exposed when we examine the foreign policy exercised by
America (U.S.) (the self-proclaimed king of Democracy). For example: In 1953 U.S. overthrew
democratically elected Prime Minister Muhammad Mossadaq of Iran. Mossadaq was elected prime
Minister in 1951 and the first move he made as Prime Minister was to nationalize the countrys oil.
The West responded by deposing Mossadaq in a coup in 1953, and then forcing their pro-west
puppet (Shah of Iran) upon the Iranian people, thereby retaining the oil in the hands of 8 private
western companies. The Shah, probably the worst dictator in Iranian history, was funded and armed
by the American government. The Iranian masses eventually revolted against the Shah. Ayatollah
Khomeini led the revolt. The revolution succeeded in 1979 and the Shah fled. Having lost their
puppet in Iran, the West (Americas CIA) set up and armed Saddam Hussein in Iraq, sending him the
very chemical and biological weapons they accuse him of having today. The reason why Bush is so
sure that Iraq has chemical weapons is because he (Bush) himself is the one who sent the chemical
and biological weapons over there in the first place.

The U.S. prompted the all-out war between Iraq and Iran (1980-1988) during which time the U.S. not
only provided Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons (along with intelligence), but
also military training. Then they want you and I to believe that this Saddam Hussein character is
brand new. Also, during this same time period America and Britain had their eye on what was going
on in Afghanistan with their arch competitor; the Russians. Paranoid of Russian expansion, the U.S.
armed Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda (and later the Taliban) with conventional chemical and
biological weaponry. And by the way, the Bush family and the bin Laden family play on the same
team. Their both mutual investors in the Carlyle Investment Group, headquartered in DC. The Carlyle
group invests in Battelle Memorial Institute (Columbus, Ohio), the nations primary producer of
ANTHRAX. Bush and bin Laden also through the Carlyle Group, mutually invest in the BIOPORT
Corporation (Lansing, Michigan). The BioPort Corporation is the nations ONLY manufacturer of the
ANTHRAX Vaccine called CIPRO (Ciprofloxacin) [exclusively contracted with the Department of
Defense]. German (Nazi) owned Bayer Pharmaceutical sells about $1.5 Billion of Cipro a year
worldwide. But America professes to despise Nazism (Thats a joke!), America is the Nazis!
Theoretically the head of the KKK might bank at my bank, that doesnt make me an accessory to Klan
activity, nor does it prove that I even know him. But the coalition between Bush and bin-Laden goes
deeper than Carlyle.

The U.S. government ALLOWED the Saudi government to send a chartered private plane to the U.S.
days after the so-called 911 attacks. (We are now clear that the 911 attacks were orchestrated and
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carry out by the U.S. Government against its own citizens, in order to create foreign policy support for
Bushs fake WAR ON TERROR. History corroborates the fact that the U.S. government has sacrificed
its own citizens many times before for Defense purposes or in other words, for the betterment of
flawed and criminal foreign policy and germ-warfare research [911-In Plane site video]). This plane
picked up two dozen members of Osama bin Ladens extended family who had been living in the
America. BUSH directly granted the Saudis request to HELP the bin-Ladens. Family members were
picked up in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Washington, DC. The bin-Laden plane then flew the relatives
to Boston, where, one week after the so-called attacks, the bin Laden group left Logan airport bound
for Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Now, just 10 weeks before the so-called 911 attacks, top government
officials participated in an exercise dubbed Dark Winter. This exercise was facilitated at Andrews Air
Force Base outside of DC. A paragraph from the final page of the Dark Winter script reads: NY
Times, Washington Post, and U.S.A. Today received anonymous letters demanding the immediate
removal of all U.S. forces from Saudi Arabia and all war ships from the Persian Gulf. Failure to
comply would result in renewed attacks on the U.S. which will include ANTHRAX, Plague and
Smallpox. Each letter also contained a genetic fingerprint of the smallpox strain matching the strain
causing current epidemics. We now know that this was all a set-up to trick the American and global
public (and governments) into believing that there was a NEED to fund a War on Terrorism and
ultimately deploy troops. When in reality the NEED was fraudulently created by the U.S. government
(CIA/FBI), at the expense of its own citizens. The bottom line is that Capitalism is as CRIMINAL as
you can get. Democracy is the hypnotic poison that is spoon fed to the ignorant public (and global
governments) in order to minimize the publics ability to even want to research the TRUTH about
Capitalism, and subsequently figure out their own victimization.

In 1954 the US overthrew democratically elected president Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala. He was
elected through the so-called democratic voting process, but that didnt stop America from
overthrowing him for political reasons (They didnt like his friends=Castro). On June 27, 1954, the
CIAs $2.7 million Operation Sherwood culminated in the forced resignation of Arbenz. Again, Arbenz
was elected democratically [by the people] in 1950. Among other social reforms, Arbenz
nationalized the American based United Fruit Company. Both Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
and his brother then CIA director Allen Dulles were heavily invested in UFC. With Dwight
Eisenhowers approval and the help of Nicaraguan dictator Anastacio Somoza, the CIA succeeded in
replacing Arbenz with Guatemalan military general Castillo Armas. This was the beginning of more
than four decades of tyrannical rulers in Guatemala, all closely tied to the United States government.
In all, more than 200,000 Guatemalans have been killed or have disappeared. Forensic scientists
are still discovering mass graves.

In 1963 US backs the assassination of democratically elected Republic of Vietnam President Ngo
Dinh Diem. Diem (a catholic), who was initially supported by U.S. President John F. Kennedy and
his administration, and who was once exiled in the U.S., was initially thought to be a good counterweight to North Vietnams [communist=nationalist/Anti-American] Ho-Chi-Minh. But that proved to be
wrong because Diem, like Ho-Chi-Minh, desired self-governing for South Vietnam. Ultimately Diem
wanted Southern Vietnam to become completely independent from U.S. control. Kennedy and Henry
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Cabot Lodge, the American ambassador to South Vietnam, recruited ARVN generals led by General
Duong Van Minh, and orchestrated the coup against Diem. Diem was overthrew and eventually
executed on November 2, 1963. Diems systematic death at the hands of the U.S. government was
the political fuel behind the Vietnam War.

In 1970 Salvador Allende was democratically elected President of Chile, but that didnt stop the
American government from assassinating him [they falsely claimed that he committed suicide]. Not
because he was elected democratically; but because Cuban president Fidel Castro was his friend.
Did democracy saved and protect Salvador Allende and the Chilean people from the militant and
diabolical wrath of the white-man (U.S. Government)? NO! So Afrakans answer this; why do think
democracy is going save you? And then you want to talk about your little democratic hero Hillbilly
Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is the first black president, Bill Clinton grew up playing with black people,
he plays the saxophone. So-called Black people can truly be ignorant. Lets talk about the REAL Bill
Clinton. Afrakan people need to get it through their religionized heads that politics is NOT the
salvation of Afrakan people. So what Clinton didnt cut the budget on a few inner-city social and small
business programs. That doesnt make him your friend! We have always had programs. They didnt
really work for us before Clinton, they didnt work with Clinton, and they wont for us after Clinton.
Governmentally funded programs have too many legal conditions and compromises that ultimately
benefit the funders more than those being funded. Bush even went as far as proclamating that he
would only approve Funding for so-called faith-based organizations. Ensuring that the profits would
recycle back into the white-mans hands. I know the Bill Clinton that had members of his own staff
killed to cover up his scandalous white-water corruption. I know the Bill Clinton who had the sister,
his personal secretary Betty Curie lie to congress to cover up his inappropriate indiscretions. I know
the Bill Clinton that signed into law Ronald Reagans three strike policy. Bill Clinton and his boys up
at Yale University can smoke weed all night, every night, for recreation, and can subsequently
become President of the United States [Snakes]. But if you and I smoke weed as a reaction (or
excuse) to systematic oppression, we go straight to jail and could possibly get 20 to life for a third
felony offense. Thats the Bill Clinton I know. In 1992, then Presidential candidate and acting governor
of Arkansas, Bill Clinton returned to Arkansas from his New Hampshire presidential campaign to
preside over the execution of a so-called Black man named Rickey Ray Rector. In 1982, Rector
was found guilty by an all-white jury for killing a trigger-happy white police officer who came to
Rectors mothers house to resolve a domestic dispute.

After shooting the white police over-seer (officer) [Robert Martin], Rector shot himself in the head in
an attempt to commit suicide. However, Rectors suicide attempt failed. Unfortunately for him he
blew half of his brains out of his head, giving himself an automatic lobotomy. Consequently, leaving
him severely mentally retarded. In fact, Rector was so extremely mentally impaired (insane), that
while he was being led to the execution chair he looked back at the prison guards and told them to
save him some Ice Cream and Pecan Pie because hed be right back! Prior to his execution the
prison psychologist and even the prison warden stated on record that Rector was fully retarded and
was thinking at a 5 year old level. Your boy Bill Clinton, eager to regain popularity on the presidential
campaign trail executed him anyway! Thats the Bill Clinton I know. If one more ignorant sister
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walks up to me talking favorably about Bill ClintonTheir white hero! Too many so-called sisters
cant wait to find a European who they feel wont hang them in a Tree so that they can live out their
little perverted slave-minded fantasies. Now lets talk about your other democratic hero, former
president Jimmy (the peanut) Carter. I remember back in the 70s former president Jimmy Carter was
the hero to the so-called black people. But the reality is that Jimmy Carter was just another
southern cracker who facades his racist attitude towards so-called Blacks by pretending to
champion the sociological causes of so-called Blacks. The family of Lena Baker has been protesting
to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles for six decades to grant clemency to Lena Baker. Ms.
Baker, an Afrakan [Diaspora], is the only women ever put to death in Georgias electric chair (1945),
for killing the white-rapist named E.B. Knight. Ms. Baker, 44 at the time, was initially hired to care for
E.B. Knight, but ignored trial testimony proved that Knight had repeatedly physically and sexually
abused Ms. Baker for months prior to Ms. Baker finally turning to table on this serial pervert and
justifiably killing the bastard. Jimmy Carter, while governor of Georgia, was presented with Ms.
Bakers case and not only refused to act on Ms. Bakers behalf, but refuse to act at all.

What does all this information prove? It proves that on a domestic front the white-man (western
governments) only uses Democracy as a tool to eliminate internal revolt from the public masses that
are in reality victims of Democracy. And as far as foreign policy, Democracy is only used as
justification; justifying governmental criminality perpetuated against elected officials who have the
best interest of their people and their countrys resources. Why? Because the white-man desires the
control over nature and the only way that can happen is to control the indigenous people who
naturally inhabit that nature; and the leaders who have the best interest of the indigenous people and
the natural resources that sustain those indigenous people. Democracy is nothing more than a
systematic political ploy used to hypnotize the victims of domestic and foreign policy. Democracy then
acts as a subliminal sleeping pill that minimizes an individuals ability to awaken to truth.

Voting is another fraudulent political institution the white-man [western governments] has successfully
used to brainwashed global Afrakans into believing that the voting process gives them a reputable
VOICE that the white-man [western governments] actually considers when formulating foreign and
domestic policy. Listen Afrakans, regardless if you vote or not, if your voice reflects ancestral ROOT
purpose, then your voice wont be heard. So then the question is what are you really voting for? Well
the way its set up is that western governments [white-man] hypnotize you with political democracy
and religious faith [first], then variant forms of the SAME political-agenda are thrown in your face.
Each form is represented by a party. It might be the democratic form, the republican form, or the
independent form. But it is the same agenda as applied to Diaspora Afrakans.

These uncle-slave so-called Black leaders continue to point to the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Maybe
they dont know [or dont want us to know] that this Act has to be renewed or legislated every year on
the senate floor in order to be valid. Or in other words, it has to be voted on EVERY YEAR whether
to ALLOW BLACKS the RIGHT to VOTE. When you restrict a people from participating in your soPage 8 of 14


called Democracy when your Democracy [by definition] is suppose to represent the needs of ALL
people, you are committing the highest level of governmental hypocrisy.

The voice Afrakans were born with has absolutely nothing to do with western politics; therefore the
legislation that protects western politics cannot possibly protect the True voice of the Afrakans.
Therefore your vote into the western political arena has no REAL consequences. Sure, on a very
surfaced level you might elect a local black official that might be marginally effective taking care of
some basic community needs like more police controls, fixing a few pot holes, building some
playgrounds, summer jobs, etc. All of which would have probably been taking care of anyway
regardless who was elected. But when it comes to providing Afrakans with TRUE ancestral education
and economically repairing past and present bias and discrimination perpetuated against Afrakan
people that has impacted the lack of economic and employment opportunities that affect us TODAY,

Can you VOTE on creating economic empowerment zones in every urban city with a population over
200,000 citizens? NO! This will never happen because that would reflect a voice that echoes the
empowerment spirit of our ancestors. Therefore its a voice that can never be heard. Lets take a look
at just how much your so-called black vote counts in a national election. First let me say this; the
two words that describe the character of todays global Afrakan are Spoiled [through assimilation]
and Absent [of ancestral self]. Ironically these are also the two words responsible for swallowing up
the Afrakans life-giving vote!

In the 2000 presidential campaign that illegally came down to FLORIDA, Bush won because of poorly
designed butterfly ballots that stole votes from Gore, and because his Florida Campaign manager
Republican Secretary of State Kathleen Harris and Governor [brother] Jeb Bush illegally (or
SYSTEMATICALLY) removed 57,700 voters from the rolls. It is estimated that 90% of them were
Democratic. If this political theft had not been committed then Gore would have been elected. Also
In the 2000 presidential election, 1.9 million Americans cast ballots that no one counted. Again
"Spoiled votes" is the technical term. The pile of ballots left to rot has a distinctly dark hue: About 1
million of them -- half of the rejected ballots - were cast by so-called African Americans although socalled Black voters make up only 12 percent of the electorate.

Floridas Gadsden County has the highest percentage of Black voters in the state; and ironically the
highest spoilage rate. One in eight votes cast by black voters in the 2000 election was never
counted. The majority of the voters wrote in Al Gore. Optical reading machines rejected these
because Al is considered a stray mark. In contrast, in neighboring Tallahassee, the capital, not one
vote was spoiled. Heres the difference; In Tallahassees white-majority county, voters placed their
ballots directly into optical scanners. If they added a stray mark they received another ballot with
instructions to correct it. In other words, in the white county, make a mistake and get another ballot;
in the so-called Black county, make a mistake and your ballot is tossed out. The U.S. Civil Rights
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Commission looked into spoiled ballots and concluded that, of the 179,855 ballots invalidated by
Florida officials, 53% were cast by so-called Black voters. In Florida, a so-called Black citizen was
10 times as likely to have a vote rejected as a white voter. Yet you uncle-Slaves continue to brag
about your so-called Vote. If your vote doesnt mean anything in the very system that you ignorantly
pledge an allegiance to, why do you continue to advocate voting as if it some type of tool of
redemption. I might smack the next slave that opens their mouth and tells me that Our ancestors
died so that we could vote.
That may be the most ridiculous proclamation that comes out of the mouth of OUR people. The truth
of the matter is that we as an Afrakan people have been dying at the hands of the criminal minded
white-man for well over 2000 years (NOT 400). Not dying to VOTE; but dying in resistance of the
system that will NEVER credit a VOTE that reflects REAL Afrakan social principles [MAAT] and
purpose [TAWI] that is rooted outside their system anyway.

Lets look at the FIXED 2004 presidential election: (Bush vs- Kerry); in particular, the two key states
that turned the election in Bushs favor. Again, SPOILED Ballots are votes that are NOT recorded
because supposedly your X was too light for the bad machine to read; or you put an extra mark on
your ballot so the ballot is therefore determined unreadable. Out of 179,855 ballots spoiled in
Florida during the 2004 election, 54% were cast by so-called Black voters. Now, so-called Blacks
make up ONLY 13% of Floridas population. This means that almost 15percent (14.4) of the votes
cast by so-called Black people were tossed in the trash, compared to only 1.6% of the white vote.
Consequence: Bush wins by a narrow 1% (and steals the election). In Ohio one in seven Black
votes in the 2004 election were tossed in the garbage compared to one in sixty-three for whites.
Overwhelming evidence now shows that the spoiled black vote was concentrated to precincts
exclusively to Clevelands ghettos. And of course over 90% of the so-called Black vote was
democrat. Consequence: Bush wins by a narrow 2%. In the 2004 election it was proven that
Absentee ballots that were mailed from urban areas identified as black and subsequently presumed
Democrat were thrown in the trash by republican sell-outs.

So the bottom line is; your vote is hardly as necessary as you think. And the fraudulent act of voting
definitely does not mean that your opinion counts for anything, regardless if your vote is counted or
not. But I know that you slaves are just a bunch of passive-insecure wannabes who need some
type of self-justification. So voting becomes your mental justification; the subliminal reason why you
stay as far as you can from Afraka or REAL Afrakan issues. As if youre so-called vote inside the
American political machine is some sort of rights-of-passage for their acceptance of you inside the
American political machine: NEVER HAPPEN! By the year 2020, it is estimated that so-called
African-Americans will slip even further in the majority-minority category from 3rd to 4th [After Asians].
In 2005, Latinos surpassed so-called African-Americans as the 2nd highest populated group in
America. Question Afrakans: If the government of the United States didnt give you anything when
you were 2nd, in regards to the basic equality of education, employment, and
economic/sociological/cultural advancement, then what makes you think this government is going to
give you equality as your numeric value continues to decrease. The answer is; our future looks very
bleak in America.
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Land is the basis of independence. When that land is criminally and systematically confiscated,
exploited and separated from the indigenous people who naturally inhabit that land, then that land
becomes the basis for revolution for those indigenous inhabitants. The lands natural resources give
it economic value. This economic value can then be used for political leverage and economic
stability. Once capable of manufacturing raw materials and/or natural resources, the indigenous
government can formulate cost and subsequent market value that can ultimately sustain the
economic and social balance of that indigenous culture.

NOTE: Manufacturing in an Afrakan sense; means the cultivation, harvest and trade of plant minerals
ONLY (NEVER earth minerals). However, natural agricultural resources [plant minerals] such as
fruits and vegetables are NEVER traded away governmentally unless there enough to feed EVERY
needy family in the community (50 times over); and are in such an abundance that if the enormous
surplus wasnt traded away (in order to fulfill another need) those resources would turn to waste.

With that said the purchase and acquisition of land within continental Afraka is a core priority for OGKI
and definitely should be a top priority of ALL CONSCIOUS Afrakans wherever they are in the
Diaspora. This proposition is not for the religionized Afrakans who are culturally insecure, and
therefore comfortable being victims of western politics. Once land is acquired in Afraka a campuslike infrastructure will be built in conjunction with residential communities. This campus-like
infrastructure will be dedicated to TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF AFRAKAN SELF:

Conscious Afrakans should no longer waste time and space compromising with opposition energy in
America (or England, France and Belgium), in the form of racist European governmental policy that is
laced with bias and discrimination towards Afraka and people of Afrakan descent. It may be a different
story if we were the numeric majority, but were not. Europeans are left-brain operators; as such
their mental perspective responds to a linear thought format. So numbers become very important to
the white-man. The higher the number the more valid the thing [or people] the number is associated
with is. But at only 11 percent of the population (in America) and dwindling, there can be no positive
recourse taken against a white-majority government that realistically represents the needs of ONLY
the white-majority class. America covertly and overtly targets our economic exploitation, spiritual
stagnation, and cultural ignorance, so why would we want to stay in this prison called America. We
know about those poisoned Afrakans who suffer from an acute case of self-hatred. They
systematically hate themselves so of-course they hate the Afrakan root that produced them. But what
about those of us who profess to love Afraka so much. Why do we stay locked in the Prison system
called America? Do we really love Afraka as much as we publicly profess? Afraka has to be more
than a state of mind. The LAND of Afraka desires us more than we desire her. That is shameful. It is
time for us who are conscious to return to the motherland and build. Then theirs the question of
where? As far as Im concern, East Afraka is out because of its Arab infiltration and Islamic/Christian
control. There are areas in West Afraka, such as Guinea, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo, Mali, that
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have minimal governmental corruption, low HIV[poverty] and Malaria [poverty] cases, and are very
accommodating to outsiders [Too damn accommodating]. These countries have large acres of land
for sell. I HAVE BEEN THERE. The puppet government officials in Afraka only care about one thing
and that is MONEY. Their capitalistic aspirations work to our advantages. Why should we sit back
and allow Europeans to buy land in Afraka, and once bought they can do whatever they want with the
land. But unlike Europeans, who purchase land in Afraka in order to build churches, religious
compounds, amusement parks, resorts and hotels, and wildlife reserves [so they can hunt-KILL in
their own backyard], we as Kemetic Afrakans, will use the land we purchase for building the
infrastructure of a Kemetic Community. We now should sit down, explore and ACT on this very real
and much needed proposition. Instead of meeting annually at our little conventions faking like we
love Afraka so much, lets put our mind and money where our mouth is. Its time to organize around a
long-term solution. And that solution has to be Afraka; NOT compromising with the majority enemy.
Afrakans should never live in a geographic area where they are the minority, NEVER! Especially
when people of color are 80 percent of the worlds population.

For all its wealth and capitalistic dominance, the U.S. government issues the least amount of
passports to its citizens then any other country in the world. The question we should ask is; How
come so-called American citizens have NO desire to travel outside the boundaries of America? The
reason has to be because they have been sold on the FALSE propaganda that America is so great
and SECURE, and every place outside of America is much worst and insecure. Of course this is
FALSE. Over 11,000 people were killed by hand-guns alone in America last year (2006) compared to
less than 20 in Senegal, Guinea, Togo, Benin, and Mali combined. And they want to sell us on the socalled security of America! Thats a JOKE! The first thing we do is sit down and discuss in real terms
the potential of repatriating back home to continental Afraka. We then apply for passports (for those
who dont have one). We then travel to a designated home country to Fact-Find. We survey available
land. We circumvent the U.S. embassy process by applying for joint Visa citizenship and then deal
directly with that countrys housing officials or private land owners. We then return for
RECRUITMENT and to formulate a BUSINESS PLAN that entails:
1. Environmental planning/Infrastructure Design
2. Construction/Builders
3. Civil and Architectural Engineering
4. Gas, Water, and Electrical technology and installation
5. Kemetic/Ancestral Historians-community/ home school
6. Basic skills /(Math) Educators-community/ home school
7. Mdu-Ntr (language) Educators-community/ home school

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Once Afrakans are educated on R.E.P., recruitment and business plan created, we then return back
to our designated home country in Afraka , present this plan to Housing officials or private land
owners, contractually agree on the numbers, and then proceed to solicit local construction,
engineering, equipment and labor sources. Once the contracts are signed off. GROUND-BREAKING

The following Temples will then be built:

1.Khem-Tum (Melanin) research (Temple of RA-HERU)

1.The cosmic and environmental effects of the SUN

2.The SUNs influence on human genetics and physiology.
3.The Meta-physical SUN/Astrological Concepts
4.The Melanin Molecule; its Purpose and Benefits

1.Smai-Tawi (Duality) Research (Temple of SHU-TEFNUT)

b. The Two Lands (Territorial)

1.The Two Lands (Cosmic)

2.The Two Lands (Physiology-Left/Right Brain)
3.The Two Lands (metaphor-Physical/Meta-physical)
4.The Two Lands (Inorganic/Organic Matter)
5.TEHUTI (The MOON and its [New-Full] motion influences)

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1.Ancestral Spirituality (Ogdoad-Temple of The Paut of Neteru)
1.Cosmic, Environmental, Animalistic and Humanistic Connectivity
2.Metaphysical root and purpose of the Environment and its influence on the Afrakan community,
family and self.

1.Male and Female Energy [Spirit] (Temple of Ausar-Aset)

2.Sociology and Spirituality of the Afrakan Family
5. MAAT (Moral Principles/ BALANCE) (Temple of MAAT)

a. As Moral Principles
b. Cosmic, Territorial, and Social Balance
c. Double Maati and Shuti: The Balance of the Two Brain Hemispheres
d. Purification (Mut [Vulture] -Anpu [ Jackal])

These Temples will facilitate the re-education of the Afrakan mind. They will act as research think
tanks. Facilitating the collective practice of our spiritual connectivity, ancestry and economic
advancement, and overall knowledge of self. The transcription, collection, and dissemination of
information will not only provide analysis and solutions to problems confronting Afrakans globally, but
it will be a major source of funding.
For security reasons, all individuals will be required to be free
from tax-debt in the United States (England, France, Belgium). For 10 years, every adult individual
will be required to maintain a yearly minimum balance of $40,000 dollars in his or her bank account to
ensure community independence; $75,000 dollars for each family. Financial contributions are needed
throughout the building process and thereafter. This is not a closed community. Our purpose is the
Expansion of Purpose; ALL who aspire to regain full knowledge of Ancestral [Kemetic] self, and are
active participants in the research and ideological solutionization of the plethora of sociological and
spiritual dysfunction that plagues our Afrakan culture globally will we welcomed at every level of REP.


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