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2 © © == OPEN LETTER ‘September 10, 2015 ‘Mr, Douglas Cardinal Acchitect 14 Lodge Road Ottawa, On, K2C 3H By Ema: Ro: Proposed Windmill Development Project at Algonquin Sacred Area: ‘Akikodjiwan (Chaudlere, Albert and Victoria Islands in Ontario) Dear Mr, Carina: ‘This isin response to your letter of August 27, 2015, addressed tous and other Algonquin Chiefs. Fst ofall, we want to acknowledge and thank you fr all of your many past ‘accomplishments and legacy a8 an Indigenous architect. \We also want to thank you for al of your efforts to support Elder Willam Commanda’s Vision forthe islands at our Algonguln sacred area, Akkiodjwan, We have great reepect for you, your knowledge and skill as an architect, as well as your ‘trong advocacy for Indigenous peoples, including Algonquin peoples. ‘So we mean no disrespect to you personally vith our following comments, which are in responce to your ltr addressed to us. We understand trom your lator you have retained Mr. Michael Swinwood as your lena ‘ounce for yout appealitervertion at the Ontario Municipal Board hearings held in Ottawa. Wea aan Tne toni than Aegean ae 2 © © == We know who Mr. Swinwood is because through his organization "Eiers without Borders’, Mr. Swinwood has a history of trying to undermine the authority of duly elected Algonquin Chiefs by systematically working with Algonquin individuals and factions to advance extreme legal arguments regarding Indigenous sovereignty and genocide, which may have pollioal mer, but have litle change of eueceee before the courts ‘A good example ofthis isthe cass action cited on Mr. Svinwood's website 2s oundaris of thir communities and reserves, which is under the supreme ‘authority ofthe Superintendent General of Indien Afar. Mr, Swinwood advised you on tis point he is grossly in error. (Our four Algonquin First Nations are all descended from the treditonel Algonquin Bands ‘who tradtonelly used and occupied the Algonquin Nation territory since time lromemorial (Our four Algonquin First Nations are the successor bands tothe traditional Algonquin ‘bands from each of our respective Algonquin coe territories and our respective Chiefs ‘and Counals are the legitimate poltcal representatives of our respective Algonquin rid our tradtionalauthorty, are not restricted to Resorve ‘Our four Algonquin First Nations belong to what is now known asthe Algonquin Nation, ‘and selFidently as Anishnabe. The social organization of the Algonquin Nation was, ‘such thatthe Bend, made up of extended families, was the land holding unit. Some responsible lay atthe nation level The nation and is member bands were governed by commonly recognized traditional laws and customs that reguleted land ownership, tenure, access, and resource use, (Our four Algonquin First Nations are all recognized as "Bands" within the meaning ofthe Indian Act, and come within the mesning f "ind peoples” n section 35 ofthe Constitution Act, 1982 |We have never entered Into @ land cession treaty surrendering our Aboriginal ights and ttle; nor have we authorized any other nation or ently to negotiate on our behalf for sobering tong inten Aare such tte and rights, including the Algonquins of Pkwakenagan (Golden Lake), as such, ‘ur Aboriginal rights and tile have never been extinguished and exist to ths present day, ‘We also want ta make clear thet a9 fr 99 we are concerned the "Algonquine of ‘Ontario ie nat a bard, Fist Nation, Nation or antiy possessed of Aboriginal tile or rights, under Algonquin tay, Canadian law or international aw and itis formulation of the Ontario and federal governments and as such, It does not represent our ‘communities, and has never been mandated to negotiate on our behalf, or vith respect to our Aboriginal tle and rights Interests inthe province of Ontario; and For greater certainty, the postion of our four Algonquin First Nations isos folows: 41, Our four Algonquin Fist Nations confirm we were not consulted by the {governments of Canada, Cuebec or Ontario, o the National Capital Commission or the municipalities of Gatineau or Ottawa regarding changes tothe status of lands and islands within our Algonquin sacred area Altkodjiwan; 2. Our four Algonquin First Nations oppose the re-zoning of our sacred area ‘Aktkedjan (Chaudlere, Albert and Vietota islands in Ontario) from parks ‘and open space to mixed use; $3. Ou four Algonquin First Nations confirm we are opposed to the Wind, Development Project proceeding within cur sacred area Akikod)twan; 4. Our four Algonquin First Nations callfor our sacred area Akikodjvan tobe restored and protacted in perpetuity and recogrized within the National Capital Region as an Algonquin Nation Cultural Park and Historic ‘Commemoration Sita under an Algonquin controlled institution to be ‘established by the legitimate Algonquin First Nations, 6. Qurfour Algonquin First Nations are caling on the governments of Canad, Quebec, Ontario, the National Capital Commission ard the ‘muniobpaltios of Gatineau and Ottawa to contact our duly elected ‘Algonquin Chief and Counc to discuss the establishment of our proposed ‘Algonquin Nation Cultural Park and Historic Commemoration Site under an Algonquin contalled institution to be established by the legitimate ‘Algonquin Fist Nations. (Our four Algonquin frst Nations belive our proposed approach fr restoring and protecting our Algonquin sacred area: Akikodjwan (including the waterfront in Gatineau and the Chaudiere, Albert and Victoria Islands in Ottawa) I both consistent vith the vision of our respected Algonquin Elder the late Wiliam Commanda and a better source cof long-term jobs than having Algonuins working forthe proposed Windmil| Development Project, which only perpetuates the historic frauds and abuses we have received from the Crown governments and corporations operating on unceded ‘Algonquin Tertory ‘Son ight of our comments above we thank you for your kind advice about how to organize ourselves regarding ‘negotiations forthe islands’, but as you are already ‘aware each of our four Algonquin First Nations have duly adopted Resolutions wih a ‘common postion regarding the Protection of our Algonquin Nation's Sacred Waterfall ‘Area: Akkodjivan Kichizibi (Chaudiore Falls, Ottawa River), [As the duly lected Chiafs of our four Algonquin First Nations we willbe seeking the positions of the other legitimate Algonquin First Natons regarding our proposal for restoring and protecting an important Algonquin sacred area and hopefully reaching consensus on how to proceed afer that. ‘We hope you will respect our role and author asthe leaders of our four Algonquin First Nations and agree to support our efforts to have the Chaudiere, Albert and Victoria |slands designated forthe establishment of cur proposed Algonquin Nation Cultural Park and Historie Commemoration Site under an Algonquin controled instuion to be ‘established by the legitimate Algonquin First Nations. ‘We would be honoured Ifyou would jin and support us In our efforts to regain contro of the islands under an Algonquin institution, However, your relationship with Mr. ‘Swinwood in connection withthe various actions related tothe Zib| development and the Akikodjwan area poses a problem for us, because of his past and continuing efforts to undermine the legitimate leadership of our communities and tis lack of credlty. We cannot agree to Mr, Swinwood's involvement In our proposed efforts to restore and protect our sacred area ‘Wa will awa your response, should you have any futher questions or concems please do not hesttate to contact us. th Respect, Wolf Lake Fist Nation Timiskaming Fist Nation a) h . ; ) Brinnon Ghia Lance Hasinond a Algonquins of Eagle Village Fist Nation CC. Chief Jean-Guy Whiteduck, Ktigan ZbiAnishinabeg Chief Derek Mathias, Long Point First Nation Chiat Adrienne Anishinapeo, Kitcsagik« Cif Sslomee McKenzie, Lac Simon Chit Kirby Whiteduck, Plkwakeganan Regional Chief Ghislain Picard, AFNQL Regional Chief Isadore Day, COO National Chit Perr Bellogarde, AFN Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Government of Canada Minister Peter Mackay, Justice & Attorney-General of Canada Minister Diane Finley, Public Works & Government Services Canada Miniter Bernard Valcour, Aboriginal fais Novthern Development Ceneda, Mr. Russell Andrew Mils, Chair, National Capital Commission Mr. Paul Dewar, NDP, M.P. Ottawa Centre Premier Kathleen Wynn, Government of Ontario Honourable Madeleine Nieileur, Atlomey- General, Government of Ontario 5 Aare & Housing, Government of Ontario [Minister David Zimmer, Aboriginal Affars, Government of Ontario Mc. Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa Premier Phillope Coullard, Government of Quebec Minister Stephanie Vallée, Minister of Justice, Government of Quebec Minister Pier Moreau, Minister of Municipal Afars, Government of Quebec Minister Geoffey Kelly, Aboriginal Affairs, Government of Quebec Mr. Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, Mayor of Gatineau Me, Nyeole Turmel, NOP, MLP. HullAyimer PULL SCHEDULE June 25th, 2015 3 pm--4 pm Welcoming of Walkers Join us for welcoming in the journey of Walking towards the &th Fire 6pm-9pm Feast \Wabano Centre fr Aboriginal Health 299 Montreal Road Ortawa, ON KL 688 Phone: (613) 748-0657 June 26th, 2015 5:00 am 5:30m Sunrise Ceremony (2 songs) Vitoria Island ‘The flame of the united Sacred Fire willbe lit by a young Anishnabe gil, ‘The Imagine Peace Flame will beliton Victoria Islan. ‘Ashes from all4 directions will be merged into a single Sacred Fire (A Flame will be ‘coming from the Anishnabe Fire ofthe 8th Fire lt before the walk took place from La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve on june 15 and the World Peace Flame of 1999), which will be going to the United Nations and then around the world later this year 5:80 am 6:00 am Pipe Ceremony (1 Pipe Song) 6:00 am 6:30 am Elder Welcoming to Anishnabe Territory rum group Honour Song, 6:30 am 7:00 am Flag raising ceremony 7:00 am ~ Watershed Ruy the hatchet ceremony People will takea pinch of tobacco + People will put their intentions to bury the hatchet into the tobacco The tobacco will be placed ina hole ‘The Tree of Peace will be planted on top ofthe hole Speaker Jake Swamp's daughter, The Tree of Peace Society ‘Troe provided by Bob Challenger of Earth Day Everyday 3:00 am Planting the Tree of Peace forthe Anishnabe Nation of the Ottawa River 8:00 am 8:10 am 3 Clan Mothers of the Anishnabe; ‘Turtle Clan, Bear Clan & Wolf lan demonstrate the 3 Figure Wampum 6:15 am- on Victoria Island Reading ofthe Declaration of Independence and the introduction ofthe Executive Council of ANORW and Traditional Elders ‘Speakers - Lucien Wabanonik and Elizabeth Babinon 9:00 am- 10:00 am - Inside House of Commons building - Reading ofthe Declaration of Independence and the introduction ofthe Executive Council of ANORW and Traditional Elders Speakers - Lucien Wabanonikcand Elizabeth Babinon. 10,00 am - 11:00 am Press Conference on the steps of Parliament building 10:30 am 11:30am Council af Elders present the Anishnabe Traditional Sacred Constitution (Pike and Sturgeon) ‘Speaker- Jacob Wawatle 11:00 am-11:30am Presentation forthe tasks ofthe Executive Counell, plans for an ‘lection ofthe Grand Council andthe structure of the Traditional ‘nishnabe Government Speaker- Charles Ratt 11:30am 12:00am Presentation onthe meaning of Independence = 1701 Great Peace of Montreal =1710/The Four indian Kings or Four Kings of the New World +1763, the Royal Proclamation isa unilateral declaration by the King of England that all unceded land (land that was never lost though war, or last though treaty or fost through surrender) shall always belong to the First Nations (Anishnabe people/lndians)- 11764"The Covenant Chain ‘The Tqullton Case “Truth & Reconclation ‘Speaker- Lawyer, Micheal Swinwood 12:00 am - 12:30 pm Victoria Island (Spiritual Center, ANORW Legislature and the Indigenous Peoples United Nations building) ‘Speaker- Douglas Cardinal 12:80 pm 1:00 pm ‘The Two Row Wampum & The People's Wampum Speaker- Francis Boots from the Mohawk Nation 11.00 pm- 1:20 pm Indigenous Peoples United Nations ‘Speakers Marian Dawn Skyweaver & Shore Charnoe 1130 pm-2:00 pm Honoring All ur Elders & Ancestors (Moment Ofilence) - Willam Commanda/Wampum Keeper - Original Wampum Keeper OF Barriere Lake = And all Ancestors ofthe ANORW-Anshnabe Nation of the Ottawa River Watershed, ~All hose that wish to have their Grandmothers and Grandfathers honoured amd remembered, pictures are asked to be brought tothe Island, Speaker - Benjamin Ratt